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When designing a website you may only have one chance to keep the internet visitor from clicking the back button on their web browser. Whether you are selling a product or offering a service, remember your website design represents your business. The same adage as when going to an interview pertains to a well designed website. You only have 10 seconds to make a good impression. The first impression can make the difference between a paying customer or just a visitor to your website. Here are just 5 simple rules to keep in mind when designing your website. Rule #1. Limit the use or better yet do not use flashy banners and advertisements at the beginning of you website. There is a time and place for the banners and advertisement. There is nothing more annoying then clicking on a website to see cartoon characters, advertisements for other products flashing in front of your face. This can be too much for your visitor. Your customer is there for a purpose and if the blatant advertisements or flashing banners turn them off they may just hit the back button before they find what they are looking for. The only exception to this rule is determined by the purpose of your website. Rule #2. Make sure you design your website with easy navigation in mind. Look at your site like you are your visitor. If it is hard for you to navigate it will be hard for your visitor to navigate. The visitor should have a clear indication of where they are on your site and how to navigate around your site. It is wise to add an "about us" page and a "contact page" for your visitor to get some insight of who you are, what your business is about, and how to contact you for additional information. Rule #3. The color of your website is a very important part of your website design. Colors that are too bright or dark may be hard on some visitors eyes. It can actually cause some to strain to read your information. Excessive use of font colors can be annoying too, to your visitors. Try to stay with no more than three font colors throughout your website. For example: If your website is geared toward older clientele you may want to use pleasant colors. It is not a secret as we grow older our sight becomes less than perfect.

Think of your audience and gear the colors used on your website to the audience you are catering to and want to attract. Font colors and website colors should be one consideration when designing your website. Rule #4. When designing your website pay close attention to loading time. The time it takes your web pages to load is critical. You can reduce loading time by reducing graphics on each page. A good website design should load under twenty seconds. The longer it takes the pages to load the more frustrating it can be to the internet visitor. People want it yesterday, not today, and definitely not tomorrow. Rule #5. Use a font size and style that is common to all web browsers and easy to read. You have to think of your market. If you are selling a product or service that is used by older individuals you may want to increase the font. In addition, different web browsers display fonts differently. Therefore, you want to use a universal font compatible to the popular web browser for better viewing. Bonus Rule #6. Make sure the information on your website is up to date, and relevant to what you are offering. If your website is selling 32", LCD Flat Screen TV's you should not be offering products to repair your driveway. I know that is extreme but people want to know they are visiting a website that has up to date information and is relevant to what they are searching for. These are just a few rules for successful website design. There are many other things to adhere to when designing your website for optimal visitors. Again when designing your website look at it from your internet visitors standpoint. Would you want to visit this website? Would you want to purchase a product from this website? If you answer "no" then correct the problems. If you deal in and with customer service, you need to do as they do. Get out from behind the counter and see what the customers see from where they stand. If you go "ugh", that is not good and you need to make some changes.

If you are new to designing a website find and ebook, or some tutorials to walk you step-by-step through the process. It's really not that hard. To learn more about website design visit

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