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Hello all, I am reaching out to you today for two reasons. I have joined efforts by Tomisha Gladman and her sister Monique Wells in what I believe is a great opportunity to give back to children and families that face great needs this holiday season. The vision as developed by Monique was to provide a "Build-a-Bear" to every child at Brenner Children始s Hospital. After receiving some initial pushback, Monique was able to speak with organizers at Ronald McDonald House about providing these gifts to the children there. Well as luck would have it, Monique has received the endorsement of her project from both Brenners Childrens Hospital and The Ronald McDonald House. So here is my request. For those of you who are lawyers, we would like to set up a 501 (c) 3; in order to be able to receive tax deductible donations for this project. If you would be willing to take this project on a pro-bono basis; please shoot me a message or email. Second, for everyone; if you would be willing to contribute to this cause regardless of the ability to deduct from your taxes, you have multiple options. Either send a "Build-a-Bear" gift card or check to the address below. We prefer that you purchase a gift card so that you are not just blindly sending money to someone you may not know. The average cost of each bear and outfits is $16.00; so my request is that each of you go to and purchase a gift card for $20, $25, $40, $50, or more. You can even purchase a gift card which you can email directly to Monique. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $3,200 no later than the 18th of December so that we can produce and deliver these gifts no later than the 22nd. Our goal is to deliever over 150 gifts for all of the children at both Brenner Children始s Hospital and The Ronald McDonald House. Please send checks or giftcards to: Monique Wells 986 Ridgeview Ave Winston-Salem, NC 27127 336-529-7635 If you would like to contact me directly, please do so. Thanks, Chris Church

Special Christmas Project  

Christmas Project

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