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Stevens Point (and neighbors) Calendar of Events Art

Through April 7 Peeps Art Show exhibition. Riverfront Arts Center.

April 15 Madrigals, Masses, and Musicals, 2:30 p.m. St. Bronislava Church, Plover.

Through May 3 Thanks for Nothing: New Work by Travis Lester. The Scarabocchio Art Museum. Reception April 6, 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

April 21-22 Concert IV - Classic Artistry, April 21 7:30 p.m. and April 22 4:00 p.m. Theater @ 1800.

April 1 Festival of the Arts. 10:00 - 4:00 p.m. Noel Fine Arts Center.

April 13, 15, and 18-21 Spring Awakening. 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 2:00 p.m. Sunday, Jenkins Theater, UWSP.

April 1 Print with Legend Amos Kennedy, Jr., 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Noel Fine Arts Center.

April 28-29 West Side Story Musical Theater Trip. UWSP Contiuing Education.

April 4 Buzz Around Town. 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. Scarabocchio Art Museum. April 8-22 Cabinets of Curiosity, 10:00 - 4:00. Noel Fine Arts Center. April 9-May 15 Digital Flash Photography course. UWSP Continuing Education. April 14 Yam Bombing, Guerrilla Knitting, Knit Graffiti, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Riverfront Arts Center. April 26-May 2 BFA Student Thesis Exhibitions. Noel Fine Arts Center. Reception April 29, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. Music

April 5 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, 7:30 - 10:00 p.m. Theater @ 1800. April 13 Madrigals, Masses, and Musicals, 7:30 p.m. St. Paul United Church of Christ, Wausau.




April 1 Working with Electricity, 9:00 - 5:00.

April 20-22 Trivia 43. UWSP. April 21-22 Advanced Solar Space Heating Installation, 9:00 - 5:00. www. April 22 Solar Water Systems Commissioning and Testing, 9:00 - 5:00. www. April 27 Solar Domestic Hot Water, 9:00 - 5:00. workshops April 28 The Self-Sustaining Lifestyle Series: Herbal Oils and Tinctures. 9:00 1:00 p.m. workshops

April 12 Un-Scrabble 2012, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. Woodlands Church, Plover.

April 28-30 Solar Hot Water Installation Lab. 9:00 - 5:00 p.m. www.

April 12-13 Intermediate Photovoltaics, 9:00 - 5:00. workshops

April 29 Introduction to Wind Systems 9:00 5:00 p.m. workshops

April 13-May 25 Basic Photovoltaics Online, Online.

April 30-May 3 Wind Site Assessor Training 9:00 5:00 p.m. workshops

April 14-15 Solar Thermal System Conceptual Design, 9:00 - 5:00. www. April 14-17 PV Design and Installation Lab, 9:00 - 5:00. workshops April 20 Solar Air Heat Introduction, 9:00 - 5:00. workshops

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content april 2012 Hand-beaded wedges - Kandra Shefchik

Kandra Shefchik - pg. 4

Doug Somers - pg. 10

on the front cover: Hand-beaded wedges


Calendar of Evens


Yuan necklace. Roughly equivalent to one dollar- Kandra Shefchik No Deli Salami - To Love Sophia


Going to get my feet wet - Robin Lee Birthday - Jan Haskell


Lies Lies Lies - To Love Sophia


Monona Moon - Robin Lee


Closer Than Further - Jan Haskell


Homestead - Samantha Russell


Fish 4 Shoes - To Love Sophia


seal the deal - Doug Somers


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Kandra Shefchik Wearable art

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chris talbot-heindl. No Deli Salami By: To Love Sophia

I went to the Deli To order a salami And all they had was Cake! The Pickle Barrel Was a fickle decision? They were alphabetically organized by size The waitress Avoided the mess And seamlessly assumed Those macaroons were obviously not the right choice Before I knew it My lunch hour was over So I took my lawnmower for a walk In the park

Yuan necklace. Roughly equivalent to one dollar. Kandra Shefchik

Wearable art


chris talbot-heindl (con’t). Going to get my feet wet

By: Robin Lee I’m going to get my feet wet. Whether I like it or not. I’m going to take my dying camera, Despite my limited shots. Cause copper falls is calling me, like it called me once before. But now instead of falling leaves, snow’s frozen on the forest floor. Puffy-white aligns the fence and highlights gold-glowing pines, my battery pack is empty, so I won’t be freezing time. And I feel angry like once before, for I fear I will forget, the cool copper pools that forgetting fools, regret as the sun sets Patch-cloud-clumps peak out in the stream. Ice dams slow it’s flow.

The thunderous call of Copper Falls. Is muted by the snow. But in the distance is a rumbling. Louder than the crunch of my feet. It’s the rumble of war, felt in the land’s core, before it and the oar miner’s meet. It may seem merely a rumble, but rumblings should not be taken light cause usually mumbling rumblings, means we’re in sight of a fight. There’s often ice beneath the snow, so snow Walker’s should beware. So every little step that’s met should be taken with utmost care. But we shouldn’t be so careful, that we forget to enjoy, clear cool air that’s not too cold, or the man’s inner boy. The sun settles down on the falls of stone brown, as I climb the observation tower, and marvel at the pink-purple-blueorange sunset,


By: Jan Haskell The day was fun and gay. Friends and acquaintances wishing cheer and life And at night we gather to toast me and the day The moon is bright and it seems to say cheers with its cocked smile Yes, this is my day and I am immortal I am alive Walking, I find my strength and my pride Maybe it is the drink, maybe it is me Standing on a layer of glass I am the master of the world And the thawing moon laughs Hear me howl See me beat my chest old moon “I am immortal!”

Penoke’s power hour. The light blue is the day time. The dark blue is the night; and the orange and pink and purple makes the magical mixture of twilight. I head back down. I must head back to town. My feet are getting wetter, and even if I couldn’t take a picture, the real thing was much better.

Lies Lies Lies By: To Love Sophia

I’ve run out of time No more time for your lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies You’re wasting my time Holding all Progress back Lies Lies Lies Now it’s too late No one can see the Truth Wasted dreams on youth 30 year secrets Generations of time Lies Lies Lies And when you ask Where is our Heaven on Earth? You can respond holding your head High And say LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES


chris talbot-heindl (con’t). Monona Moon

By: Robin Lee The blood-orange moon re-arrises slowly, above the buzzing city Reflecting off the melting water, mystical and pretty. The city folk keep bustling, as musk rats dance in the steady stream. The moon care’s not if we’re ready to stray away from our machines. The ice enjoys its last few nights, absorbing the glowing glow. The muddy banks are fertile. They’ve absorbed all the snow. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of homes. Millions and millions lights, but only one is natural, as it reigns over the night.


Dog walkers take a picture. They fail; I’ve already triedtalking and gawking and stalking. They’re only along for the ride. Wind cuts cold over Monona moon, as it converts to creamy yellow. The cars under the stars won’t go as far, as the mellow moon watching fellow. Cream moon will keep arising, till it turns bright diamond white, as it rides the sky through night to day, and I ride from day to night.

chris talbot-heindl (con’t). Closer Than Further

By: Jan Haskell

I have spent the last many years watching elections and always hearing the same thing, “We will bring change.” It’s like listening to a tape on loop being played over and over again. Does it matter Republican or Democrat? No, it is like flipping a two-headed coin. When one party has power, they promise everything they think their base wants. We have seen this for the past 30 plus years. Revolution this revolution that, and what have we ever gotten from it, nothing. It would seem that as far as the electorate goes we are further then ever to reaching any goals rather than closer. The problem has been that we, the electorate, have put faith in these sound bites, Hope and Change, Republican Revolution, Contract with America. All either party has offered in change has meant to punish the minority party. Have they brought about meaningful reform to the way politicians govern, any changes on how lobbyists conduct or corrupt the business of government, or have any reforms been enacted to deal with the corruption within the miles of red tape in which the power and money flows? Why is that then? Why do we never seem to get anywhere other then brother against brother, sister against sister? Maybe the answer is right here in Wisconsin. The monies that run the political parties, and the power the parties seek have branded our state with the stain of Kane. We, the electorate, have been pushed like a mob into a battle that has no victory for us. We have allowed the money and the power structure to dictate to us what our goals should be. But I tell you, we have the power, we have the control. All we need to do is act. Oh, I know, we have all heard this rhetoric before. But when we did, it was always to act for the political party, not for us. So is it not time we started acting not to save one party or the other and started acting to create reforms that will strengthen our communities, our state? We are closer then ever to reaching these goals by ending the divisions between us and working together on what we share in common. If a hundred monkeys can learn to wash their fruit, why is it so hard for us to throw off the yoke that has made us slaves to a two-headed coin? 7

john lee, doug somers. Homestead

By: Samantha Russell Among my generation, there seems to be a culture of perpetual adolescence. Video games are great in their own right, but not when you’re 23, eating take-out pizza and living on loans from the international bank of mom and dad. I have chosen not to be that person. Because I am young, my back is strong, and I’m still idealistic enough to know that I can save the world by homesteading, I have chosen to work for my rent on 10 acres in the wilds of Wisconsin. I have worked on this land for the past four years, but have only been living here full time since this past December. Things go wrong often and sometimes I think it would be nice to make this all happen with a full-time partner, but it is incredibly empowering to go it alone. I can fix my plumbing and thaw my own pipes. I can coerce my cattle back into the gated pen while fighting 30mph gusts of wind in the middle of the night. I have fixed my stove and my car and built so many things out of need. As a college student, I cannot afford to purchase new items, nor do I care to. This is the culture of independence that needs to be mainstreamed in this country. This is the key to restoring the greatness of The United States. As a part of my new found culture of independence, I have discovered that I have a deep duty to the land upon which I live—the land that provides my food and my shelter and my freedom. I am indebted to this land and each day, I find myself deeper and deeper “in the red.” I am paying back my debt to the land by treading as lightly as I can and doing my best to develop and share an environmental ethic that values purity and cleanliness of soil, air, water, and food. So, with that ethic, I ended up with a herd of rabbits. In part, because I love eating and I’m pretty sure you all do, too. Also because the land on which I live already had cows, chickens, and horses-- and the owners of the land said no to goats. Given that the next few years of my life look like I’ll find myself fairly nomadic, rabbits seemed practical choice to begin my homesteading adventure. Raising rabbits for meat dovetails nicely with developing a personal culture of independence. I am not a PETA activist, but I do believe that every living critter deserves 8

a reasonable standard of living until they are put into my freezer. This belief has left me incredibly mistrustful of the meat-industry. With recent issues involving pink-slime in my ground beef, saw dust as a filler in my tacos, and the conversions of lush prairies, and majestic deserts and scrublands to rangeland, I can’t imagine why anyone would blame me.

Fish 4 Shoes By: To Love Sophia

I’m fishin’ for my shoes there’s nothing on the line I hang up dial twice I feel like I’m doin’ time 6:37 A.M. to be exact my micrometer never lies I close my eyes dream of a girl She asks if I’d like fries To my surprise I stand and rise to a toast directed at me I duck and narrowly escape a barrage of jams and jellys I better have two coffees My day as it starts doesn’t look too grand As I continue to fish for my shoes I realize they’re in my hand


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