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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

Edition 1 Vol.14 2013

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

In order for us to make a new family, we have to return to Him who created the man, the woman and the family and we must be willing to accept His Thoughts and His Ways. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

Give "good news" to the Believers! Help spread the word. This issue is full of information on the "time and what must be done." It includes how to prepare for a disaster, how to save and build, what history to teach our children, what foods to eat to stay young and beautiful and lastly, as an old world dies out, we have to have Fashions for a New World. Make sure you get your copy. Coming soon!.....

Yes we support our own. You may have never seen a cross promotion like this before. Maybe you Have. We don’t own Virtue Magazine and Virtue Magazine does not own us. But Because we are family. We want to show all of you how two publication can co exist and work hard to help build the people of Allah in every way Shape fashion and form. This is Building TIME! And this is the work all of us must be found doing. Go define refine and incline to what we need and get busy producing from what you learn, and learn to produce product s that are perfect for the total population of the planet earth. Study Muhammad's Economic Blue Print then go pick up Hammer Magazine and use it as a tool to help refine your own Virtue. Thank you, Your Brother Chris Muhammad

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

Greetings dear family, After living our lives under such great turmoil and suffering, shouldn’t we want to get aware from all that trouble and the makers of it? Shouldn’t there be a place where we can go to be safe and live good lives in love peace and happiness? Where is this place? What will be there? How do we get there? And when should we go? Those of us who study the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad know that he said, “Sit your Self in Heaven at Once.” Not tomorrow. Not next week. But right now! How do we do that? Dear family, not one of us can go anywhere without directions. And if you do not know what direction to go in. You must look for a guide. And, if we are trying to get away from all the trouble we have been guided to. Surely that guidance is certainly not what we need. So we need a divine guide with divine guidance if we intend to change the direction of our own lives. Where is this guide you say? And how do we know he is the one? Guidance: What is “guidance”? How necessary is it for us to be “rightly guided”? And you can’t have good guidance without a “guide”; and one of The Attributes of The Great Mahdi that the Islamic world has been expecting is that He is a self-guided human being, from Whom He gives Guidance to solve the problems of our time.

We who? Who is this we that is here? Dear family, I humbly submit to you that Allah (God) is present today himself. He has been present all this time. He came to the shores of North America seeking his lost sheep. He came to us in the person of a well made man. Allah (God), The master of it all. Chose a human body to appear to us in. Shape and formed by his own permission. The body of this man is named Master Fard Muhammad. But the contents of his mind is filled with a supremely wise and powerful knowledge. That is so magnetically attractive it is pulling us up out of being other then who we are. No matter if we like it or not. So dear family if, we really intend to come out of the trouble of this world. Should not we accept the guide and the guidance that is bring us out of it? Why not sit in heaven right now? What's wrong with walking around heaven all day? Allah (God) came himself to bring us back to him and to our own way of life. Heaven is on the way because he alone is making a way out of no way for all of us. All we need to do is free our minds from what binds us and the rest will follow.

If we will only listen to The Wise Guidance, and follow it, we will never be losers! So "Guidance” is something that provides direction, or advice to a decision or course of action. Why did the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan say “We” in this statement, “ We are here today to give you guidance that will allow you to make the right decision for your life, for the lives of your children, for the life of the city, for the life of the country—for the life of the world, for all life today is in trouble.” Visit us at


It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

In the Name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is His Messenger. I bear witness that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is our Divine Reminder. I greet you all in the Nation’s greeting words of peace, As Salaam Alaikum.

QueenAzizza Maryam Muhammad

Per The Honorable Min. Louis Farrakhan as taught to him by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. (excerpts) As taught to us in the precious and holy scriptures of the Holy Quran, Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh) Heaven lies at the foot of Mother. Heaven represents a state of peace where the citizens of heaven live in accordance with the laws, rules, statutes or commandments of Allah (God). This is also called in scripture the Kingdom of God. Again, it is called the hereafter. It is a mother whose heart, mind, and soul is fixed on Allah (God) His Thoughts and His Ways that are found in the Words of Allah (God) in the scriptures of the Bible and Qur’an. In order for heaven to be at the woman’s foot or mother’s foot, mother has to be in complete submission or surrender of her life to the Will of Almighty God ( Allah). The value of a virtuous woman is more than the value of the wealth of the earth. To think of her as not being talented or gifted, that she may be an equal sharer in the development of the society, nation or civilization, is to devalue her. To make her a sex symbol is to devalue her. To show her off before the world in an indecent manner is to devalue her. Rubies have no consciousness and do not know of their value. Neither do diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. It is we who place a value on these stones. In this world, the man has not

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

given or placed a proper value on the female, and thus, has caused the female to devalue her self. The behavior of our women and our girls demonstrate the thinking of a devalued human, for woman to accept to be displayed or kept in an inferior status is to accept the devaluation of herself by the men of this world. Heaven Lies at the Foot of Mother. This is why the Prophets of Allah (God) worked so hard with women. This is why they put protection on the woman. This is why men will fight, die and kill to protect women. Any man that will not fight for the respect and protection of the female is no man at all. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote that the farmer protects the field that produces his crops. He uses pesticides and insecticides to kill the enemy of his crop. How much more should we be in protecting our females, who are the producers of our nation? It is in the nature of a man to kill that which breaks into his family and goes after his wife and his daughter. It is also in the nature of the female. Too many of our men are languishing in prison today for killing someone that has interfered with his wife, girlfriend, or daughter. When we as men are in a right state of mind, we will go to war with anyone or anything that devalues or destroy our families. If the female is unprotected, disrespected, and devalued, then, what comes from her womb is the same. Allah (God) asks the woman in the Qur’an to lower the garment over her bosom and cover her adornments. The breasts of a woman are an adornment, parts of the female body are an adornment, her hair is an adornment. Allah (God) asks the female to cover not because he desires to make a slave of the female, He wants her to be protected from the insults that come from a man who is attracted by their adornment of the female. He wants to protect her from a man whose mind is low down. He wants to protect her from involvement with such a man. He wants to protect the man from the weakness of his own nature that he will not be an agent of Satan in the devaluation of the female. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that, "He would give all that He has and all within His power to see such a day when Satan’s world will be destroyed and a better world come into existence." We will never have a heavenly life until we have Godly females who love Allah (God) with their heart, soul, mind, and strength, and, who will never come down from the elevated place that Allah (God) desires for the female. If she is elevated in consciousness, filled with the Word and Spirit of Allah (God), filled with the knowledge of self and Allah (God), then, when she is with child we can expect that she will be like Mary, a good mother. Heaven lies at her feet, which means that children must be in submission to the Godly woman to let her shape and mould them into good boys and girls. The scripture teaches, "Train up a child in the way he should go and, when he is old, he will not depart from it." Then and only then can we produce the heavenly life on earth. Then and only then can we as a nation ascend to that elevated place and witness the Kingdom of Allah (God) on earth. Then and only then, we will be in the Hereafter where there will be no vain discourse and everywhere we look we will see and hear nothing but peace, peace, peace. Heaven Lies at the Foot of Mother. As Salaam Alaikum Your sister in love and in faith Queen Azizza Maryam Muhammad

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

We all have them, both good and bad. But how many of us really understand the power to connect with each other in our relationships? Lets look at the core of this. Relate means to bring into or link in a logical or natural association. Is it natural to associate a man with a woman or a woman with a man? Of course, if we saw it any other way, we would have different opinions. Anyone or thing that is natural, means he or she is present in or produced by nature and is not altered, mistreated, or disguised. Did you know that we are biologically connected but have been changed to be artificial?

make the choice to let Allah (God) be the core of your own life, or keep living divided and suffer even greater losses. Do you know that you are considered their property when you wear their names? “I am not anyone’s property but Gods” you say? If you were God’s property, then his name would identify you. You don’t wear the names of God. You wear the names given to you by our former slave masters and their children! And if you ever want a good relationship with God and his children then it’s time to remove the disguise that really disgusts everyone. Including yourself.

“How dare you call us that”, shut up! All I did was put the shoe on the floor. I never told any one to put it on. But if it fits, then wear it until you get tired. Dear family, if we believe we are Gods property then shouldn’t we make that known in truth and Yes are in the image and likeness of God. But Because with proof? we have been taught to live like those who govern this world. We are missing the core of our existence. The Do you even understand what you are saying, when you still black man and woman have been altered and treated a have the slave masters names, but calling yourself Gods propcertain way and disguised from who we really are. For erty? Let us tell you then! Every time you call yourself Gods property. But identify yourself with slave names you a show the past 400 years we lived our lives according to a culture that is not our own. We have, and some still do, traits of our former slave masters characteristic’s. live our lives according the rich slave makers of the poor who hate the very idea that we are still alive. They have never treated the poor good. And what's even worse, the poor treat each other the same way, so they don’t have to get their hands dirty any more. The reason why we have so many bad relationships is because we learned form Satan and his people , how to destroy ourselves and each other. His job was to deceive murder and destroy. That’s why we are like we are. But two things can not occupy the same space at the same time. And no man or woman can serve two masters. We have to love one and hate the other. That means if we intend to have a good relationship with anyone today. We need to make a choice. If you love her today. You must make a choice. If you love him today. You must make a choice. Either both of you

You are really describing who you are possessed by. If Satan wanted to possess you would you say “ Come on in and sit down Satan?” Then why should we live an artificial life based on their mistreatment of us? This act alone, indicates their ownership of you. And bearing their names make you their particular possessions. So Logically, we should relate to this in some way. We know about our time as slaves. That’s clear. And that is why we have this problem today. Wicked people will never have good relationships with God self or each other. Whatever we associate with we will assemble ourselves as. Your relationship with The God who created you and us gives you the power of attraction. And when you can attract others to you based on his truth, then you have a foundation that will never crumble.

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

Be A Responsible Father But this song, was a mighty call that came to all of us from God to all of us. See. Home should be where the heart is. And the heart of every man, woman and child should be rooted in the nature of Gods own mind. When our minds are based on that, then we stand true and firm in the real house of god. Which is this human body created by him alone.

Dear Brother, I am your brother , and if it please Allah (God), I just want to extend a good word to you that I hope will help us become greater in our roles in our own lives. Every day our children suffer. Our families suffer and our communities suffer. Our young men are killing each other and our young women just don’t know where to turn or who to turn too. We can’t keep letting those who govern this world lead our babies to their death anymore. We must become more responsible for our selves and each other today. The root word here is respond. It means to answer in words to make a return by some action: to react favorably. to exhibit some action or effect; react: The most powerful words we can respond with are based on truth. The truth about God, Self and the TIME we live in are vital. For we are living in his TIME, where he is present and he wants to be present in us and all of our affairs. All we need to do is respond to his call to come out of a way of life that never was our own. If we can respond to that, everything thing in creation will respond to us. Why? Because we respond to God by making our return by our own actions, to his divine way of real life. Don’t you want to live your life free from the confines of this world? Look around you. Aren’t you tired of all the death that surrounds us? I am reminded of a great song called “Daddy Come Home” by my dear departed brother and friend who I had to the privilege to manage for a short period of time. The legendary R& B singer Omar Chandler. You may remember him best from the hip hop song “Joy & Pain” featuring Rob Base. Remember. "JOY .. & Pain… Sunshine… and Rain..” Yes that was him. He was tragically murdered in his own home. They left us nothing but the great pain of his lose of life.

Our bodies are not made in some factory built by man. Our origin is from the core of Gods own nature, and that is our real home which gives us the power of attraction to untie as a real family. Blackman! You are made in the image and likeness of God. That means you should reflect who he is in everything we say and do. We are the fathers and mothers of all civilizations, but because we were made other then ourselves we act like the Satan himself.

Satan A wicked or malevolent person. When we think wicked thoughts. Do wicked acts. We take on a role in our person of evil and a foe of God. Why are we lynching each other today? Who taught us how to do this? Lynching, the practice of killing people by extrajudicial mob action, occurred in the United States chiefly from the late 18th century through the 1960s. Lynching took place most frequently in the Southern United States from 1890 to the 1920s, with a peak in the annual toll in 1892. However, lynching's were also very common in the Old West.

In those times it was white people lynching us because of the color of our skin. Now we are lynching ourselves and more over what? Satan Job is to be a foe against God. But now we do the work for Satan and he don’t have to lift a finger. This is why God had to come himself, in The Person of Master Fard Muhammad to save us from what we were taught and trained to do by a satanic people who’s time to rule is over! This is Gods Time now. He is present, in our present time for this time. And we must make up our minds. Will we respond to his call to come out of the life style of the wicked? Will we come home to our own way of life and be the real masters of our own future? Daddy must come home today! Our women and children are flat lining in every way. Will you respond to them? Will you respond to Allah calling you out of the tomb of your mind, and the graves designed for you by Satan? Come home to Allah (God)! Come Home to yourself! Come home to our women and children and lets learn what we need to learn so we can do something for ourselves. I am your brother Chris Muhammad

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

misdiagnosed breast cancer, concluding that mammograms are leading millions of women astray, making them believe they have cancer when they really don't.

It was reported May 14,2013 on that over 1.3 million have been wrongly treated after false positives from mammograms. My own wife recently underwent a mammogram. She never had one in her 41 years of life. But we never saw any signs that she needed one. How ever under “Dr.’s Advice�, she did. They told her the found a small substance that was benign and could become cancer.

So, we wanted to know what that meant. A benign tumor is a mass of cells (tumor) that lacks the ability to invade neighboring tissue or metastasize. These characteristics are required for a tumor to be defined as cancerous and therefore benign tumors are non-cancerous. Also, benign tumors generally have a slower growth rate than malignant tumors and the tumor cells are usually more differentiated (cells have normal features). Although benign tumors will not metastasize or locally invade tissues, some types may still produce negative health effects. The growth of benign tumors produce a "mass effect" that can compress tissues and may cause nerve damage, reduction of blood to an area of the body (ischaemia), tissue death (necrosis) and organ damage. The mass effect of tumors are more prominent if the tumor is within an enclosed space such as the cranium, respiratory tract, sinus or inside bones. Now today, we found this report by Susan G Koman.

The Susan G. Komen for breast cancer awareness reports on their site that breast cancer will strike more than 1.3 million women annually over the next 20 years. They are proud to report that 70 percent of women 40 and older receive regular mammograms now. What they aren't telling the public is that their pharmaceutical and radiationfunding "awareness" project is giving millions of women false diagnoses by the very mammogram technology they promote. As a matter of fact, the New England Journal of Medicine has identified approximately 1.3 million cases of

This means that the highly entrusted mammograms are manifesting millions of fake cancers, sending millions of unsuspecting women through further unneeded tests, procedures, medications, and radiation.

Where's the breast cancer awareness money going? Instead of "ending breast cancer forever", as the Susan G. Komen cause claims, they are actually funding perpetual mammogram testing and subsequent medication and radiation that is only feeding the medical industry and the cancer itself. The Komen Race for the Cure alone has raised $2 billion. Where is this money going? It's definitely not going to find a cure, but rather fooling millions of women into believing they have cancer, when they really don't. It's all very much a corporate scam. The Susan G. Komen awareness is really a company, with a long list of high paid employees, marketers and executives, who do nothing but promote a color and a title. Thirty-nine-point-one percent of their $390 million worth of assets goes toward public health education, which obviously doesn't point anyone toward proper nutrition utilization, but instead teaches women to get their routine screening and swallow their pill. The money they raise practically goes straight into buying the very mammogram testing machines that are perpetuating the problem. According to the cause, the single most effective screening tool to fight breast cancer is in fact, the holy mammogram The rest of their money goes right into fundraising and radio ads that promote their deceptive process.

Breast cancer reality check Most mammograms detect cancer at 'stage zero.' This non-invasive cancer, left untreated, does not progress, does not cause further harm, and does not become invasive. It regresses without medication, without radiation. Sadly though, millions of women are being put through the system, unintentionally lied to, even as evidence Visit us at


It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it suggests that all these stage zero breast cancer detections are misleading. The whole screening system is just bloating statistics of breast cancer in the US and ramming new patients through the system. The Komen cause proudly reveals that the largest group of cancer survivors in the US is breast cancers survivors (3 million). This fact is only true because most breast cancer survivors "survived" cancer that was non-invasive or was regressive in the first place. In fact, according to the journal Lancet Oncology, a cohort study verified that even most "invasive" cancers appear to regress with time if left untreated. The scientific study also points out that "The introduction of screening mammography in the United States has been associated with a doubling in the number of cases of early-stage breast cancer that are detected each year." And yet, they noted, "Only 6.5 percent of these early-stage breast cancer cases were expected to progress to advanced disease."

Here's the even bigger con Mammograms put off low energy x-ray 30kVp radiation, which is 300 percent more carcinogenic than high energy radiation that comes from atomic bomb blasts! This fact goes unnoticed, because today's radiation risk models were developed before DNA was even discovered. What scientists should be developing is real scanning technology that goes after the mammogram itself, exposing its low energy radiation effects on human cells! When DNA is exposed to low energy radiation put off by mammograms, the genes that are susceptible to breast cancer, BRCA1 and BRCA2, actually interfere with the body's self repairing DNA mechanism. As the body tries to reduce the carcinogens that are welcomed in by the radiation, it becomes more susceptible to developing cancer. The medical community must understand that x-ray based mammography is not preventing but actually enabling future breast cancer by 'torturing' DNA. Women everywhere shouldn't feel obligated to submit to radiation mammograms that are misdiagnosing and actually causing cancer, and the Susan G. Komen "breast cancer awareness" needs to tell women the truth. The pink parade is over. Learn more: http://

The key is not forcing government to give health care to the people. The key is providing the people with an internal force of enlightenment that allows the people with health care should they need it. But, if you are clean and you eat the proper foods and you try to take control of your thoughts then you are giving sane, and sanitary conditions to yourself and no matter what the government does or does not do, we give health to ourselves by what we do. The government said it was OK to drink alcohol. God said no and we stopped. The government said it was all right to smoke. God said no and we stopped. The doctors said eat three meals a day. God said no. We ate one meal a day and we got away from the forbidden swine and shell food that is improper. These are instructions to the people because what we represent is empowerment to the masses by giving the masses the knowledge of how to do for themselves rather than to depend on government, but the unity of the masses will give us the power to redirect government. Health is central to high quality of life. Good health requires both preventive measures and curative programs. Central to preventive measures is healthy food and healthy eating. Health is not simply the absence of disease; health is defined as a human right. At the federal level, managed care, social security and Medicare/ Medicaid programs are in financial stress. Since medicine is big business and big government, the curative medicine programs contain all of the characteristics that challenge our survival, including racism and economic discrimination. We must change our eating habits. Next, we must reduce the amount of junk food consumed by our children. Cigarette smoking is suicidal; the use of controlled substances also results in illness and death. Poor health contributes to lost income and unemployment.

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

I believe the children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all the beauty they possess inside Give them a sense of pride to make it easier Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be The Greatest Love of All-by Whitney Houston When I saw this picture of our young brother, Basir H. Muhammad, I was reminded cheerfully of the song “The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston. And the love we shared at the million man march. I never met him or his family. But I had a great time chatting with his mother Nasra Muhammad of Buffalo, New York, who gave us some good insight that we just want to share with you. Greetings dear sister, can you tell us about this mighty young man we see here? Why did you name him Basir? What does his name mean? NM: Basir is the 6th Child of 7 children. His Name is the 36th Name of the 99 Attributes of ALLAH which Means The ALL SEEING… And this Couldn't More TRUTHFUL! MHM: We understand that he is “home schooled” What do you find different about his home schooling then public schooling? Does he learn better? NM: Basir was in the Public School system, but there was no learning. All we received were phone calls EVERYDAY. "Basir's Asking to many questions, He's finishing his work too fast therefore he's disrupting other children. So, home schooling him and his Brother has them Much Happier Focused. He's Learning Much Better and Quicker. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad said teach them Hard and Quick! MHM: If you could suggest home schooling to other mothers what would you say to help them? NM: Yes I would suggest home schooling for Your Children...Mother is the First" TEACHER". Your Children will Receive The LOVE and ATTENTION they need to Grow and Learn. Although it may be trying at Times...The Reward is DIVINE! APDTA! But Your In Control of their Future and Not Aiding in the Fall of OUR FUTURE!

State! T here are LOTS of Great Web Sites on Homeschooling MHM: Here's the big question. Tell us how the teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad helped you and your family?

NM: Easy Enough...The Proper Name of GOD is ALLAH! The Supreme Knowledge of Self, How to eat to Live and through the Life giving teachings my MGT&GCC Classes has taught me to rear my children Take care of my Family at NM: Sisters, speak with others who are home schooling, Visit or call Home and Abroad, and to do For Self ! I am a (Licensed Massage Therapist) who has learned how to and to NEVER your City Hall for Proper Instructions on homeschooling in your Give UP on what is Promised to Us! Allah U Akbar! MHM: How would you recommend getting started? can you offer a good road map to those who may be interested in this?

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it MHM: For women who are afraid to accept these divine teachings as you have, Is there anything you can say to invite and encourage them? NM: if You've heard of the Nation and Believe what you heard of the Teachings are True, Why be Afraid to Accept your own and Be Yourself Sister?

The Million Man March Pledge (Text of the pledge that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan led over two million Black men in taking at the historic

Thank you dear sister, it was indeed a great honor to learn this from you. Here is a young man with a great mother who is really sowing happiness, real education, self love into her children from her home. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to see all of our family work like this?

Million Man March in Washington, D.C. on October 16, 1995.)

One of the key things his mother said was, Homeschooling him and his Brother makes them Much Happier Focused. When we are happy with ourselves, we can share that with others. And then we can enjoy the happiness of that experience. After the Million Man March, an edition of the Final call newspaper came out called a Glimpse of Heaven.

cally and economically for the benefit of myself, my family and

When reflecting on the day that many called “a glimpse of heaven,” there are several things people must remember when dealing with the Million Man March, its historical importance, and its long-lasting legacy. Black men from all across the United States paid their own way, many of them taking off of work on a Monday, in order to participate in a day of unity and solidarity held together by the principles of Atonement, Reconciliation and Responsibility as enumerated by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Additionally, the Million Man March was conceived, organized, funded and executed solely by the Black community and Black organizations. So if we look back, remembering fondly that special day, let us bear in mind that work is still needed. Young Black men are dying in the streets at the hands of their own young Black brothers who are experiencing the same problems. Their actions are a cry for help. They lack jobs. They lack mentors. They don't see a way out of the desperate and hopeless circumstances in which they find themselves. However, no matter how hopeless things appear, and no matter how terrible our youth act, they are not beyond redemption.

I PLEDGE that from this day forward I will strive to love my brother as I love myself. I, from this day forward, will strive to improve myself spiritually, morally, mentally, socially, politimy people. I PLEDGE that I will strive to build businesses, build houses, build hospitals, build factories and enter into international trade for the good of myself, my family and my people. I PLEDGE that from this day forward I will never raise my hand with a knife or a gun to beat, cut, or shoot any member of my family or any human being except in self-defense. I PLEDGE from this day forward I will never abuse my wife by striking her, disrespecting her, for she is the mother of my children and the producer of my future. I PLEDGE that from this day forward I will never engage in the abuse of children, little boys or little girls for sexual gratification. For I will let them grow in peace to be strong men and women for the future of our people. I WILL NEVER again use the ‘B word' to describe any female. But particularly my own Black sister. I PLEDGE from this day forward that I will not poison my body with drugs or that which is destructive to my health and my well-being.

The Children are our future. We must teach them well so that they can lead the way. Showing them all the beauty they posses inside of them will help them create beautiful things around them. We must give them a sense of pride, that they can remind all of us how we used to be and how we should be.

I PLEDGE from this day forward I will support Black newspapers, Black radio, Black television. I will support Black artists

Heaven is closer then we think. All we need to do is stand on truth where ever we are.

I will do all of this so help me God.

who clean up their acts to show respect for themselves and respect for their people and respect for the ears of the human family.

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

On Friday May 10,2012, a judge in Florida issued a "20years in prison sentence" to a Black American woman, Marissa Alexander, for shooting a warning shot into the air after her abusive husband, Rico Gray, threatened to kill her. Nobody was hurt in that case. Alexander unsuccessfully tried to use Florida's controversial "Stand Your Ground" as her defense, but a jury convicted her of aggravated assault after just 12 minutes of deliberation. Corrine Brown, the Democratic congresswoman from Florida’s 3rd district issued the following statement: "I believe when he threatened to kill me, that's what he was absolutely going to do," she said. "That's what he intended to do. Had I not discharged my weapon at that point, I would not be here." Alexander's attorneys tried to use the state law that allows people to use potentially deadly force anywhere they feel reasonably threatened with serious harm or death. Earlier today, I watched in horror and extreme sadness as a judge sentenced Marissa Alexander, a documented victim of domestic violence, to a mandatory minimum of 20 years in prison for firing warning shot into the air after she was attacked by her husband. This African American woman didn’t hurt anyone and now she might not hug her children for twenty years. The imbalance in this case was abundantly clear in the courtroom. On the State’s Attorney side of the room, I saw nine prosecutors and twenty officers. On Marissa’s side, I saw a lone defense attorney doing his best in what clearly an unfair fight. My first step in this case will be to bring in the nation’s best experts in domestic violence law.

and no prior record, need support and counseling so they don’t find themselves in these situations to begin with. Arresting and prosecuting them when no one was hurt does not help anyone. Even worse, mandatory minimum sentences just make the system appear arbitrary and cruel. The second message is that if you are black, the system will treat you differently. A mere fifty miles away in Sanford Florida, a white man who shot a black teenager and claimed self-defense was not even arrest until community leaders and people around the world expressed their outrage. I have spoken to countless lawyers and they have yet to discover any cases in Florida where an African American was able to successfully use the “Stand Your Ground Law” defense in a hearing.” Another step I will take is to call for a study into racial disparities in the application of this law. What I didn’t see in the courtroom today is mercy or justice. The three year plea deal from Angela Corey is not mercy and a mandatory twenty year sentence is not justice. I hope that the people will come to Marissa’s defense as the system has so utterly failed her. This is just the beginning, not the end."

The Florida criminal justice system has sent two clear messages today. One is that if women who are victims of domestic violence try to protect themselves, the “Stand Your Ground Law” will not apply to them. Just minutes before the incident, Marissa’s husband told her “if I can't have you, nobody going to have you.” Millions of abused women have heard those words. Abused women like Marissa, who has a master’s degree Visit us at


It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it FACT CHECK ON THE CHARGES AGAINST MARISSA ALEXANDER

Marissa Alexander

1. Ms. Alexander was arrested for pointing a gun at the alleged victims but fired it into a wall. In other words, she never fired at the alleged victims.

Without prior criminal record, Marissa Alexander, a 31 -year-old, Black American mother of three children was handed an unfair 20-years mandatory prison sentence. Her crime was protecting herself from an abusive husband by firing a warning shot into the air. The shot traveled through a wall and into her house ceiling. Alexander's husband reportedly beat her while she was pregnant and after that last beating, she did what she though was necessary to prevent another beating. Prosecutor Angela Corey did not take into account that Alexander had a court injunction against her abusive husband. Beside, Alexander had given birth just 9-days earlier and was trained and license to use a concealed weapon.

2. Ms. Alexander was arrested and charged with Aggravated Domestic Assault under Florida Statute 784.021(2) which is a third degree felony carrying a maximum possible sentence of five (5) years in prison. 3. According to the police report, Ms. Alexander was NOT facing the 10-20-Life provisions of Florida Law. In fact, local lawyers tell me she would have faced only about 1 year in the county jail under Florida's Sentencing Guidelines because she had no prior criminal record. 4. In the charging Information, Angela Corey’s office added the 10-20-Life enhancement (F.S.775.087(2)(a)2.) to increase Ms. Alexander's exposure to 20 years.

What Can You Do To Help?

5. Angela Corey's office had the sole discretion to leave the charge as regular Aggravated Domestic Assault or add the enhancement. For some reason she has not explained why she added the enhancement.

Write Marissa Alexander and Give Her Some Words of Encouragement:

6. Why did Angela Corey's office enhance Marissa Alexander's charge from regular Aggravated Domestic Assault to Aggravated Domestic Assault with a firearms enhancement?

Marissa Alexander DC# J46944 Lowell Annex 11120 NW Gainesville Rd Ocala, Fl 34482-1479 Write Florida's Governor Rick Scott: Executive Office of Governor Rick Scott 400 S Monroe St Tallahassee, FL 32399 (850) 488-7146 Tweet Florida's Governor Rick Scott: @flgovscott Email Florida's Governor Rick Scott: Corrine Brown, Florida's congresswoman The Support for Marissa Alexander Facebook Page

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My Father the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that ignorance was one of our people's greatest problems. Ignorance has also become one of the worlds foremost problems. Time and time again I hear people use this term in a manner that suggests clearly that they do NOT know what this word actually means. Common thinking on 'ignorance' supposes that an individual our group of people who well be ignorant are somehow simply uneducated or simply do not 'KNOW'. This is partially true but not wholly correct. Ignorance is a state of mind where something or someone critical is being willfully IGNORED. Because of this, ignorance is inexcusable in international. It is inexcusable for anyone to not take the time to learn of the laws and by-laws that govern each state, country, and business contractual agreement under law. In an interpersonal relationship effected by IGNORANCE, it's generally the other person that is being IGNORED. In an intra-personal relationship where IGNORANCE is practiced, it is GOD and HIS LOVE for you that is being IGNORED. When IGNORANCE becomes ones state of mind it leads to Spiritual blindness, mental confusion, declining health, pain, suffering, misery, negative attitudes about life, hopelessness, depression, self-oppression, debasement and derangement of the mind, perversions, self mutilation and ultimately death. When IGNORANCE is your state of mind and attitude about

GOD, life and your own sense of humanity; all of your great innate talents and Divine human potential will fail to launch. Mamy people in the world are uneducated in the academic sense yet they are NOT untalented. Sometimes failure in life means ignoring your natural Divine Gifts and Talents. In the Bible 'Talents' is a term used to identify a monetary currency of exchange. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad reportedly said that everyone of us was born in the world gifted to do something PERFECT. The real challenge in life is discovery of what that special talent or gift is that we were born to do perfectly. Good never comes without a challenge. Especially the Good you may seek or intend for others, it will not be achieved without opposition. Let not opposition, difficulty, disapproval or the ignorance of you held by others discourage you. The differences and indifferences that we encounter with others that may be your very loved ones and friends is due to the fact that ALLAH made each one of us unique to the other yet purposed for each other in developing relationships of appreciation for the unique talents and characteristics found in each other. Your uniqueness is the evidence of GOD in you. You must never squander it but cultivate it in humility for the Pleasure of GOD in service toward the betterment of humanity. Lack of HUMILITY is blindness, deafness and procrastinates learning. Let us humble ourselves before situations and individuals that delight in provoking and upsetting us. Make your enemies your teachers about what is deposited inside of you. And remember, without humility you will remain unaware, unconscious and ignorant of the transformational and healing Power of GOD within

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it YOU. In humility and humbleness of heart and character, one cannot miss GOD. You will find that HE is ever present in your life as your Patron, Provider, Protector and Friend. he is the LORD OF ALL THE WORLDS (Realities). Jesus said: "It is written that man should not live by bread alone but every Word that precedes from the Mouth of GOD." This is about knowledge that is in the science of everything in GODS Creation. Every living and existing reality in ALLAH (GOD/DIOS) Creation bares HIS Wisdom. From the life of plants, insects, land animals, marine life to the fowl of the air, including but not limited to the Sun, Moon and Stars which are constantly teaching and feeding man what man knew not. So let us try to lead a more humble life in greater humility before the majesty of what ALLAH has Created so that we can learn from it, become more aware, wise and enjoy life in ways and on levels previously unimaginable. Humility is the disposition of mind and heart that will gain for you access to unlimited success and unending happiness with GOD, yourself and the world around you. You program your mind by what you feed it. a man does according to his thinking. I found an interesting concept about what thinking is on an online dictionary site that actually posed this question. the following is the answer it provided; "I believe that thinking is, at its most simplistic, where an individual, in reaction to a range of stimuli, starts a process that modifies or strengthens their world view, beliefs, opinions, attitudes, and behaviors." I agree with this assertion. Which leads me to believe that as a skill thinking must be developed and cultivated. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that we must think 5 times before we speak. This means we must think in 5 scenarios of consequence of the idea we want to express. There is great influential power in a single thought expressed as all thoughts aim to become matter, so much so, that with every idea must come great responsibility taken into consideration before its expression. To 'think' means:

a. To bring a thought to mind by imagination or invention: No one before had thought of bifocal glasses. b. To recall a thought or an image to mind: She thought of her childhood when she saw the movie. 4. To believe; suppose: He thinks of himself as a wit. It's later than you think. 5. To have care or consideration: Think first of the ones you love. 6. To dispose the mind in a given way: Do you think so? adj. Informal Requiring much thought to create or assimilate: a think book. The act or an instance of deliberate or extended thinking; a meditation. Idioms: come to think of it Informal When one considers the matter; on reflection: Come to think of it, that road back there was the one we were supposed to take. think aloud/out loud To speak one's thoughts audibly. think better of To change one's mind about; reconsider. think big To plan ambitiously or on a grand scale. think little of To regard as inferior; have a poor opinion of. think nothing of To give little consideration to; regard as routine or usual: thought nothing of a 50-mile trip every day. think twice To weigh something carefully: I'd think twice before spending all that money on clothes. [Middle English thenken, from Old English then can; see tong- in Indo-European roots.]

I am totally humbled by the LOVE of ALLAH for us the Believer in HIM when I reflect on how HE levels our errors, think (think) mistakes and sins as a MISUNDERSTANDING. Now that v. thought (th么t), think路ing, thinks is some kind of LOVE the GOD of my Father must have for a sinful people like us! The LOVE ALLAH has for us indi1. To have or formulate in the mind. vidually dear reader has NO bounds. All and anything is 2. FORGIVABLE at the moment of our submission and rea. To reason about or reflect on; ponder: Think how complex lanpentance to ALLAH. Now that is what I call AMAZING guage is. Think the matter through. GRACE! Who in their right mind would distance themb. To decide by reasoning, reflection, or pondering: thinking what to selves from ALLAH'S Service? do. 3. To judge or regard; look upon: I think it only fair. The answer would be - All who are not in their right mind 4. To believe; suppose: always thought he was right. and as a result suffer in their lives and relationships from 5. gross misunderstandings. If GOD pardons us on this basis, a. To expect; hope: They thought she'd arrive early. why can't we in the same manner pardon each other and free b. To intend: They thought they'd take their time. up our interpersonal relationships from such brutal and con6. To call to mind; remember: I can't think what her name was. 7. To visualize; imagine: Think what a scene it will be at the reunion. sistent condemnations?! Even Jesus of the New Testament says he was not here to judge, he said that of himself he 8. To devise or evolve; invent: thought up a plan to get rich quick. could not do anything but what GOD Commanded of him. 9. To bring into a given condition by mental preoccupation: He thought himself into a panic over the impending examination. 10. To concentrate one's thoughts on: "Think languor" (Diana Vree- When Jesus asks the disciple Peter if he loved him, Peter's land). answer of course was yes, Jesus then instructed Peter to v.intr. feed his flock. Notice he did not tell Peter to JUDGE the 1. To exercise the power of reason, as by conceiving ideas, drawing flock but instead feed them. Feed them what? Feed the flock inferences, and using judgment. out of what the Master Jesus had already fed him which was 2. To weigh or consider an idea: They are thinking about moving. LOVE, KNOWLEDGE, MERCY and FORGIVENESS. 3. Now I know many of us would rather pray for JUSTICE for

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it the pain and suffering experienced, but justice is a two edged sword meaning it cuts on both sides, the wrong doer and the victim alike because of the wrongs that the victim may have committed. T he Holy Quran says; "Nothing befalls man other than what his own hand has wrought." The Universal Law of Justice lets no wrong doer escape. For every atoms weight of Good there is its reward and for every evil deed is what it earns. The Honorable Minister Farrakhan teaches us that what we should pray to ALLAH for is not justice but MERCY. This is the principle of seeking for your brother what you wish for yourself. Or are there any of us who have not done any wrong ever to any one? And when the Scriptures say all have fallen short of the Glory of GOD, it don't mean you? Smile, of course that includes me and you. So, I pray for GODS Mercy on us all that we might all come correct in this time of Grace. This is a lot of information to 'PAUSE' and REFLECT on so, I'll stop right here and make this part one with part two of 'The Programmable Human Mind', coming real soon to a Facebook page near you.. Lol I am your brother who LOVES you.. Rasul H. Muhammad

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It’s time for you to come out of this madness. “We have got to learn to straighten out our hand with each other. Or God Don’t want you!” “You are about to come out of this madness. But You Can’t Come out by yourself. You Come Out With Us”

We randomly selected Students of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad To ask the question below. Check out there responses.

Chaka Muhammad

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said heaven is the peace between man and his wife. He also went on to say that we must build our own heaven on Earth which is money, good homes, and friendships in all walks of life. I have not yet achieve that level of life bliss, but I strive and pray that one day Insha'Allah I will. If I had all of those things, I would eat twice a week so that I could live 1,000 years and enjoy the life.

heaven is the Place within that is found in Peace... Which comes from trust, which comes, from faith, which comes from LOVE, which is LIGHT, and to the beginning. Allana MetuankhaRa Muhammad

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Here is heaven for me It is allegorical in nature...A man spoke with the Lord about heaven and hell. The Lord said to the man, “Come, I will show you hell.” They entered a room where a group of people sat around a huge pot of stew. Everyone was famished, desperate and starving. Each held a spoon that reached the pot, but each spoon had a handle so much longer than their own arm that it could not be used to get the stew into their own mouths. The suffering was terrible. “Come, now I will show you heaven,” the Lord said after a while. They entered another room, identical to the first — the pot of stew, the group of people, the same long-handled spoons. But there everyone was happy and well-nourished. “I don’t understand,” said the man. “Why are they happy here when they were miserable in the other room and everything was the same?” The Lord smiled, “Ah, it is simple,” he said. “Here they have learned to feed each other. This is what heaven looks like to me....people feeding each other whether through kindness, food, material needs, and not being stingy with it. Sister Charlene Muhammad

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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Here is some useful information from Dr. Josh Axe . He is a Author. Radio Host. Physician. Who States

Eating Tilapia is Worse Than Eating Bacon I’ve written before about the dangers of farmed fish. Most people agree that eating fish is a healthier option for us. And the truth is, it really is! Fish is a low fat, high protein food that has a range of health benefits. However, given what we know of fish and its sources today, I need to clarify the myth that all fish is healthy. Fish may not always be good for

Why is Farm Raised Fish So Bad for You?

compared to the wild variety. This can most likely be attributed to the feeds used on farmraised fish. Chicken feces is one of the main ingredients in farm fish feed. Not only that, the transfer of pig and duck waste to fish farms is also a very common practice.

1. Can Cause Inflammation Farm raised Tilapia has always been a popular source for fish, not only because it’s widely available in the US, but it’s also very inexpensive. It’s known in the food business as “aquatic chicken” because it breeds easily and tastes bland. Tilapia is the perfect factory fish; it happily eats pellets made largely of corn and soy and gains weight rapidly, easily converting a diet that resembles cheap chicken feed into low-cost seafood. Recent studies have concluded that eating

you.Fish can either be incredibly Tilapia may worsen inflammation which can lead to heart dishealthy or detrimental to our ease, arthritis, asthma and a world of other serious health problems. People health, depending on where it’s who have started eating more fish as sourced. There’s a world of difa way to get their dose of omega-3ference between fish caught in the fatty-acids and lessen their risk of heart attacks should avoid Tilapia. In wild, and farm bred or farmfact, scientists have found that raised fish. the inflammatory potential of Tilapia is greater than that of a hamThe most common types of farm- burger or pork bacon! raised fish are

3. Contains Antibiotics and Pesticides Where do farm bred fish get their antibiotics? The crowded conditions of fish farms cause the fish to be more susceptible to disease. To keep them alive, farm owners give antibiotics to the fish to stave off disease. Farm bred fish are also treated with pesticides to combat sea lice. The pesticides used to treat these fish are so deadly that they have been found to kill wild salmon that are accidentally exposed to them. These pesticides are also eventually released in the ocean where they get into the bodies and systems of other marine life.



2. Contains Cancer Causing Pollu-



4. Low Levels of Nutrients

Sea bass

Farm bred fish may have at least 10

Many of us consume fish, hop-

times the cancer causing pollutants

ing to reap the omega-3 fatty

 Catfish Cod

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acid benefits that come with it. However, did you know that the omega-3-acids found in farm raised fish are less usable to our bodies compared to wild bred fish, and they also have a lower protein content. Not only that, because farm raised fish are kept in cages, they have the tendency to contain more fat, and can have a higher concentration of omega-6 acids. The problem with getting too

This is why I only eat Wild Caught fish like Wild Sockeye Salmon. Wild caughtsalmon is loaded with Omega-3 fats, EPA and DHA, and has incredible health benefits. Plus, Salmon contains astaxanthin (A metabolic building block) which has been shown to be 6,000 times more powerful than Vitamin D at absorbing free radicals. To see all the fish I recommend, check out my free Healing Food Shopping List. If you’re not eating Salmon or another wild caught fish once daily, then I recommend taking a high quality fish oil that contains astaxanthin, like Oceans 3.

much omega 3 and omega 6 acids is that they may cause inflammation to the body

5. Contains Toxic Chemicals Dibutylin levels (toxic chemical used in PVC plastics) is said to be 6 times higher in farm raised mussels compared to wild ones. Dibutylin is toxic and can impair immune system function while also contributing to inflammation. Dibutylin may be the reason why we’ve seen a rise in asthma, obesity, allergies and other metabolic disorders in the recent years.

Where to Get Wild Caught Fish 1. Local Health Food Stores, Whole Foods. Be careful though, because “wild caught” can be a loosely used term, so ask. Kroger and Publix are starting to carry more organic and wild caught items. 2. Online. This works great for me because I know exactly where my fish is sourced from plus it shows up at my door. This is why I prefer to order wild caught fish online. I trust Vital Choice, it’s where I order my wild caught Salmon and other fish from.

6. Contains Even MORE Toxic Chemicals Dioxin levels (toxic chemical) are 11 times higher in farm bred salmon compared to wild salmon. Dioxin is actually a very toxic chemical that can contribute to cancer and other complications. The problem with dioxin is that once it enters our system, it can take a very long time until it is let out. The half life of dioxin is about 7 to 11 years. Visit us at


It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

Army did secret chemical testing in poor black St. Louis neighborhoods in 1950′s and 60′s

Doris Spates was a baby when her father died inexplicably in 1955. She has watched four siblings die of cancer, and she survived cervical cancer. After learning that the Army conducted secret chemical testing in her impoverished St. Louis neighborhood at the height of the Cold War, she wonders if her own government is to blame.

In the mid-1950s, and again a decade later, the Army used motorized blowers atop a low-income housing high-rise, at schools and from the backs of station wagons to send a potentially dangerous compound into the already-hazy air in predominantly black areas of St. Louis. Local officials were told at the time that the government was testing a smoke screen that could shield St. Louis from aerial observation in case the Russians attacked.

But in 1994, the government said the tests were part of a biological weapons program and St. Louis was chosen because it bore some resemblance to Russian cities that the U.S. might attack. The material being sprayed was zinc cadmium sulfide, a fine fluorescent powder.

Now, new research is raising greater concern about the implications of those tests. St. Louis Community CollegeMeramec sociology professor Lisa Martino-Taylor’s research has raised the possibility that the Army performed radiation testing by mixing radioactive particles with the zinc cadmium sulfide, though she concedes there is no direct proof. But her report, released late last month, was troubling enough that both U.S. senators from Missouri wrote to Army Secretary John McHugh demanding answers.

Aides to Sens. Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt said they have received no response. Army spokesman Dave Foster declined an interview request from The Associated Press,

saying the Army would first respond to the senators.

The area of the secret testing is described by the Army in documents obtained by Martino-Taylor through a Freedom of Information Act request as “a densely populated slum district.” About three-quarters of the residents were black. Spates, now 57 and retired, was born in 1955, delivered inside her family’s apartment on the top floor of the sincedemolished Pruitt-Igoe housing development in north St. Louis. Her family didn’t know that on the roof, the Army was intentionally spewing hundreds of pounds of zinc cadmium sulfide into the air. Three months after her birth, her father died. Four of her 11 siblings succumbed to cancer at relatively young ages. “I’m wondering if it got into our system,” Spates said. “When I heard about the testing, I thought, ‘Oh my God. If they did that, there’s no telling what else they’re hiding.’” Mary Helen Brindell wonders, too. Now 68, her family lived in a working-class mixed-race neighborhood where spraying occurred. The Army has admitted only to using blowers to spread the chemical, but Brindell recalled a summer day playing baseball with other kids in the street when a squadron of green Army planes flew close to the ground and dropped a powdery substance. She went inside, washed it off her face and arms, then went back out to play. Over the years, Brindell has battled four types of cancer — breast, thyroid, skin and uterine. Visit us at


It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it “I feel betrayed,” said Brindell, who is white. “How could they do this? We pointed our fingers during the Holocaust, and we do something like this?”

Martino-Taylor said she wasn’t aware of any lawsuits filed by anyone affected by the military tests. She also said there have been no payouts “or even an apology” from the government to those affected.

The secret testing in St. Louis was exposed to Congress in 1994, prompting a demand for a health study. A committee of the National Research Council determined in 1997 that the testing did not expose residents to harmful levels of the chemical. But the committee said research was sparse and the finding relied on limited data from animal testing. It also noted that high doses of cadmium over long periods of exposure could cause bone and kidney problems and lung cancer. The committee recommended that the Army conduct follow-up studies “to determine whether inhaled zinc cadmium sulfide breaks down into toxic cadmium compounds, which can be absorbed into the blood to produce toxicity in the lungs and other organs.”

But it isn’t clear if follow-up studies were ever performed. Martino-Taylor said she has gotten no answer from the Army and her research has turned up no additional studies. Foster, the Army spokesman, declined comment. Martino-Taylor became involved years ago when a colleague who grew up in the targeted area wondered if the testing was the cause of her cancer. That same day, a second colleague confided to Martino-Taylor that she, too, lived in the test area and had cancer.

Texas teacher claims she couldn’t have fondled black student because she’s racist A teacher in Texas has invoked her own racism in a defense against charges that she fondled an African-American student in her first grade class at Northwest Preparatory Academy Charter School in Humble.

“The victim said that she was in the classroom alone with the teacher and that the teacher touched her on the outside of her clothes, on what she called her ‘private part,’ her vaginal area,” Humble Police Department Detective J. Blanchard explained on Tuesday. Prosecutors said that after failing a polygraph test, Stokes insisted to Humble police that she had not touched the girl “on any part of her body.” “She doesn’t like to even touch the black children on their hand, she shies away when they try to hug her — she admitted to being prejudiced,” Blanchard said. The complaint stated that Stokes “doesn’t like black students because she was prejudiced” and “has little to no interaction” with her accuser. The girl also told police that she asked the teacher to stop touching her and was made to stand out in the hall without any lunch — but Stokes also denied that. Northwest Preparatory Academy Charter School Principal Paul A. Hardin told investigators that cafeteria records showed that the girl ate breakfast but not lunch on March 1. Stokes’ attorney, Patty Maginnis, said that any racist comments made by here client were “not proof that any crime has been committed.” “I would consider that just a personal opinion,” the lawyer noted. “The facts of the case will determine that she is innocent.” Stokes was fired on Tuesday, according to charter holder Miracle Educational Systems, which operates the school. “The employee involved was immediately placed on administrative leave as soon as the complaint was received, and the matter was investigated,” a statement said. “As a result of the Academy’s investigation, the staff member in question has been terminated.” Stokes is free on $10,000 bond. She is scheduled to appear in court on May 21.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by the Houston Chronicle, the 7-year-old girl said that 61-year-old Esther Irene Stokes sent all of the other students out of the room on March 1 and then touched her “private part” on the outside of her clothes. Visit us at


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Wealth Gap Among Races Widened Since Recession

Homeowners wait in line for a foreclosure prevention seminar in Florida: The Great Recession has turned the wealth gap between white and black families into a gaping chasm.——Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The dollar value of that gap has grown, as well. By the most recent data, the average white family had about $632,000 in wealth, versus $98,000 for black families and $110,000 for Hispanic families. “The racial wealth gap is deeply rooted in our society,” said Caroline Ratcliffe, one of the authors of the Urban Institute study. “It’s here, it’s not going away, and we need to care about it.” Many experts consider the wealth gap to be more pernicious than the income gap, as it perpetuates from generation to generation and has a powerful effect on economic security and mobility. Young black people are much less likely than young white people to receive a large sum from their parents or other relatives to pay for college, start a business or make a down payment on a home, for instance. That, in turn, makes their wealth-building prospects shakier as they move into adulthood. Two major factors helped to widen this wealth gap in recent years. The first is that the housing downturn hit black and Hispanic households harder than it hit white households, in aggregate. Many young Hispanic families, for instance, bought homes as the housing bubble was inflating and reaching its peak, leaving them saddled with heavy debt burdens as house prices plunged in places like suburban Phoenix and inland California. Black families also were hit disproportionately by the housing collapse, because heading into the recession housing constituted a higher proportion of their wealth

than for white families, leaving them more exposed when the market crashed. Higher unemployment rates and lower incomes among blacks left them less able to keep paying their mortgages and more likely to lose their homes, experts said. Discriminatory lending practices were also a factor. “We know that communities of color, their rate of subprime or predatory loans was twice what it is in the overall population,” said Tom Shapiro, the director of the Institute on Assets and Social Policy at Brandeis University. Black families also suffered bigger hits to their retirement savings, the Urban Institute found. On aggregate, the value of black families’ retirement accounts shrank 35 percent between 2007 and 2010, while white families’ accounts actually gained 9 percent over the same period. With lower earnings and higher unemployment rates leaving them with a thinner safety net to begin with, black families were more likely to take funds out of the market when it was depressed, leaving them out in the cold as the market recovered. “That reservoir of what you can dig into for emergencies and contingencies is a lot shallower in communities of color,” Professor Shapiro said. “That pushes black families to sling off assets, like I.R.A.’s or stocks, that you might have had another goal in mind for.” Something similar may be happening as the housing recovery takes hold. “Some people talk about it in terms of a land grab,” said Professor Hamilton of the New School, as mainly white investors are buying foreclosed homes from disproportionately minority owners. “As the housing market starts to appreciate, some of those minority buyers might not be back.” All in all, Hispanic families lost 44 percent of their wealth between 2007 and 2010, the Urban Institute estimates, and black families lost 31 percent. White families, by comparison, lost 11 percent of their wealth. The economic turbulence worsened a gap that has persisted for as long as social scientists have measured it, and has its roots in institutional racism, they said, which, for instance, prevented black Americans from benefiting fully from the

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it G.I. Bill back in the 1940s and 1950s. The Urban Institute study looked at mean wealth figures, where a small number of high-net-worth families skews the averages upward. Median wealth figures — where half of households have more wealth and half less — produces lower numbers, but the trends are the same, the Urban Institute researchers said.

Children and Twerking: How Would You React If You Saw Your Child Twerking?

Even if blacks and Hispanics make progress in the years ahead as the economy improves, the persistence of the wealth gap has pushed many public-policy scholars to recommend the adoption of more ambitious programs to help reduce worsening inequality. The Urban Institute suggests reforming government policies that encourage savings but disproportionately benefit the already wealthy and families with high incomes, like the home mortgage interest deduction. Automatic savings vehicles also might help lower-income and lower-wealth families start saving, it said. Professor Hamilton has proposed “baby bonds,” granting savings accounts to infants, seeded with funds that allocate greater sums to families with less wealth. (Such accounts would be race-blind, Professor Hamilton stressed.) Account-holders could tap that money as young adults, to pay for college or start a business. “That’s really going to break the link of intergenerational poverty, and the intergenerational wealth gap,” Professor Hamilton argued. But in the absence of such far-reaching measures, scholars and advocates remain generally pessimistic that the wealth gap will narrow even as members of minority groups increase their share of the American work force. “The growth in the wealth divide is going to be very hard to close,” said Dedrick Muhammad, the senior director of the economic department at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the civil rights organization. “I don’t have a positive feeling about racial wealth inequality resolving itself with the recovery.”

A video has recently surfaced on the internet of a father beating his two daughters with a belt after finding out they posted a video of themselves twerking on Facebook. Twerking is a dance in which a female bends over and shakes her backside in a suggestive manner. The video has garnered plenty of attention after it went viral shortly after hitting the net. A number of people consider the father’s actions to be child abuse. Other people believe the video is disturbing because of how the girls were screaming while they were being struck with the belt; however, a number of African Americans were disciplined in this manner by their parents. Many suspect the man put up the video of the beating to embarrass his daughters, since they were bold enough to shake their butts at a camera lens and post it online. This is not the first time a twerking video has gone viral. Earlier this year,a short video clip of a visibly young boy twerking, surfaced on the Twerkers Gone Wild Facebook fanpage. The video, titled “Wheres This Kid Father?” has acquired 24,800+ comments, 54,500+ shares, and 19,700+ comments. The video sparked the ongoing debate about whether or not there is a hidden agenda to make African-American men effeminate.Children and Twerking: How Would You React If You Saw Your Child Twerking?

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ally Is This re going to happen? Farrakhan is Right!

On three separate days this July, invisible and odorless gases will be released in subway stations and at street level in all five boroughs of New York City. But officials in the New York Police Department will not be alarmed — it was their idea. The gases, known as per fluorocarbons, will be dispersed to study how airborne toxins would flow through the city after a terrorist attack or an accidental spill of hazardous chemicals, according to the NYPD. Wait, Perfluorochemical (perfluorocarbon) molecules have very different structures that impart different physical properties such as respiratory gas solubility, density, viscosity, vapor pressure, and lipid solubility. This also a deadly poison. In the 1960's, researchers discovered that there could be an alternative method for supporting injured lungs. They found that mice whose lungs were filled with an oxygenated saline solution could survive for several hours. Further uses with oxygenated silicone oils had some success, but were later found to be toxic. Researchers supervised by the Brookhaven National Laboratory will use about 200 monitors to trace the paths of the gases they release. The police intend to use the information gathered in the test, which they said would be the biggest such urban airflow study, to hone their plans for emergency responses. One answer they seek is how the subway system affects the flow of air above and below ground. Knowing that will help them decide which subway lines may have to be shut down to limit the spread of hazardous material, said Paul Kalb, division head for environmental research and technology in the environmental sciences department at Brookhaven National Laboratory. “The subways play a major role in how air moves through Manhattan and the five boroughs,” Mr. Kalb said. “If you’re in the subways and there’s something released on the surface, you could be vulnerable.” In the same way, he said, a gas released in the subway could affect people in a different part of the city. “It can spread further and in a way that you might not anticipate,” he said. Researchers got a glimpse of that complication from a smaller study conducted in Manhattan eight years ago, Mr. Kalb said. In the Visit us at


It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

Hurry up And get things in place. They will never know what hit em!

summer of 2005, a different group of researchers released simi- at Fort Detrick, Md., threw “bulbs” of a “simulated biological poilar harmless gases in several locations in Midtown, including son” on the tracks of two subway lines in Manhattan. one subway station. “The bulbs burst and the wind of the passing subway trains” quickWanting to know more, the Police Department commissioned ly spread the fake poison from 15th Street to 58th Street, the article the laboratory, which is on Long Island, to conduct the more said. It said the project’s engineer had concluded that the subway extensive two-year study at a cost of $3.4 million, Mr. Kalb system could not be safeguarded against that type of attack. If the said. The money came from a federal grant the police received attack were carried out during rush hours, the engineer said, it from the Department of Homeland Security. would “put New York out of commission.” “The N.Y.P.D. works for the best but plans for the worst when it comes to potentially catastrophic attacks, such as ones employing radiological contaminants or weaponized anthrax,” Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said in a statement. “This field study with Brookhaven’s outstanding expertise will help prepare and safeguard the city’s population in the event of an actual attack.” Mr. Kalb said his colleagues planned to enlist about 100 college students as interns to help set up the test and gather air samples to be analyzed. He said they would install small black-and-gray boxes containing monitoring equipment on subway platforms and lamp posts poles around the city. Then, the traceable gases will be released in seven different locations — three above ground and four below — on three nonconsecutive days in July. The results will be tracked by researchers from Brookhaven, the Argonne National Laboratory and the Los Alamos National Laboratory. To minimize fear, each release will be announced to the public a day in advance and the boxes will show a phone number and a Web site people can contact for information, the police said. “We’re a little bit concerned that people are going to be nervous, especially after what happened in Boston,” Mr. Kalb said. “Clearly, people are trained to say something if they see something.” The authorities’ approach to this study is a world apart from the way the Army examined the spread of biological poison in the subways in the mid-1960s. According to a 1975 article in The New York Times, about 20 employees of the Army laboratory

(Special chemical control unit members donning anti-gas suits emerge from an entrance to the Kasumigaseki subway station which was poisoned by a deadly nerve gas in Tokyo on March 20, 1995. REUTERS/Kimimasa Mayama)

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Is NOT just A White Suburb Problem;

It’s Worse In Black Communities African-American pastors have joined together to form a new coalition called the AfricanAmerican Church Gun Control Coalition, and they say that even though the government has failed in controlling gun violence through legislation, it won’t deter them from trying to fight it. Members of the coalition committed themselves to a three-year action plan using support, education and legislative measures to curb gun violence. They say gun violence is “both a sin and a public health crisis,” at meetings held in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. President of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Rev. Carroll Baltimore, which called together the coalition, said that they should push the government to do the right things in order to control gun violence and make the world stand up and take notice.

According to the Rev. Stephen Thurston, president of the National Baptist Convention of America, black pastors have long been aware of the increasing gun violence that has plagued their cities. Thurston goes on to say that they knew of these facts a long time before some recent tragedies, which have happened in mainly white communities, were brought to public notice. Thurston continues that African-American pastors see this type of gun violence almost every day in some areas of the cities and they have been seeing it for a long time. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, black males aged between 15 and 19, die mainly as the result of gun violence. Apparently, the chances of a black male teen dying of gun violence are eight times more than that of his white counterpart, according to the Children’s Defense Fund. Senior pastor of Ray of Hope Christian Church, Decatur, Georgia, Rev. Cynthia Hale, said that, in her opinion, AfricanAmerican pastors were more authorized and more enthusiastic to fight gun control issues because it was their communities that gun violence was mainly affecting.

Baltimore went on to say that “African-American clergy leaders hear daily the cries of the parents, family and friends of those whose precious lives have been snuffed out by guns and other types of violence.”

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

2. A lack of black history.

We read a article about gun violence that we like to share with you. In it is says “The black community is desperately trying to understand the plight of black (male) youth. According to statistics, gun violence was the leading cause of death for black teens in 2008 and 2009. In cities like Chicago, New York, Detroit, New Orleans, etc., the statistics are very real and don’t seem to be wavering.” Well, when we understand anything. That should mean that we see it in our own minds clearly for what it is, and not blurry for what it may appear to be. Why are we desperately trying to do anything? Desperate means involve or employ extreme measures in an attempt to escape defeat or frustration. Who are we trying to get involved in our own affairs if we are the ones who live in the black community? What is it that we are really trying to escape from that frustrates us so much to this degree? After describing the statistics as ‘very alarming,’ Sen. Sharon Weston Broome, D-Baton Rouge and former Grambling State University history professor Jimmy McJamerson, discussed why they believe young black males are dying at the hands of other violent black males. “The high mortality rate among African-American men could be attributed to several reasons,” said Broome. McJamerson agrees with Broome but added there are a few basic causes, which are listed below. 1. Idolizing thug rappers McJamerson believes this attribution is the leading cause of his list of “basic causes” for young African Americans’ struggle with violence. ”As for Tupac and Biggie, young gifted and visionary African-American males who preferred the gangster lifestyle, now they are silent in their graves,” McJamerson said. “They lived the thug life. They believe they would die early in life.” He believes the youth are attempting to emulate “gangster lifestyles” that record labels are marketing to them. Reputable scholar and entrepreneur Dr. Boyce Watkins also agrees with McJamerson. In his audio lecture titled “Commercialized Hip-Hop: The Gospel of Self-Destruction,” he outlines the eight core principles of black male genocide that are promoted in rap music.

McJamerson believes that many young African-Americans waste their lives because they’re not aware of the struggles that those before them went through. ”If they knew more about our great history, they would know the type of things they’re involved in would only lead to negative results,” he said. “If they knew their history, they would know of the great African-American men and women who knew who they were and their mission in life.” McJamerson added that after integration, black communities changed and parents took two or three jobs ”trying to keep up with the Joneses, and they forgot to pay attention to the fundamental things in the black community,” he said. Providing an example, he said neighbors were often allowed to discipline children in the absence of the parents. ”With integration, all that went away,” McJamerson said. ”Teachers in the school system don’t live in the black community, and they don’t have context with the black community,” he said. “At one time, teachers would see parents at a store or in church and tell them how their child was performing and behaving in school, “but with integration, we lost that.” McJamerson has a point. New research shows that when parents engage their children in activities that promote feelings of racial knowledge, pride, and connection, it offsets racial discrimination’s potentially negative impact on students’ academic development. 3. Family environment, lack of education, and other elements in society Broome believes there are many factors to the equation — citing family environment, lack of education, and other elements in society as part of them. The Commission on Marriage and Family is looking at policies that might improve the situation, she said, and it could assemble some suggestions for the governor. ”Do we have policies that strengthen the family?” she asked. “We need to support strong fatherhood. That’s a key to strengthening families.” Broome believes the community will need to step up to combat the issues. She referenced a Baton Rouge church that’s having one-on-one interaction with families of young people who are in or close to entering the juvenile justice system. Now, these are some good points. But lets look at what the Visit us at


It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said just on Mothers Day 2013 at Mosque Maryam in Chicago. “Knowing yourself is the key to life because the knowledge of self and the knowledge of God is the same knowledge,” said the Minister. “The human brain is powerful enough that whatever you can conceive you have the potential ability to bring into existence,” Does gun violence exist in the black community and other s were the poor live? Who put it there? Who projected into the minds of our babies what we are seeing and are so desperately trying to resolve? Wow, knowing ourselves is the key to life? Lets think this over. If death is in our communities who is locking all of up in turmoil. Could what the minister is saying be the key that unlocks the door that has us bound in all this madness? You damn right it is! “Every human being is created in the nature of God.” How much about that nature do we really know? And for those who claim to know, why isn’t what know fixing this problem? Did you learn what you know from Allah himself or did you learn it from this dead weight educational system that ain’t worth nothing? Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. And if nothing is coming out what you are producing then you are a big part of this major problem too. The minister is trying to help us see that the only way to know and understand our own creation and situations is to be taught and trained by the creator. Surely the creator is the best knower of the creation. So who is better qualified to teach us about us then one who he has taught about him and ourselves? He raised up The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad to do this job. And because Allah is so Merciful, he has permitted the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to sit in The seat of The Messenger.

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

Fantasia Says: “Gay is a Sin.” Is She Wrong For Speaking Up? Our Student Editor Chris Muhammad Jumps in the ring to help defend our sisters who stand up for truth Controversy is swirling around former American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino upon the release of two of her most recent tweets speaking negatively about homosexuality and the legalization of weed. She states: “I am a Christian first…person second. I believe in the Bible and have to use my spirit of discernment. Gay is a sin. Sin is a disease.” “I RISE ABOVE IT ALL!!! THE WORLD IS GONE MAD. KIDS, THE GOVERNMENT, The church House… Everybody Trying!!!!!!! Its a lot that going on that the Bible speaks about we should Not be doing. Weed is legal in some places, Gay Marriage is Legal BUT YET IM JUDGED!!! Im not doing Nothing for you…This is My Life!!!!” Fans turned critics, along with those who were always her critic, are lashing out at her saying she has no right to talk about sins when she was publicly caught up in fornication. Others bring up the fact that she had a child out of wedlock. All of this brings to the surface at least two thoughtprovoking issues still being debated and hashed out among Christians to this very minute.

and smoking weed is perfectly normal. Now, it is interesting to some that she was involved in extramarital sin and decides to “lecture” on sin? Probably. However, think of the smoker who tells his or her children not to smoke. Is it wrong to want better for another? Furthermore, just because a person commits a sin by telling a lie, does it mean that because they are guilty of sin they should do nothing to stop someone from, say, stealing? One committing sin does not mean that they condone it or are proud of their shortcomings. In fact how many of us live in glass houses any way? Where is your track record of good deeds that God can say he is pleased with you? How short have we fallen from Gods Glory? What wrong doing have we done that we can say we are so innocent and Holy? When Jesus went unto the mount of Olives.It was early in the morning he went again into the temple, and all the people came unto him; and he sat down, and taught them. The scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in on adultery; and when they had set her in the midst, They said unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act. Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what do you say?

1.) Is homosexuality Biblically right or wrong? 2.) Is smoking weed Biblically right or wrong?

They said it in a way to tempt him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. So when they continued asking him, he The recent release of the Queen James Bible which removes lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among all references to homosexuality as sin answers the first quesyou, let him first cast a stone at her. And again he stooped down, and tion. But, one must ask him or herself if curing seizures or wrote on the ground. other physical maladies with medical marijuana is a sin too? A number of prescription medications used by Christians are often abused, especially by youths, and used to attain highs. And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Are those Biblically wrong as well? Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst. When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Those things aside, the greater question at hand is this: 3.) Was Fantasia wrong for not only standing up and publicly voicing the values of her Christian faith?

Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee? She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.

The answer is no. Everyone should stand up for what they Dear Sister’s, from this day fourth, You are free to be yourselves. believe in. If she believes that homosexuality and smoking Now go and sin no more! - Hammer Magazine, Student editor Chris weed are wrong according to Christianity, she has the absoMuhammad Follow us on twitter @hammermag1 lute right as an American citizen to say so — She has just as much right as the persons who proclaims that homosexuality Visit us at


It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

There are huge numbers of people on Earth who are keen to leave the planet forever and seek a new life on Mars.

"With 78,000 applications in two weeks, this is turning out to be the most desired job in history," Mars One Chief Executive

Officer and co-founder Bas Lansdorp said in a statement. "These numbers put us right on track for our goal of half a million applicants." [Mars One's Red Planet Colony Project (Gallery)]Mars One estimates that landing four settlers on Mars in 2023 will cost about $6 billion. The NetherlandsAbout 78,000 people have based organization plans applied to become Red to pay most of the bills by Planet colonists with the staging a global realitynonprofit organizaTV event, with cameras tionMars One since its documenting all phases of application process the mission from astronaut opened on April 22, offi- selection to the colonists' cials announced Tuesday. first years on the Red Mars One aims to land Planet. four people on the Red Planet in 2023 as the van- The application process guard of a permanent col- extends until Aug. 31. ony, with more astronauts Anyone at least 18 years arriving every two years of age can apply by subthereafter. mitting to the Mars One website a 1-minute video

explaining his or her motivation to become a Red Planet settler. (You can also watch other applicants' videos at the site.) Mars One charges an application fee, which ranges from $5 to $75 depending on the wealth of the applicant's home country. United States citizens pay $38, Lansdorp said. When the application process closes, reviewers will pick 50 to 100 candidates from each of the 300 regions around the world that Mars One has identified. By 2015, this pool will be whittled down to a total of 28 to 40 candidates, officials said.

(3,581). Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Argentina and India round out the top 10. "Mars One is a mission representing all humanity, and its true spirit will be justified only if people from the entire world are represented," Lansdorp said. "I'm proud that this is exactly what we see happening."

The announcement of Mars One's application flood comes in the middle of a big week for manned Mars exploration. Scientists, engineers, NASA officials and a range of other Red Planet exploration advocates are currently meeting in This core group will be split into Washington, D.C., for the Humans groups of four, which will train for 2 Mars summit, which runs their one-way Mars mission for through Wednesday. about seven years. Finally, an audience vote will pick one of these And famed Apollo 11 moonwalkgroups to be humanity's first visi- er Buzz Aldrin released his new tors to the Red Planet. book, "Mission to Mars: My Vision for Space ExploraSo far, Mars One has received tion" (National Geographic applications from more than 120 Books), which was written with countries, officials said. The Unit- veteran space reporter (and ed States leads the way with columnist) Leonard 17,324, followed by China David. (10,241) and the United Kingdom Visit us at


It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

Listen to this powerful song remixed by Chris Muhammad featuring The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and John Legend. “I hope this production will help ignite something in our people to get up and do for self.� Chris Muhammad. Please visit below and all questions can be sent to

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So many great uses! Is there anything coconut oil won't do? From eye cream to chewing gum in hair removal, this is a MUST SAVE LIST!!!

just mix coconut oil and baking soda and dab a little of the mix on my toothbrush. Be sure to buy organic unrefined coconut oil. Most Walmarts carry it on the aisle with the other cooking oils. Do not buy the cheaper non-organic versions which are not healthy versions. This picture shows a liquid form, but some come in solid form Personal Hygiene/Body:1. Moisturizer – simply scoop some out of the jar and apply all over your body, including neck and face. 2. Eye cream – apply under the eyes to reduce puffiness, bags, and wrinkles. Use on the lids in the evening.

9. Make up remover – use a cotton swab and a dab of coconut oil and you would be amazed at how well it works! 10. Chapstick – just rub a little into lips and it not only acts as a softening agent but it also has an SPF of about 4 so you get a little protection! 11. Massage Oil – pretty simple; grab some and rub! 12. Lubricant – it is an all natural, perfectly safe personal lubricant. Not compatible with latex!

3. Preshave – coconut oil will prep skin for the pending damage caused by shaving.

13. Sunscreen

4. Aftershave – coconut oil will help heal your skin after shaving without clogging pores.

14. Stretch Mark Cream – coconut oil is great at nourishing damaged skin. It may not be the magic stretch mark cure but it will help.

5. Deodorant – coconut oil alone can be used as a deodorant, but even more effective in combination with cornstarch/ arrowroot powder and baking soda! 6. Hair Conditioner/Deep Treatment - use as a leave in hair conditioner by applying a teaspoon of coconut oil to your ends and then running your fingers through your hair to distribute the rest! For a deeper treatment, rub in a tablespoon of coconut oil onto your dry scalp and gently work through to the ends. Put a shower cap on to prevent transfer onto bed linens and leave on overnight. 7. Hair Gel/Defrizzer – rub a little between your palms and either scrunch into hair (for curly hair) or finger comb in through from scalp to ends (for wavy/straight hair).

15. Nipple Cream – works great to nourish cracked, sore, or dry nipples. Apply to a cotton ball and leave on your nipples between feedings. 16. Diaper salve – very comforting on a rashy bum with no harsh chemicals. Also safe for cloth diapers. 17. Cradle cap – having issues with dry skin on your baby’s scalp? Coconut oil will not only nourish your baby’s skin, it also helps eliminate cradle cap. Just rub a teaspoon onto scalp daily. 18. Body scrub – mix coconut oil and sugar together and rub all over! Rinse off and your skin will be super soft! You can add in essential oils if you would like a specific smell.

8. Toothpaste – there are numerous recipes out there but I Visit us at


It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it 19. Healing - when applied on scrapes and cuts, coconut oil forms a thin, chemical layer which protects the wound from outside dust, bacteria and virus. Coconut oil speeds up the healing process of bruises by repairing damaged tissues. Plus, it smells a heck-of-a-lot better than anything from the pharmacy. 20. Bug Bites – when applied directly to a bug bite, coconut oil can stop the itching and burning sensation as well as hasten the healing process. 21. Skin problems – coconut oil relieves skin problems such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema.

treme coldness. This condition happens when the nasal passages become dry because of cold or dry air resulting to burns and cracks in the mucus membranes so bleeding happens. To prevent this just put coconut oil in you nostrils. Coat your finger with coconut oil and then lie down and coat your finger inside your nose. Doing this will strengthen and protect the capillaries in the nasal passages. A Vitamin C supplement will also help prevent nose bleeding. 27. For breastfeeding moms, consuming 3 ½ tablespoons of coconut oil daily will enrich your milk supply. 28. Helps with weight loss & controlling cravings.

22. Swimmers Ear – mix garlic oil and coconut oil and put a few drops in affected ear for about 10 minutes. Do this 2-3 times a day and it usually works within one or two days.

General Health and Wellness 23. Stress Relief - relieve mental fatigue by applying coconut oil to the head in a circular, massaging motion. The natural aroma of coconuts is extremely soothing thus helping to lower your stress level.

29. Helps keep blood sugar levels stable and/or helps with cravings in those with diabetes.

24. Digestion - the saturated fats in coconut oil have anti-bacterial properties that help control, parasites, and fungi that cause indigestion and other digestion related problems such as irritable bowel syndrome. The fat in coconut oil also aids in the absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, making you healthier all around.

Health Problems (that coconut oil is known for aiding, relieving, or even curing when taken internally)

25. Fitness - coconut oil has been proven to stimulate your metabolism, improve thyroid function, and escalate energy levels, all of which help decrease your unwanted fat, while increasing muscle.

31. Skin problems

26. Nose bleeds - coconut oil can prevent nose bleeding that is caused by sensitivity to weather such as extreme hotness and ex-

33. Hot flashes

30. Eczema – in addition to taking it internally, many have success applying it externally, some don't

32. Toenail fungus

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it blood tests becoming normal 44. Energy boost 45. Flaky, dry skin 46. May relieve acid reflux and indigestion when taken with each meal 47. Adrenal fatigue 48. Alzheimers 49. H. pylori 34. Bleeding hemorrhoids (can also be applied externally twice a day)

50. Candida albicans 51. Asthma, even in children

35. HIV 52. Autism 36. Head lice 37. Improvements in menstruation regarding pain/cramps and heavy blood flow

53. Cholesterol - improves HDL ('good' cholesterol) to LDL ('bad' cholesterol) ratio in people with high cholesterol

38. Migraines (with regular use)

54. Chronic fatigue

39. Mononucleosis

55. Circulation/feeling cold all the time

40. Parasites

56. Stronger immune system

41. Thrush

57. Mental Clarity

42. Relieve gallbladder pain

58. Depression

43. Has helped some people improve symptoms of an underactive thyroid gland, results have shown subsequent thyroid

59. Helps with inflammation in Crohns Health Problems (that coconut oil is known for aiding, relieving, or even curing when applied topically) 60. Athletes foot 61. Back pain/sore muscles 62. Canker sores 63. Acne 64. Cellulite 65. Herpes (applied topically and taken internally)

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it 66. Genital warts (through topical application over 6 weeks, and coconut oil enemas twice a day depending on the location of the warts) 67. Circumcision healing – although I am personally against circumcision, I have read that coconut oil is a really great healer for this. Cooking 68. Use 1 cup to 1 cup ratio when replacing other oils/butter in recipes with coconut oil. 69. Replacement for butter/lard/Crisco/PAM in it’s solid form – greasing pans, pie crusts, etc. 70. Replacement for various oils in liquid form – baking, cooking, sautéing, etc. 71. Nutritional supplement – melt and add to smoothies. Other Uses 72. Insect repellent – mix coconut oil with peppermint oil extract and rub it all over exposed skin. Keeps insects off better than anything with Deet! Tons safer too. 73. Great for dogs and cats for general wellness. Just add a teaspoon to their water bowl daily. 74. Goo Gone - just mix equal parts coconut oil and baking soda into a paste. Apply to the “sticky” area and let it set for a minute. Then scrub off with an old toothbrush or the scrubby side of a sponge. 75. Chewing Gum in Hair Remover – just rub some coconut oil over the stuck chewing gum, leave in for about 30 minutes, then roll the gum between your fingertip. Voila! It’s out! 76. Polish Furniture - coconut oil with a little bit of lemon juice to polish wood furniture. However, I recommend you test it first on a very small, unobtrusive part of your furniture to make sure it works the way you’d like. 77. Polishing Bronze - all you have to do is rub a little oil into a cotton towel and then wipe down the statue. It cleans and helps deepen the color of your bronze. 78. Seasoning animal hide drums 79. Seasoning cookware

You can accept it or leave it. But he is The divine messenger of Allah. He is The long awaited for messiah. He is the one who was raised from the dead. The eternal leader of the nation of Islam. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. And all would be wise to read all of his books so that you may learn how to live your life better then you do. go to and order today.

80. Moisturizing and cleaning leather products Visit us at


It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it ashamed to seek guidance and instructions from the brother or sister who has more experience, education and training than you have had. Accept his or her assistance.

The Black man in America faces a serious economic problem today and the White race’s Christianity cannot solve it. You, the so-called American Negro, with the help of Allah can solve your own problem.

The White man spends his money with his own kind, which is natural. You, too, must do this. Help to make jobs for your own kind. Take a lesson from the Chinese and Japanese and go give employment and assistance to your own kind when they are in need. This is the first law of nature. Defend and support your own kind. True Muslims do this.

The truth must be recognized by the Black man. He, himself, has assisted greatly in creating this serious problem of unemployment, insecurity and lack. Before the Black man can begin to gain economic security, he must be awakened from the dead and gain knowledge, understanding and wisdom which will enable him to follow my teachings. Islam and only Islam will point the way out of the entanglement of "want in the midst of plenty" for the followers of Islam, the true religion of the Black nation.

Because the so-called American Negro has been deceived and misled, he has become a victim of deception. He is today in the worst economic condition of North America. Unemployment is mounting, and he feels it most. He assisted in reducing himself to his present insecure economic condition. You, the Black man, are the only members of the human race that deliberately walk past the place of business of one of your own kind—a Black man— and spend your dollars with your natural enemy. The so-called American Negro has never in the history of America been known to boycott or criticize the White man as he does his own kind. He thus shows love for his enemy and hatred for his own kind.

Know thyself and be yourself. Islam makes a true brother to brother. If this be true, how can a believer (Muslim) be a true brother to another believer and boycott his brother and support the enemy? The believers in truth, Islam, must stop looking up to the White race for justice and take the following steps to correct this problem.

A true Muslim would never boycott the place of business of his fellow Muslim or Black brother. A true Muslim is proud of the success of his Black sisters and brothers. He recognizes that their success is his success. He recognizes the law of Islam. If one brother has a bowl of soup you have half of that soup.

Acknowledge and recognize that you are a member of the Creator’s nation and act accordingly. This action, in the name of Allah, requires you, as a Muslim, to set an example for the lost-found, your brothers in the wilderness in North America. This requires action and deeds, not words and lip service. The following blueprint shows the way: 1. Recognize the necessity for unity and group operation (activities). 2. Pool your resources, physically as well as financially. 3. Stop wanton criticisms of everything that is Blackowned and Black-operated. 4. Keep in mind — jealousy destroys from within. 5. Observe the operations of the White man. He is successful. He makes no excuses for his failures. He works hard in a collective manner. You do the same. If there are six or eight Muslims with knowledge and experience of the grocery business — pool your knowledge, open a grocery store—and you work collectively and harmoniously, Allah will bless you with success. If there are those with knowledge of dressmaking, merchandising, trades, maintenance—pool such knowledge. Do not be Visit us at


It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it Do not be ashamed to seek guidance and instructions from the brother or sister who has more experience, education and training than you have had. Accept his or her assistance. Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

spirit before a fall.

He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good: and whoso trusteth in the LORD, happy is he. Proverbs 16 Muhammad's Economic Blue Print is a divine plan for a divine people that calls for those who accept it to advance from it and apply it into our daily lives. That means we must learn how to handle business. Every human being is continuously engaged in some activity in order to satisfy their unlimited wants. Every day we come across the word 'business' or 'businessman' directly or indirectly. Business has become essential part of modern world. Business is, An organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money. Every business requires some form of investment and enough customers to whom its output can be sold on a consistent basis in order to make a profit. Businesses can be privately owned, not-for-profit or state-owned. An example of a corporate business is PepsiCo, while a mom-andpop catering business is a private enterprise. Business is an economic activity, which is related with continuous and regular production and distribution of goods and services for satisfying human wants. All of us need food, clothing and shelter. We also have many other household requirements to be satisfied in our daily lives. We meet these requirements from the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper who gets from wholesaler. The wholesaler gets from manufacturers. The shopkeeper, the wholesaler, the manufacturer are doing business and therefore they are called as Businessman. Or business women.

Here Are Some Features of Business Characteristics or features of business are discussed in following points :1. Exchange of goods and services All business activities are directly or indirectly concerned with the exchange of goods or services for money or money's worth in order to produce a profit in order to stay in business. No business can stay in service if it does not make money to stay in service. 2. Deals in numerous transactions In business, the exchange of goods and services is a regular feature. A businessman regularly deals in a number of transactions and not just one or two transactions. 3. Profit is the main Objective The business is carried on with the intention of earning a profit. The profit is a reward for the services of a businessman. 4. Business skills for economic success Anyone cannot run a business. To be a good businessman, one needs to have good business qualities and skills. A businessman needs experience and skill to run a business. 5. Risks and Uncertainties Business is subject to risks and uncertainties. Some risks, such as the risk of loss due to fire and theft can be insured. There are also uncertainties, such as loss due to change in demand or fall in price which cannot be insured and must be bared by the businessman. 6. Buyer and Seller Every business transaction has minimum of two parties involved. Those parties are the buyer and the seller. Business is nothing but a contract or an agreement between buyer and seller.

7. Connected with production Business activity may be connected with production of goods or services. In this case, it is called as industrial activity. The industry may be primary or secondary.

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8. Marketing and Distribution of goods Business activity may be concerned with marketing or distribution of goods in which case it is called as commercial activity. 9. Deals in goods and services In business there has to be dealings in goods and service. Goods may be divided into following two categories :1. Consumer goods : Goods which are used by final consumer for consumption are called consumer goods e.g. T.V., Soaps, etc.

2. Producer goods : Goods used by producer for further production are called producers goods or Machinery, equipment's, etc. Services are intangible but can be exchanged for value like providing transport, warehousing and insurance services, etc.

10. To Satisfy human wants The businessman also desires to satisfy human wants through conduct of business. By producing and supplying various commodities, businessmen try to promote consumer's satisfaction. 11. Social obligations Modern business should be service oriented. Modern businessmen must be conscious of their social responsibility. “There is only one boss. The customer. And he or she can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.� -Sam Walton

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

Food loaded into Dumpsters while Hundreds Hungry Americans Restrained by Police

Residents filled the parking lot with bags and baskets hoping to get some of the baby food, canned goods, noodles and other nonperishables. But a local church never came to pick up the food, as the storeowner prior to the eviction said they had arranged. By the time the people showed up for the food, what was left inside the premises—as with any eviction—came into the ownership of the

Many people in that parking lot probably knew all too well

property holder, SunTrust Bank.

how evictions work, and were in desperate need of the food

The bank ordered the food to be loaded into dumpsters and hauled


to a landfill instead of distributed. The people that gathered had to

This story is not some bizarre exception. It reeks of the truth

be restrained by police as they saw perfectly good food destroyed.

of capitalism and is strikingly similar to the H&M scandal

Local Sheriff Richard Roundtree told the news “a potential for a

that broke in 2010 when clothes were being shredded before

riot was extremely high.”

being thrown away, so as to make sure the value of the mer-

“People got children out here that are hungry, thirsty,” local resi-

chandise was unaffected.

dent Robertstine Lambert told Fox54 in Augusta. “Why throw it

In a capitalist society, the motive behind the production of

away when you could be issuing it out?”

food is not to feed people, housing is not made to give them

SunTrust bank is trying to confuse the issue and not take direct responsibility for their actions. Their media relations officer Mike McCoy, stated, “We are working with store suppliers as well as law enforcement to dispose of the remaining contents of the store and secure the building.” Yet he also said that the food never belonged to SunTrust Bank. There is no need to sugar coat what happened. Teresa Russell, chief deputy of the Marshal’s Office in Richmond County, said the owner of the building ordered that the food be taken to the landfill. Some people even followed the truck to the landfill and were still turned away.

shelter, clothing is not made to keep them warm, and health care is not offered primarily to keep people healthy. All of these things, which are and should be viewed as basic rights, are nothing other than commodities—to be bought and sold—from which to make a profit. If a profit cannot be made, usually due to overproduction in relation to the market, the commodity is considered useless by the capitalist and destroyed. In this case, it appears the bank simply did not care. For the banks that have made their profits through evictions and foreclosures, it is little surprise that they showed no remorse in leaving people staring in disbelief, with empty bags, as

In Richmond County, there are about 20 evictions per day, and the

they watched the food that could be feeding their families

area surrounding the supermarket is one of the poorest in the state.

dumped into a landfill instead.

According to the last available data, the poverty rate is 41 percent.

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On the other side of people who do not care. Here are the peace keepers who are men and women from where we live who do care. We need more who of us who care about us. The poor are in desperate need of assistance. Will you become one of those who will respond? Visit us at

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

The Meaning of As-Salaam-Alaikum By Messenger Elijah Muhammad (Editors note: This was Transcribed from an audio-taped radio broadcast. We think it is good to share with our readers)

The greetings, As-Salaam-Alaikum, which means peace – peace be to you- or unto you. This is a very very good greeting words to use. The Western world of mankind can not use the greetings of peace to one another because they are not at peace with each other. Therefore there would be absolutely false greeting if the world would try greeting each other with peace. Especially the Western world. Therefore the greeting of peace is the greeting of those whom we call the righteous, who are always at peace with God, and at peace with man, and peace with himself. Therefore they are justified in using this greeting of peace which is the greatest greeting words that we know of. Long before the creation of this world, it was the word or greeting of the righteous, peace. In whatever language was used, it meant peace. WE, today desire most of all to have peace with God and with ourselves. WE desire to have it but most of us are not trying to give peace or to enjoy peace between man and man, due to the fact that the greed of the riches and luxury of this world takes all of our love, all of our peace, from our hearts towards one another. Because the love of the riches of this world and its luxuries, it makes one desire to take advantage of the other one. And in this race for wealth we destroy the peace of the neighborhood. We destroy the peace of the world of mankind, seeking to enjoy wealth and luxury of this life at the expense of and … of others. I say to you my beloved people, the socalled American Negro. Who Are We and Why use the term“ so called negros”? You are “so-called” because you are not a Negro. You are an Asiatic man from the Tribe of Shabazz, so God almighty Allah has taught me To whom be praise forever. I want you to know that it is the great desire of almighty God, Allah to give to you, my people, who has been trodden under the feet of civilization for hundreds of years. peace he wants to give to you. He has spread forth his hands in your midst and over you and has given to you this word, PEACE. He brings to you, peace. He removes grief, sorrow and fear from the hearts of you who believe. That I mean in His Religion. There are many of us thinks that we believe in God, but when we are tested to that belief, we are not believers. We are believers in fear. And fear takes away obedience to the Divine Supreme Being. It removes fear of almighty God, Whom we should fear because He has power over all things. And He is the Greatest of them all. He is the Wisest. He is the Most Merciful and He has the power to bring the living from the dead and the dead from the living. He’s All-Powerful and is able to bring light out of darkness. And He’s able to make darkness over this light. This is Allah! According to the Holy Quran and Bible. I am so sorry for you, my people.

I grieve over you. I am really over-anxious to see you enjoy peace. I am over-anxious to see you united with each other. Showing the love of a sincere brotherhood among you, yourselves. You have been destroyed. You have been robbed. You have grieved and moaned and suffered every kind of evil that man could think of. There is no evil that you have not had experience of. Today I am your brother. And I am also a sufferer of these things that you suffered with and therefore I love you and desire for you what I desire for myself. What is your Desire? I desire peace. I desire love for my brother. I desire unity with my brother. And I can not have unity with my brother unless I love my brother. And it is all possible, and not impossible for me to love my brother. He’s flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone; blood of my blood and if I don’t love my brother, who is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone, and blood of my blood, then alright, I don’t love myself. This is the condition that the poor so-called American Negroes are in in North America. Because of the robbery of the slave-master of you when you were in servitude slavery. You were robbed of the love for self. You were robbed actually of unity, which you should be enjoying. All of this was taken from you by the slave-master and his children. Now today, they are in unity when it comes to you and I. They love each other when it comes to you and I. They have proven beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt that they do not desire that you and I love each other as brothers and do unto each other as we would have done unto us. And again, they not only desire that we not be united but they have and still are doing everything they possibly can to keep us from being united. Unity means Strength. Visit us at


It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it What Does Unity Mean? Unity means power. Unity means love. Unity means peace. I say my beloved people remember that we are a people beloved of almighty God and has been lost for 400 years in a people that are not our people. The Blackman and the white man are two distinct people. They are not brothers of each other. No sir! They are not the same race No sir! These are two distinct people- races or nations- as you would call them. And by no means could you ever expect true brotherly love and absolute unity between the two.

It is impossible unless that you make them all one nation. And since almighty God, Allah, did not make us one nation or one race of people but made us different and this difference is not in color alone. But the difference is actually in the very nature of us. I am so sorry for you today who are so spiritually blind, that you can not see and recognize even your own friend. Your own friend is almighty God, Allah. And the friend of you of your own self is those who believe in Allah and believe in His religion of entire submission and peace, called Islam. Now I said that almighty God is your only friend, He’s your only true friend and you do not even know Him….This is the Muslims. What is a Muslim? Muslim, that word means a righteous person. One who has submitted to do the will of Almighty God, Allah. One who, the Holy Qur’an says, “walks the earth in humbleness.” One who is not proud. One who is not aggressive. One who seeks not to take advantage of no one. One who greets, not only, another righteous in peace, but even he will greet the weak and foolish in that language of peace because he’s at peace with the author of peace, Whose proper name is Allah. He’s at peace with himself. He’s at peace with the world of man. Therefore he can say, “As-Salaam-Alaikum (Peace be to you)” regardless to where he may be, or to whom he may be speaking with. This is true. We are that people. Though the Holy Qur’an teaches a Muslim that he never be the aggressor, seek not to use physical force against no one Unless it is by the order of almighty God, Allah. Kill no one, the Holy Quran says, unless it is by the order of almighty God, Allah. What is happening today? Now, today, the whole world, every hour, every minute of the hour, are killing and destroying each other through their hatred and dislike of each other, through their divisions and confusion of each other. Their lack of understanding causes them to destroy each other and finally themselves. I say that we should have peace but we should be prepared for fight for peace. We must lay aside that which is causing other than peace and unite in love

and your fellowman, your brother. Your own black blood and flesh. What Should we Love?

Love that black blood and flesh. Love that brother of that same flesh and blood. And hate not your own flesh and blood as the Bible teaches you. But the so-called American Negro, as I repeat, he has been made to hate himself. And this hatred of himself is from his slave-master and his slave-masters children. He was divided in the cradle against each other. He was taken from his mother's breast while he was yet unconscious to the knowledge of a mother. Reared by an enemy. Reared by those that hate him and had no love in their heart for that black baby and its black mother and father. But was taken and sold between each other from one to another of their kind for the purpose of enslaving the child robbing the child of t's labor. Free labor. What did America do to Us? America used these hundreds and thousands and millions of us for three hundred long years, our labor, for nothing. They did not give our fathers anything like money for that three hundred years of servitude slavery. And it grieves me to see the leadership of the so-called American Negro, today, willing to forget all about those cruel three centuries that our parents suffered under the lash and gun-fire of their slave-master. You are willing to forget the killing for a naught. You don't want anything but the love of their children. You are not asking America to separate you and put you to yourself or in the midst of your own people. But is asking America to allow you to be planted in the gate white race and become one of them, members. Is There a future for the wicked in America? There is not any future, whatsoever, in your own children but total destruction, the loss of the identity of self. This is all the ignorant, blind, deaf, and dumb Leadership of my poor people is asking for. They criticize you of asking for a future. I don't ask to be planted in a place of people that is not my flesh and blood. I'm asking separation. I'm asking a place to myself and my own kind here. It has been proven and is still proven to be actually the truth and other-than-the-truth that the so-called Negro, the Blackman, can not live in peace with the white man. It is proven that the Blackman wants for himself what the white man wants for himself. So why keep troubling each other until we arrive at the boiling point. There is an end to these things. There is an end. And that end is now approaching. It is at our door what that we must lay aside even the thought and desire to try to make Blackman and white man two brothers. You can't do that. It is against the Creators own will. He didn't create you like that. There has been, ever since you have been on this earth, separation of nations.

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What Happened to the Indians?

When the white man came to North America, he found Red Indians here. He didn't find white people here, he found Red Indians here, whom he has annulated, killed off to take their home. Their home was taken by the price of blood. Blood was the price paid for their home. Woe unto thee that builds a city of blood and establish it upon sin. Who did this crime? This America has done. She has gotten her country by the price of blood. She has established it in sin and evil, and has acted with evil under the worse evil murder and crime of our. This, today, you , my beloved people, denounce the God and God into his peace. I warn you that you area absolutely making a grave mistake by trying to force the white man to accept you as his own brother his own sister. Even if he would do so, hes till would be the loser. He would not be able to live in peace with you in his home, while trying to intermix. with you. in hopes that you will separate and that you and I know and have known for a long time. We just cannot defeat Gods own plan, His own hopes. We cannot destroy that. If God has declared that He will separate us in the Last Days, then He will separate us. He separated us in the beginning. You have found it so beautifully situated off on this planet earth, the nations of this earth.

The brown man living to himself. The black man living in a country to himself. The red man living to himself. The yellow man living to himself. The white man living in Europe to himself. But he came out of Europe and spread all over the earth upsetting the unity of the Black, brown red and yellow man, dividing them, one against the other‌

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Under The Leadership of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s leadership, many different businesses were organized

Muhammad’s economic program was successful then and will be our success right now. Here we offer our new and existing entrepreneurs the opportunity to advertise your own products and service to the readers we reach around the world

throughout the United States. The Nation of Islam had farms, guesthouses, dress shops, dry cleaners, bakeries and restaurants. Some of the businesses included Your Supermarket, Shabazz Grocery, Chicago Lamb Packers, Shabazz Bakery, Good Foods, Shabazz Restaurant, Salaam Restaurant, Shabazz Barber Shop, and clothing factories. These businesses supplied groceries, meats, bakery products, cooked meals, and clothing to both Muslims and non-Muslims at affordable prices. These businesses also offered a wide variety of employment ranging from managers, clerks, secretaries, bakers, cooks, butchers, waiters, accountants, mathematicians, technicians, plumbers, and carpenters to name these few. Muslims and non-Muslims were employed in the businesses owned and operated by the Nation of Islam.

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As we embark upon the worst economy ever, it is imperative that we think fast and think outside the box. Let’s face it -- we are drowning. There is a giant leak in America’s economic boat. Do we wait for someone to patch the hole, or do we jump off and swim to shore?” Jones says. “If you stay in the boat and do nothing, it’s a sure thing that you will drown. If you get out of the sinking boat and try to save yourself, your chances of surviving are greater. Business-In-A-Bucket is designed to help teenagers -- anyone - earn income and learn entrepreneurial skills necessary for business success.” Contact: Kevin Jones

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Ruqayyah Muhammad is a young entrepreneur and jewelry designer. Born in Los Angeles, California. At the age of 17 she began venturing out in the hopes of one day being her own boss. When she was 18 she did multi level marketing in the hopes of one day never having to work a day in her life. Although she has been through many obstacles and learning experiences when it comes down to business she is now taking matters into her own hands. As a progressing 21 yr. old with her new high fashion jewelry line (Royal Elegant) dropping this fall 2013. This is only the beginning. Watch out world! She can be reached at:

Talib Muhammad,

is the owner of

Brother 2 Brother Limousine Services located in New Haven CT

The Undisputed Leader In Healthy Vending! Fresh Healthy Vending currently has over 200 Franchisees in 46 States Across the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas with over 2,200 healthy vending machines in operation.

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

With the rising costs and shortages of food today, it makes sense to become a Member

If your city does not have a Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) coordinator on the MOA Resource List and you would like to become a representative visit

Pure Milk Farms Pure Milk Farms is a family owned and operated dairy farm committed to providing the highest grade of all natural dairy products utilizing sustainable farming methods. We have a small herd of Jersey cows and free range chickens grazing on 30 acres of native grasses in Winnie Texas. We believe if you take care of the land it will take care of you. Tel: 713 261-6409 Visit us at


It is Time to Build Our World! Use Hammer Magazine as a tool to help you do it

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