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April 2013


ALBUM REVIEWS Social Trauma Thick Tread Thirteen Shots Forsaken Profits (review of new single)

Guest Reviews from The Musical Junkie Social Trauma Old Guy Drive-By The Growl



This month’s issue of The Independent Punk has been an actual struggle for me. Not that this is a hard thing to do - it’s actually pretty easy really, I’ve just had several obstacles to overcome this month. I’m a Lyme Disease survivor - survivor meaning I am prone to the disease coming back from time to time to ravage my body and wreck my mind. To look at me you can’t really see a sickness or disease, I look just fine, but what’s going on in my body is a whole different story. Imagine the worst hangover you’ve ever had coupled with the worst flu you’ve ever experienced with a big healthy dose of brain farting you can imagine. I did well to get out of bed and did better to manage to accomplish my tasks at my day job this month. By the time I’d make it home from work all I wanted was to lay down and die or at least slip peacefully into a coma. Being one of America’s MANY uninsured citizens does not make the matter any better as I can not afford the overpriced pharmaceuticals required to beat the Spirochetes back into remission so I have to wait it out - dose heavily on vitamins and herbs to restore my energy and manage the pain. 26 days of hell and misery and I believe that I am finally coming back around to my usual self again. Rich Corosi has done an excellent job interviewing bands, Jose Noriega of the Musical Junkie has done some solid reviews and I’ve managed to fit a couple in as well. Through all of the rough days PoDunk Records released Old Guy Drive-By’s newest EP titled Corporate Robot, as well as offered a free release from Social Trauma titled Lies; we are currently working on producing an all Texas punk compilation release slated to be released in June of this year. I’d like to welcome Kyle Grissom to The Independent Punk, he will take on tasks such as album reviews, promotions, and possibly the occasional commentary piece on the state of the scene. I think I’ve blabbed enough here for one issue - now it’s time to get my hands dirty and get this thing put to bed for your reading enjoyment. As always thank you for reading The Independent Punk and please - share the link to it with your friends; this being a non-funded project we need all the help we can get in regards to spreading the word. Love, Peace, and Bacon Grease Bitches, I’m outta here.

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TIP RICH: Introduce yourselves and tell us all who does what in the band. OGDB: Old Guy Drive-By is, Dave Wynes/ vocals & guitar. Rob Burton / bass & backing vocals. Nick Fones / d r u m s . We are from Galesburg Illinois. TIP RICH: How long have y’all been around and how did you come up with your band name? OGDB: We have been a solid unit for a little over a year. We started in late 2011, By 2012 we were going better. The band name? Haha! The pc version...Rob and his girlfriend had decided to go out for pizza after enjoying “herbal

indulges” one night. While sitting in the restaurant by the window a car drove by real slow, and his girlfriend yelled “It’s an Old Guy Drive By!”. We had had a shooting the same week. Was it in bad taste? Maybe, but it’s still a cool name.

“...a car drove by real slow, and his girlfriend yelled “It’s an Old Guy Drive By!”. We had had a shooting the same week. Was it in bad taste? Maybe, but it’s still a cool name.” The Independent Punk

TIP RICH: Tell us about the bands that inspire you and how they have impacted your music and your songwriting. OGDB: (Dave Wynes) does most of the writing then we hammer out the songs as a band. Bad Religion is my favorite band on the planet. So I’m always trying to write like Page 5

that. With no success, but I’m trying. Face To Face is a big influence on me and Rancid/ Op Ivy. The Descendents are huge. Milo just has a way of taking basic things and make it sound so cool. Or I should say Bill Stevenson being he writes a lot. But outside of punk I love The John Butler Trio. Being I grew up on the west coast that sound is my deepest love. And what I try for.

ones do you like to play more and why? OGDB: I would say venues. Just because we’re old, so no one calls us for house parties. TIP RICH: Have you ever done a tour? Got any stories to tell us?

OGDB: No tours (yet), ha-ha. Jobs, family, kids, keep us from touring now. We have talked about working in some 3 day runs. TIP RICH: What’s your local scene like? But nothing set yet. We have two bigger towns in either side of us and Chicago is only 3 hours away. OGDB: A singer from an local A singer from So we have places to play. But band once said our town was a local band we would love to get out more. the “new Seattle”. Meaning, no one sounds the same. We have once said our a lot here for a small town. Cov- town was the TIP RICH: Which do you prefer when recording analog or er bands flood the scene, but we have a really rich original “new Seattle”. digital? scene. Metal, bluegrass, punk, Meaning, no OGDB: That’s interesting. Our and blues and no one tries to new ep was digital. I think a lot steal from the other. I grew up one sounds the of debate is more about nosin the town Korn came from. same. talgia than sound. I have reAnd after they got signed corded with past bands to everyone bought Adidas tape. I think if you put it on suits and became clones. vinyl after that, then mayWe have none of that. be. The Foo Fighters made a big deal about their newest album being recorded TIP RICH: Is there a band on tape. But really, after it you enjoy playing with most? goes to disc then ripped to OGDB: All the bands we someone’s iPod and whatare friends with here are not does it really matter? great. Minor Decline, So, tape to vinyl then listen Fierce Armatures, Honor with good headphones...... Among Thieves, Ghost then maybe it’s better. Town Choir, Chiefton 3. But we play with Minor TIP RICH: Do any of y’all Decline the most. They have any hobbies outside of are our punk rock brothers the band? for sure. Jake (Minor Decline singer) was just at our practice the other night. Super cool guys. OGDB: have 3 boys and a wife. That’s about all the hobbies I have. Someone asked me this before, but everything music TIP RICH: House shows or venues what is my hobby. If not playing music, I’m lisThe Independent Punk

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tening to music. I also love to read. Mostly music biography. Not sure about the other guys. Rob likes video games I do know that. Not sure about Nick, I’ll have to ask him. TIP RICH: So tell us how to hear and get a hold of your music. OGDB: You can find our music at or You can buy our EP Corporate Robot on PoDunk Records by clicking the Cover art below.

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Social Trauma - Lies EP - 2013 - Self Release Forsaken Profit$ - New Single Politrix - from The Punk Rock Gods are definitely smiling upon Social Trauma! Many attempts have been made at bringing back a genuine 80’s Texas punk sound and many failures have resulted from such endeavors and then comes along this 3-piece act out of San Antonio with their debut EP Lies. These fuckers have hit every nail on the head, dotted every fucking “I” and crossed every god-damned “T” and produced what I’m going to go out there and pitch as the

upcoming album Blood Money Coming out of Atlanta, GA, Forsaken Profits are ex-members of Heroin Bomb, Last Hope Down,The



Unacceptables and 5 O’Clock Devil. Music that comes from the decaying souls of the ones who are fed up with the mundane and have the will to create a better world out of the ashes Consisting of Tyler Capehart, Clay Lloyd, Brian Emery, Davis Lloyd, David Kemp; Forsaken Profits deliver a nice dirty punk rock sound with their new single Politrix. These kids picked up a few lessons from good old fashioned thrash punk and put them to good use. Preview the New Single here and check out their video on YouTube. These kids are for real and they mean business. A single this solid can only mean that one hell of a full length is around the corner. Keep up the good


work guys, and Make Atlanta proud of ya.

Donald Shameless-Guitar/Vocals, Patrick “BasedGod” Simmons-Bass/Backup vocals, and Christian Zukini- Drummer/Backup vocals deliver the kind of punk rock that makes you want to boot up and throw a nice big fit in a pit. The raw, energetic intensity, the blistering guitars, bastardized bass, and classic snot in throat vocals spew from this album like beer from a busted keg. Hardcore thrash is their business and business is fucking good. Track 3, No Fucks Given is by far the best track on the EP - the sad truth is, if more bands would take a genuine approach to this philosophy today’s punk rock would not be floundering in the dirt like a little sissy bitch that’s afraid to get it’s mohawk dirty. I honestly can’t thank Social Trauma enough for this offering. Stand the Lies EP up next to anything released by Car Bomb, D.R.I., The Dicks, or any other 80’s punk act and it will prove itself to be worthy of the company. In the 90’s some ass fuck declared punk rock was dead, well, if it’s dead Social Trauma are the punk rock zombies hell bent on eating the face off of today’s modern music industry.

Grab this EP for FREE - at Punk Band Promotions Check the band out on facebook, reverbnation, and soundcloud as well as PoDunk Records on Bandcamp

Check them out of the facebook and on reverbnation ji* - jacks insanity the podunk punk

ji* - jacks insanity the podunk punk The Independent Punk

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Thick Tread - From The Neck Up - 2013 - Thirteen Shots - Tales That Start With A Whisper - 2013 - Psycho-A-Go-Go Records Palmwood Music I’ve noticing a trend lately. Texas is pumping out a lot of good Great punk rock. Typically when you think Texas and punk rock you think Austin, Denton, Ft. Worth, or Dallas. Thick Tread now enters the scene and shows us that the kids in San Angelo (Saggy Arms) have what it takes to represent the Lone Star State on the punk front. From the Neck Up is their debut release on Palmwood Music. 15 tracks span a little over 30 minutes of quality musicianship, clearly identifiable vocals, and great punk rock music. Thick Tread is Drew (Grundle) Fish - vocals & Guitar, John (Freddy K) Rabb - lead guitar & vocals, Martin (Dude) Delgado - drums & vocals, Chad Harris - bass; Gang Vocals are courtesy of Drew, Freddy, Martin, & Jeremy Guevara. I’ve had time to give

Tales That Start With A Whisper is the second full length offering from UK act Thirteen Shots, the follow up to the well received debut album Vaudeville. Based out of Birmingham, West Midlands, UK; Thirteen Shots are an Horror/Garage Rock band with a touch of Rockabilly flair. Coming off the trail of two U.K. tours Thirteen Shots quickly settled back into the studio to bring us new songs. Tales That Start With A Whisper is filled with dark lyrical content occasionally broken up with some sick, twisted humor, and amazingly big guitar riffs, choppy fills and the kind of bass work that I’d happily give my left testicle to play. I really dig how these kids pull off the Horror Rock theme while still keeping the tempo upbeat and fresh. Track 6 Nekro Sexual quickly caught my ears as my favorite off the album. Everything seems to come together just right on this one. And who can resists a song with a “Stomp On My Balls” chorus? I can not. Sing it loud, sing it proud!

“Stomp On My Balls!”

The title track (7) Tales That Start with a Whisper is my runner up favorite. I dig the hell out of the basic, easy flow of the guitar work - no need to get fancy and show off all the time, it’s just a nice, gritty little ditty with plenty of meat on it’s bones. Several tracks off this album were recorded live - always nice to have live tracks, especially when the quality is this good. It’s also always a good thing to know a band sounds as good live as they do on studio recordings - definitely lets you know that the price of admission to a live show wont be regretted later. Today’s die hard punk rock fans would probably pass on this album and that’d be a terrible mistake to make as I can hear early punk influences MC5, New York Dolls, The Stooges, etc... as well as a good dip or few up and down the blues scales (is someone maybe a Clapton fan?) scattered throughout this album.

this CD many spins to get a real good feel for the album. The guitars are crunchy, beefy and fast, like a 3AM Taco Bell run - very satisfying. Chad and Martin urge the songs along in a quick paced fashion - thank Bob for a great rhythm section. These songs are fast, aggressive, and fun. There is enough here to keep the mosh pit happy as well as the back of the room lurkers (word of advice - don’t be a back room lurker - those dudes are dicks - you don’t want to be a dick do you?)

This album borrows sounds from bands like NOFX, MXPX, The Bouncing Souls and the guitars are very heavily influenced by Bad Religion.

This is a fun album worthy of tossing back more than a beer or two while hanging out and listening to it. Tales That Start With A Whisper drops for purchase May 11, 2013. I’m not sure what dollar amount they intend to put to this album but I assure you kids it will be so very well worth the money. Album release party is slated for the 11th of May at The Railway Inn Redditch after which their Acoustic Ep release will be May 13, 2013 at The Adam and Eve. Tour dates will be released soon. Check back here for more news on that or visit Thirteen Shots on facebook, bandcamp, myspace, twitter, or on Overall opinion: This is a great, fun for all album. ji* - jacks insanity the podunk punk.

Loud, Fast, Rock & Roll is what you get on this album kids, very well worth the 12 bucks. Grab a copy today and check them out for yourself. You’re going to really dig track 8, Rotten Stipulation. Interpunk, & CD Baby. Facebook. Pure Volume I dig the hell out of this album and hope these guys can get a show close enough to my shitstain town so I can see them live.

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the PoDunk Radio Punk Rock Comp Vol. 2 GRAB IT AT


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Next shows

May 07 Tulsa, OK May 31 Detroit, MI Jun 08 Philadelphia, PA Jun 14 Grand Rapids, MI Jun 15 Chicago, IL Oct 13 St Louis, MO So I recently had the chance to talk to Dano of the Swingin Dicks. Here’s what he had to say about the band, their music, and some other tasty tidbits to.

assumes cock and balls. That would be Swinging Dicks not Swingin’ Dicks (which is the correct spelling of our band name. TIP Rich: Who are some of your favorite bands?

TIP Rich: Will you please introduce yourself and tell us about your band and how long yall have been around for?

TSD Dano: Favorite bands would be Bruce Springsteen and the e street band, Elvis Presley ,Reo Speedealer,The Hookers, The Candy Snatchers, Dio, Iron Maiden, ScorpiDicks ons, and Angry Samoans to name a few .

TSD Dano: The Band the Swingin’ Dicks was started in “The Name Swingin’ 1995 by Mark Ball on guitar and Daniel Barron(me) on vois a old military saying , cals. The Band has had a refTIP Rich: Tell us about your ormation in the last year with the retirement of co founder referring to other marines.” local scene. Mark Ball. We have Richard TSD Dano: Our local scene on Guitar (formally of Archie Bunker, Kentucky Mule, is like any other scene , there is a lot of Great Bands that and Blood of the Sun). Cameron on Guitar (formally have come out of Dallas / Ft. Worth. Sometimes it’s hard of HoodRat),Telford on Bass( current member of The to get people to support the local bands. I try to see as Hookers ), and John on drums( formally of Dog Com- many bands as I can of the new bands to support and pany and Last of The interceptors ). help in anyway. Some bands aren’t willing to help support TIP Rich: How did you come up with the name The Swingin Dicks? TSD Dano: The Name Swingin’ Dicks is a old military saying , referring to other marines. Of course everyone

some of the unknowns that are great bands. We have pretty much over the years had to fight and sacrifice to carry on. There has been a lot of people and bands over the years that have Helped out and believed in us. Scott Beggs being one, Speedealer, The Hookers, Electric

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Frankenstein , Henry of Saint Vitus, Adam Neil, and of course the diehard Swingin’ Dicks fans.

TSD Dano: We prefer vinyl. Our last LP “Greetings from Dallas,Tx “ was released only on limited vinyl. This time we will be doing cd’s and vinyl.

TIP Rich: Tell us about your upcoming shows or tours. TIP Rich: How can people hear and get a hold of your music? TSD Dano: We have a four day tour starting April 11th at Three Links with Angry Samoans. Then the 12th Hous“I try to see as many bands ton@Rudyards,13th Austin@ Red Seven, and 14th New Orleans@ Siberia. All four shows with The Angry Samoas I can of the new bands ans, Dallas and New Orleans being the first time The to support and help in anySamoans have ever played those cities. On May 31st we hit the Road to support our new LP Due out of May way. Some bands aren’t with Our bros Against The Grain (Detroit) and we will be willing to help support up north starting in Detroit and ending 20 shows later in Chicago. These are the dates I can announce at this some of the unknowns time. We have a lot of good shows planned this year . TIP Rich: Snacks? What are your favorite road treats?

that are great bands.”

TSD Dano: As far as people getting their hands on TSD Dano: As far as snack treats on the road, I have a problem with Red bull . I don’t drink alcohol but love the merch , music, and other goodies visit of Facebook page our last LP hell out of red bull ! is available for free download via band camp and we TIP Rich: Do you have any new releases in the works? have vinyl , shirts,ect... At this time message us and we TSD Dano: New album is schedule to release in May will get whatever you need sent out. We will have fulfillment site up soon. Also with all new material from the new lineup. The we are on album is different than reverbnation and anything I’ve done with Swingin’ Dicks. It’s real there are some old Youdark . Tube videos out there. But the best way is to TIP Rich: Tell us about like our page follow us your song writing proand see us live in a city cess. near you because we TSD Dano: For this will be everywhere startalbum we wrote about ing In April and we alcharacters partly inways have new merch spired by real events. Murder which is on the available. usually when TV and news a lot, the supply runs out on shirts battle between good we don’t reprint we deand evil,a song Hook sign new ones. Thanks inspired by the Sandy for your time, Dano Hook shootings, and a song called wolfman about a friend of mine that shot a bail bonds man and received life . The whole album is inspired by true characters that have fought the good fight and have gone through a lot of evil and pain.

TIP Rich: Thanks Dano the pleasure was all mine. I enjoyed getting to know more about your band. Best of luck on the road and I’ll be looking for you when you hit Austin later in April.

TIP Rich: Do you have any plans for Record Store Day? Do you prefer CD’s or Vinyl? Cheers, Rich Atrain Page 14

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Old Guy Drive-By - Corporate Robot 2013 - PoDunk Records

Social Trauma - Lies EP - 2013 - Self Release (Also available on PoDunk Records)

about your stance at your job. This is sung with jingly energetic

This band is pure punk and you will get caught by the madness and insanity so tightly packed into these tracks. They have their instances where it can get scary. The guitarist just punches your ears with riffs until they bleed. The singer is screaming into your face about to start a fight with you. It has such a vintage vibe. The drummer and bassist are destroying everything in sight. They are not leaving nothing unmarked. “Glacier Eyes” starts with feedback leaking guitars and explodes when the singer says “Go!” The guitarist is playing as fast as he can and the bassist is as well. This track begins and ends in the same moment. “Reality” will push you and make you breathe the real air of the world. The world isn’t as pretty as it seems. The instruments are stomping the ground until it starts an earthquake. “No Fucks Given” is a song you should send to the person who constantly bugs you. It’s a song about not caring what other people think of you. If you love the precipitous attitude that has always existed in old punk bands, you will enjoy this band and have them on repeat. Just make sure you play them in very high volumes.

riffs and bouncy drum beats that will bring a smile to your ears.

Best Track: Glacier Eyes

Old Guy Drive-By has taken punk and turned into a fun and powerful set of songs. It’s not harsh sounding like vintage punk but its clear and to the point. It made for people who mosh or even dance. It’s showered with political and anarchic lyrics. It may make you think

The Growl - Cleaver Lever EP -2013, When you listen to The

The bassist is running up and down the fretboard and leaves no notes untouched. His grooves are an addiction. “Hollywood Scarred” is an adrenaline fueled song that will grab you by your shirt and pulls you into a nonstop hectic ride. The verse has skaish riffs to dance along to while the chorus jumps into a full blown storm of chanting vocals and distorted guitars. “Corporate Robot” is where the band gets political and inspiring. It should be a theme song for the occupy movement. It starts with punk riffs slashing up your ears alongside the banging drums and clingy bass. The tempo changes into a suspenseful trip of punk style vocals and an undertow of instruments. The chorus is where everyone who has a job can agree to. No one wants to be a corporate robot or a slave to the workforce. It’s demeaning to work in a boring job that is pulling out your soul little by little. It’s also extremely catchy. This band is not playing your typical punk music but it’s there and it’s in your face. It’s impossible to stay stagnant and just listen. You will get up and break stuff. Best Track: Corporate Robot

Growl’s Cleaver Lever EP, here is a caveat; their music can get dark, slow, dirty and loud at times. It’s a sinister combination of garage rock, blues, psychedelic, and alternative rock. You might get ear damage while listening to some of the tracks. The opening track “With The Sharp End of A Towel” and “Smoke It Down” has bluesy and grisly distorted guitars with pounding drums and fuzzy bass lines. The singer’s vocals are drenched in pain and despair. It’s almost sound like it’s coming from the furnace of Tom Waits. It can get haunting as if he is howling to the foggy night skies. The psychedelic aspect of the music is heard during the choruses. “Water It Down” is over layered with guitars and an echoing piano. They both string out random noises as the floor getting cracked by the drummer. It’s a song of agony. “Spice Trader Blues” is a surface noise induced piano ballad guided by a lone raspy singer. “3, 6, 9” has a dirty melody that slithers like a snake and wraps around your ears. This band has created well written garage rock with authentic and retro instrumentations. They are one of the bands that are responsible for keeping rock music alive. They make it great as it used to be. Don’t pass up on them. Best Track: Smoke It Down

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Japanese & American Horror Film Review Suzanne Isabel Rodriguez

”EVIL DEAD”-2013- It’s been years since I have seen the origi-

nal “EVIL DEAD” I was like 8. But I have vague memories. One thing I do know is that the movie, which is technically a “B” movie, but because of the huge cult following, is like “THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. “It is now a “CLASSIC”. When I post all I get are comments of people quoting the movie. That’s not going to happen with this “remake” I make it a point not to spoil in my reviews, so I won’t, but I will tell you know there is NO comedy. Gone are the great one-liners. And in an attempt to be original (lmao) they switched the plot a bit, making it more a light drama/horror/gore. I liked it. I liked the kill scenes, I liked the gore, I do agree with others it is theater worthy. Yes, it is scarier, (If you get scared, I no longer do), bloodier, and again I LOVED THE KILL SCENES. it’s not cheesy and dated, and ended with the possibility of a sequel which we ALL know they will do, because Hollywood has no fucking ideas. In the end, in my opinion, they kept the plot somewhat the same, just enough to get die-hard fans in the seats. But changed a few things to get new fans.. One thing I do want to say is that it is obvious that there was no way this movie was going to be able to channel the spirit of Bruce Campbell. Hell, it doesn’t even pay homage to the man. In the end it left a bad taste in my mouth. If this movie was called “5 people in a cabin”, I would give it a really good rating. But it’s not. It’s a remake. ”EVIL DEAD” 2013-6-10 Page 18

“LORDS OF SALEM”-2013- Well, where do I even begin? Let’s start with an actress that can act. Instead of getting cast because she’s bangin’ the director. A descendant (Sherri moon Zombie) of the man who killed a coven of witches, who while burning to death, puts a curse on “the women of Salem”, she is the target of the modern coven of witches who need her to fulfill a prophecy. That’s pretty much the plot. There are only 2 things about this movie I enjoyed, the creepy song, and the end. If you are a fan of Rob Zombie movies, you aren’t going to see anything that makes his other movies decent. Sorry. I think his work is pretentious and crap. But that’s me. I know people love his “work”. This movie is listed as horror, but it is not scary. I don’t recall any film about witches being scary. So I was a bit interested about this. But I am sadly disappointed and like most people who saw it, I think you may be too. Although, true Zombie fans will watch regardless, and they will love it, I personally, wouldn’t and didn’t waste money seeing this in a theater. It’s a rental. “LORDS OF SALEM”- 4-10.

“MANIAC”- When I heard and saw the buzz about this remake, I was intrigued. Then I heard who would be playing the lead. And I thought “NO WAY CAN FRODO PULL THIS OFF”. Well, finally saw this past weekend and I have to say the little bugger impressed the hell out of me and everyone else who watched it. Elijah Wood plays Frank a serial killer with a disturbing fetish for mannequins and women’s skulls. One of the things I really like is the way the movie is shot when Frank is killing, stalking or having an “episode” we see through his eyes, bringing us, the viewer closer to experiencing his madness. Of course, there is more to the plot. But you will have to watch it. The kill scenes themselves aren’t particularly unique. But what they are is up close, personal and brutal. The original “MANIAC”-1981 is also excellent. But in my humble opinion, this is one of a few remakes that does the original justice. “MANIAC”-7 ½ -10

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May 17 Burnt Ramen Richmond 7pm all ages $5 Cheap Skate Black Market Prophets Gutwrench Komatose Spite Fuck May 18 Oakland Metro 7pm all ages $5 (Special surprise headliner) Follow blindly Fucktard Under 15 Seconds Bryaugh May 19 San Jose House 4pm all ages $5 Las Malas pulgas Protest authority Vulgar nuns SPU Page 19

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7� Limited Edition Vinyl OUT NOW!!!! side a thin thread & vital core sibe b sith vicious

Limited pressing of 300 each will be hand numbered Visit for more information Page 21

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