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This wouldn’t be the first time that I had to take matters into my own hands.

Here I go.

Good morning Monsignor.

Uh... Bless me Father for I have sinned.


And how long has it been since your last confession?

I’ve never confessed before. I’m not even Catholic.

Not Catholic?

No. I just... I need somebody to talk to.

Are you seeking forgiveness for something you’ve done?

Last year my kid sister was kidnapped and held Prisoner for five months. She was raped... repeatedly, and then killed.

So I’m gonna find him. And when I do... I think I’m gonna kill him.

Vengeance is mine says the Lord.

When we take things into our own hands, it rarely solves the problem.

I am so sorry. Yeah, me too. And the police?

They’re worthless. I even brought them a clue I found, but they wouldn’t listen.

That’s where you’re wrong Father. This wouldn’t be the first time that I had to take matters into my own hands.

I was ten years old. He used to smack my Mom around a lot. I hated it. It’s just that we’re behind on the rent and-I’m not gonna tell you again bitch!

Get off my back!

Don’t you think I know that!?

I’m sorry Gar’ but we need that money!

My Mom and stepdad were fighting... again.

I don’t know why I always watched. I guess to make sure she was okay.

You’ll just have to work some extra shifts until I find something else.

But they cut back on overtime.

Besides, I can’t go back to work with more bruises on my Face.

Then you should have kept your mouth shut like I told you!

What am I supposed to say!?

You act like I wanted to get fired.

Well showing up to work drunk doesn’t exactly get you employee of the month.

No more!


You’re dead bitch!

I’m sick of your shit Gary!

I’d heard them fight a hundred times, but this time something was different. She was fighting back.

Get off me!

Somebody help me!

So I did something different.

Leave her...

Nobody hurts my baby! So he died and I got two broken ribs. Fair trade.

I see. But what does all this have to do with your sister? Why are you here?

The detective suggested I talk to someone, and I am done with shrinks.

So you’ve seen a therapist before?

Mama, what happened?

We beat the criminal case no problem. We won the civil suit too with one catch.

...leads me to order you to both grief and anger management counseling for a period of no less than two Case years. dismissed.

But it didn’t stop at 2 years. The judge wasn’t satisfied with my progress, so I kept going until he was.

So I started making stuff up. Next thing you know I’m on meds for all sorts of disorders, but he finally let me go.

Do you still take your meds?

Hell no! I have a different kind of therapy now.

And what about the pain?

My ribs.

I kinda like it.

After being numb for so many years, sometimes it feels good.

They’re broken.

No they’re not. They’re fine.

Now here’s what we’re going to do.

This guy is a sucker for the right hand, so I want you to fake the take down, and when he drops his hands, throw that overhand right. Got it?

Got it.

Do you fight often?

Not anymore.

Fighting was the best therapy I ever had.

My last fight was on a Thursday. I know because I’d picked her up from school the day before.

Every Wednesday my sister would crash at my place while Mom worked an overnight shift.

What happened to the Gentry dress code!?


Your outfit.

Those booty shorts and the bra you’ve got showing! it’s not a bra, it’s a tank top.

You’re not old enough for all this.

And that’s your rule, not Mom’s.

i’m taking you home to change.

Fine. i needed to go home anyway. Now let’s go. People are looking. Hurry up so we can go.

After we moved back to Jersey, Mom was working overtime and double shifts to pay the rent.

Okay, okay. Leave me alone.

So I was responsible for my baby sister.

Responsible how?

I changed diapers, made bottles, gave baths... You name it. Then it was book reports and multiplication. While everyone else was going to the mall after school, I was picking up my little sister. Don’t even ask about weekends.

Finally. Let’s go.


Absolutely not.

Why not? You stayed home alone with me at twelve.

Try ten, and it sucked. i’m sleeping in my own bed tonight. i’ve got a fight tomorrow.

i was hoping that you’d let me stay here tonight.

But i want to be... by myself.

Look, I know that you want to stay up all night talking to your little boyfriend, but that ain’t happening.

He’s not little and neither am i. i don’t need you looking out for me anymore.

Whatever. You’re lucky i don’t scare his ass away.

i might as well be.

You’re not my Dad!

We ended up having a pretty good night after that. Then i dropped her at school the next morning.

What about my homework? i need to use the computer. You can use mine. Now grab your crap and let’s go.

it was the last time that i’d see her alive.

How did you find out she was missing?

She’s my apartment manager. Her soon to be ex-husband plays minor league baseball so he’s never there. That’s why they’re getting a divorce.

After the fight i went home to see Rebecca.

is that your girlfriend? well, That and he kind of pities her. She’s an amputee.


She’s married!?

So you’re friends with benefits. Haha! I can’t believe you just said that.

What? You’re a priest!

What kind of amputee? Above the knee. Pretty much thigh down.

I see.

I hear a lot of confessions... and I wasn’t always a priest.

It doesn’t bother me any. She doesn’t need help or anything. She’s completely self sufficient and hates when anyone fusses over her. Hell, she can outrun me!

Anyway, that night the phone rang.

Wow. Distance, not speed.

Mom, what’s wrong??

We organized search parties.

Mom was on the news. We even offered a reward.

i was lost. i dropped out of school, stopped training, started drinking.

We never gave up hope, but after a while they told us to move on,

i just kept waiting and waiting.

so we did. And then..

Five months after she went missing, her body was dumped at a rest stop.

A bum saw a blue van drive off but that was the only clue.

Yeah, that’s her.

I’ll spare you the details but this guy is a monster. He’s sick, But he’s smart. They said her body had been "cleaned" by a pro and left no clues.

I tried to get back to normal. i’m gonna grab a drink.

Another one!? You want one?

Yeah, why?

Look, i know that you’re going through a lot

i know. But i’m... concerned.

but the drinking-Concerned? Really?

You have no idea what i am going through.

Tomorrow night you’ll be with him and i’ll be here, alone. it’s like i don’t exist when he’s around.

This isn’t about my ex, this is about--

i wanted to say yes, but i didn’t. He’s not your ex until you actually leave him.

So now you want a relationship?

is that what you’re saying?

Keep drinking Alvin. That’ll make it all go away.

I was bored after she left so I decided to get online.

i normally use the computers at work. it’d been ages since I used mine.

Turns out my sister was the last one on it...

... and she was still logged in. Long story short, I went through her messages and found a weird correlation.

What kind of correlation?

We talk every night. Just to check in. 8 o’clock. It’s a ritual. But one night she didn’t call. I was about to go looking for her when she called from some strange number. She said it was her best friend Jenn’s phone and that her battery had died. And? What do you mean she wasn’t with you that night? Then who was she with!?

it’s a phone number that she called me from--

i assure you we’ve checked her phone records, computer records, and any other communication.

But i--

Trust us to do our jobs.

I know, no big deal right? But right there was a message from Jenn asking where she was that same night. I imagine you called Jenn. Hell yeah I did but she didn’t know either. Nobody knows where she was or who she was with that night. So I dug up the phone number and went to the cops.

The detective blew me off. Told me i needed counseling and gave me some quack grief counselor’s card.

i’m thinking about hiring someone to trace that so i number can figure out who she was with that night.

So you’re dead set on doing this?

And then?

Pretty much.

Take him out!

But if you don’t want me to talk you out of it, why are you here?

What do you mean and then?

i’m here because i had a religion question.

Which is? i’ve heard thou shalt not kill and all, but I can’t let this guy get away with what he did. Wow. What do you mean? i mean... if i go all the way with this... if i kill this guy, am i going to hell?

No sin is unforgivable.

Besides, salvation is not about rules or deeds, it’s about a relationship with Jesus Christ.

What? isn’t that an unforgivable sin or something?

What does that mean?

My son, i’m happy to discuss and pray with you about salvation, but i’d be remiss if i didn’t address the more immediate problem. Exactly. And whether we’re talking legally or spiritually this quest for vengeance is a bad idea. Killing Your hesitation the guy. should tell you that much. You see that don’t you?

Excuse me one second. Sure, but i can’t spend the rest of my life knowing that someone got away with this.

is everything all right in there Carlos? People are waiting.

Something from your past?

i’m sorry Monsignor but this is a very unusual confession.

Of course i can,

but i don’t think I’ll need to.

No! This is different. Much different.

Can you take over i’ll for me see if i can here? get him to move to my office.

Later that night.

Help! Somebody!


Sorry lady. I’ve got to get to work.

No, wait. I’ve got to do something.


No, it’s all I’ve got. Gimme the purse and we’ll let you go.


Jewelry too! And empty your pockets!

Hey! Leave her alone!

Take care of this punk.

No problem.


You should go.

Wow. i did it.

Ththank you! Thank you so much.

Thank you for calling Copies and More, this is Tim, how can I help you?

Nah man. i mean, not in the cage. it was a mugging. Two guys.

Tim, it’s Alvin. Yeah man, I’m not coming in tonight.

Cover for me all right?

i just got my ass kicked.

You fighting again?

Shit brother, are you okay?

Better than ever.

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Alvin Gentry is a normal college student with a dark past. When his kid sister is kidnapped, raped, and murdered, Alvin trusts the police to...

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