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Dear Friends of Chris and Anya Gandy, Thank you for your friendship with the Gandys. It sets you apart. I meet weekly with a group of Southern California businessmen in a small discipleship group. Recently, the conversation turned to the issue of stewardship and giving. They were shocked to realize that the charitable giving of those who claim to be followers of Jesus in the US is not much different from the overall population. The giving percentage is less than 3%, which is far below even the customary tithe. The average American Christian gives only one penny a day to the cause of global missions. And if every committed American Christian would give 10% to the cause of global missions, we could send 2 million more missionaries (today the number stands at 68,000). If we really wanted to change the world …. The discussion was penetrating. Why is this so? Unfortunately, the answers are really only a few: 1. We don’t know what God asks of us regarding his purposes for a lost world or… 2. Our discipleship is inadequate and we are disobedient to his ownership of our resources. Chris and Anya are part of the 68,000. And through your friendship and financial partnership, you also cut against the grain and are not the norm alluded to in these sobering statistics. It sets you apart. Thank you! At this time of year I also let you, their friends and supporters know how they are doing. Sometimes it is easier for me rather than the missionaries themselves to communicate the cold hard facts about their ministry and their living situation.

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Chris and Anya launched into the mission field just 11 months ago and yet they have already begun ministering alongside The Harbor with gusto. The Gandys

A Note for Chris and Anna Gandy

November 2012

“Any church that is not seriously involved in helping fulfill the Great Commission has forfeited its biblical right to exist.” — Oswald J. Smith (Canadian pastor/missionary statesman, 1888-1986)

have helped translate important documents, have taught English courses to key Harbor staff, and have served as the main liaisons to assist fellow CRM missionaries Chris and Jill White settle in to their new life in Russia. God has begun a new and promising work in Russia both in and through the Gandys. Russia is not an easy place to live and working with orphans can be challenging. Yet the Chris and Anya seek to stay on the field long-term and need your help to do so.

Strong words.

Many of you support the Gandys and some do so quite sacrificially. Thank you for your partnership. Your giving is an incredibly leveraged and wise use of your missions giving. Our people can’t be out there on the front lines without the partnership of those who send them there financially. Thank you for making an impact through them. Chris and Anya really believe that you are part of their team while they serve in this challenging ministry context.

Helping those who lead existing churches and those who are planting new churches fulfill the Great Commission is at the very heart of what CRM does around the world. We say it a variety of ways such as: • More and better leaders. More and better churches. • Serving and extending the Church worldwide. • Multiplying disciples and churches everywhere. • Apprenticing leaders and churches in the ways of Jesus…… Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your gifts. Thank you for your partnership in seeing committed followers of Jesus multiplied among the nations.

If you’ve been tracking with the Gandys, supporting them regularly, and are committed to your partnership with this family, would you prayerfully consider adding to their support for the upcoming year? Would you increase your giving, even by a small percentage? If you have never given, right now is a great time to start. Would you prayerfully consider adding them to your monthly giving? You can indicate that decision using the tear-off at the bottom of this page or going online and signing up at Chris and Anya need a significant increase in their support to sustain the work they are doing. It is only through the giving of folks like you that the Gandys will be able to continue. So would you prayerfully consider if the Lord would have you help them reach a sustainable level of support so their ministry can continue to expand, grow and thrive. Thank you for your willingness to be a key part of what God is doing around the world through people like Chris and Anya.

Gratefully, Gratefully,

Sam Metcalf President, CRM-US

Sam Metcalf President, CRM-US

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Letter from CRM  

Sam Metcalf, our mission president, wrote a letter concerning our work in Russia not long ago.