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Volume 9, Issue 2  

Presenting! • “President’s  Message”     Jay  Brown  

CHPA • The Swash Plate

February 2014  

President’s Message     Jay  Brown  for  Milan  Tesanovich  

While Milan   and   his   wife,   Karen,   are   traveling   in   support   of   CHPA   I’ve   • “Welcome  New  Members”   stepped   in   to   provide   the   President’s   • “My  41  Year  Search”   Message   for   this   issue   of   The   Swash     Jimmie  D.  Ferguson     Plate.     I   hope   you   folks   are   not   too   • “Gift  Hunt”   disappointed.   Ed  Turner   I’ve   heard   from   our   Chairman,   and  much,  much  more!   Robert  Frost  that  CHPA  enjoyed  another     successful   visit   at   the   HAI   Heli-­‐Expo   and   we’d   like   to   thank   Robert,   Milan,   Karen   and   CHPA   member   Jim   Drivdahl   for   supporting  CHPA  and  manning  the  booth.       Attending   Heli-­‐Expo   is   always   a   fun   filled   adventure   and   we   had   several   visitors   come   by   the   booth.     It   was   great   to   see   that   Shayne   Meder,   2013  recipient  of  the  Robert  N.  Tredway  award  stopped  for  a  visit.    Robert  also  enjoyed  meeting  other  expo   attendees  and  seemed  to  enjoy  their  company.   Next   CHPA   will   be   attending   the   Quad   A   Convention   in   Nashville,   TN,   May   4   –   6.     This   is   another   excellent   opportunity   for  CHPA  to  meet  new   friends   and   recruit   new  members.    If  you   live   in   the   area   and   are   a   CHPA   member   and   would   like   to   attend   CHPA   as   a   booth   representative   give   HQ   a   call   and   we’ll   make   the   arrangements   for   your   registration.     Following   that  we’ll  be  attending  the  VHPA  reunion  in  Louisville,  KY,  July  1  –  6.    If  you  are  planning  to  attend  and  are   willing   to   help   man   the   booth   call   CHPA’s   HQ   at   800-­‐-­‐-­‐832-­‐-­‐-­‐5144   or   e-­‐mail   us   at   HQ@chpa-­‐-­‐-­‐   and   let   us   know.    If  you  have  any  questions  just  give  us  a  call.    We  always  love  to  hear  from  you.     • “Reunions  and  Gatherings”  

Volume 10, Issue 2  

CHPA • The Swash Plate

    continues to receive quite an   CHPA   assortment of patches from our members. These   patches are displayed at our booth at HAI, Quad   A, and VHPA. Several of you have donated   patches, but we’re always looking for more. They are  very eye catching and help us garner   attention. So please dig through your old patches   you have some you’d like to share, send and if them   to us at:     • PO Box 42 • Divide, CO  80814-­‐0042   CHPA  


The Swash!  

[Call For  Articles]  

One of   the   things   we   all   know,   nobody   tells   a   better   story   than   a   combat   helicopter   crewmember,   whether   it’s   the   truth   or   “enhanced   truth.”     Our   most   entertaining   and   informative   stories   come   from   you,   our   membership.     We   often   receive   responses   from   our   members   when   an   article  is  published  that  opens  a  memory  or  touches  a  nerve,  in  a  good  way.   The   stories   we   hear   are   about   anything   from   flight   school   to   real   life   there-­‐I-­‐was   stories.     We’ve   published   several   stories   over   the   years   ranging   from   tales   of   flight   school   a   long,   long   time   ago   to   “war  stories”  that  we’re  sure  most  of  you  can  identify  with.    But  we  need  more  stories.    Stories  from   Vietnam   and   more   importantly   Iraq   and   Afghanistan.   Those   conflicts   and   those   stories   are   far   too   often  untold.   So,  all  you  veterans  of  the  skies  of  OEF  and  OIF  with  an  idea  for  an  article,  or  a  story  to  tell  it’s  as   easy  as  sending  it  in.    Take  a  moment  to  lay  fingers  on  keyboard  or  just  put  pen  to  paper  and  send   them  in.    You  can  email  them  to  hq@chpa-­‐  or  through  the  US  Post  Office  to:    CHPA  •  PO  Box  42   •  Divide,  CO    80814-­‐0042     Help  us  help  you  tell  the  tales  of  your  experiences  and  continue  to  preserve  our  shared  legacy   of  combat  under  a  rotor  disc.    


olume 10, Issue 2    V

CHPA • The Swash Plate

The Sky  Behind  Me,  a  Memoir  of  Flying  and  Life  

By         Byron  Edgington  CW-­‐4  (ret.)          “Chock-­‐full   of   heart-­‐stopping   drama,   gut-­‐wrenching   lows,   euphoric   highs,   tragic             personal     loss,   laced   liberally   with   humor   and   garnished   with   deep   introspection,     Edgington’s   story   gripped   me   from   the   very     first   page   keeping   me   spellbound   until   I     finished     the   very   last   sentence.     You   don’t   have  to     be  a  pilot  to  enjoy  this  story  for  this  is   a   tale   anyone   can   relate   to   if   you   have   ever     yearned  to  pursue  a  dream  of  your  own.”  —   Randolph  P.  Mains,  author  of  Dear  Mom,  I’m      Alive,  and  Journey  to  the  Golden  Hour.­‐P.-­‐Mains           “What   a  pleasure  to  read  this  book  and     get  to  know   this  man  who  so  dearly  loved  every   minute    of   his  exciting   career.     If   he   handled     as   well   as   he   handles   the   English   choppers     language,  it  must  have  been  pretty  exciting  to     sky   with   him.”—   Thomas   E.   Barden,   be   in   the     of   English   and   Dean   of   the   Honors   Professor   College    U.   of   Toledo   &   Author   of   Steinbeck   in     Dispatches   from   the   War.   University   Vietnam,     Press.   of  Virginia                   “The   Sky  Behind  Me  is  one  man’s  forty-­‐year  love  affair  with  helicopters  and  his  almost  poetic  rendering     lived   in   the   sky.”       Free   download   is   available   at     Buy   it   at   Amazon   of   a   life            


Volume 10, Issue 2  

CHPA • The Swash Plate

    Are   you   planning   a   reunion   or   event   that   may   be   of   interest   to   our   members?     Let   us   help   you   get   the   word   out   and   support   veterans   groups   of   all   sizes   and   locations.     Just   send   a   message   with   the   information   to   HQ@chpa-­‐    If  you  have  a  logo,  send  that  along  as  well.       Be  sure  to  include  accurate  contact  and  registration  information  and  we’ll  take  care  of  the  rest.    

Reunions and  Gatherings  

Charlie Horse  Air  Cavalry  Reunion  

C Troop,   3/17th   Air   Cavalry   will   host   its   Charlie   Horse   Air   Cavalry   Reunion   “Immortalizing  the  Fallen”  in  Nashville,  TN,  May  4  –  8,  2014.   For   more   information   the   contact   is   Bill   Halevy,   Ph:    703-­‐867-­‐2366.    

B Troop,  7/17th  Air  Cav    

Calling all   Troopers   of   B   Troop,   7/17th   AIR   CAV   and   ALL   Ruthless   Riders.     We   will   gather  in  Louisville,  KY,  June  2  –  6,  2014  and  you  are  all  invited.    For  more  details  contact   Buddy   Harp,,   (573)   324-­‐3924;   Rich   Hefferman,,   (412)   771-­‐8214   or   Johnnie   Griffits,,   (760)  535-­‐8523  or  visit  our  website  at    


The   Vietnam   Helicopter   Crewmembers   Association   will   host   its   28th   ANNUAL   REUNION   in   San   Antonio,   TX,   June   24   –   28,   2014.     The   Reunion   Hotel   is   the   Hilton   San   Antonio   Airport,   611   NW   Loop   410.     Book   your   room   now   by   calling   the   hotel   at   1-­‐210-­‐ 340-­‐6060  and  ask  for  in-­‐house  reservation.    Tell  them  the  group  code  is  VHC  to  receive  the   room   rate   of   $103.75,   all   inclusive.     The   preferred   room   rate   is   good   for   three   days   before   through  three  days  after  the  reunion.    If  you  have  any  questions  contact  the  VHCMA  office   at  1-­‐901-­‐850-­‐0500  or  1-­‐800-­‐842-­‐6201.    

50th Anniversary  Vinh  Long  Outlaws  Association  

62nd, A/502nd,  175th  Assault  Helicopter  Companies  50th  Anniversary  Reunion  of  the   Vinh  Long  Outlaws  Association  at  Washington,  DC  -­‐  Sept  18  -­‐  22,  2014   Outlaws,  Mavericks,  Bushwhackers,  and  Roadrunners  at  Vinh  Long,  Vietnam  1964  -­‐ 1972   Contact:  Tom  Anderson  (   Info:  (Click:  "Reunions")   4    

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CHPA • The Swash Plate

Welcome New  Members


    CHPA  extends  a  hearty  “Welcome  Aboard”  to  these  new  members,  who  joined  in  January,  2014.         Roger  Bays         Dennie  Gose     Wayne  Guffy     James  Scanlon                       Please   consider   sponsoring     Please feel free to forward CHPA’s   programs.     You   may   make   tax     deductible   donations   to   support   the   this  issue of “The Swash Plate” to Goldie   Fund,   CHPA’s   Scholarship   your   colleagues, potential program,   the   Holiday   Boxes   for   the     members and other interested Troops,   T-­‐shirts   for   Heroes   or   the     Association.     For   further   information   parties! please   look   at   Sponsorship   at   the   website,  http://www.chpa-­‐  


Share the  “Swash”  


Volume 10, Issue 2    

CHPA • The Swash Plate


Submit Your  Photos!    

CHPA has   a   growing   collection   of  photos  that  include  photos  from   Annual   Convention   pictures   to   action   photos   to   helicopter   shots   from  around  the  world  …     If  you  would  like  to  contribute   to   the   collection   please   upload   your   photos   by   following   the   links   on  the  CHPA  website  or  click  here!    



olume 10, Issue 2    V

CHPA • The Swash Plate

My 41  Year  Search   Jimmie  D.  Ferguson    

On   January   19,   1972   I   crashed   in   Cobra   67-­‐15690.     That   was   my   last   flight   with   A   Battery,   4th   Battalion,   77th   Aerial   Field   Artillery   (provisional).     The   unit   received   orders   to   stand   down   within   a   few   days   and   the   flying   mission   turned  into  a  pack  up  and  move  mission.    I  left  the   unit  early  in  February  1972  and  have  never  seen  the  Aircraft  Commander  that  saved  my  life  and  changed  my  life   again.    I  thought  about  CPT  Michael  E  Neufeld  on  and  off  for  the  next  twenty  years.    I  even  woke  up  in  a  cold  sweet   after  having  dreamed  of  how  things  could  have  turned  out  differently.    Pilots  that  fly  Cobras  are  a  relatively  small   group  and  I  probably  asked  every  older  Cobra  pilot  that  I  met  if  he  knew  of  Mike  Neufeld,  to  no  avail.     By   the   mid   1990s;   with   the   advent   of   the   computer,   the   internet,   genealogy   and   helicopter   veteran   organizations  gathering  records  I  started  to  look  in  earnest.    I  kept  running  into  the  same  Data.    WO1  Michael  E   Neufeld  of  Class  67-­‐5  was  a  member  of  The  Vietnam  Helicopter  Pilots  Association.    This  was  the  only  organization   with  a  database  that  you  could  search  for  flight  school  graduates.     My  only  problem  with  this  Warrant  Officer  was   that  he  was  a  member  of  the  organization  and  had  flown  in  Vietnam,  but  had  done  so  in  1969  -­‐  1970  and  listed  his   unit  as  361  ACE/AWC.    He  had  not  flown  with  A  Btry,  4/77th  ARA,  or  so  the  records  indicated.    The  A  Btry,  4/77th   ARA  web  site  listed  his  address  as  unknown.    The  name  was  Michael  John  not  Michael  E  Neufeld.    The  data  base   showed  him  in  the  mid-­‐central  US  and  I  believed  he  was  from  the  North  East.    So  I  kept  trying.    I  sent  an  article  about   the  Shoot  Down  to  the  VHPA  Aerial  Field  Artillery  Story  section  hoping  that  I  might  get  a  response  from  CPT  Neufeld.       I   tried   Googling   Michael   E.   Neufeld.   I   came   up   with   a   collage   professor   from   one   of   the   Ivy   League   Colleges   with  the  name  Michael  Neufeld  but  that  turned  out  to  be  a  dead  end  road.   I  sent  in  a  email  to  "Looking  For"  in  "The  VHPA  Aviator"  around  2007  and  got  an  email  back  that  indicated  if   it   wasn't   WO1   Neufeld   from   Little   River,   Kansas,   they   couldn't   help   and   the   email   was   never   published.     I   never   called  Little  River.   In  2013  I  once  again  sent  in  an  email  to  "Looking  For"  in  "The  VHPA  Aviator"  explaining  about  the  first  letter   and   sending   in   a   picture   of   CPT   Neufeld.     I   was   sent   an   email   back   assuring   me   that   Neufeld   was   the   Neufeld   from   Little  River,  Kansas.     I  looked  up  Michael  Neufeld  on  the  VHPA  web  site  only  to  discover  that  the  Neufeld  in  question  had  died.    I   still  felt  that  this  wasn't  the  person  I  was  looking  for.    Several  more  months  went  by  and  I  continued  to  search  for   CPT  Neufeld.    I  wrote  about  the  Shoot  Down  in  the  CHPA’s  August  2013  Swash  Plate  with  some  hope  that  I  might   get  a  response.     A  few  days  ago  I  looked  to  see  who  had  reported  WO1  Neufeld's  death,  something  I  hadn't  thought  of  doing   before.    He  had  died  in  2011  but  it  wasn't  reported  on  the  VHPA  DAT  section  until  2013.    Then  I  looked  this  person   up  through  the  database  and  found  that  he  had  flown  with  the  361  ACE/AWC  Pink  Panthers  in  1971  -­‐  72.    Using  the   phone  number  provided,  I  gave  him  a  call.    He  informed  me  Mike  Neufeld  was  the  person  I  was  looking  for.    I  asked   if   I   could   send   him   a   picture   for   confirmation.     He   then   informed   me   that   he   had   never   laid   eyes   on   Mike   Neufeld.     The  unit  had  pooled  their  funds  and  signed  up  everyone  who  had  flown  with  361  ACE/AWC  that  had  never  taken   the  time  to  join.    That  way  the  VHPA  would  have  a  complete   list   of   everyone   who   served   with   the   unit.     I   had   never   Concluded  on  Page  8   imagined  that  scenario.    


Volume 10, Issue 2  

CHPA • The Swash Plate

I looked  up  the  obituary  for  Michael  E  Neufeld  in  the  Hutchinson,  Kansas  newspaper  on  line.    I  found  he  had   a   brother   living   in   Denver,   Colorado.     I   looked   the   brother   up   on   the   White   Pages   on   line   and   found   a   number   and   gave  it  a  call.    He  confirmed  that  Mike  was  the  Neufeld  I  was  looking  for.    He  said  Mike  had  three  partial  tours  in   Vietnam.    To  his  knowledge  Mike  never  had  a  computer  in  his  home.    He  talked  with  me  for  almost  forty  minutes.    I   found  out  that  Mike  had  two  wives.    He  had  ran  an  antique  shop  and  sold  organic  vegetables  that  he  and  his  first   wife  had  grown  in  their  garden.    He  had  become  a  vegetarian.    He  lived  in  the  country  and  was  something  of  a   hermit.    He  never  mentioned  his  times  in  the  Army  or  Vietnam  to  anyone  but  a  very  select  few.     About  a  year  before  his  death,  on  a  trip  to  visit  with  his  sister  in  New  York,  Mike  changed  planes  in  Chicago,   IL.  He  happened  to  run  into  an  old  army  buddy  there.    They  both  had  a  layover  and  caught  up  on  each  other’s  lives.     The  buddy  mentioned  seeing  a  picture  of  Mike  and  reading  a  story  about  his  getting  shot  down.    He  sent  a  copy  to   Mike   who   read   the   story   and   sent   a   copy   to   all   his   kids   and   family.     I   wonder   if   he   ever   thought   of   Me.     I   have   thought  of  him  ten  thousand  times.    I  wish  that  he  had  given  me  a  call.      

Silent Auction Items for Sale

  The  Silent  Auction  held  for  the  first  time  at  the  San  Antonio  convention  was  a  success  but  we  do  have  a   few   items   left   over;   some   that   didn’t   sell   and   others   where   we   have   several   issues   of   a   single   item.     These   items   will   be   put   up   for   sale   on   the   website   in   a   few   days   but   before   that   happens   I   wanted   to   let   the   membership  know  what  is  available  and  what  the  minimum  bid  was.    These  items  will  be  sold  on  a  first  come  –   first  served  basis  until  they’re  sold  out  so  give  us  a  call  and  make  an  offer  no  lower  than  the  minimum  bid.    The   items  available  are:   1. A  certificate  for  two  people  to  ride  in  a  UH-­‐1B  from  Wings  and  Rotors  Air  Museum  -­‐  $500.00     (Wings  and  Rotors  Air  Museum  is  about  30  minutes  from  the  2014  Convention  Host  Hotel)   2. A  voucher  to  attend  one  Dave  Ramsey  “EntreLeadership”  event  during  2014  -­‐  $125.00   3. Two  vouchers  to  attend  one  Dave  Ramsey  “Legacy  Journey  Live”  event  during  2014  -­‐  $40.00   4. Dave  Ramsey’s  book  “Total  Money  Makeover”  -­‐  $25.00   5. Russell  Jones’  book,  “Honorable  Intentions”  -­‐  $16.95   6. Framed  poster  of  a  Bell  Helicopter  Attack  Helicopter  -­‐  $25   7. Signed  and  embossed  copy  of  Jimmy  Moore’s  print  “Goin’  Home”  -­‐  $125.00     If  you’re  interested  in  any  of  these  items  or  have  questions  give  HQ  a  call  at  800-­‐832-­‐5144.      


olume 10, Issue 2    V

CHPA • The Swash Plate

Gift Hunt  

  We   have   just   recently   returned   from   our   second   "Wounded   Warrior"**   hunt,   held   again   this   year,   in   Georgia.     This   was  our  second  such  sponsored  hunt  where  we  brought  a  veteran   along  as  our  guest  and  provided  him  with  a  free  four  day  hunt  and   also,   upon   his   arrival,   gifted   him   with   a   free   rifle,   scope   and   accessories  as  part  of  our  gift  hunt.   I  can  go  no  further  without  expressing  my  appreciation  to   Jay   Brown,   Executive   Director   of   the   Combat   Helicopter   Pilots   Association   as   my   original   point   of   contact   helping   to   find   a   L/R:  Don  Mutsch,  Ed  Turner,  Kevin  Gooding,  Chris   deserving   individual   for   this   year's   hunt.     His   assistance   was   Hemwall,  Rodney  Allen,  William  Allen   invaluable  in  hosting  a  fine  young  American  on  what  we  hoped  would   be  a  memorable  hunt  provided  by  some  fellow  Americans  who  understand  the  definition  of  both  service  and   sacrifice.    Thank  you  again  Jay!   Jay  graciously  put  me  in  touch  with  Kevin  Kenney,  who  Jay  flew  with  a  few  years  ago  and  a  member  of   "Operation   Second   Chance,"   an   organization   devoted   to   helping   those   who   have   experienced   life-­‐altering   experiences  while  serving  our  great  Nation.    As  most  of  you  might  expect,  planning  a  "vacation"  for  a  service   member   still   on   active   duty   can   be   a   challenging   situation   and   Kevin   and   I   had   something   like   three   other   candidates   online,   before   our   fourth   candidate   could   finally   be   confirmed   as   our   special   guest.     Again,   not   something  we  know  nothing  about;  having  to  go  to  a  plan  "B"  (or  C  or  D)  as  necessary.   Operation  Second  Chance  stepped  up  to  provide  the  flight  necessary  to  carry  our  hunter  from  the  DC   area   (still   on   active   duty)   to   a   nearby   airport   in   Georgia.     They   also   provided   a   volunteer   escort   to   pick   him   up   at  the  airport  and  join  us  in  camp  for  the  hunt.    Kudos  go  to  this  fine  organization  for  stepping  up  and  offering   to  provide  any  help  needed  for  this  gift  hunt.   Our   guest   and   his   escort   arrived   at   our   very   nice   camp,   outside   Wrightsville,   Ga.   on   Friday   evening,   January   17th,   2014.     After   some   introductions   and   a   bit   of   chatter   amongst   the   group   of   six   of   us   now   in   place  for  the  hunt,  we  decided  to  present  our  guest's  gift  rifle  to  him.    Just   so  you  know,  he  had  no  idea  or  indication  we  had  planned  this  as  part  of   his  hunt.   To   say   he   was   dumbfounded   when   handed   the   new   Winchester   M70   Featherweight   in   30/06,   topped   with   a   Leupold   VX2   3-­‐9x40,   would   be   a   huge   understatement.     His   first   response   was   disbelief,   followed   by   a   few   minutes   of   simply   fondling   that   nice   American   made   rifle   &   scope.     If   the   hunt   had   ended   right   then,   I'd   have   been   fine   with   it,   but   our   guest   hunter   was   also   very   Continued  on  Page  10   eager   to   harvest   what   would   be   his   first   wild   hog   ever.     A  

Ed Turner  


Volume 10, Issue 2  

CHPA • The Swash Plate

dinner of   Spaghetti   &   meatballs   followed   that   brief   presentation   and   a   few   rounds   of   cheer   had   everyone   quite  excited  about  our  upcoming  four-­‐day  hunt.   First   thing   next   morning   our   guest   took   an   hour   or   two  to  shoot  and  familiarize  himself  with  his  new  rifle.    If   possible,   he   seemed   to   like   it   even   more   after   putting   a   box   of   ammo   through   it,   preparing   for   the   first   afternoon’s  hunt!   Our   weather   throughout   turned   out   to   be   chilly,   but   dry.     We   found   the   hogs   in   the   area   to   be   a   tad   uncooperative   to   our   plans   which   included   chops   &   barbeque.     We   all   enjoyed   each   and   every   day's   hunt   along   with   the   food   that   was   also   provided   for   our   guest   and   his   escort.     We   had   typical   camp   fare   with   additional   dinners   and   lunches   including   meals  such  as  chili,  venison  stew  and  baked  ham  among  the  meals   we  all  enjoyed  together  (along  with  our  two  guides).   The  hogs  remained  elusive  enough  that,  although  some  had   been   seen   and   had   also   presented   some   opportunities,   our   group   remained   hog-­‐less   right   up   until   the   last   evening's   hunt.     That   last   hunt   proved   productive   for   two   members   of   our   group,   however.     Our  special  guest  hunter  was  the  first  and  ultimately  only  hunter  to  take  a  mature  hog  on  our  hunt.    I  was  so   excited  upon  receiving  the  text  that  last  evening  saying  he  had  scored  I  wanted  to  cut  my  hunt  short  and  get   back  to  camp  and  join  in  on  the  celebration.   With   this   single   harvest,   our   hunt   had   become   a   great   success  for  all  involved.    Our  guest  had  to  work  hard  to  harvest  his   hog,  something  he  did  without  complaint.    If  we  all  had  not  already   known  exactly  how  severe  his  injuries  had  been,  after  having  been   shot   in   Afghanistan,   none   of   us   would   have   guessed.     Life   altering   is   as   far   as   my   description   will   go.     To   see   and   hear   his   enthusiasm   for   the  hunt,  his  fine  young  family  and  life  in  general  was  something  we   all  enjoyed!   Although   none   of   the   rest   of   us   scored   on   a   big   hog,   we   knew   we   were   actually   there   for   a   more   important   reason;   to   provide   a   few   days   of   fun   and   adventure   for   a   very   fine   young   American.    I  dare  say  we  accomplished  that.   In   closing   I'd   first   like   to   again   thank   both   Jay   Brown   &   Kevin   Kenney   for   their   support   and   help   in   hooking   us   up   with   a   young   man   who   exemplifies   all   that   is   GOOD   about   this   nation.     Our   group   consisted   of   military   retirees   (2),   active   duty   Navy,   former   active   duty   and   civilians   Concluded  on  Page  11   who   all   shared   a   10    


olume 10, Issue 2    V

CHPA • The Swash Plate

single, common  thought;  to  show  our  gratitude  in  some  very  small  way  towards  those  who  have  given  much   for  this  Nation.   The  "package"  we  provided  for  our  honored  guest  totaled  well  over  2K,  with  every  single  dollar  being   provided  by  donations  from  people  I  happen  to  know  along  with  the  help  with  the  flight  given  by  Operation   Second  Chance.    I  received  donations  from  8  states  altogether,  from  as  far  away  as  Alaska  and  California  and   for  every  one  of  those  individuals  I  am  humbled  by  their  help  and  generosity  towards  a  common,  important   goal.   I  even  had  one  good  friend  travel  all  the  way  to  Georgia  from  Wisconsin  to  participate  (along  with  his   generous   donation).     We   took   pride   in   being   sure   that   the   gift   rifle   and   scope   were   manufactured   in   America,   just   as   we   had   done   for   last   year's   honored   guest,   a   Marine   veteran   also   badly   injured   in   Afghanistan   who   hunted  with  us  and  received  the  exact  same  "package".     Hope  you  enjoy  the  pictures  from  our  hunt.     **   We   are   not   officially   connected   with   the   fine   Wounded   Warrior   Foundation,   but   rather   perform   a   similar   service   for   our   nation’s   deserving  veterans.  


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