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2011 LookBook

THE NEST A vintage urban boutique. Furniture, decor, clothing & other things we like.

Style is ubiquitous. We don’t like to be limited, so we carry anything that catches our eye. We love furniture, decor, clothing & jewelry, but don’t be surprised to f ind collectible 50’s highball glasses, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band on vinyl, 60’s gossip magazines, cowboy boots, original artwork and pretty much anything else we come across that has a story, character, a sense of humor or is just plain awesome.

With age comes wisdom...And classic furniture. We are suckers for vintage pieces because craf tsmanship mattered back then. Furniture was made with solid wood and dove-tailed joints, not sawdust and glue. Clothes were made in the USA out of high-quality fabric, not thrown together so quickly that the stitching comes out af ter two washes. Things were made to stand the test of time, not bound for a landf ill when they mysteriously break a month af ter the warranty expires. These will be the pieces that we can pass onto our children because long af ter we’ve thrown away our particle board dresser, the same thing made by Lane f if ty years ago will still be holding its own and doing it with way more style and sophistication. Plus, chances are, no one will come over to your house for dinner and say, “Hey, I have that same exact lamp!”

Money doesn’t grow on trees, or the world would have more gardeners, wouldn’t it? Think prices that will have you calling your best friend to brag about the killer chair you got for next to nothing. We sif t through the junk and grab the gems, then clean and repair them so you don’t have to. If you’re handy, look for deals on items that we haven’t gotten around to f ixing up yet. Quality, condition and many other factors determine price and vary with every individual piece.

Go ah ead an d p a t y o urs elf o n t h e back fo r bei n g s o r e s p o n s i ble. H e r e’ s why. . . You are saving treasures from being thrown away. The environment and future generations thank you. You are saving a lot of money compared to buying new. Your bank account thanks you. You are supporting a small business and keeping your money local. Your community thanks you. We thank you.

ROLL THE CREDITS... Kate Franco: Stylist | Model www.undeniablestyle. com Dara Wilson: Stylist | Model Amanda Berry: Hair & Makeup artist Model Katie Schaller: Model Chelsea Miller: Model Tim Snider: Lif ter of heavy things Moral support | Model Tessa Snider: Owner | Set designer Model | Person who feels blessed to have such generous, talented and amazing friends! Chris Holloman: Photography | Layout Special thanks to Dennis Davis for the use of his rad building!

201 Keystone Avenue Reno, Nevada 89503 (775) 284 8841

The Nest - Lookbook 2011  

A collective of fashion and goods from Reno's finest 'Urban Vintage Boutique'. This lookbook only hints at the range of offerings that Then...

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