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Sara Rozalina


lot of the problems in our culture are the symptoms of a visionless life. You might be wondering what your vision or purpose is. Our vision and purpose is partially deter-

mined by what is already in our hands – our talents and abilities. My talents involve all forms of media – particularly that of music and magazine work. I combined my interests and created Chords Magazine. In order to carry out your vision and purpose it is very important to have confidence in yourself. Confidence and belief that you can do it is the key to success. Belief and confidence give you the courage to accomplish your vision and purpose. But passion is also a necessary ingredient. Passion is what drives a person to continuously work on achieving their purpose. It is an energy force that produces a person full of focus on accomplishing the task set before them. Those are the people that succeed. In this issue of Chords Magazine (Winter 2012) people of passion and belief in themselves are splattered throughout the pages. It is our privilege to have Jamie Grace as the cover story who is Grammy nominated for this year’s 54th Grammy Awards. Enjoy! 3 CHORDS

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Nominated for 2012 Grammy Awards!

royalgottailor swag By Sara Rozalina


“A lot of the problems in our culture are the symptoms of a visionless life.” -Tauren Wells


Jarrod Ingram

Tauren Wells


hen walking into a room, lead singer of Royal Tailor, Tauren Wells knows he’s got swag. His demeanor is confident, yet humble. This is evident in all the band members of Royal Tailor including, bassist Blake Hubbard, guitarist DJ Cox, and drummer Jarrod Ingram. The four musicians all met in school at Indiana Bible College just a few years ago where they formed their band. Now Royal Tailor will be heading over to the 54th Grammy Awards in L.A. this February after receiving their first nomination for their debut majorlabel album Black & White. “Getting signed is a dream come true. We never planned to get signed to a majorrecord label,” Tauren said. “I’ve learned to hold onto God tightly and onto my plans loosely. The band Leeland handed our EP to the label and we got signed. Whenever we went to the studio we kept wondering if it


really was real.” Before getting signed, the band members of Royal Tailor finished their schooling and then worked at a church doing student ministry in Granite City, Illinois for a year. “At the end of the day Royal Tailor is about ministry. Our time in Bible College impassioned us to do what we are doing,” Tauren said. “Musical education for being a band is not something that is necessary. It was being out there doing what we do that prepared us for what we are doing.” However, Tauren stresses that education has its place. “The music theory classes were helpful and education can unearth a specific gifting that you have,” Tauren said. “I mean it was in school when I started running around campus and said to the guys let’s start a band.” The fan response is large for Royal Tailor

Blake Hubbard

DJ Cox

and they’ve had the opportunity to garner many radio plays and interviews because of their communication with them. “What we really like to do is connect with people on Twitter and Facebook. We’re constantly putting up material like blogs and videos,” Tauren said. “Our fans and friends are important to us. Just like Lady Gaga’s got her Monsters and Chris Brown’s got his Breezy’s our fans are the Royal Family.” “Jesus said they will know you by your fruits. The only way to have fruits is to have roots.

To involve fans in a greater way in their latest music video from their single “Make A Move,” Royal Tailor has teamed up with famous choreographer Nick Bass to create a new dance move called The Uh-Oh. Nick

Bass, who was a dancer in Michael Jackson’s This Is It film, helps this move rival the sensation of The Dougie by Cali Swag District. “We are getting crazy awesome responses for our new album and we are really stoked about how people are being inspired to do something for the kingdom of God,” Tauren said. “A lot of the problems in our culture are the symptoms of a visionless life. People don’t have a vision for their life for Jesus and to fulfill their God-given purpose.” Having gone on a nation-wide tour with Building 429 and Leeland last fall, Royal Tailor has managed to attract people of all ages. “Royal Tailor is for everybody. At first glance people think it’s for younger people,” Tauren said. “However, the young people and their parents are fans of our music. It’s difficult to make music that brings people together cross-generationally.”


Life on the road isn’t all glamor for Royal Tailor. It involves a lot of hard work and a good supportive team to keep going strong. “My family and wife are constantly supportive of me. It is difficult because it requires us being gone and traveling a lot. There is a lot of work in music,” Tauren said. “Sometimes when we’re on the road and stressed out we play street hockey or a lot of soccer.” “It was being out there doing what we do that prepared us for what we are doing.”

Most importantly, Tauren believes that it is faith in Christ that keeps Royal Tailor together and strong. “We have the greatest potential when we are closest to Christ, outside of Him we can’t be anything. He is the vine and we are the branches we have to be connected to Him,” Tauren said. “In the spirit of God is where transformation happens.” Starting in February, at around the same time of the Grammy Awards, Royal Tailor will join in the 45-day “Come To The Well” tour with Casting Crowns and Matthew West, promoting their album and singles. “Follow Jesus and not just your dreams. It is imperative to grow in relationship with God and there has to be evidence of what we profess that we’ve believed. Action always follows belief,” Tauren said. “Jesus said they will know you by your fruits. The only way to have fruits is to have roots. And this is really important to Royal Tailor.” ∆


“We have the greatest potential when we are closest to Christ, outside of Him we can’t be anything.” -Tauren Wells


“The next time we hear Carrie Underwood belting out How Great Thou Art, we should really hold the “that skirt is too short” comment. And let’s remind ourselves – she just might be reaching someone we’re not.”


Behind the Curtain Of By Andrea Graff


et Carrie for sound check. Ask Taylor what she wants to eat. Make sure Martina has hair and makeup. And be back in time for the show! These were the orders given to me half an hour before the CMT Artist of the Year Awards last fall. And as a huge country music fan, you can bet I wasn’t complaining. To have the opportunity to intern at Country Music Television was a big deal for me. To have the chance to meet and rub shoulders with some of my favorite artists, producers and television personalities at first seemed a bit unreal. Sure, we might have only been interns, but the CMT staff treated us as though we already worked for the network, which was awesome. It meant we got to participate in everything from the CMA awards, to Taylor Swift’s Speak Now album release, to everyday tasks such as interviewing artists, updating news and working on show sets (Yes, they really are the World’s Strictest Parents!). But besides learning a great deal about the music business while working as an intern, I also learned a great deal about its environment. I realized that the songs filling up the charts often really do come from artists’ firsthand experiences, and that’s not always a good thing. But despite the situations I encountered

while living in Nashville, I realized that I needed all those warnings by my Mom to “keep my standards” just as much in a Christian school as I did there. Sure, there are a lot of questionable things that go on in the entertainment business, from what I could tell. But honestly, where don’t they? The music business and the people in it are not hopeless. The truth is, people are people, no matter where you go. They all struggle. They all strive for success. And they’re all searching for God, though they might not all realize whom exactly it is they’re searching for at the moment. “The opportunity to intern at Country Music Television was a big deal for me.” And some of them have found it. Watching Carrie Underwood pray as if it was second nature, hearing Faith Hill talk about the “quiet time” she had the day before, listening to Kellie Pickler quote scripture and receiving church suggestions from Danny Gokey were certainly refreshing experiences. And they proved that just maybe, society has become a bit judgmental. I’ve often heard 13CHORDS


Christians put down artists who claim Christianity for “compromising” as if “going secular” is the equivalent to selling their souls to the devil. Really? I don’t know these artists personally, and I’m certainly not trying to defend or condone some of their actions. I’m simply saying that before I judge them, I want to remind myself that maybe they’re doing work beyond what I can see. Maybe they’re in the position they’re in for a reason—to reach out to people I never could. So who am I to judge that? “We need Christians to serve as lights in every work environment, and that certainly doesn’t exclude the music industry.”

The truth is that the entertainment industry, along with every other industry, needs God. They need people to stand up for what they believe and show that a life lived with God is the best way to live. But in my opinion, they don’t simply need talk; they need action. They need people who’ll live out God’s principles of love and compassion; not harshness and judgment. We need Christians to serve as lights in every work environment, and that certainly doesn’t exclude the music industry. So if you’re a Christian with a goal to break into the secular entertainment industry, I encourage you to go after it. We need people like you who are willing to be the light in a dark environment. And if you’re already doing that, thank you. For the rest of us, let’s remember that the next time we hear Carrie Under- Andrea Graff is a student at Oral Roberts University. As the daughter of Pastors Jim wood belting out “How Great and Tamara Graff of Faith Family Church in Thou Art,” we should really hold Victoria, Texas, and as the granddaughter the “that skirt is too short” com- of the late Pastor John Osteen of Lakewood Church, in Houston, Texas, she is no stranger ment. And let’s remind ourministry. Andrea had the opportunity to selves, she just might be reach- to combine her media and ministry experience ing someone we’re not. ∆ to intern at CMT. 15CHORDS

Success is a Process By David Krstevski


o you want to find success? I know I do. Wouldn’t you want to be the leader of something successful that impacts the lives of countless people in a positive way? This is what God greatly desires for you. Something I would like to stress is that development, growth and successful achievement is a process. Successful people often hear the phrase, “You became successful overnight!” Usually they respond, “It must have been a very long night.” One of the most important things to have if you want to be successful is a goal. What is a goal? A goal is defined as an objective or desired result where a person not only plans but also commits to achieve an end-


point in some sort of assumed development. Assumed development represents a process, and many people who endeavor to reach goals intend to do so in a finite time by setting deadlines for achievement. A question everyone must ask is “What do I want to strive for?” We have to learn what is important and balance our priorities in life. Then we have to plan our lives in a way that will allow us to achieve our goals. If you want success you need to do what it takes everyday to bring yourself one step closer to your goal. How do you think Keith Urban became a successful country singer? He certainly did not pop out overnight. Justin Bieber is not a one-hit wonder either.

He spent many years posting videos on YouTube and training his voice to come to where he is today. Now what do these singers have in common? They all had a passion to succeed. In Proverbs 13:4 we read that “Lazy people want much but get little, but those that work hard truly prosper” (NLT). A successful happy relationship doesn’t happen overnight either. When two people get married, they quite often realize that they are very different from one another. They may come from different social backgrounds even if they lived down the block from each other. This is because they grew up with different families and traditions. You have to put into the relationship and learn how your spouse or partner understands love and show that in a way that they will accept and recognize it.

“Many people who endeavor to reach goals intend to do so in a finite time by setting deadlines for achievement.”

“If you want success you need to do what it takes everyday to bring yourself one step closer to your goal.”

If you don’t have a clear and concise goal you will never attain any level of success. Every single person has the ability to be successful. In Deuteronomy 8:18 we read, “Remember the LORD your God. He is the one who gives you power to be successful, in order to fulfill the covenant he confirmed to your ancestors with an oath” (NLT). Once you have determined what your goal is make sure it lines up with God’s word and work towards that goal everyday. Your outstanding efforts will eventually bring you to your prized goal. Remember not to give up faith. Success is a process. Put God’s Word in your heart, in your mouth and give it hands and feet. Then walk in it and God will produce results for a good and long life for you. ∆

David Krstevski is the son of Slobodan and Ljiljana Krstevski of Shining Light Ministries ( David is a student at McMaster University studying Multimedia & Communications. Check out his videos at: Check out his blogs at:


winning souls one Song at a time By Lexy Washington


er luminous smile outshines the stage lights with each step she takes to face her roaring family, friends, and fans. There is a twinkle in her eye that screams success. At the tender age of 20, Jamie Grace, recently signed to TobyMac’s label Gotee Records, already has a radio-hit single Hold Me. To add to her list of accomplishments, Jamie will be heading over to the 54th Grammy Awards in L.A. this February,after receiving her first nomination with her debut album


One Song at a Time. Jamie Grace was born near Los Angeles, California. Jamie and her family moved to Atlanta, Georgia when she was really young and her father started Kingdom City Church in Stone Mountain. “I’ve been a southern kid ever since,” Jamie said. Jamie’s rise to success started many years before the release of her first hit single Hold Me. She was raised in her father’s church and as a child was often spotlighted for her gifts. “Most of the concerts where I

Nominated for 2012 Grammy Awards!


performed as a little girl were with opening up for my mom, and for Southern Gospel groups,” Jamie said. “My sister and I would sing a song or two and would typically be the only kids.” “I’m definitely inspired by TobyMac as he’s been a role model... and now a mentor.”

Her childhood spotlight moments gave her the experience she needed to develop confidence in her destiny with music. “When I decided to do music it was to share God’s word and reach out to young people,” Jamie said. “Music just happened to be a way I could do that.” Like all of us, Jamie has had trials that could have been setbacks had she allowed it. But with perseverance, faith, and family, she has overcome them. Jamie was 11 years old when she was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and other medical conditions. “Having Tourette Syndrome was, is, and probably will continue to be a challenge. In short, it’s a condition causing uncontrollable movements and sounds called tics,” Jamie said, “…all I wanted was to fit in with everyone else my age.” Instead of growing discouraged and giving up, Jamie sought advice and wisdom from her family and other leaders in her life. “My entire family has been an amazing support system through all of this. There was a time where I was so insecure and afraid I didn’t know how to respond to such a foreign diagnosis. Even so, my parents and my sister Morgan continued to tell me that God still loved me, that I was beautiful, and that everything would be ok, even when I CHORDS 20

didn’t really believe them,” Jamie said. “My granddad also wanted to share God’s love with me and gave me a gift: a drum set. With my family constantly sharing with me that my identity was in Christ and not in an illness and the motivation from my granddad to pick up an instrumen, I eventually discovered God’s hope and joy all over again.” Luckily for Jamie, she was blessed with a support system like no other: her family. “If it weren’t for my parents and sister and the joy of the Lord… I don’t know how I would have turned out,” Jamie said. The foundation that her father laid out for her has also shaped her success. Her Baptist background and knowledge of other cultural backgrounds have influenced her strongly. “My dad’s the pastor of a Baptist church. Many of the members of our church are from many different backgrounds and have definitely inspired my music,” Jamie said. “My church family members are from Guyana, Jamaica, Panama, and a lot of other places. I’ve been blessed to learn so much about their culture, clothes, food, and music.” As all new artists should, Jamie found inspiration in the success of other well-known Christian artists. “Surround yourself with people that love the Lord, read His word, and that act like it.” “I’m definitely inspired by TobyMac as he’s been a role model to me throughout his career and now a mentor. He’s very diverse in his style and in how he reaches out to people musically. That’s something I love to

Jamie will be heading over to the 54th Grammy Awards in L.A. this February after receiving her first nomination with her debut album One Song At a Time.


“I often hear moms saying that I’m a role model for their girls,” Jamie said. “That blows me away that God is using me in that way.” -Jamie Grace

do,” Jamie said. “I’m also inspired by artists like ZOEgirl, Superchic[k], BarlowGirl, Rachael Lampa, Nicole C. Mullen and Everlife.” Having role models is one thing, but being viewed as a role model adds a whole new perspective to life. “I often hear moms saying that I’m a role model for their girls,” Jamie said. “That blows me away that God is using me in that way.” “When I decided to do music it was to share God’s word and reach out to young people.” She is indeed a great role model. Jamie is currently a senior at Point University and CHORDS 22

balancing her music career all at once and will be graduating this spring. Being open, and willing to pursue God’s will, Jamie Grace has gained success in her field of ministry, school, and life as a whole. With much support, she overcame her downfalls, and can maintain a positive attitude. In return, she inspires everyone with her music to stay connected to encouraging people, and go for their dreams no matter what. “Surround yourself with people that love the Lord, read His word, and that act like it,” Jamie said. “Because when you’re going through things they will be there for you. When they’re going through things you can share His Word with them.” ∆

God Is Light

By Kristina Sue


n the past many people thought the earth was the center of the universe. Now we look back at history and think, “What uneducated people.” However, have you noticed anything about our society today? Everything is bedazzled and personalized. We shouldn’t be the center of the universe. If not us than who should be? According to Luke 10:27, “…You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind.’ And, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself” (NLT). God is the giver of light and within this solar system God in a sense is showing man His nature. A God-centered life will give life but if one has an absence of light than all life and progress is gone. Has anyone ever heard of E = mc2? It basically means Energy = Mass x Speed of Light squared. Dr. Thomas Smid, a physicist and astronomer from England stated, “The only reason behind the existence of the Special Theory of Relativity is the experimental fact that the speed of light in a vacuum is independent of any motion of the source or receiver.” This means in his theory of the speed of light, Einstein didn’t take into consideration the cause or the collector of the light. So my question is, “Where did the light start

and where did it stop?” Well in to Revelation 1:8, “I am the Alpha and the Omega--the beginning and the end,” says the Lord God. “I am the one who is, who always was, and who is still to come--the Almighty One” (NLT). God is the source and end of everything. If we take God out of the equation we simply have nothing. “Have you noticed anything about our society today? Everything is bedazzled and personalized.”

According to Genesis 1:5, “God called the light ‘day’ and the darkness ‘night.’ And evening passed and morning came, marking the first day” (NLT). God completely shows us the difference between night and day. Isn’t it amazing to think that no one is ever completely in darkness? For even when we are thrown into the darkness of the night we are still graced by the shining of the moon. God is always there even in our darkness He chooses to give us hope. God never promised we wouldn’t go through things. But God promised we would never have to do anything by ourselves. The answer is simple as to who is the real center of the universe. ∆ 23CHORDS


n November 9th 2011, I was sitting in a chapel service at Oral Roberts University. The guest speaker was Phil Cooke. Phil Cooke graduated from Oral Roberts University in 1976 with a degree in film and television. Today Cooke is a media guru, the president of Cooke Pictures and a Hollywood producer with a theology degree. Cooke is known for stating that US Christian culture is lacking in creativity. To reach future generations, changes need to be made in Christian media. Outlined are the seven points Phil Cooke presented to the over 3,000 students listening in chapel: 1. Everything communicates Your looks, what you wear, how you carry yourself – it all communicates. How you respond, how you don’t respond – is a form of communication. Everything communicates.

2. In a media driven culture visibility is just as important as ability This is so true. I mean look at some singers out there that are famous and bringing in the big bucks. It’s not necessarily that they are very talented in singing. They had the smarts to make sure they are visible everywhere.

very important and everywhere your name is placed it needs to be appropriate. There is one company called Speed Of Art. Now there’s nothing wrong with that but when you put that in a URL format…… that looks like something else. The placement of your ad will communicate the value of your brand. 5. Learn to speak the language of design Does your style and media choices reflect the group you’re trying to reach? Reaching into the future you must know your demographics. For example, Cooke said that the current young generation is the “first generation that is the most unknowledgeable of religion.” Therefore, the image of a cross might not have the meaning it is supposed to have. Make sure that all your images have meaning to your audience – that is how you succeed. 6. Lose the Lingo To reach a wider audience, it is important to lose the lingo in your communication. Christian lingo such as “washed in the blood,” “born again,” and “prophetic anointing,” doesn’t mean much to people these days. You need to speak the language of your audience so that they understand what you’re trying to communicate.

3. You can’t brand a lie You’ve got to watch out your reputation and make sure everything is clean everywhere. 7. It’s about the Niche Google is one of those places where your enIn today’s culture the smaller the niche the tire reputation can be brought down. Having better – be the best in the specific thing contradicting information is a huge blocker you’re in. For example, who has the most to your success. Grammy Awards? It’s not Celine Dion, or Michael Jackson. It’s Allison Krauss, a blue4. Understand the Power of a Name grass singer. She is the best in her specific Your name is powerful. You are your own niche in music and therefore can get the brand. The name of your organization is most recognition for it. ∆ CHORDS 24

“The person who wins is the person who hangs in five minutes longer.” -Phil Cooke

Phil Cooke

The Power of Intentional Change By Sara Rozalina


“Never give up… People are always going to be negative.” -Veronica Ballestrini CHORDS 26



Making a Change

By Katie Williams


rising independent artist, Veronica Ballestrini is taking the YouTube charts by a storm. Her latest single, Temporary Fix has over half a million views on her YouTube channel. “Temporary Fix is probably one of the most personal songs I have ever written,” Veronica said. “I wrote this song about an ex-boyfriend and my first heartbreak.” One of the reasons behind this song’s success is the population’s ability to relate with Veronica’s situa=tion. However, the delicate nature of relationship songs is only a part of her focus. Veronica is a multifaceted 20-year-old filled with vibrant ambitions and dreams that fill her with passion to the point that she’s Gotta Make a Change as the title of her sophomore album expresses coming out this year. Embracing other ideas in addition to relationships, unlike many contemporary country artists, Veronica interweaves her faith

through much of her life. Though not all of her songs are considered Christian Veronica states that, “God definitely inspires me to write my songs.” She believes that since, “God is a big part of who I am there is no doubt He will be a big part of my music too.” Music is the expression of Veronica’s heart. However, she does enjoy more than just strumming on her guitar or scribbling lyrics on a random piece of sheet music. Veronica loves being outdoors, four-wheeling, spending time with her friends and family, helping people and of course going to church. Each of these elements seems to, in some way, sneak into her music. Veronica began her music career at just the age of thirteen with a simple guitar and a MySpace account. This same little smalltown girl is now watching her dreams fall into place just under a decade later. Now residing in Nashville, this musical surrounding has only proven to deepen her motivations


“Temporary Fix is probably one of the most personal songs I have ever written,” Veronica said. “I wrote this song about an ex-boyfriend and my first heartbreak.”

and as Veronica says, “The music industry has changed a lot from 20 years ago.” Making money from her YouTube videos by becoming a partner has surely increased her fan base, as this perk works both to the fan’s and Veronica’s advantage. Free music for listeners that still gives acclaim to the artist creates an ideal marketing situation. In addition to being a YouTube Partner, Veronica works with the Kiwani Organization for Children and has been actively traveling around the USA with her Gotta Make A Change tour. Veronica describes the heart of both her music and her passion in these simple words from her website “Gotta Make A Change is about courage, confidence and character; everything I CHORDS 28

learned growing up,” Veronica said. “Finding yourself and staying true to who you are and always chasing after your dreams, even if they seem too far away.” “God definitely inspires me to write my songs... God is a big part of who I am there is no doubt He will be a big part of my music too.”

These truths can be applied to anyone’s life. Her advice for any aspiring artists out there, “Never give up… People are always going to be negative. They can try and take you down but never stay down. Take the negative and make it a positive.” ∆

By Rachel Lamb

“walls give way”


have found that our generation demands transparency, authentic people that are what they say they are. When it comes down to it, we want to know what people are saying lines up with what they are actually doing. That raw distinction of reality has captured us to no longer just take things at face value. We are digging deeper, searching further, and wanting to see beyond the surface. So why is it that when we do let the walls come down, people suddenly change? Is it information overload? It’s interesting to see how people respond when we actually let them into our worlds. Some embrace you while others aren’t so excited about hearing what you have to say. We want so badly to see who people really are, but I believe we get disappointed when they aren’t

everything we hoped they would be. We have to be careful about what we ask for, because when it stares us straight in the face, the only option we really have is to stare it right back. It’s what I like to call “face to face with reality.” Sometimes though, we get caught up in creating this “illusionary world” we want to live in, instead of realizing what’s truly there. It’s this notion we develop inside our minds of how we want things to be before they come to fruition, if they even ever do at all. Then when things don’t play out like we had imagined, the resulting emotions become difficult to handle. It’s important that we be real. But be wary of who you let in, because when you do that vulnerability can show you just how transitory life can become. ∆

Rachel Lamb, is the daughter of Marcus and Joni Lamb of Daystar Network. Rachel is currently a student at Oral Roberts University. She runs her own blog site at:


Perspective Matters By Elizabeth Bovenzi


hen brainstorming ideas for this piece, my mind was brought back to the expression, “Is the cup half full, or half empty?” Essentially, it is a gauge of one’s overall tone and outlook on life – becoming an interesting way to get others to share more than they intended about themselves in just a few simple words. Following a worldly standard, this question is very effective as an icebreaker, however when examined, a whole philosophical chasm can be revealed. As humans, we tend to focus on the most CHORDS 30

likely, or obvious, in a given situation. Only a handful of individuals throughout the centuries have ventured out of the metaphorical box in which categories of already analyzed information float around. Thus, when asked a particular container’s contents, we assume the interrogator is referring to the visible ones. After a while, I caught on that the glass is always filled. No matter how much of a beverage is inside of it. Yet, how can this be true? My eyes tell me that the liquid inside of that glass does not meet the rim. With all

intents to not sound pretentious, there is just does not cut it, God gracefully fills the one more substance within the perimeter. deficiencies and reaches beyond our grasp Air very effortlessly nestles itself upon the to obtain the success that we desire. ∆ surface of the water, and stretches out its limbs to reach the tip of its seat’s height and henceforth. How many times do we only concentrate on the portion that is ours to provide, deem that it is not enough, and not even try to move forward? Whether the task is in daily life, or a specific directive from the Lord, often our natural senses take over, inhibiting spiritual perception and perspective. Though there are simple things we can do in our own strength, truthfully the majority of undertakings require a more sufficient level. “God gracefully fills the deficiencies and reaches beyond our grasp to obtain the success that we desire.”

Being that God knew that we are not able to redeem ourselves from the pits of the fiery furnace, sending His Son to be horribly crucified in order to call us back into His arms, it would be safe to say that He’s aware of other areas in which we lack the ability to overcome trials alone. There have been instances that I literally did not have the might to continue, but with friends upholding my arms, I pressed, pushed through – chanting under my exhausted breath, “God is my strength. I will run and not grow weary.” It is so important that we also recognize and allow the people that Jehovah has placed in our lives to aid us when facing difficulties, because they are almost as equally crucial. Returning to the previous analogy; whenever we pour out our supply and find that it

“How many times do we only concentrate on the portion that is ours to provide, deem that it is not enough, and not even try to move forward?”



Jamie Grace | Winter 2012 | Chords Magazine  

Welcome to Chords Magazine's winter 2012 issue. The cover story is Jamie Grace who will be heading over to the 54th Grammy Awards in L.A. th...

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