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Creating Space As President of the LGBT society over this past year, I have witnessed first-hand how student groups struggle with the current spaces provided on campus. Below, you will find my ideas on how we can not only create more space, but how we can improve spaces that we already have. The RAG room: Since I have been involved with student groups on campus, this room has not been in good condition and continues to be left in a state of disrepair. Student groups needs to have the confidence that items stored in this room are safe and accessible when they need them. Right now, the space is not being used well, leading to property being damaged in the struggle to find space amongst items that have been forgotten about. I want to work with all student groups that use the RAG room to conduct a complete gutting of the room so that all items that are not being used can be discarded or recycled, leaving enough room for student groups to use the room and be assured that their equipment is safe. I will also dedicate a space in the RAG room that will operate as a Freecycle spot, allowing student groups to leave their unwanted items for another student group to use, cutting down on space, waste, encouraging reuse and improving the university’s green output Furthermore, I want to create a “Society Common Room” exclusively for the use of student group committees. This room would be able to be booked for committee meetings and be stocked with a computer, printer plus a whole host of committee essentials to make Fresher’s Fayre and other events much easier. It’ll even have extra storage too for those small items you might need easier access to! I will also continue to lobby the University for the use of the Colyer Fergusson room and the gym studios to be used by our Performance and Physical Activity student groups, which will make distribution of flat floor space much easier and fairer.

Creating space  

This is some of my expanded thoughts as to what I would do to help Create better Spaces on campus for student groups

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