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Content and images developed by: Choudry Arif Saeed Originally posted on: Making a good and attractive 3d art is a task with many steps, containing idea , execution, presentation and more. While ingredients are same for everyone but recipe changes the final result. Following are some approaches you can use for better understanding the process for better result. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Idea Presentation Details Mix-it-up Pamper yourself

1. Idea a) Personality

There are dozens of things that make you who you are. Your personality is different from everyone. so the question is why can’t your work be? For that you have to be observant of your environment, try to see your daily life with third person’s eye view. Once you do that, you will see that life is full of happening. Its just like if you see something strange, you will tell it to your friend or family, now just do this with your art. For a bit more on info Observing Eye read Things to add avoid in 3d projects

b) Story

Story in the visual increases the viewing pleasure and also the recall value. It’s a bonus and we all love bonus :). The story can either be shown in image itself or in text. Text based story

2. Details Details also play an important role in the output. You don’t have to make pixel perfect and microscopic details in everything. Details should be decided by the role of object in the image or animation, if there are shots when objects are close to camera then you need to do detailed modeling and texturing, but if object is a far thing and it’s not going to play its part near to camera then adding less details will work too. Many common renderers use this level of details phenomenon to make expensive rendering and lighting possible & quick.

For example: you can see bumps in right side pipe but not in left side, while same texture is used. It is due to distance from camera.

3. Mix-it-up You are the hero of your own fairyland and you have to be, because it is your world. Things may or may not work differently for you, but to get success you have to learn more about your fairyland. What’s supposed to be mixed?

Just look at the word “MIX” its is made by only 3 out of 26 alphabets of English, used in certain combination to make sense. just like that you have to try to make right combinations. and how exactly?

You cannot make word “MIX” by using any other words then M, I, X, so the isolation of useful and right stuff is important.    

Absorb knowledge Break it down Separate useful knowledge Merge it.


Things mixed-up   

Media Planning importance ( wrong step can be disastrous for business) 3d Model Dance Steps

Click in image for large size.

4. Presentation As the name itself suggests, this approach is all about presentation of your work and idea. Following things can be considered as part of presentation. a) Viewing Angle

Camera angle can be used to make simple design interesting, one can play with different angles or camera settings for more impactful communication in final output. He is going to bang his head, camera settings to achieve exaggerated result.

b) Composition

Composition of elements in the scene also play very important role in the result. I would recommend doing some still life drawing, photography or get exposed to it. It will help make your visual more attractive and more meaningful.

b) Style

Style also decides the final looks. Decide / imagine / visualize what the final product is going to look like. Following are some styles: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Photo realistic Fantasy Cartoony Dreamy Sci-fi

and more…

4. Pamper Yourself This is neither a technical nor an idealistic part but it is reality. Everyone wants to be appreciated, most of time we are actually doing things just to make people appreciate or be happy with us. Anyway 3d is same sometimes, you don't deserved to be slapped every time by the reality of mistakes of your work in your face. We have to accept the fact that we cannot be the best all the time, it’s a large world and everyone is trying hard, so my point is don’t beat yourself up, have a break, enjoy your own work and then move ahead. I must clear that by pampering yourself I am NOT saying that you stop listening to valid comments. just accept your mistakes with open heart , enjoy the time and continue your journey towards betterment. At the end of the day life is boredom without passion and enjoyment. MY SECRET (sssh!)

I have a habit of placing wallpaper of my recent work on my desktop, this gives me major advantages, that are: I can feel the joy for few days :D XD then it becomes part of background :) then I get used to of it and start thinking of something new. In a way it pushes me to do new work. Also after looking it for so much time, the fog of achievement and good comments clears and I start seeing my mistakes which I was unconsciously ignoring before. NOTE: Many people can have many views on this, and its a good thing, we are humans and we all have differently wired brain. So what works form some might not work for you, only you can figure out what’s best.

Good luck & THE END! if you like this article, let me know by your comments

NOTE: Pardon me if there are any mistakes in my poor English, All above mentioned thoughts are mine and are concluded by personal experiences and observations. You are free to disagree with them if you wish too. They might or might not be visible in my work so don’t just try to judge me :P . I try my best to get ahead of myself every time. Regards. Choudry Arif Saeed Originally posted on:

approaches to better 3d designs  
approaches to better 3d designs  

Making a good and attractive 3d art is a task with many steps, containing idea , execution, presentation and more. While ingredients are sam...