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stop counting

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We ask our students, quite simply, to count fish.

The need for a different assessment

Institutions are equipped to improve higher-order skills when they connect teaching, learning, and assessment through authentic, performance-based practices.

Rewards content regurgitation Fails to gauge transferability

(a) William Shakespeare (b) John Updike (c) Ernest Hemingway (d) None of the above

Role of content

Content knowledge

General knowledge

Content skills

General skills

Content knowledge


The provision of transferrable skills is as important as the provision of content.

The top ten in-demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004. We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist, using technologies that have not yet been invented in order to solve problems that we don’t even know are problems yet.



Academically adrift Limited learning on college campuses

Proportion of employers who say colleges should place MORE emphasis than they do on selected learning outcomes •The ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing •Critical thinking and analytic reasoning skills •The ability to apply knowledge and skills to real-world settings •The ability to analyze and solve complex problems

89% 81% 79% 75%

AAC&U | 2008 |

What is the [cwra]?


small sample

quantitative reasoning

appropriate comparison group

correlation vs. causation

incorrect (improper?) use of data

ability to filter

Changed our admissions criteria

Starting to see the effects of adapting our pedagogical approach

Comparing longitudinal growth to cross-sectional growth

Looking at whether change is linear

Internal and External Comparisons

Internal and External Comparisons

College Readiness

College Readiness

moving beyond assessment and accountability


problem solving









aligning teaching, learning & assessment: collaboration

Warren New Tech High School Greensboro Day School Hillside New Tech High School

Asheville School

Anson New Tech High School

aligning teaching, learning & assessment: faculty development

ƒ What is authentic assessment? ƒ How does effective teaching support that (and vice versa)? ƒ What are the higher-order skills we value? Why? ƒ How are those skills demonstrated in student responses?

ƒ What are the components of a Performance Task? ƒ How do we effectively build them? ƒ Working | Sharing | Feedback

chris jackson 212.217.0845 @cla_beat /cwrapresentations

CWRA Scaling STEM handouts  

CWRA (Stop Counting Fish) handouts from the Scaling STEM conference in Durham, NC

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