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Create an E-book which describe the following regarding different types of computer games: The various genres of computer games. An Action game is a game that is supposed to include including hand–eye coordination and reaction-time. This for example could be a shooting game such as call of duty and normally includes shooting or violence. Action games normally include levels which the user has to complete and navigate around. Action games are supposed to be a over rated idea of what happens in real life in wars however when you get shot you can restart unlike being shoot in real life. An Adventure game normally involves puzzle solving and navigating around specific tasks that you are given and normally the story behind it may change to the answers to you find. For example heavy rain changes on what the outcome to your answer to the puzzle and will lead to a different ending, this leading to a longer storyline and will keep the player more interested in your game. Uncharted is another good example of this because it en grips you within the story, the key point to an adventure game is the storyline, you need a good storyline to make people want to carry on and play your game. One of the most popular times of games is Racing Games. There are many different types which all lead to the same, trying to best the first across the line and beating the other cars. Need for speed is an example of this and they have made many different games over many platforms and still be successful. However lots of games have been realised such as grand turismo, juiced, midnight club, out run, test drive and all with the simple result of having dream cars which people dream of owning but can’t afford and trying to be the quickest. The SIMS is most likely the most known Simulation game, these needs to have a blend between fantasy and real life. For example if your character dies and you have to start the whole game again you’re not going to want to play it again. Also like all games it needs to be addictive and make you want to make your player most successful. Simulation are games in which the player lives or controls one or more person through tasks. The easiest form of this is tamagotchi, which was a small gadget which you needed to keep alive such as feed and water it. There are also many other types of simulation such as football manager, flight simulation and social simulation such as play station home which lets you interact with other users. A Sport game replicates a major sport which people play and watch every week. For example EASPORTS FIFA11 is the biggest

selling football game on the market at the moment and what keeps users interested is the realistic of the game play making it more addictive the more you play. A sport game try’s to include physical and tactical challenges, and test the player's precision and accuracy which makes you get better and better, whilst getting addicted. For example formula one will put you to the test of thinking ahead of planning an overtake where as in darts it’s just trying to get the highest score possible however in every situation you are trying to win and beat your opponent. A good thing with sports game is that the storyline is not overall important, its how realistic the game play feels. Simulation is supposed to let you get as close to the actual thing while sitting in your front room. In a way Strategy games have been round the longest, this is because they come from good old fashioned board games which your grandparents used to play, games such as monopoly chess or Jenga. Decision-making skills often lead to the winner of the game and thinking ahead often counts. For the last few years now users buy games for their online ability. For example most people who buy the most sold series ever “call of duty” play the game online and because of this the designers spend ages designing the online levels and make them the best they can. Also with the internet they can give you patches which means you can download updates and make the game better if any errors have found. Most people prefer playing online because it is never ending and will play it until a new game within the series comes out. Also online games can be found online and made it flash. Most people play these if they are on a computer and bored and want some light entertainment. Educational games are important because it can help youngsters of all ages to improve. A idea of this is brain training on the Nintendo DS which help you get quicker and maths equations or how to spell words. This can improve you as you get older and make harder words easier to spell with practise. The areas which may be involved in games development. Graphics Artificial intelligence is the brains behind the machines and the branch of computer science which you want it to make and create. This is for example the computer you are playing against which you can change the difficulty of for example on fifa when you play the computer. The Audio is a very important part, because without sound you can’t get involved with the action as it doesn’t feel right. The audio needs to play at exactly the same time there is no point

gunfire coming from your gun if you are not shooting. Whatever the game player does it needs to happen on the screen, if it doesn’t then the user will lose interest because it won’t function properly. It works by changing the file type and making it more accurate. Interaction design is all about getting people to test your game after you have completed it. They need to write reviews and then if an error keeps appearing this need to be fixed. They can also give you ideas of how to improve this is called beta testing. Grand theft auto allows you to watch videos of scenes happening this mixes together a good integration with artwork or animation and sound and makes the video game into a small movie and allows the user to get more involved. You also need to have storyboards and ideas before you even start to create any of your designs. A moodboard can also be useful. This will help you when coming to design your game because you have lots of ideas mapped out in front of you. The gaming platforms and environments. New technology is going handheld. Items such as the DS, psp and mobile phones have all helped this along the way. Apple have also helped the market by the introduction of an app market. Other companies have tried to copy this such as android however apples seem to be head and shoulders above the rest. Apple allow the apps to be downloaded to the iphone or iPod, which most people know own. This lets you take games with you on the bus and allows you to pass time. This will be the future as people still enjoy gaming however people are getting busier and busier. A Play station 3 was made and designed to include HD gaming and give you greater experience when playing games. Sony’s PS3 is all about making a game look and play as good as it can. It was the first console to include 1080p high definition gaming all the way back in 2006. It also was the first game console to include a game designed by themselves within 3d. The game was grand turismo and sold more within the first 24 hours then the popular series call of duty on this play station platform. This was due however to it being delayed 4 times because every time it was realised there was new things in which could be included. There are still updates being created now to make the game better. Playstation are all about graphics and making their games look good. The playstation uses a Toshiba processor

which is one of the best for running games. There are lot of applications included one being vidzone which uses Sony entertainment and lets you watch music videos, a bit like YouTube however the sound quality is allot better. Games which are designed specifically for ps3 are alot better graphically and map wise. This is because you can use a blu ray disk leading to 1080p this means that you can put up to 50gb on a disk instead of 20gb on a normal DVD. The Nintendo WII console is designed for interactive use. For example if you are playing tennis on your Wii your remote can be used as the racket. Sony and Microsoft have since released their own designs and are now selling them however the wii is the biggest selling console within recent years because of this. It lets the user get involved within the game and have even released fitness games to help you tone up and do exercise and make exercise more fun. If you’re looking for online play then Xbox 360 is the console for you. There online servers are a little bit better then the rivals play stations however you have to pay to go online which puts many people of buying one as this a yearly renewal of about £30 where as the play station network is free to join however the console costs a bit more. Xbox 360 has been around for 6 years so allot of technology built in the system is out of date such as they tried to use HDD dvds but the blu ray has taken over the market meaning that you can only place 20gb on a disk instead of 50gb like you can on a blu-ray limiting the options of creating games. Xbox is superior online and most players buy an Xbox to play online and because its the cheapest console out of the 7th generations currently on the market. The PlayStation was the first of the PlayStation series of consoles and until its predecessor the Playstation two was the biggest selling console. It was released in 1994 and was the first footsteps in games today. Some people today still prefer playing the psone because of the simplicity of the games. There not confusing like the new ones and despite the poor graphics, which were good in the day, they find the gameplay more fun and more exciting. It was the first console to include a CD player which we now take for granted. It had no hardrive included and was a plug and play console you just put the game in the console and played. Most users miss how simple consoles used to be like this one. A PC game is different to video game because it is played on a personal computer. To run a high quality game you need to a good cpu. Computer games are a tried and tested way of having fun however most people tend to buy game consoles. It allows people to mod and improve games, chat to people who are also playing the game in a chat room. You can also edit and your own game types and adds servers to improve the game. The 2d gaming industry has taken over the market within the last few years and most likely in a few years to come. This is because most televisions don’t support 3d. High definition has become popular with this so because the quality is clear. 3d gaming is new technology which has come round with the recent up rise in 3d technology that has come from TVS. There aren’t many 3d games out at the moment and there is only one platform the play station 3. The 4d is all about the rumble pack and the improvement of you being able to sit in a chair and when something happens the chair reacts.

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