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Garage Air Compressors: Which is the Quietest? I had high hopes for my T635-HD compressor made by Thomas after I purchased it several years ago. At that time, it had been considered the quietest air compressor in its class. When it came time to order a rebuild kit, I was SOL. Looks like the company ran out of business or perhaps stopped offering support for the series. Although I am usually good about obtaining a difficult to find part, I made the decision it just was not worth the cost wanting to bring a well-used compressor back to life. I do what I typically do and looked at Lowes and hit Google up for some research. Stumbled on the site and read a ton of reviews. This is one of the better sites as it shows you the specs of each product including the decibel rating. How noisy is it if you ask me is one of the most important numbers to be aware of but it is also one of the most difficult to find.

Introducing the Rolair JC10 Soon after doing my homework, I selected the JC10 to replace the Thomas and WOW I am amazed. At first I believed it was my fault because it produced so little noise. You really have to (not) hear it to believe it. The compressor screams high quality. This unit reaches 100% capacity (125psi) in with regards to a minute and recovers in mere seconds. This is by far and away the most quiet 1HP unit you will find. I am not likely to tell you that you can run it underneath the dinner table while you eat and not detect it. Having said that, I will say that it runs underneath the work bench in my shop as I gladly tinker away without annoying me in the slightest way. It is not quite as ergonomic as the DeWalt 55141 I had been also taking into consideration and a little bit more substantial but produces more air flow and I am hoping it will fill the difference that I've had for eight years between light, portable and quiet and a do-everything air compressor. Very high quality gauges and fittings. Easy enough to carry upstairs and nobody will complain if you use it in their residence. The grip around the handle requires an upgrade, and I've already integrated a 90 degree elbow made of grass so the pressure gauge points upwards so I can visualize it without tipping the air compressor on its side, yet it is certainly a keeper. Time will tell if it does everything I need. It's not a shop or two man compressor though.

Yea or Nay? I have now had it for 2 months and can wholeheartedly "Recommend" this device for anyone looking for a compact and incredibly quiet air compressor that appears to be long lasting. A good compressor (for me personally) is sometimes the main difference between a good day and a frustrating day on the job yet unfortunately, one can find excessive shoddy compressors available on the market. I am hoping this JC10 is as good as my expectations.


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