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Targeting the youth: Homelegance 1386 Off late, it has been observed from demand patterns that children have been the driving force behind the sale of particular commodities. The Homelegance 1386 series of furniture has actually addressed the question – “Why not target and deliver value through furniture crafted specifically for children and little girls in particular?” This particular range of products have tried to cash the element of pester power which has been exploited time and again as a marketing tool. This requires impeccable insights on the tastes and preferences of children which is a far more complex one and they as consumers are highly impulsive in nature always trying to seek out newer alternatives and options in the products they use; the colors, the make, the shape, the inscriptions if any and numerous other factors. In this regard the Homelegance 1386 range of furniture include writing desks and beds which come in attractive shades of pink and white. The T-1, TNC-1 and F-1 Cinderella collection of this particular series actually help in manifestation of a little girl’s dreams. The furniture is crafted with floral motifs and detailed carvings to create that fairy tale ambience for the kids. The products under these collections are dressers, mirrors, chests, twin trundles for easy locomotion of the beds, twin canopy poster beds and so on. The furniture also incorporates colors like dark cherry and styles of Victorian ethnicities. The DNC and NC-9 collection of chests are customized in respect of size so as to facilitate kids in accessing their prized personal belongings from the same. The Homelegance 1386 series of furniture is targeted towards the youth; little girls in particular to create the fairy tale ambience which kids love being in.

Homelegance 1386