The Bitchin' Kitsch November 2015 Issue

Page 25

debasis mukhopadhyay (con’t).

And they slipped though my hands into the mouth of the sea Rehan my dear wife this is what you get You had always expected from me more than our daily bread Galip my son I used to dream with you to become a river This is what I get my breath also drowned with you Aylan jigar mine I see your silent face You had never been a crying kid and I will too never cry Three years was not just enough to say father don’t give up save the boat What boat Noah’s boat never rolled over And they washed up dead upon the beach That brought the sunrise I can’t go home, back I can’t leave home I can’t spit in their faces “I should have hanged myself yesterday Or thrown myself under a train today”

*The quoted lines in italics in the poem are from Anna Akhmatova (“In the corner an old man resembling a ram...”)