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What is NAVIANCE! • Naviance is the online program that Brockport High School uses to communicate with colleges regarding college applications. • Students can also complete college and career searches using Naviance. • Students will request all transcripts through NAVIANCE and then follow up by completing the “Application Tracking Form” to be turned into Mrs. Rath in the Counseling Office. This will ensure that all necessary documentation is sent. • If you are applying to a Common Application school we strongly encourage you to apply using the Common Application vs. the SUNY or Private on-line applications.

There are three types of College Applications

The Common Application

On-Line Application


(found on the college’s website)

Students will need to follow the same process for all three types of applications using Naviance, our new online program.

Is it a common application ? Is it an online college application from the college’s website ? Is it a paper application ? Directions: 1. Log into your Naviance account 2. Click on Colleges 3. Click on Search College 4. Type in the name of the College

Is your college using the common application application or a paper application ?

, private on-line

Before starting an application be sure to check the type of application and deadline.

What you are going to need to apply to college: 

 

Students are responsible for…..

BHS is responsible for….

Students must complete a Release of Records Form (available in your Naviance account in the “Senior Folder”). Students must complete an Application Tracking Form for each college to which they have applied (available in your Naviance account in your “Senior Folder”). Students must select the colleges to which they plan to apply and request transcripts through their Naviance account . Don’t forget to follow up by turning in the Application Tracking Form to Mrs. Rath in the Counseling Office. Students must request their official SAT/ACT scores from College Board and/or ACT (if required by the college). Students must request that their Midyear Grades be sent to their colleges-see Mrs. Rath . Students must complete a Brag Sheet (located in your Naviance account- under the About Me Tab on the left side). This must be completed if you need any letter of recommendation (counselor or teacher). Students must request teacher letter of recommendations through Naviance.

Once a student has made a request in Naviance and an Application Tracking Form is turned in to the Counseling Office.... 

BHS will send an official transcript to the college(s) to which the student has applied.

BHS will send a list of courses in progress to the college(s) to which the student has applied.

BHS will send the school profile to the college(s) to which the student has applied.

BHS will forward a completed secondary school report/counselor report to the college(s) to which the student has applied.

BHS will forward a Counselor letter of recommendation if required.

BHS will send Midyear grades upon request.

How to use Naviance to request that your records (transcript, counselor documents) be sent to colleges. 1. In Family Connection, click on Colleges on top right-hand side of the screen.

2. Click on “Colleges I’m applying to”.

3. Click on “+ add to this list”.

3. Click on “+ add to this list”.

4. Click on “lookup” to add a college to your list.

5. Search for the college by name or browse through the list of colleges our students have applied to in the past. This is where you can also find NCAA.

6. Click on the school.

7. Check the type of college application (e.g., Regular Decision, Early Decision).

8. Continue adding additional schools by clicking “lookup”. When you are finished adding colleges, click “Add Colleges”.

9. To request a transcript, click “request transcript”.

10. Check the boxes next to the schools to which you would like transcripts sent.

11. Click “Request Transcripts”.

12. Look for the confirmation message that the transcript has been requested. Counselors will also provide the college with a counselor letter of recommendation, if required.

13. You can track when records have been submitted by our Counseling Office by clicking on “Colleges I’m Applying To” under the “Colleges” tab.

College Application Quick Start 1. Log into your Naviance account to: *Print Record Release Form: must be signed by you and your parent *Print an ApplicationTracking Form for each college to which you are applying (forms are also available in the Counseling Office) 2. Complete your application (the Common Application is preferred ) *Know your School Counselor’s email address 3. Log into Naviance and follow directions from slide show to request your transcript ( 4. Go back to the Counseling Office and turn in your Application Tracking Form and Records Release Form to Mrs. Rath. 5. Log on to Naviance to check your application’s status.

See your counselor with any questions!!


Pay attention to Deadlines! • Applications (including scholarships) need to be completed

online and the Application Tracking Form must be submitted to the Counseling Office 15 school days prior to the

application deadline.

• Please note: Applications that have a Jan. 1st deadline are

due to the Counseling Office no later than November 15th.

• Similar to college applications; scholarship applications require

an Application Tracking Form.

Remember, your counselor is here to answer your questions and assist you through this process! Counselors: Mrs. Terilli A-Da Mrs. Kalua’u Db-Hn Mrs. Bartalo Ho-Md Mrs. Hamling Me-Sa Mrs. Howlett Sb-Z

BHS College Application Process  

BHS College Application Process powerpoint

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