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Chris George and Jannets China Album Book

Beijing, China 2006 Join Chris, George and Janette on their non stop action packed tour of the smog filled Beijing in 2006. We always knew those Japanese knew how to make some good Chinese food, so what better way to put them to the test and experience it first hand! Whilst experiencing the local cuisine, we dodged traffic like typical westerners, experienced the greatest Great Wall tour which encompassed 45 minutes of actual Great Wall viewing, then having the pleasure of it getting cut short in order to spend 4 hours in a gift shop and one hour at the Chinese version of Wobbies World! On a side note, the entire tour was in Chinese! Also experience the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace in rare sunny blue Beijing skies. As well as dinning with local Uni students and soaking in the culture by taking classes and teaching locals the greatest game in Australia... Footy!!!! All in all, 8 days of non stop mayhem from shopping to perfecting the Jetstar jump in front of ancient temples, what better place to go to and find that happy ending! Oh and if you're ever in Beijing don't forget to visit the Brazilian Barbeque.... Eight kinds of Meat!

Chris' China Album Book 2

Beijing China 2006  

Join Chris, George and Jannette as they travel through Beijing China

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