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A story from Greek mythology: The Battle Of Typhon And Zeus

Typhon was the deadliest monster of the Greek mythology. Its upper body was as high as the stars and a hundred dragon heads emerged from its neck. The bottom part of its body was that of a huge viper. It also had wings and fire flashed from its eyes. When Typhon grew up, he went to Olympus to avenge the gods for the decimation of the Giants. There he hurled rocks at the gods as he was full of rage and wrath.

In order to escape, the gods fled to Egypt where they hid transformed as animals. Only Athena found the courage to resist and that’s why she accused Zeus of being transformed into ram and thus, avoiding coping with the risk. Zeus found his courage again and decided to face Typhon.

He attacked and struck him with lightning forcing him to leave and go to Mount Cassie(in today's Syria). There was a great battle, in which Typhon initially prevailed. Typhon with one hundred soldiers surrounded Zeus and immobilized him. He took the lightning from Zeus’s hands and tore out all Zeus’s sinews. After his victory, Typhon gave everything to his brother, Python, and told him to guard Zeus in his cave.

Hermes and Pan went there secretly, took back the severed sinews and released Zeus. Zeus, having been supplied with new lightning from Olympus, regained his strength. Then, he went to the mythological Mount Nyssa, where he followed the advice of the three Fates and ate a common fruit that people ate. After that, he went to Mount Hemus at Thrace to face his opponent.

There was a new gigantic battle, where Typhon hurled huge rocks at Zeus, but Zeus chased him and hit him with lighting. Finally, ,Typhon resorted in Sicily, where Zeus hit him with thunder many times and toppled him over Mount Etna. Thus, he was crushed and trapped in the bowels of the earth for ever . The mountain Hemus was named after Typhon’s blood ( αίμα is the Greek word for blood) because Typhon bled on it as he was struck by Zeus’s lightning.


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