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RAG and Volunteering RAG: I will seek to reallocate staff in the student activities centre to deal specifically with RAG logistics so that they can spend more time raising money. I will also look to provide specific fundraising training for all student groups to get them more involved with events like RAG week and help RAG with all of the amazing work that they do on and off campus. Volunteering: I will seek to double the amount of Volunteering Societies by providing the Volunteering Committee and the societies with more support, as well as increasing awareness of their presence on campus. I will work with the Volunteering committee to ensure that students are provided with the knowledge of how to set up a Volunteering Society and the ways in which they can get involved with the already existing groups. I will work to increase the amount of volunteering hours logged by conducting a volunteering review to identify the main reasons that volunteers have for not logging these. I will seek to establish more awards in the volunteering programme that are geared towards society committees who have reached a certain number of hours between them, as well as encouraging student committees to appoint someone in each group to keep track of volunteering hours shared by the group.

Rag and volunteering