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With her first single Christina Aguilera Winner of six Grammy and multiple awards proves that she its so versatility, her new single –not myself tonight. One of the most amazing and legendary voices will be in the mtv movie awards 2010 with an incredible performance about her new album.

Not Myself Tonight" Written by Polow Da Don You know tonight I am feeling a little out control Is this me You wanna get crazy Because I don't give a... 1ST VERSE I'm out of character I'm in rare form And If you really knew me You'd know its not the norm B SECTION: Cause I'm doing things that I normally won't do The old me's gone I feel brand new And if you don't like it **** you The music's on and I'm dancing I'm normally in the corner just standing I'm feeling unusual I don't care cause this is my night HOOK: I'm not myself tonight Tonight I'm not the same girl same girl I'm not myself tonight Tonight I'm not the same girl same girl 2ND VERSE: I'm dancing alot and I'm taking shots I'm feeling fine I'm kissing all the boys and the girls Someone call the doctor cause I lost my mind Christina Aguilera Not Myself Tonight lyrics found on B SECTION: Cause I'm doing things that I normally won't do The old me's gone I feel brand new And if you don't like it **** you The music's on and I'm dancing I'm normally in the corner just standing I'm feeling unusual I don't care cause this is my night HOOK: I'm not myself tonight Tonight I'm not the same girl same girl I'm not myself tonight Tonight I'm not the same girl same girl BRIDGE: In the morning When I wake Up I'll go back to the girl I used to be But baby not tonight HOOK: I'm not myself tonight Tonight I'm not the same girl same girl I'm not myself tonight Tonight I'm not the same girl same girl Yah, that feels good I needed that Get crazy Let's go That's right

Come on Give it to me now, don't stop

I have my personal

Style and my own Voice I am not copy To anyone and all the People know that!

I enjoy so much this album, And u gone a listen 10000 times And you never will be boring with this Bionic album!!!! ---Bionic---A new generation of hits!!!!



Tyra banks Booty and the Feast Eating right is key in staying healthy and keeping your shape in shape, but even the healthiest eaters like to indulge once in a while. The secret to indulging is to not go overboard and do it in the healthiest way possible. Booty and the Feast (how fierce is the cover this week??) is all about embracing your curves and loving your booty (no matter how big or small it might be)! Here are a couple of tips on how to bebootylicious and healthy at the same time! Pizza! Opt for healthy toppings like veggies and skip the extra cheese. Try to order pizza made with wholewheat dough and remember to stick to one slice- you don’t need to eat the whole pie! Burgers! It’s summer and that means it’s time to BBQ! A healthy burger is all in the toppings. Instead of topping your burger with cheese, pile on veggieslike lettuce and tomato. Say no to mayo and opt for low cal mustard or ketchup. Go for a whole-wheat bun or skip the bread altogether. Cupcakes! The key when it comes to sweets isportion control. Stick with one cupcake or go for themini version. Look for toppings like fruit (think berries!) instead of lots of icing. BONUS TIP! If you know that you are going to be indulging for dinner, try to make the rest of your day really healthy. Eat light and save room for savory foods later! What's your fave thing to indulge on? Tell Tyra and the Inner Circle in the comments section!



Ode to the Ass This week is all about the ass and embracing your lovely lady lumps! Curvy, round or flat as a pancake,boot-

ys come in all shapes and sizes. No matter what kind of junk

you’ve got in a your trunk, I challenge you to embrace and love your behind. And don't forget - it's okay to indulge sometimes!

Share your ode to your ass with me in the comments section! Fierce & Love, Tyra


What’s the most exciting thing that has happened since the finale aired? It’s been a whirlwind. The media blitz has been crazy! Every 15 seconds you’re on another call or interview. The craziest thing was meeting with the CoverGirl executives and the realization that I’m a CoverGirl now. I’m up there with Queen Latifa and Rihanna. It is crazy! I am a makeup collector and when I found out I get free makeup I was like, “you just made my day!”

Who else has interviewed you? Regis and Kelly, news shows in LA and New York City, Seventeen, MTV, BET- you name it, I did it!

What’s your goal in modeling? Do you have a dream job? I want to be the biggest supermodel ever! Tyra didn’t put all that time into us for nothing! I plan to go out there and bust my butt! I want big campaigns. I want to walk for Balenciaga and Ferragamo. I want my own show like Tyra. I want to be Bankable like her!




What was the hardest part about living with the girls? The hardest, but also the best part was being in a house with 12 beautiful women. You are clearly never the most beautiful person in the room. All of us were also very competitive and I think that’s where a lot of the arguing and the bickering came from because we all passionately wanted to win. We attacked each other’s weak points and did anything we could to get under each other’s skin. We all saw something great in each other and we were all going.

Had you modeled before the

competition? I went to a modeling convention and was signed by an agency in LA and so I moved from Arkansas to Vegas, but nothing really came of it. After that one year was up, I got rid of that contract. I had tried out for ANTM since season one (2003). I was 18 then. I was like this is my chance because it’s hard when you come from a small town.

Fashion Police: And the Winners Are... Well, whaddya know? F.P. poll results are in and one of the races was a lot closer than we thought it would be.

Fashionista Sar ah Jessica Parker just barely edged out suddenly single and showless J.Love Hewitt to take the Best Dressed title. We figured SJP would take it by a landslide, but hey, a win is still a win no matter how small the margin of victory. The Worst Dressed contest, however, was no contest. Congrats, Milla Jovovich? Next time think twice before you put on a big baby bump dress. Follow @E_FashionPolice on Twitter!

BEAUT Y TREND: FRAGRANCE SPRING/SUMMER 2010 Purple Reigns Seldom has the synergy between fashion and fragrance been as strong as it is this spring/summer, thanks to a new trend in both arenas for the colour purple. On the runways, Burberry's classic trenches were reinvented in lilac, while Versace and Dior both showed sumptuous purple gowns. In fragrance, purple is a scarcely-used shade, but inexplicably this year, even fragrances with scents that aren't centred around purplish flowers like lilacs and violets are being sold in gleamingly purple bottles, from the rose-based Stella McCartney Sheer, £36.50 to Prada's new Infusion de Tuberose, £48 and Nina Ricci's new gardenia scent, Le Paradis de Nina, £34. Intriguingly, the colour works particularly well for modern bottles like Shiseido's Zen Purple, £56, a clean blend of tuberose, jasmine and lily of the valley, and Versace Versus, £41, an invigorating mix of

star apple, orange blossom and centifolia rose. Purple reigns. YOU SHOULD SEE: How to wear the lilac make-up trend

FASHION Thursday 06/03/10 4:06pm

A Look at Resort 2011: Yves Saint Laurent Clearly, on the strength of his 2011 resort efforts, Stefano Pilati is thinking about two iconic moments in the history of Yves Saint Laurent. First, when Pilati came to show his collection for the house at the Consulat Général de France on Fifth Avenue, reigniting theentente cordiale that once existed between Paris and New York when Yves was at the helm of his own house. (When he wanted to launch his Opium scent way back in the seventies, YSL chose the downtown waterfront as his party venue. By all accounts, that night was major.) And second, Pilati looked at the way the 1940s were always in vogue at the house of Saint Laurent back in the day, starting with Monsieur Laurent’s infamous collection of spring 1971. If that one was super controversial in a country still able to remember the raw pain of occupation, Pilati’s vision of the decade was all elegance and charm, with flippy silk dresses with a little volume through the shoulders and a sharply defined waist, a bandeau top with a long skirt, and an exquisite capesleeved coat with high-waist wide pants. Loved, too, the use of that thick band that wrapped

around the head, a twenty-first-century update on the turban. Now all it needs is a name. Turband anyone? Okay, maybe not. —Mark Holgate

FASHION Tuesday 06/01/10 2:06pm

Wear it Now: Vogue Fashion edition collection Imagine a flirty red ruffle dress by modern couturière Sophie Théallet, or a graphic Monique Péan wood-block necklace, or a signature curvedcollar shirt and tailored pants by menswear designer Patrik Ervell, all with price tags between $28 and $248, and all available at Gap. Well, this becomes a reality on Thursday, June 3, when the fourth consecutive Gap and CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund limited-edition collection (designed by these three 2009 Fashion Fund finalists) launches at a pop-up store at 680 Fifth Avenue in New York. The store will be open Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. If past years are anything to go by, the sooner you can get there the better.

Sophie Théallet for Gap Tie-Front Top, $148; (212) 977-7023. —Virginia Tupker

Katarzyna A model that don’t win Americas next top model but She still in the biasness, she model Like a real top model ! Katarzyna model that fierce with Pation!!

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This image shows a story of how one day wanted to be a fashions beautifull incredible Style is what you get With two beautiful jewels bbolero You can get a classic style and fashion