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How do I? Having been the secretary of both a Society and a Sports Club and now a society President, I know too well the frustration of sending e-mails back and forth to Kent Union to try and find out how to do something, turning tasks that shouldn’t take much time into much longer ones. As Special Interest forum rep, I have encouraged student groups to come to me before they get in contact with Kent Union to try and cut response time, which has been the inspiration behind my idea of a How Do I‌? guide.

With over 200 societies e-mailing only a few members of staff, response time between student groups and Kent Union is understandably slow. The creation of a How Do I Facebook page operated by the Societies Executive committee would allow student groups to post their question (for example: How do I apply for the development fund?) and receive a quick response without the waiting time at both ends for people to check their e-mails. This would create a stronger tier of communication, and would allow more peer to peer feedback, with any larger issues being passed on directly to Kent Union. I want to significantly cut response time by providing the Societies Executive committee with specific training to be the first point of call for the majority of questions and concerns that societi es have. By putting more tools in the hands of the students, student groups will be able to achieve more and in a faster amount of time.

How do I…?  

How Do I

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