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Thinking Inside the Square By Christian Baranowicz

Intro The 56 Briefs Hello my name is Christian Baranowicz, a student studying at the University of the Creative Arts Epsom. This book is in response to a challenge of 56 briefs and publish 20 in a publication using our knowledge of design to choose the best works. Well here are the 20 I saw fit for this publication. My work ranges from designing work in the computer design, to building constructions, getting hands on with the work and challenging the environment I am in and a few other things which you’ll soon find out about. Enjoy!

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Alter an Iconic image

42 - 43



What is Greed?

44 - 45

Make an image using your Thumbprints

10 - 11

Make a Paper aeroplane with a slogan on it and Film it flying.

46 - 47

What is Reappropriation?

12 - 13

What is Abstraction?

48 - 49

Make a Gravestone for a Famous designer

14 - 17

What makes me Happy?

50 - 51

Write a 50 word film Synopsis and present as an A2 poster

18 - 19

Engage in a Hobby (self set brief)

52 - 55

What is Psychology?

20 - 21

What does this University Need? / What is Waste?

56 - 57

Recreate a Cultural Event

22 - 25

Redesign a Rainbow

58 - 61

What is Theology?

26 - 27

Special Thanks


Make a Structure out of Paper

28 - 31

What is Semiotics?

32 - 33

Make something using a Book

34 - 37

What happens after Death?

38 - 41

Site This is the site that hosts the guesting videos in this publication so rather than scwabble around typing in ugly URL’s either key in the website below or scan the QR which will bring you directly to the video site.

Name Engaging in what my name means, where it has come from, what it has represented in the past and where it is in the present. 9

Thumb The thumbprint is made, it is scanned in. Turned into a vector, blown up in scale. Projected onto a wall, recreated with ink. The thumbprint is made out of thumbprints.


Adobe Why limit it to its virtual form? Jars of adobe Juice that could be consumed, real consumer knowledge. Creative content in liquid supplement form. 13

Banksy Does he exist? Is he a man? Is he a collective? How will we know when he/it dies? Will he ever die? A character as prestigious as Banksy has proven spray cans to be beyond vandalism and should rest amongst the greats.


Gladiator A Film Poster Representing the magnificent film Gladiator. Screen printed black on gold paper for that rich & strong apparel. 19

Tears Psychology can be to understand the human mind, emotion is such an action. Seeing sadness can make you sad, seeing someone in tears you relate to makes you sad. 21

Last Supper Merely a participant in this project taking an idea and bringing it into how it may seem in the twenty first century was awe inspiring. This task was included due to enjoyment and admiration of a design, one that I was lucky enough to be a part of.


Twins It is kind of ironic that many sacred symbols which are representations of created faiths end up appearing in very diverse scenario’s. 27

Robot A fantastic design by the Calafant paper architects after requesting a robot design from them. Taking this design and destroying it because it is not mine to represent. The burning represents a change in state of mind and how stealing is wrong.


Semiotics A question mark, the ultimate semiotic symbol with no single meaning. Icons are everywhere and have the potential to represent everything we need to say or do. 33

Library Using books for a book brief inspired context and meaning rather than designing another book cover. Typographic books were the way forward for this and to do something with it was to give our new found design library a welcome sign.


Haunted Drawings arising from childhood, resurrected to represent a revival of thoughts around the idea of post life. One believes then, that there was no haven only a hellish battlefield. 39

Tic Tac Toe For this brief we are blessed with a building with X shaped chairs and for this some giant O’s had to be made for the occasion. A game played out by a couple of students lead to several hours of fun and interest by passing students.


Sweets Tasty treats which we all fall for and cannot resist the temptation for a mere 70 pence. But do we really need them? Do they fill us up like a healthy sandwich? Are they making us fit and healthy? They are pure taste and lust


Plane The plane first designed on computer was sent to be laser cut several times before being vacuum formed for packaging. With the design finished a fully buildable plane was ready and packaged. Now see the video to see if it’ll fly.


Meaning Something impractical, consisting of little theme or inspiration with no due purpose. Abstract is something outside of conformist exhaustions as is this painting and frame made from scraps & silly string.


Creativity Made of over 100 gift cards, 20 postal tubes 6 rolls of string, loads of paint and a lot of fun this 6 meter long structure was made with the carrying help of 4-5 peers. It exists to represent creativity in any object wether it be scrap or craft material.


Illustration Drawing is a valued passion of mine and to reengage during the lab weeks was awesome. Experimenting with the same style but slowly shifting the segments around made for great fun and material to play with in the future.


WTF In response to what we need and what is wasted this publication along with co-worker Emma was designed to inform students about the terrible problem that faces our university and what we can do about it. Check out the publication on the link.


Autism Clearly a favourite, this puzzle design takes the rainbow and represents what it means to autistic’s in an informative game design. Autistic’s are complex in design which coincides with the difficulty of the puzzle. The rainbow is put into context as a game with an informative autism guide and representational poster. Who says a rainbow has to be seen as a mere 7 colours when there’s so much meaning to one? Build your own rainbow! 59

Special Thanks Vibeke Luther Elizabeth Wilson Antoniya Kuneva Emma Ridgway Matt Sutch Kashif Nasir Robbi Gray Reece Crawford Daniel Jarvis Christopher Lalande Steven Demeza Callum Bowdler Brian Whitehead Mark Powell Neil Drabble


Thank you for reading the Square 20/56

Thinking inside the square  

A book of 20 briefs undertaken by myself Chris Baranowicz with solutions to questions srt about by our tutors

Thinking inside the square  

A book of 20 briefs undertaken by myself Chris Baranowicz with solutions to questions srt about by our tutors