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Franciscan ​everybody Julie here for mostly caffeinated I thought I would do I don't know what this is a little bit of a haul I guess from Goodwill today just because these are items that I've picked up for my spring summer capsule I hope let's be real when I get back from Goodwill I'm never entirely sure what I actually blood I try to be very choosy nowadays um but that doesn't mean that I didn't buy anything off season so we'll see but that and a trip to the bins a few weeks ago where I got this um tunic or trapeze dress or whatever this is and a couple of other pieces um those are my two I don't know rounds of purchasing to kind of revamp my spring/summer wardrobe and so I can take out a few of pieces that are no longer working for me or that I was just kind of keeping around temporarily until I could find a replacement if you follow me on Instagram you've seen that I bought a black convertible dress one of those ones where you can tie the straps all kinds of ways that is to replace the black maxi that was in my spring/summer wardrobe last year I'm pretty sure I have a video about that I like art it over here but that dress was not really working for me it didn't fit the way I wanted it to um it was strapless and I cust slipped around a lot and that bothered me so I had said in that video I was only hanging on to it until I could find a replacement and this convertible dress is it I've wanted one of these for years and years so I combined one I combined that my I want for convertible dress with my need for a black maxi dress because I already know that that piece serves me well in my wardrobe and I bought a black maxi convertible dress so I can get rid of that one that I didn't like I have a couple of plaid shirts that are no longer serving me the fit is kind of off since having my second baby and I bought a new plaid shirt at the bins that's in the wash so I can't try that this tunic length long-sleeve super soft burgundy situation because of all in the market for a tunic I'd much rather wear a tunic than a shorter shirt it's just how I feel now so there's that but then there's a couple of things in here I am going to film a full spring/summer capsule soon I know spring is like halfway over it's already half way through May I'm sorry hopefully my outfits other day on Instagram have been kind of giving you a little bit of transition wardrobe inspiration you've seen probably half my pieces by now because I do have a capsule wardrobe but here's just a few new things in total at Goodwill I spent $37 I did have 10% off because it was surprised customer appreciation day I had no idea I was going today for other scheduling reasons but surprise it was 10% off day and it was half off orange tags but I'm pretty sure nothing about was an orange tag it just wasn't so here we go first thing is this it's the brand Komal black I don't know what brand that is it's sure peed out like the dead stock tags usually are sharpie note so that makes me think maybe is some kind of target type brand or something it's got the take still but the cut take off it's gray it's a knit it's got kind of a full wrap but at the same time kind of a one-sided Roush and then kind of a faux wrap hem to I'm sorry it's hard to show dresses in this setting but it's a thin nipped it's very soft it's kind of stretchy and body con but not not in like a super revealing type of way I can't wear things that are that way that does not suit my vocation if you will I have a mother of a teacher and a teacher at a pro career at parochial schools so it's not going to happen it's polyester the spandex I don't know but it's super soft and it's fluttering on and it's gray and it's light but it's not see-through so I think it's summer appropriate and will also be fall and winter appropriate with some layering okay next up is this red maxi again super soft what is this rayon should have known of course it's rayon it's kind of a minimal top here so in a deep v overlay thing and that's got some phone added straps it's an empire waist and this is sheared so this is stretchy and then it's just a long red jersey maxi now the tag in this says that it's so my brand which I think soma only does sleepwear and swimwear and lingerie intimates so I'm assuming this is supposed to be a night dress it is a full length maxi though so I'm not sure if I'm going to actually wear this out of my house um this is coverage II enough it's very gathered so it's hard to show this doesn't cover I would tack it here I always tack all wrap style dresses here it's it's got enough coverage that I would wear it out of the house Annin so I don't I don't know I like it it's soft it's flattering and I like the color so I bought it and I figure I'll try wearing it out of the house and if I feel uncomfortable with the exposure on top or if my husband doesn't think it's as cute as I think it is then I'll just wear to sleep work and if I don't like it as either one of those I can always sell it on my card but in the moment I liked it now this thing oh my this is one of those pieces where it was just too beautiful to leave for me it requires some Spanx I pretty much always wear Thanks so I wasn't wearing any - hey of course when I was training on but I pretty much always wear Spanx so I'm hoping that this fits a little more smoothly after I do that now it is a medium that's the problem I wear a large for an extra-large and dress normally but I just loved it so much I couldn't leave it there and I've got to Becca plans of course I always have the back-up plan of reselling at Poshmark if it doesn't work for me after I try it my other back-up plan for this one is that my sister-in-law might love it because it has a big flower that

kind of looks like a poppy on it and she loves puppies and it would fit her she's small with me so here's the tab it's got gold chain straps so Nina Leonard I don't know anything about that brand it's got gold chain straps and kind of a high neck and then it's a black maxi with a GI it kind of scarlet red flower on the front and it's the same flower on the back it's like a mirror image and it's kind of it's not in the center or anything so it's not that like twee it's super pretty and it's a full-length maxi Amy goes all the way to my feet which is what I like but see how it's got like a nice high neck it doesn't show any you know any m cleavage or side boob that's ready so we'll see I'll try that on with the appropriate undergarments and you'll see if it's a little bit less clingy I'm hoping that it will be and then I can wear it out otherwise it will go to someone else who will love it okay I think there's two more wardrobe pieces in here there's a denim or chambray it's a thin denim so I'm going to go with chambray dress here it's faded glory which is you know Walmart whatever it's a 12/14 so it's myself it's got no buttons or closures of any kind it's just kind of a shirt collar neck I am going to tack that it's a little bit low so I'm going to sew it up a little bit and then it's just kind of a straight I'm sorry a straight sheet style it did come with a belt made of its own material but I will not be using that I'm just going to leave it straight it's about knee length this is essentially my ideal shape of dress it's much the same as the shorter red linen dress that's already in my summer capsule just a sheath sleeveless good to go works for church if I put on nice shoes and jewelry works for every day if I just wear it with my fur good stats will work under sweater for fall beautiful here's the belt that I'm with it I always keep that in case I need fabric for some reason like if I get a hole in the garment I'll use the matching belt that came with it to repair it but otherwise I never wear those as another fan of glory Walmart must have been killing at some point this is just a shirt pissah it's not quite a tunic like you can't wear full up legging leggings with it but it is longer it's got a nice rounded hem which I enjoy 3/4 sleeves which I enjoy a very soft but pretty thin knit what's this one made out of doesn't what I'm telling hey rayon and polyester and spandex a sucker for ran but anyway um this is going to replace a very beloved gray shirt but unfortunately I need to say goodbye to that one it is just getting too tight that buttons down the front is kind of a henley style and it's tight to the point at which I'm nervous that it's going to start gapping and it's kind of short in that I'll only really wear it with like a dress underneath because it's kind of too short for me to pair with pants and actually move around so those are all my wardrobe pieces and there's two other things I picked up I grabbed this notepad because it's a travel coffee cup I love it I actually did just use up a notepad yesterday so this was kind of perfect timing it's 99 cents it's originally from the target dollar spot so that didn't actually save money money I hate when goodwill does this but I never saw these at a target dollar spot around a bottom man it's got no liens or anything but it's great for to-do list it is magnetic I don't have magnetic fridge you can see my project stainless steel it's not magnetic so I don't actually use these as magnets I just set them on my desk top right over here and use them as notepads and then last but certainly not least this is actually one of the most expensive items I paid seven whole dollars for this which usually I won't pay for something from these fast fashion companies this is originally from H&M now I know I talked sustainable ethical fashion when I can and I don't actually buy new from H&M that is not a thing that I do but from the thrift store I don't think it makes any difference where the stuff originally came from as long as you don't run around advertising for the store and advocating that other people buy things from said store I mean it's it's getting more life out of something that somebody just carted because it was fast fashion and I love this thing okay this is a bag it's a huge bag like the size of I don't know like a messenger bag it's gigantic and it's got two straps here I mean you could carry like I don't carry anything like this but they fit over my shoulder maybe this doesn't work for everybody but this is how I tend to carry these kind of bags or somehow it's perfectly clean on the inside it came with the never used shoulder strap of course it's a faux leather I mean yeah so you're getting a real leather bag for H&M probably that's that gold hardware and here's my theory I have a very dear Brown faux leather tote sized bag it's got tassels I'm sure you seen it I think it was my what's in my bag bag when I did that video maybe I'll link that up here it is coming apart because it's full leather that's not high quality faux leather it's originally from Target so where the straps meet the bag the the faux leather has ripped and I'm going to keep using it because I love it and it's perfect but when it dies I will need a new one it's hard to find a leather or faux leather large bag like that I find I don't think people get rid of them and often if they do they have like a denim a blue mark on the back from rubbing against poodles jeans and wear jeans so I don't cause those marks on bags and I don't really want those marks to be M Vic's but when I originally bought this brown bag I thought how perfect I'll use this as a purse for a few years until I go back to working outside the home as a teacher and then that will be my conference bag because my old conference bag was trashed after four years of teaching and two years of practice teaching if you're not familiar with the teaching profession um you go to these big big seminars they're called teachers conferences where all the other teachers from your area are and you listen to seminars and lectures and speakers and you have meetings and roundtables and all kinds of things to learn new stuff it's a professional events they usually last a day or two and it happened two three four times a year and I don't like to take my big I have a big yellow piece of luggage

I'm leather bottom heavy canvas it's great for day to day that's what I hold my stuff to and from school in but I don't like to take that giant flashy casual bag to teachers conference so I keep a dressier a usually fake leather tote to take with me it's gotta be big enough to haul a laptop and a folder as well as whatever my other stuff and I thought this brown bag that I have I thought it could be my personnel and it would work as my professional till later but it's gonna die before that for sure it's only going to maybe live long for other six months to a year so what I'm gonna do is take this black tote and put it away in my work capsule I have my work outside the home capsule wardrobe saved in the wardrobe moving box that I moved it from for my old house to this house and I just I just leave it there and it's just gonna stay it's all my favorite most worn pieces from when I worked outside the home and I'm just gonna put this bag in there and if my brown bag dies too soon and I need a new tote then I'll just get this out and start using it and if it limps along or I choose a different solution before I go back to working outside the home this bag will just be waiting for me and it's not real leather so it shouldn't dry out or you know encounter any of those types of stiffness problems that real leather doesn't store so I'm just gonna store that until I need it because I really really like that one and I don't have to search for one later so there it is there's a few pieces that I'm adding a few pieces 16 and 1/2 minutes of pieces that I'm adding to my spring/summer wardrobe when I get everything everything I'm not gonna stress out about laundry but when I get it all switched out um it's been real cool until lately it's been still 40 50 degrees some days until this last week so I'm gonna switch out my whole wardrobe in the next couple of days hopefully and have it really set spring and summer put away the winter pieces and then I will film a video for you guys about what's in my spring and summer capsule leave me any questions you have down below about my pieces about my capsule I will link there's always things here on the end the screen but I'll link my playlist of capsule wardrobe videos for you as well as another video that might interest you you can always subscribe over here check out my blog over here and I hope you guys are having a great day see you later bye Columbia Business School.