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Statement of Intent What is my practice?

Action plan/proposed briefs

Within extended practice I want to identity and investigate the themes and ideas that form the foundation of make practice. These have included: - the uncanny -narrative; often through a single image or set rather than linear story telling (such as in graphic novels) -ambiguity as a method of enhancing communication/evoking feeling through image

Editions This will be a print based project through which I can develop and refine my visual language and methods of production in an uninhibited manner. I am aiming for a collection of 5-10 finished pieces that will be based around religious and mythological iconography. Conceptually I am particularly interested in exploring motifs that are repeated across different time periods and cultures.

Furthermore I want to develop and refine the visual language I have been building over the past 3 years. The corners stones of this visual language are: -texture -reductive representations of figures and forms -bold compositional techniques -considered use of tone to create tension/interest within my compositions -reductive colour palettes used to enhance content rather than for purely aesthetic reasons

Don’t Look Now I will undertake a series of print and web based projects. These will underpin they’re current promotional campaigns for events therefore I want to build upon and evolve the work I have previously produced for them.

I believe these are the factors that make up my practice and I wish to further refine and expand them through 603 to create a distinctive and dynamic professional practice.

In what context do I see it fitting? Contextually I am most drawn to image making for the music industry and adult publishing. This is because I believe they are the areas within which my work is best suited tonally. Furthermore I believe they also greatly reflect my own personal interests something which I think is essential to developing and maintaining a practice that is highly investigative, honest and ultimately engaging. In particular I am interested in the vast and eclectic world of independent electronic music. This is due to how its often D.I.Y. attitudes and production methods are used to produce highly engaging and experimental music. This is something I aim to achieve visually.

Secret 7s/Secret 7s style project I have chosen this due to the fact that I want a project where, much like the editions brief, I can work in quite an inhibited and experimental manner yet have a more specific context through which to channel it. Although I like the concept of Secret 7s, I will evaluate what music is included this year and potentially change this to be in response to music of my choice which I feel better reflects my interests and where I want my practice to be. Mono No Aware This is a Japanese concept that roughly translates into the ‘awareness of impermanence’ or the ‘transience of things’ and influenced the tone and content of much of my work in 2nd year. Therefore I want to create a series of images that more specifically explore this. Dune I intend this to be my largest project. Being one of my all time favourite books, it is something I have wanted to centre a project on for a long time. I intend this to loosely be a Folio Society style brief; cover image and 4 narrative images. However rather than simply illustrating the story, I want to create images in response to its themes and ideas. John Carpenter Posters Produce a series of limited edition screen printed posters so as to better understand print process at a large scale and the context of limited edition artwork for specific subjects.

Formatted statement of intent  
Formatted statement of intent