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How to help a drug addict in denial If you are dealing with a loved one who has a drug addiction, you probably know that you cannot oppose the power of denial. The denial is nearly impenetrable wall of resistance, and most drug addict hide behind it to avoid any kind of confrontation and dealing with their addiction problem. There is one thing about denial you have to understand, you cannot reason with and addict. If you try letting them know how that drug is damaging them and their life, it will not make them stop. The drug addict believes that he is in control of his life, and in clinical terms this stage is called a denial. Denial is merely a defense mechanism by which painful realities are ignored or have excuses. Drug addiction is based on escaping of reality, therefore the truth is eluded, denied, and in many cases the addict creates new realities to compensate for avoiding the truth. It is hard for the addict to conceive all the health risks and damages that drugs cause, because they do not believe it could happen to them, and that they might be exempt from drug addiction problem. You’ve got all the facts for the drug addict to see how to help drug addict denial has already damaged his relationships, affected his work, led him to the life of crime, and loss of their home and possessions. You need to continue impose that truth on the addict, to keep him in the reality that he needs to understand and accept. If you conceal the truth about the devastating effects of their drug use, it will further enable addict to continue his drug abuse. You may have to succumb to forcing the addict to understand the ramifications of his drug use, despite his perception about drug use, and their entitlement to do as they please. So how do you confront someone who is in denial about his drug addiction?

Contemplate as to how you want to confront an addict, using the knowledge of this person from his past behaviors. Find the best way to approach him to stop using drugs, and understand that the decision to stop will depend on the addict. Make a strong argument about how to help a drug addict denial is affecting your life: causing stressful and unstable environment in your home. This may include violent behavior, financial problems, aggression, the affect it may have on kids, loss of job and home. Make a list of demands for him to underline the thresh hold of things you will not tolerate and accept any longer, following the consequences. It might be hard to come up with this type of ultimatum, however in some cases it can strike a person to make a change. Set the time a side for a confrontation, when the addict is more likely lucid and coherent, and is not under any drug influence. Try to avoid criticism and reprimanding tone, but be assertive and convey your statements clearly, make examples of how you want think to change. It is important to remember to not become enabler for the drug addict. Your love and sympathy can result in supporting their drug habit.

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How To Help A Drug Addict In Denial  

If you are dealing with a loved one who has a drug addiction, you probably know that you cannot oppose the power of denial. The denial is ne...