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Early English Porcelain A Private Collection




A Chelsea white model of an owl, triangle-raised

A Worcester polychrome finger bowl and

anchor period circa 1745-49, naturalistically

matching stand, circa 1758-60, finely painted in

modelled in great detail, perched on a rocky

coloured enamels in the European style with a

base, 20.5cm high

bold spray of roses, lilies and other sprigs, the

Provenance: Acquired from Albert Amor Ltd.

bowl 7cm high

'Treasures from Toronto' exhibition, April 1993 Provenance: The Sir Seaton Wills Collection, Auction Estimate £15,000 – 20,000

exhibited Albert Amor Ltd. October 1984 Auction Estimate £600 – 800

2. A Limehouse moulded cup, circa 1746-48, of quatre-lobed form with crabstock handle


moulded with prunus flowers trailing around the

A Worcester sparrow beak cream jug, circa 1753,

spiralling body, 6.5 cm high

5 of simple pear shape with a slightly down-

Provenance: Bernard Watney Collection,

turned lip, strong scroll handle with pointed

sold Bonhams September 1999, lot 120

thumbrest, painted with the 'Strutting Bird' pattern, the crane-like bird standing on one leg

Auction Estimate £2,500 – 3,000

between oriental plants, insects overhead, 7cm high Provenance: Acquired Albert Amor Ltd May



A Worcester tea bowl, coffee cup and saucer, circa 1755-60, painted in the Chinese style with

Note: A very similar jug in the A.J. Smith collection

the Hibiscus or Honeysuckle pattern of large

is illustrated by Simon Spero (2006), fig. 66.

trailing flowers above a Sacred Scroll, red insects

Another in the Billie Pain collection, sold Bonhams

in flight above

26th November 2003, lot 109

Auction Estimate £1,200 – 1,800

Auction Estimate £3,000 – 5,000

6. A Worcester saucer dish, circa 1775, after a Chinese famille verte original, the centre painted with a red dragon chasing a flaming pearl, within a border of two further dragons and two phoenix, flowers and foliage, 17cm diameter Provenance: The Zorensky Collection, sold Bonhams March 2004, lot 246 Auction Estimate £300 – 500










A Worcester bowl, circa 1755, finely painted

A Worcester pedestal sauceboat, circa 1753, of

with a continuous chinoiserie river scene, with

moulded silver shape embossed with a leaf and

figures fishing from sampans, trees and rocks,

scroll cartouche to each side, painted in bright

the interior with rocks and plants in a stream,

colours with a bird on a flowering branch, the

15cm diameter

interior with a strutting crane , trailing flowers to

Provenance: The Anthony Tuke Collection, sold

rim, 19.5cm long

Sotheby's 30th March 1976, lot 4; The Cohen

Provenance: Acquired from Albert Amor Ltd.

Collection, exhibited Albert Amor Ltd. June 1992

July 1989

Auction Estimate £4,000 – 6,000

Auction Estimate £1,800 – 2,500



A Worcester circular basket, circa 1758-59, the

A Worcester creamboat, circa 1752-53, of

tapering sides pierced with overlapping circles

Wigornia type and hexagonal form with a

applied with florets at the intersection, purple

geranium leaf moulded under the lip, the

florets painted on the inside rim, the centre fine-

angular handle with elaborate moulded

ly painted with a single colourful bird in flight,

terminals, moulded in relief with two Chinese

12cm diameter

buildings within a fenced enclosure, a palm tree

Provenance: Acquired from Albert Amor ltd, May 1989 Note: a larger example found in the Zorensky Collection, sold Bonhams Feb 2005, lot 37 Auction Estimate £400 – 600

and a curved fence to the left, the reverse with a turreted building on a slope, a bird in flight above and a cow to the right, the moulding carefully picked out in a distinctive palette including yellow, blue, puce and green, panels of green diaper and half-flowerheads inside the rim and a flower sprig within the interior, 11cm long Provenance: Sale Sotheby Parke Bernet, New

9. A Worcester fluted creamboat, circa 1752-53, the thin angular handle with a pronounced thumb rest, the finely moulded cartouche

York 16th Feb 1973, lot 266, Acquired from Albert Amor Ltd. October 1986 Auction Estimate £12,000 – 15,000

panels enamelled in colours with Chinese riverscapes, one with a figure fishing, the interior with four Precious Objects, 5cm high


Provenance: The Wallace Elliott Collection (item

A Worcester low-footed sauceboat (circa 1753-

144), sold Sotheby's 25th May 1938, The Nina Weil Collection (item 100), sold Sotheby's New York 26th October 1988, Acquired from Albert Amor

54), the handle with a curled thumb rest, the sides crisply moulded with shells, foliage and scrollwork with reserved panels enamelled with

Ltd. January 1989

'strutting birds' by a triangular fence and flower-

Auction Estimate £6,000 – 8,000

Provenance: The Sidders Collection, exhibited

ing rocks, 16cm long Albert Amor Ltd., October 1985 Auction Estimate £2,000 – 3,000









A Worcester Dutch jug, circa 1757-58, of globular

A Worcester feather moulded cup, circa 1755,

form moulded with overlapping leaves painted

painted in London, in bright colours with pink

in Meissen style with generous bouquets of

flower sprays beneath a flower garland

garden flowers below a border of leaves and

border in underglaze blue, 6.2cm high

flowers and a gilt rim, a bluebell spray inside concealing a firing crack, 20cm high

Provenance: bears Bernard Watney Collection label, sale Bonhams September 1999, lot 161

Provenance: Sir Jeremy Lever Collection, sold Bonhams 7th March 2007, lot 38

Auction Estimate £400 – 600

Auction Estimate £500 – 700 17. 14.

A Worcester two-handled vase, circa 1753-54, of baluster form and quatrefoil section,

A Worcester baluster vase, circa 1758-62, of plain

vibrantly painted with a red crested ho ho

shape with a short neatly turned, waisted neck,

bird with blue wings and red tail feathers,

painted in Meissen style with an inverted

perched upon a turquoise scholar's rock,

bouquet and scattered sprigs, 17cm high

flanked by two branches issuing prunus and

Note: a similar example found in The Zorensky

orchid flowers, 16cm high

Collection, sold Bonhams 22nd February 2006,

Provenance: The Sir Anthony Tuke Collection,

lot 41

sold Sotheby's 30th March 1976, lot 22; The Oswald Glendenning Collection;

Auction Estimate £300 – 400

Acquired from Albert Amor Ltd. March 1986 Auction Estimate £4,000 – 6,000

15. A small Worcester tankard, circa 1755-56, the gently spreading cylindrical body applied with a


strap handle, painted with the beckoning China-

A Worcester wine funnel, circa 1754, painted

man pattern, a colourful spray of peonies on the

in bright famille rose enamels with blue and

reverse and a prunus branch extending around

orange rocks from which grows flowering

the mug, 9cm high, anchor mark painted in red

peony branches and bamboo, 11cm high

Provenance: 'Worcester Porcelain, The First Decade' exhibition Albert Amor Ltd. 1981. The R David Butti Collection, sold Bonhams 10th May 2006, lot 4

Provenance: The Cohen Collection, exhibited Albert Amor Ltd. June 1992 Note: The last polychrome funnel sold at auction was Christie's, 16th December 2010,

Auction Estimate £4,000 – 5,000

lot 193, from The Barratt Collection, Crowe Hall, Bath Exhibited: ‘Worcester Porcelain 1751-1900’: A loan exhibition from Dyson Perrins Museum, Worcester and Private Collections. Dreweatt Neate, 1995 No 4; ‘Worcester Porcelain 17512001’, Albert Amor Ltd 2001. Auction Estimate £10,000 – 15,000







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