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In a society that is officially the most atheistic in the entire world, people grow up here without giving God a second thought. Many have never even heard about Jesus, which we even found difficult to believe until we met these people first hand! ! Despite the atheism, many people are plagued by demonic experiences, which they can’t explain or cope with. Separated from God and growing up in dysfunctional families, many Berliners turn to drugs and sex as a way of filling the void inside. As Kate Moss was quoted saying, Berlin is a ‘dark and





Given this hedonistic culture, it is perhaps not surprising that sex trafficking is booming in the city. Berlin

sorely needs Jesus. … but God is on the move.

thousands of students being discipled and raised up in might, counting the cost to be part of the army of God in the battle We


for Europe. !



created orphans

a home being for spiritual on campus,

where they can be fathered and mothered, healed, delivered, and freed.

We see students who are led of the Holy Spirit and filled with His power, where

miracles and supernatural breakthroughs are an everyday occurrence. !

We see young people indignant about injustice, students fuelled

by courageous love to be God’s hands and feet for the least of these and to take a stand against cruelty. !

We see young



leaders like mothers, who

believe in, trust and invest their lives in the next generation,

imparting to them the power of grace.

12 congregations started in Berlin and 400 churches planted in Germany. We see a rapid explosion of church planting throughout Europe as young people receive a We





heart for this continent.!

Anita and I are excited about the future and what God is going to do in Berlin! ! All of what God has done so far has only been made possible through the help of our partnership team. They are the ones who allow us to be on the ground, doing the work of

transforming young German lives. As we look to the future, we invite you to join our team and help extend the Kingdom of God in Europe ‌!

Chris and Anita - Vision for Germany  

Find out some more detailed information about our vision for Berlin and Germany

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