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How Events Company In Dubai Organize A Gala Dinner? Mosaic live is a complete service event planning and execution company that provides absolute solutions and innovative ideas, personalized support, meticulous settings and professional advice, to ensure that every detail is perfect and flawless. They have a talented team of managers and designers to plan all sought of events in Dubai such as meetings, incentive programs, press meets, conferences, seminars, networking events, gala dinners, fashion shows, team building programs and many more. A gala is a festive party which is hosted by organizations in honor of special occasions, holidays or to raise money for charity. Galas require immense planning and preparation because of the size of event and lavishness. Many people attend galas because they expect that they will be provided with beverages, food, entertainment and many more. So, if your organization is planning to organize galas dinners then one must start preparation in advance to earn enough time for successful event. There is another option to hire Events Company in Dubai. They organize gala dinner by following these steps. 1. They organize a planning committee so that all the manor tasks are divided in two to three people for easy event planning. 2. They design a financial budget and decide which part of gala dinner require how much money especially food, decoration and entertainment. 3. Host organization will decide a date well in advance having some planning time frame varying according to size and scope of gala dinner. So that events company has enough time for planning. 4. Organization will identify all the invitees including spouse or partners that are expected in gala dinners. 5. They will calculate total guests and create an invitation list. This invitation list will be helpful in making future decisions related to venue space and catering. 6. Event Management Companies in Dubai pays proper attention on the venue selection because it is the main deciding factor of event success. They venue for gala dinners like gardens, fine restaurants, hotel conference room and others. 7. They discuss a theme with hosting company for gala dinner because themes are meant to be inspiring and exciting for guests. Theme selection should be done smartly based on interest of guests. 8. They select a caterer and work on the menu of the gala dinner. They specify each and every item to the caterer according to gala’s theme and prepare menu items that complements well. 9. They book entertainment type according to theme. Many event companies in Dubai have huge database of entertainers to organize stunning event. They ensure that entertainers are well experienced in their field. 10. Company will send out invitations well in advance specifying all the information of the event including reason of gala dinner, time, date venue and RSVP. It will encourage people to respond back by calling or emailing. 11. Finally, organization will calculate total head count and establish a balance between venue and food. They establish tables, chairs and other sitting arrangement according to that. They ensure that caterer prepare enough food to avoid last minute problems. 12. They will sort out all unfinished details and deem over live or silent auction to raise money for charity. Search for local artists who are willing to donate items or want to perform include them all. On the decided date, host a successful party and come up with glittering stars.

How events company in dubai organize a gala dinner  

Mosaic live is a complete service event planning and execution company that provides absolute solutions and innovative ideas, personalized s...

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