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Giant Snakes By Lakota Blaisdell, Josh Bowen, Max Hamrell, Jordan Maille, and Brianna Patch

There are 2 types of Giant Snakes Boas


Both types of snakes are “constrictors� who squeeze their prey before eating it. (No one was harmed in these pictures)

What is the difference between Boas and Pythons? Boas *Give birth to live young *Come from South and Central America

Pythons *Lay eggs *Come from Africa, India and South-east Asia

How can a Giant Snake swallow animals larger than its head? A Giant Snake has double-hinged jaws so it can open its mouth wide. It disconnects and reconnects them as needed.

How much do Giant Snakes need to eat in a year? Some Giant Snakes need to eat only three or four times a year.

Are Giant Snakes warm-blooded or cold-blooded? Giant Snakes are cold-blooded, like most reptiles. They control their heat by changing their surroundings.

Can Giant Snakes hear? Probably not, but they can feel the ground, smell and sense heat from other animals.

Giant Snakes from around the world

Boa Constrictor Where: Mexico, Central and South America Length: 15 feet Weight: 60 pounds Interesting fact: Smallest of Giant Snakes Good at hiding.

Anaconda Where: Central and South America Length: 30 feet Weight: 500 pounds Interesting fact: Largest snake in the world.

Reticulated Python Where: Southeast Asia Length: 33 feet Weight: 300 pounds Interesting Fact: Longest snake in the world. Can swim far out to sea.

African Python Where: Africa Length: 30 feet Weight: 250 pounds Interesting fact: Climbs trees to hunt For monkeys and birds

Indian Python Where: India, Pakistan Sri Lanka, China Length: 12 – 13 feet Weight: 129 pounds Interesting fact: Favorite at the circus, carnivals and snake shows.

How do Giant Snakes get along with people? Giant Snakes rarely attack people because they are too big to be eaten. People keep Giant Snakes as pets and in zoos. People often hunt Giant Snakes for their meat and skins. People also destroy the habitat of Giant Snakes as they build towns and roads. Giant Snakes are part of what makes this world interesting.

Comparing Giant Snakes

Comparing Giant Snakes

Giant Snakes  

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