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By Chrisea Chosta

Once again, you hit that snooze button when it was time to wake up. So what in the world are you going to do with your hair? That’s the least of your worries, because you forgot to do your homework again, didn’t you? Here’s some quick tips and tricks to turn that bad hair day into a fabulous messy miracle.

messy Hot

mess b u n Creating this type of updo couldn’t be easier, Apply the mousse throughout the hair while scrunching it to emphasize the messy look. Begin forming a low ponytail, as you loop your hair through, gather the remaining hair and secure it with a hair tie. If there are any loose pieces, pin them with a bobby pin.


P O N Yta i l

The ponytail has been making a comeback, by taking such a simple updo and making it appear chic. In order to dress up the look, tease the entire crown section, and then secure with hair tie. Tease the tail of the pony for an even more tousled look.


side braid This look is simple to do, yet the results are dramatic. Put hair in side part and then loosely braid hair in the opposite direction of the part, starting at your ear. Drape braid over your shoulder and secure with hair tie. Putting a pop of color at the end of the braid will add a fun vibe to the style.

Pin-up Pin back This style is ideal for unwashed, day old curled hair. Grab the section of your hair at the front of your crown, making sure not to pick up any of the side pieces. Tease that area to achieve some lift, and then pull the section back and add a little to the side, and fasten with bobby pins.



1. Shower in the evening so you can let hair air-dry overnight, saving you time in the morning. 2. A dry shampoo is a must-have. It is the best way to refresh two or three day-old hair, while also adding volume. 3. Headbands are another way to conceal oily roots and perk up lifeless hairstyles.

The Lazy Girl Updos  

A quick and easy guide to creating effortless updos in a matter of minutes.

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