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“Other seeds fell on good soil and produced grain, some a hundredfold...” - Matthew 13:8

Bound•less: ( baünd – lis ), adj. without limits; vast; infinite.

Your life is a seed — a kernel infused with infinite potential through Christ. You’re designed for boundless fruit. Welcome to a vision that removes the boundaries of your influence for the Gospel — a vision that began a hundred years ago. In 1913 an expectant Sunday School class from a downtown congregation dreamt of a new church amidst the green fields and forests that now comprise Reynolda Village. With a simple vision statement, “Seek, find, and win for Christ,” Katharine Reynolds partnered with other visionaries to sow their lives, and Reynolda Church was born. The century of harvest from one initial seed has become a fellowship that fuels over sixty missionaries, ministers to 750 on campus each weekend, blesses 10,000 a month by podcast, and reaches untold numbers of Christians and seekers on radio every day in a dozen cities around the nation. What our forefathers dreamt of reaping has come to fruition. Now, it is time to dream again. It is time to remove the limits of your impact for Christ.

‰eproduce ourselves by remaining one church meeting on multiple campuses Imagine the same grace-soaked, love-drenched, mission-minded Reynolda Church available to people who live 30 or 50 or 200 miles away from Winston-Salem! Because of Reynolda’s reputation and extensive radio ministry, many people in surrounding cities long to attend Reynolda but live too far away. Through today’s video technology, Reynolda can remain one church while meeting on different campuses. Most of the fastest growing churches in America are multi-site because it’s good stewardship and it takes the boundaries off the local church. Wherever Reynolda is on the radio, there is potential for a new campus. New campuses reach unchurched people for Christ and disciple Christians who live too far from Reynolda now. With a first campus launching in the Fall of 2013 in the Glenn High School auditorium on Union Cross Road, Reynolda envisions other campuses sprouting throughout our region in coming years. Each new campus should be pre-funded so it can support an on-site pastor, a part-time Worship Director, a part-time Student Ministry Coordinator and secure an excellent meeting location (usually space is leased). Because the new site will enjoy Pastor Wright’s Sunday message via video, Reynolda must invest in excellent video equipment for high definition projection.

Reproduce: $1,100,000

‰elease $84,000 of ministry dollars annually by retiring the debt When we retire our debt, we’ll release enough ministry money to fund a campus pastor for a year! If you’ve ever owned a home, you know that debt is a helpful tool, but your goal is to pay it off and remove the boundaries of your budget! The opportunity to borrow in order to build classrooms, hallways, an elevator and space for fellowship has been a blessing, but it is time to retire the remaining $750,000 debt. When we eliminate the finance charges, we’ll release $84,000 of principal and interest payments each year. Retiring debt is about more than paying off a loan; it’s about increasing our mission!

Release: $750,000

‰each the unchurched by expanding the radio/digital broadcast How can you reach the millions of unchurched Americans with the announcement of the unmixed gospel of the grace of the Lord Jesus? How can you share Christ with someone you’ve never met? How can Reynolda develop core groups with our spiritual DNA in order to plant new campuses throughout the region? Radio. 85% of Americans don’t attend church regularly. 50% of listeners to Christian radio are unchurched. Everywhere we broadcast, listeners who are fed and inspired by our Good News message long for a church like Reynolda in their area. Expanded radio ministry fuels the vision for planting campuses all over our region. In partnership with Sharing the Light Ministries, Reynolda envisions saturating the Carolinas with the broadcast of “Sharing the Light with Alan Wright” and then extending to other significant metro areas. The daily thirty-

minute radio show has been successfully airing for four years and is currently on 15 stations in the United States. Marketing research and our experience indicate that it takes about five years for a radio show to become selfsupporting in a given market.

Reach: $1,300,000

‰estore hurting people by launching a healing/equipping ministry for our region Imagine boundless Restorations of lives. Imagine a place where marriages can be saved because low cost, Christian counseling is available. Imagine a ministry that connects faith-filled LIFE ministers with the sick and hurting seven days a week. Imagine a regional, residential healing community open to the world that offers intensive healing ministry for the sick and safe harbor for the troubled. Imagine a ministry that is bigger than Reynolda – a kingdom venture that brings Christian healers together throughout the Triad. Reynolda envisions launching a gospel-centered healing and equipping ministry called Restorations that unites Christian professionals and laity in our community in order to offer free or low-cost care for the whole person, spirit, soul and body. Part of the capital raised for Restorations will fund personnel and facilities to coordinate community resources and execute the vision. Other capital raised for Restorations will provide subsidy for marriage counseling, marriage retreats, health/wellness training, financial services, Glenn High School lunches for students in need, expanded “Healing and Hope” training for laity and ongoing prayer for the hurting.

Restore: $700,000 cumulative dollars spent by category Capital Campaign Milemarkers 1 -3 $4,500,000 $4,000,000 $3,500,000 $3,000,000 $2,500,000 $2,000,000 $1,500,000 $1,000,000 $500,000 $0


$1,300,000 $500,000


Reach Reproduce

$500,000 $350,000













Sequential Milemarkers of the Capital Campaign

Campaign Support

Boundless Milemarkers Milemarker 1 = $1.25 Million

$150,000 • $750,000 for Debt Retirement 12% • $350,000 for Campus #2 Launch $350,000 28% - $100,000 to convert the Fellowship Hall into a video recording studio - $250,000 for start-up costs at the Glenn High School campus • $90,000 for equipment • $75,000 for personnel $750,000 • $35,000 for marketing 60% • $10,000 for lease prior to the launch date • $40,000 for support following the launch date • $150,000 for campaign support services Restore Reach Reproduce - $70,000 for campaign consultation fees paid to RSI - $30,000 for radio marketing and development consultation fees Release Campaign Support - $50,000 for other capital campaign expenses

Milemarker 2 = $2.5 Million (Includes Milemarker 1) • $250,000 for start-up costs at Campus #3 • $500,000 to pay for five years of expanded radio ministry in North Carolina, accomplished by increasing both the number of stations and the number of broadcasts on some of those stations • $500,000 to launch the Restorations ministry - $300,000 to supplement personnel costs for three years, including: • $40,000 per year for a development officer who will generate ongoing funding • $40,000 per year for an executive director • $20,000 per year for administrative support - $100,000 to provide leased space for three years - $100,000 for direct financial support of ministry initiatives, including marriage and financial counseling, a feeding program at Glenn High School, expanded Healing and Hope services, and a 24-hour prayer line

$150,000 6% $500,000 20% $750,000 30%

$500,000 20%

$600,000 24%

Restore Release

Reach Reproduce Campaign Support

Milemarker 3 = $4 Million (Includes Milemarker 1 and 2) • $250,000 for start-up costs at Campus #4 • $250,000 for start-up costs at Campus #5 • $200,000 for five years on, the world’s largest online radio distribution site, which is used by almost every major radio ministry in America • $140,000 for five years of radio in a metro area like Greenville, SC • $200,000 for expanded ministry services of the Restoration ministry during its first three years of operation • $460,000 for five years of radio in a metro area like Atlanta

$150,000 4% $700,000 18%

$1,300,000 32%

Restore Release

$750,000 19%

$1,100,000 27%

Reach Reproduce Campaign Support

Boundless Case Statement  

Reynolda Church Boundless Campaign

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