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Edition n°38 July 2013

TELETALK Newsletter for TELETASK product managers and solution providers

Dear,........................................................................................ 1 New CONTROL TOWER TDS15110 master & TDS15111 client ................................................................. 2 New iSGUI for BlackBerry!! – TDS15101 .................. 3 Spare part: SD flashcard 1GB configured for DoIP - TDS90420 .......................................................................... 4 New Additional equipment: DALI-address programming tool - TDS20620 ................................... 4 New Rain Detector /Meter– TDS12285.................... 5 New features AURUS-TFT -TDS12064xx .............. 6 Lost software licenses:..................................................... 7 How to show the “power consumption” on an AURUS-OLED ...................................................................... 7 TELETASK WEBINARS ...................................................... 8 TELETASK FORUM – FAQ ............................................... 8 New DATASHEETS (and updates)............................... 8 Catalog - TDS550010 EN ............................................... 9 New AURUS Family POSTER - TDS55102 .............. 9 New PUBLICITY STICKER FOR YOUR VAN TDS55080 .......................................................................... 10 New KEY CHAIN with iSGUI coin TDS56225 ....... 10 MMA remote control replaced by browser control................................................................................. 10 Website visits keep growing...................................... 10 SUMMER HOLIDAYS ..................................................... 11 Attached with this newsletter. .................................. 11

Newsletter for TELETASK domotics specialists

Dear, in this newsletter you can read more about: The Control Tower license, the iSGUI for BlackBerry, the DALI-address programming tool, the Rain detector/meter, new features on the AURUS-TFT, new Datasheets, new TELETASK posters, etc…. , all made to improve your sales and to seduce your clients. Please enjoy this ‘rich’ edition! With all these novelties the summer and second part of 2013 must become a success!! Thank you all for the +31% (!) international growth of the past 6 months and we wish you a continued success for the TELETASK months to come! The TELETASK team.

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Edition n°38 July 2013

New CONTROL TOWER TDS15110 master & TDS15111 client This new product had the internal development name “multiGUI”. CONTROL TOWER is about a software package with a set of screens on which every screen is one TELETASK installation (for example a house, an company building, a shop…). The CONTROL TOWER is made to manage for example a complete smart village. It can also be used as central management tool for the owner of a number of shops spread around the country. At one location, the( technical) support or management team is able to have an overview of all parameters they want to manage at the different locations. This can be central temperature control (energy management), but also taking care of potential technical alarms, camera’s, analog sensor parameters (fuel/gas tank level); a shop status like shop open/closed, airco system status, lighting, gate control, etc… The TELETASK "Control Tower" software runs on a standard (management) PC which is connected with the internet via a multiple VPN router for highest security. The software is meant to be used by an operator who is responsible for the technical surveillance of a number of apartments, houses, shops or other kind of buildings. Thanks to the CONTROL TOWER software, operators can simultaneously work from any location with an internet connection. This connection maintains the connection with all DoIP provided buildings.

Newsletter for TELETASK domotics specialists

The main CONTROL TOWER screen contains an overview of all houses, shops or buildings. In case of an alarm, the alarm message appears in a dedicated window and the concerned house/building is clearly indicated by a flashing symbol. The alarm is also supported by an alert and a customized voice message, asking for the operator’s urgent attention. With permission of the resident, the supervisor can be given access to some of the basic functions of the house and other additional services can be offered. For example a simple phone call to the operator would be sufficient: “please can you change the temperature in my (holiday) house before we arrive in the evening”. Or in a shop management application: the system alerts the operator when the shop manager didn’t arrive on time to open the shop. The operator can check and try to solve the situation from remote site. The application may also be to remotely manage temperatures, access at automatic gates, showroom lighting, showroom open/close, publicity lighting, check upon arrival of specific key-employees at specific sites (large shops, offices, etc…). The CONTROL TOWER makes services more efficient at a much lower total cost of ownership.

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Edition n°38 July 2013

New iSGUI for BlackBerry!! – TDS15101

The CONTROL TOWER continuously checks upon all connections with the different managed sites. If a connection fails at any time, the operator is informed immediately by indication on his PC screen with country- or sites map. This may be caused by an internet failure or worse… One thing is for sure: he will know about it instantly. The operator is in control any second of the day. Thanks to the TELETASK DoIP concept, the building itself can also send automatic E-mail and SMS messages to the resident(s), independent from the Control Tower operator. It means that the safety features or important parameter management can run in parallel with the operator(s) abilities. If an operator leaves his desk unattended, the SMS/E-mail services will help supervisors and/or end-users to control their operator (team).

In order to run a TELETASK Control Tower project, two licenses are required. One is the ‘Master’ license. This license is activated on one of the connected Central Units (preferable one unit is installed at the site of the main CONTROL TOWER PC). Only one ‘Master’ license is required. Secondly, every Central Unit in the project should have a CONTROL TOWER ‘Client’ license. This ‘client’ license allows up to three simultaneous connections from management PC’s running the Control Tower Software.

Earlier 2013, a new member was added to the iSGUI supported devices: Blackberry 10 (full touch) & Z10 (with keyboard), which is the new smart phone family of Blackberry (former RIM). Blackberry devices are mainly used by larger organisations and often by high-level traveling staff of multinational companies. These are typical +50 user communities and are potential TELETASK customers. Therefore we decided to support BB10. Result: Nothing changes with iSGUI. Just install the specific on-line version available at one of the different OS-dependant stores and it will work.

This means, that from now on, TELETASK iSGUI can run on the following devices: Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod), Android, Blackberry 10, MS Windows PC and Apple Mac OS. As it already was before, a TDS customer only needs to have one iSGUI license to be able to run his iSGUI on any of the above platforms. Blackberry phones are very successful with

Attached about CONTROL TOWER: you can find a new commercial leaflet and technical datasheet.

Newsletter for TELETASK domotics specialists

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Edition n°38 July 2013

professional users and international travellers for their reliability, security, corporate remote management capabilities and their often unbeatable cost effectiveness in large organisations. Today in Belgium the market share in such organisations of the existing Blackberry smart phones is 48% (!), while Apple is 19% and Samsung, Nokia and HTC together are 32% (based on Belgian Computer profile/January 2013). The support of the Blackberry smart phones by iSGUI is therefore to be considered still important. Many of the TELETASK customers are often the same type of professional users. So we are confident that this novelty will bring you higher competitiveness and increased sales. TELETASK is worldwide the first Home Automation supplier fully supporting this new BB10 family. The first BB10 phone is the “Z10”. This is a smart phone with 4.2” colour touch screen. The device became available worldwide in March 2013. TELETASK has already finalised its development in 2012 in corporation with RIM/Blackberry. Delivery: Beside of the App Store and Google Play, iSGUI(V2) with BB10 support is available for download on “Blackberry World” since last April. iSGUI for other devices has not had any changes. Important Note: Microsoft mobile devices (with MS Phone 7 and up) are not supported because the lack of VPN- security support. Only (the old) Microsoft mobile 6.5 has VPN and is still supported. The following iSGUI marketing material is attached to this newsletter:  a new leaflet, including BB10 support  demo movie of iSGUI on BB10  iSGUI for BB10 Press Release

Spare part: SD flashcard 1GB configured for DoIP - TDS90420 To assist our global support engineers, we added the existing SD Flash-card now as an official TDS-

Newsletter for TELETASK domotics specialists

spare part for the MICROS+ and NANOS DoIP Central Units. The SD flashcard, located on the main board in the central units, contains system software and logging information. Removing this SD card can lead to unrecoverable system-file damage. In most cases you can check and/or format the SD Card using PROSOFT but if this fails, replacing the SD card is the only possible solution. The TDS90420 SD cards are preformatted with the DoIP file system so they are not readable by other systems than DoIP Units. This also means you cannot use a standard SD card from the shop around the corner. To keep the cost at reasonable level, the TDS90420 carton box contains 2 pre- formatted SD flashcards.

Remark: the replacement of the SD card is only needed in very exceptional cases. So you don’t need to have it in stock if you have a spare central unit (which contains such card). Only when you have large number of installations in the field, it may be an interesting part to have. Most of the cases, the card may be damaged after customers removed it from the central unit, which is not covered under the standard warranty.

New Additional equipment: DALI-address programming tool - TDS20620 If you are in need of a price effective DALI ballast addressing tool, we have a good solution for you. The DALI-address programming tool for System Integrators allows scanning a connected DALIBUS and (re-) address the detected ballasts. It is less expensive than brand limited types of programming tools and includes a simple piece

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Edition n°38 July 2013

of software that guides you through the programming steps. Available from stock.

As the use of DALI lighting control is successful, every professional should have this DALI programming tool.

But there is more. The TDS12285 also contains an internal light sensor for full automated outdoor shade control. When set in this mode, the outdoor (sun)shade will be controlled when rain is detected or the sensed light is below 2000 Lux. In this case a motor output (TDS13524 or TDS13525) is needed in combination, to control the shade motor. Finally, in tipping bucket mode, the TDS12285 effectively emulates a tipping bucket of the specified size. For example, if the DIP switches are set to a tipping bucket mode with a bucket size of 0.01mm, then the output will give a contact pulse ON each time 0.01mm of water accumulates. Just like a tipping bucket would do. This can be totalized when using the TDS12285 output contact connected to an input of a TDS12116. The pulse information will then be used to measure and display rainfall rates. 1mm rainfall = 1litre per m²

New Rain Detector /Meter– TDS12285

TELETASK introduces his Rain detector/meter for outdoor on-wall mounting. The contact switches immediately when rain is detected. The contact can be connected to a digital input of the TDS system (MICROS+,TDS12116,…).

Newsletter for TELETASK domotics specialists

Application: bar Chart display on AURUS-TFT

Remark: depending on the setting (bucket size), the TDS12285 will be more precise in measuring very light rainfall (0.001mm) or heavy rainfall and accumulated totals (0.2mm). A good overall performance is achieved with the standard preset of 0.01mm. For your information: Very light rain: 2mm/h All day long drizzling:


Heavy but short rainfall:


Heavy storm:


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Edition n°38 July 2013

New features AURUS-TFT -TDS12064xx From today we also present Charts and energyscreens on the AURUS-TFT touch screen. Charts. The Charts, available in day, week, month and year overview, can be linked to the temperature sensors, light sensors, wind sensors, energy sensor and rain detectors/meters. On the temperature chart (analog sensor input information) you can see the measurements by day (current and past day – temperature measurements are made every 15 minutes). On the week view you can see a daily overview of the past 2 weeks. The month view shows you the measured min. and max. temperature by day and the year overview shows the measured min. and max. temperature for each month. Same options are available on the wind chart and light chart.

On the general energy in/out screen you can determine a pulse counter as energy consumer and one pulse counter as energy supplier (for example PV current). This configuration offers your customer an energy screen on which he can see what the difference is between the energy consumption and production of today. It can be displayed in kWh or even in EUR/hour or other currency. This energy screen offers your customer a correct overview of the energy consumption /production in his/her project. Future proof energy management, made by TELETASK.

This new feature is available from PROSOFT It also contains free upgrade code for AURUS-TFT’s which don’t have these features yet. The Rain and Energy Chart (based on contact impulse input on a TDS12116) shows you the total figures of the measured rainfall or used/produced energy during an hour, a day, a week or a month. The level is displayed with the measurements (impulses) of the passed hour, day, week or month. Your customer can have all the wanted information, just by touching on his/her AURUS-TFT screen. It’s simple to do, easy to understand and it offers him/her a huge amount of information. Up to 100 charts are supported per central unit. Energy screen.

Newsletter for TELETASK domotics specialists

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Edition n°38 July 2013

Lost software licenses: BE AWARE! May we ask you to remind your customers/SI’s to be very careful with the delivery of TELETASK software licenses. Quite regular we have requests to resend a software license after the customer/SI lost his original license (envelop with the license reference). TELETASK can only supply a free of charge copy if the customer can give the original license code. If the code is lost, we can’t replace it and a new license will have to be ordered. TELETASK takes special precautions to prevent the customer losing his license code. With all licenses supplied from April 2013 a special warning will be supplied together with a small license sticker. The warning contains the message that the sticker with the concerned license code is supposed to be glued in the main electrical board. This way it will be avoided that the license code will be lost.

How to show the “power consumption” on an AURUS-OLED When you don’t change anything on the second page of an AURUS-OLED, it will automatically display all the different sensors in your project. Any type of sensor will be listed here unless it was removed from the AURUS-OLED using the “Customize this screen – sensor and audio zones” option in PROSOFT. Sometimes it could be interesting to bring forward one or more of these “sensors” and put them on the first page of the AURUS-OLED. One nice example is to show the main project power consumption.

You will now get the measured value shown underneath the icon. To bring forward the sensor value even more, select the “couple horizontally/vertically” option!

TIP: Pulse counter consumption)



Current real time value (consumption at this moment) versus time based value (consumption today or last 24h) When configuring a Power consumption counter (or any other pulse counter sensor) you have two main options to display the value of the sensor in your project: ‘Time based’ and Real Time value’. Select Time based - today if you want the value displayed on your displays and screens to be the total power consumption since last midnight. Select “last 24h”, if you want the total value for the last 24 hours displayed. For power consumption this means the value should be expressed as kWh. Check ‘Show Real Time value’ if you want to display current consumption instead of total consumption (e.g.: kW instead of kWh). Remark: charts in GUI+ always show total use, regardless of the setting.

To do this, choose a button of the AURUS-OLED that you want to convert to a shown value and select “sensor function” under the short press. Next select the sensor you want to display and choose the “show measured value” option.

Newsletter for TELETASK domotics specialists

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Edition n°38 July 2013

TELETASK WEBINARS After summer holidays, more technical training webinars will follow. You will be informed as soon as the planning is available at TELETASK Belgium.

New datasheets: TELETASK FORUM – FAQ Don’t forget to use our forum for all your questions and remarks. Please join the hot topics from other TELETASK specialists and users. You can also find out if your question has been solved already in the past by somebody else. Hundreds of items have been posted already and it is step by step becoming a massive database with lots of know how: Browse to the forum




New DATASHEETS (and updates) Many new products also mean many new technical and commercial documents. Hereby you find a list of all the new datasheets which are available and attached to this newsletter. Also a large number of datasheets were updated. In the list below we have listed the changes in these documents. Please use these updated versions during the meetings with your customers.

Newsletter for TELETASK domotics specialists

TDS12285 Rain detector-meter TDS14061 HVAC Modbus Master interface final version TDS20061x HVAC Modbus Slave interface final version TDS20062x HVAC Modbus Slave interface final version TDS20063x HVAC Modbus Slave interface final version TDS15110-TDS15111 CONTROL TOWER TDS20620 DALI-address programming tool TDS90035 On-wall box for AURUS family

→ → → →

All are attached to this newsletter or send by separated E-mail with link.

Updated datasheets: TDS10012 increased # of rooms to 500 TDS10200 increased # of rooms to 500 TDS10119 update schematic drawing TDS12001 added cleaning instructions TDS12003 added cleaning instructions TDS12015 added cleaning instructions TDS12020 added cleaning instructions + on-wall mounting

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Edition n°38 July 2013

TDS12021 added cleaning instructions + on-wall mounting TDS12022 added cleaning instructions + on-wall mounting TDS12064 added cleaning instructions + on-wall mounting + passcode TDS12116 updated with pulse counter possibilities TDS12260 added temperature range TDS12310 added input impedance TDS15101 added BlackBerry 10 compatibility TDS15105 added Windows 8 compatibility TDS20110 update indoor range TDS13620 add addressing tool TDS20620

Updated User Manual: TDS10119 Analogue phone to VoIP

Catalog - TDS550010 EN ATTENTION: new order volume!!!

TDS550010 (multi-lingual catalog) is available by 25 pieces/box only from now on.

New AURUS Family POSTER - TDS55102 A new poster of the AURUS family is available from today. If you order one TDS55102 (70x50cm), you will receive 5 pieces of the white version and 5 pieces of the black version (in a suitable carton roll). The pictures are scaled 1/1.

Newsletter for TELETASK domotics specialists

We recommend to distribute these posters to the showrooms of your wholesalers, system integrators, schools, etc‌ Please ask for your free of charge samples.

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Edition n°38 July 2013

New PUBLICITY STICKER FOR YOUR VAN TDS55080 A new publicity sticker (outdoor use) for vans has been designed and is available from today This sticker is 80cm wide and has white letters on a grey background. We hope to receive a lot of pictures of TELETASK van’s from all over the world. GO!

This key chain can be ordered with ref. TDS56210 - one box contains 20 pieces Ask for your free sample box with your next order! – one free box with 20 pieces per TDS distributor – valid until September 1, 2013).

MMA remote control replaced by browser control Since some time, the remote control which is supplied with the MMA audio servers, became feature- outdated due to the extended features of the build-in browser application. Beside of the TELETASK integration (iSGUI, touch panels, etc…) there is also a dedicated app downloadable to manage both MMA4 and MMA8. Thanks to the investment in the new features, combined with the decreased cost for the missing remote control, the total device price remains the same as before. Therefore, for all new deliveries there will be no ‘traditional’ remote control unit supplied with these devices.

Website visits keep growing New KEY CHAIN with iSGUI coin TDS56225 This key chain is the ideal low cost gift to everybody who shows interest in the iSGUI (smartphone/tablet remote control). This key chain has a coin which reminds you user where you can find the instant wireless iSGUI demo. Install iSGUI (V2) from App store, Google Play or Blackberry world and enter “” as URL and you can control our virtual demo house from remote site. It includes a camera view!

Newsletter for TELETASK domotics specialists

We are half way down the 2013 road and it seems that the number of visitors to the TELETASK website has been growing again. Today, a growth of more than 22% has been realized on a yearly basis.

The TELETASK website is also completely new since the end of June. You hardly won’t see any changes, but the back- office part has been

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Edition n째38 July 2013

changed for a better management and some new features are added.

SUMMER HOLIDAYS TELETASK SUMMER HOLIDAYS 2013 Our offices and warehouse will be closed for summer holidays from July 20 to 26, 2013.

Attached with this newsletter. - Leaflet CONTROL TOWER - Datasheet CONTROL TOWER - Press Release iSGUI for BlackBerry - Demo Movie iSGUI for Blackberry - New leaflet iSGUI (TDS15101) - Cleaning instructions for TDS touch panels - All new and updated datasheets as listed in this TELETALK

Newsletter for TELETASK domotics specialists

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Teletalk Newsletter July 2013  

This is Teletask July Newsletter where you can read more about: The Control Tower license, the iSGUI for BlackBerry, the DALI-address progra...

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