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Spotlight Spotlight will be a new umbrella operation for awareness and showcasing of student groups and talent on campus, to keep students constantly aware of what societies are up to. Under the scheme Spotlight, I will seek to have a regular feature in InQuire for Society Events to mirror its sports coverage, as well as encouraging societies to work more with CSR and KTV. I will also create an official booklet of societies to distribute at Freshers Fayre, including an official calendar of when society taster sessions have been organised for to keep all of the information from that busy day in one place. I will also work to set up showcases and conferences (based on our five forums) throughout the year to increase society awareness, presence and involvement across campus by putting talent in the spotlight. Through constant showcasing and awareness, I aim to make societies constantly visible to students who may not have joined any groups at the beginning of the year and want to get involved. I will also appoint a student media representative to the Societies Executive committee so that we can liaise directly with InQuire, KTV and CSR in order to create stronger links between them and student groups.

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