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Embrace Future and Enjoy Life Just enjoy

Give up more, get more Sometimes you will envy a very young and beautiful in fantastic white prom dress. And you also feel we may be old and normal. We have lose our best times. Therefore, we become very pathetic. Actually, we get more normal life and taste our life. We have known the truth of life. Therefore, we have gotten what we want.

Something unforgotten has been put down Maybe I have forgotten something, but I can’t forget you.

Recall our college life Do you still recall the most memorable person and scene in campus. At least, I still remember her and her amazing graduation dress. Though we have parted many months and days, but I still keep her recent life activities, and see whether she is happy. Maybe it is very ridiculous. However, it is the most happy and ridiculous thing. College life is the most natural and pure moment.

Just go forward Past may be very pathetic, but future is nice.

Ends Guys, let’s put down past and embrace future and enjoy life.

Embrace Future and Enjoy Life  
Embrace Future and Enjoy Life  

love sara forever