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Chris Jenkins Architecture

Rowhouse - In-Law Suite Cincinnati Art Gallery Site Study - Trammel Fossil Park Digital Skills K4 Architecture

Lighting Concept Model for Cincinnati Art Gallery

Rowhouse - In-Law Suite Covington, Kentucky

Located directly across from downtown Cincinnati, the objective of this project was to create a house with an In-Law suite that is separate from the main home, but remains a part of the whole. While main living areas were situated deep inside the building, the use of light wells brings natural light into those spaces

Section Model

Lightwell Concept

Conceptual Massing Model

Section model highlighting conceptual lighting









Cincinnati Art Gallery Yeatman’s Cove, Sawyer Point Park

The objective of this project was to create a riverfront art gallery in Cincinnati. Combining conditioned and unconditioned spaces to allow for a variety of artwork, I integrated the grid system of Cincinnati to create an undulating walkway that provides both gallery space and shade.

Model of Art Gallery

Grid Diagram of Cincinnati

General Circulation Diagram

Concept Model

Site Studies Trammel Fossil Park, Sharonville, Ohio

Using a local fossil park as an area of study, the objective of this portion of the project was to produce diagrams of the site. The goal was to use these diagrams as a way to inform how the fossil park could gain an informational visitor’s center while maintaining the sites geologic significance

Digital Skills Rhino 3D and Maya Vray and Mental Ray

Over the course of multiple skills classes, Rhino and Maya have been used in combination with various render engines to create intricate or parametric designs

Furniture study in Rhino and Vray

Furniture study in Rhino and Vray

Original furniture concept

Tectonic Maya andstudy in Mentaland Maya RayMental Ray

Co-op Work K4 Architecture, Cincinnati, Ohio

My first two coops were both with K4 Architecture in downtown Cincinnati. With K4, I gained the opportunities to work on projects at all points of design, from the conceptual drawings to the final closeouts, and was able to work on a number of projects across multiple industries

Photoshop Renders for Client Fundraising

Construction Drawings for multiple clients

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University of Cincinnati | Cincinnati, Ohio College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning Bachelor of Science in Architecture - Class of 2019 Participating in the Professional Practice Program, alternating semesters of classroom study with work in the field of architecture

work experience

K4 Architecture, LLC | Cincinnati, Ohio January 2017 - May 2017, August 2017 - December 2017 Architectural Co-op Responsible for producing design and construction documentation for dozens of clients, including financial services, mass-production convenience stores, educational institutions, and food service industries. Was the main CADD technician on a number of projects, with constant shuffling of responsibilities.

Remedy Home Services, LLC | Centerville, Ohio May 2016 - Present General Laborer, part-time Performed basic construction duties


digital skills

physical skills

University of Cincinnati Student Technology Lab - Pro Panel Member AIAS | University of Cincinnati Cincinnatus Scholar, University Honors Program AutoCAD, Revit Rhinoceros 3D, Sketchup, Grasshopper, 3DS Max, Maya Vray Renderer, Thea Renderer, Mental Ray, Arnold Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Microsoft Office Suite Woodworking, Model Building, Hand Drafting, Rendering

Chris Jenkins Portfolio  
Chris Jenkins Portfolio