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Velasquez Shines Bright Like a Diamond

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Sara Rozalina

eriously. I thought I had an idea of where some things were going in my life. But then the whole game plan changed… unannounced. It was almost like a slap in the face. You put so much effort in making something work, and then no matter what you do, it somehow becomes “stuck.” At times, I can overanalyze the reasons of why something is going wrong. I mean it’s good to think about it. Usually when things aren’t working for you at that moment, it either means the time hasn’t arrived for it to come into fruition, or it’s simply not supposed to happen. Eventually, the results of your continued effort and time will truly tell. However, too much thinking about something that isn’t working can lead to continual unrest. Unrest can make you really tired. But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength (Isaiah 40:31). So that’s what I decided to start doing. Lately, I’ve been turning a lot to prayer. When you are faced with a difficulty, the best person you can turn to is your Creator. When you turn to God and His Word you will no-

tice something that He says in Jeremiah 32:27, “Behold I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is anything too difficult for me?” When you start focusing on what God has to say, you will notice that you won’t worry as much, and you will start finding clearer solutions. When you begin to pray on a regular basis, irregular things will begin to happen on a regular basis.

Anyone who thinks they have their whole life figured out lacks imagination. Just know that life is full of wonderful gifts – so be prepared to be surprised. But remember this. It says in Philippians 4:6, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” ∆


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ast weekend, I finished work early and figured it was the perfect time to do a little shopping. As I was headed to the mall, a memory popped into my mind. I thought of how, every time I’d want new clothes as a little girl, my mom would make me clean out my closet first. She’d say, “If you want new, you’ve got to get rid of the old. There has to be room.” Now, this happened often because, of all the kids in my family, I got the smallest closet And I’m just realizing that was probably on purpose… a strategy to discourage me from shopping, maybe? Hmmmm… they know me too well. I must admit. I agree with Marilyn Monroe when she said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world!” Right now as I’m entering a new season of life, I’m realizing how true my mom’s statement is to life in general. Anytime we prepare to enter a new chapter, we must stop and ask ourselves what needs to go in order to make room- not because the old things are wrong, but because they don’t fit into the next season. The new season. It’s like a weather change, as the transition from win-


ter to spring. When the snow melts and flowers begin to bloom, it’s time to put away the snow blower and get out the gardening tools. The snow blower won’t cultivate that pretty garden you want. In fact, it’ll likely do the opposite. It’ll destroy it! The gardening rake can’t do its job when there’s snow covering the ground, can it? Sure, those tools were useful when in the appropriate season…but they’re seasonspecific. They were just what was needed then. But now, it’s a new season. It’s time for new things. That’s how life is. Sure, there are some relationships, memories, and habits that will and should be in our lives forever. There are some that will take a different form. And some... well, some need to be left when the season moves on. Until we surrender those things that we know are season-specific, we’ll have no room left for the new and even BETTER things God’s promised. Isaiah 43:19 says, “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” God’s promising to help us make that smooth transition

into the place to which He’s calling us. But we must be aware of what we should allow to move on with us and what needs to stay behind. I know- much easier said than done. But if we’ll ask, He’ll make it clear. And we can be confident that in our surrender, we’re making room for greater things. We’re making room for a better season. Well, after missing the mall entrance a few times (that’s what happens when I think too much while driving), I realized that my iPod shuffle had switched to Carrie Underwood’s song “Starts With Goodbye.” How perfect is that? I love the lyrics. Sometimes moving on with the rest of your life starts with goodbye. Do you have things you know you need to let go of, in order to enter into the next season? Maybe they’re things that don’t belong in any season– like past hurts and regrets. Or maybe they’re just season-specific disciplines or friendships. Whatever they are, just know that as you learn to let go of those things, you are making room for new things. BETTER things. Things that are perfect for this season. ∆

Sometimes moving on with the rest of your life starts with goodbye.

New Shoes

New Seasons By Andrea Graff


Jaci Velasquez Shines Bright Like a Diamond By Sara Rozalina


Jaci was dubbed the “fastest selling solo debut artist in the history of Christian music.� 9 CHORDS

Just be who you are. Sing wherever they will let you. When it’s ‘time’ it will happen. -Jaci Velasquez


aci Velasquez. As soon as you hear the name of the dark-haired beauty, you know who she is. A pop star in her own right with millions of sales, Jaci is no stranger to the Christian and Latin music world. Her debut major-label album Heavenly Place (1996) sold so quickly that she was dubbed the “fastest selling solo debut artist in the history of Christian music.” Born in Houston, Jaci and her family moved to Nashville when she was 14 years of age. Music has been a part of her life for a really long time. “My family is very musical. My dad started and sang in many Christian groups, Kings 3, The Galileans, The Latinos, The Amigos,” Jaci said. “So music is in the blood, I started singing on the road when I was nine and haven’t stopped since.” Professional training is something that Jaci never had. However, she believes that is not the only thing important to succeed. “I am not trained professionally but wish I had been.” Jaci said. “I think it starts with a God-givCHORDS 10

en ability, then training takes it from good to great.” A singer in both the Spanish and English languages, this ability has definitely helped increase Jaci’s market-crossover appeal and presence in the music world. Backed up with a strong voice and records that were selling, Jaci’s innovative style became recognized worldwide. “Honestly you could’ve never told me music would have ever taken me here,” Jaci said. “I am still shocked and honored.” In 2011, Jaci signed with a new label, Inpop Records, whose roster includes artists such as Newsboys and Jimmy Needham. A year later in 2012, Jaci released her latest album Diamond. On her most recent album-recording experience Jaci said, “It was a blast! I got to work with great friends and write with some incredible people and write about life as I know it now.” Life as Jaci knows it now is definitely something amazing. Jaci is married to Nic Gonzales, the lead singer of the band Salvador, also signed to Inpop Records. They have

two sons, 5-year-old Zealand and 4-year-old Soren. Jaci gushed, “My husband Nic is the best thing that could have ever happened to me, no doubt!” Besides Jaci’s family being her greatest support system, God plays an important role in the inspiration for her music. “Singing in church is what I do,” Jaci said. “It is the core of my talent or should I say HE is the core of all things that make life beautiful.” Sticking to the church for inspiration, Jaci is working on new music- much of it still under wraps. “I’m working on some stuff I can’t tell all yet,” Jaci said. “I did just finish a vocal scoring project for a film entitled Unlimited and I just acted in two new films- Rumors Of Wars and 11 Seconds.” Even with all the busyness of life, Jaci always remembers the key to staying true to the gospel and at the same time remaining relevant to mainstream music. “Just be who you are,” Jaci said. “Sing wherever they will let you. When it’s ‘time’ it will happen.” ∆


Lottery By David Krstevski



ou might say that every religion is real. That’s not possible. Every religion propagates their version of the gospel. The Bible says I am the LORD your God, but other groups say that’s not factual. Let’s talk about this relationship that you call a religion. You see religion by our culture has been defined as abiding by certain beliefs and traditional practices. Stating you better do this and you should do that, and you don’t do this and you most certainly better not do that. The concept of religion has created this fake façade, where one day I could be making sex my profession, and the next I can be at the alter crying out my confession. Yes. Religion was created by man as a way of coming closer to God, but in most circles it’s pulling us farther apart. Yes, these practices by man are being done, but are they really becoming a part of his heart? You may call me out and say, “You’re wrong. We are human beings- we are not perfect. Haven’t you heard of this thing called grace?” You’re right. We’re not perfect, but grace has not given us the license to sin. We can’t keep using it as an excuse to

make our heads spin. When are we going to stop worshiping our cars and see how far we can get before getting behind bars? When are we gonna… nevermind I won’t ask that question because I completely forgot to mention, that in schools we send our kids to detention for proclaiming that Jesus is Lord. By doing this, we give them no option but to live and die by the sword. The world says, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But let me tell you this. There is nothing in the world for you that can be of any aid. It’s God in His glory that truly never fades. Too often we miss this. While you go seeking 50 shades of grey, I’m here to tell you that our God provides more than 50 shades of grace. To God be the glory. Of His grace we’re not worthy. But because of His time spent on the cross, His story is more than just praiseworthy. Another question, how many times have we worshiped God in the church and then just blended in with society? We’re confused and separated. Without meaning we have no propriety. God doesn’t call us to just go to church; He calls us to be that church.

It’s not a religion it’s a relationship. If religion is so great, then why do we fail to do what’s right? Why do we fail to help those in plight? The thing is, we do know what’s right, we know the Gospel… but we choose not to do it like those dirty dishes. We go to church and then we go out there, and we see the poor and needy, we see those that are spiritually broken, and we just offer them our best wishes. It is by our actions that on this earth we are known, but by that seed that’s planted in our hearts are these actions truly shown. Don’t run a talk shop; we are called to run a workshop. As soon as you realize this you’ll be with God on the housetop. Knowing God intimately is to the level of everyone’s ability. Let’s not be passive. The only reason people don’t succeed is because they find sin that much more attractive. You see man does religion so that he doesn’t feel wicked. But when compared with religion you have a better chance at winning the lottery without a ticket. Religion says, “With all that you’ve done, there’s no way that I can let you in,” you are dirty, shameful and wallowing in sin. But Jesus says, “I love you and I accept you, and you, are already in.” ∆


Everfound signed to Word Records this year and already have their song “What Love Really Means” featured in The Bible series soundtrack.

EVER By Erika White






t was the year 1996 when four brothers from Pyatigorsk, Russia, came to the United States with their family, not having a clue as to what their future would hold. Growing up, these boys appeared to live normal, ordinary lives, but there was one thing they all loved: music. Their parents formula for keeping the boys in line was to bring them to their grandma’s house for piano lessons. From a young age, the brothers enjoyed playing instruments and were gifted in the



area of music, but never realized that God would take their musical talents and use them for the purpose He had for their lives. Besides practicing with their instruments frequently, and even learning how to play some instruments all by themselves, nothing seemed to change in the area of music in these brothers’ lives. But one day as young teenagers, all of them were attending a church where there were many young people, but no worship band. The brothers kept on experimenting

with new instruments and had a desire to see a band come together in that church. They made a decision to start helping out, and God gave the brothers the privilege to play together for the youth group. Ruslan, the keyboard player, wrote a song and managed to sneak it into the brother’s worship set one Sunday. The brothers were thrilled with the new song, and received several responses from teenagers who told them that God spoke to them through that song. From that moment on,


those four brothers who grew up taking piano lessons from grandma, now felt inspiration and leading from the Lord to start writing their own songs. The outcome of that inspiration was that other church leaders started calling them and asking them to play for different events that they were holding. They couldn’t believe how their musical abilities had taken off. The four of them were playing over 150 shows a year, and most of them couldn’t even drive yet.


Their devoted parents backed them up all the way. Believe it or not, they actually quit their jobs so they could travel on the road with their sons. “To think that today we get to tour the world sharing our faith through our music is mind blowing,” Yan said, the Everfound drummer. “We don’t take the opportunity lightly.” Two popular songs from the band, “Never Beyond Repair,” and “What Love Means,” have received great responses. Also, “What Love Means”

was a part of the soundtrack CD for History Channel’s Miniseries, The Bible. “This means so much to us because of our heritage. Our ancestors were oppressed for their faith and even sentenced to prison for owning the Bible, so to be a part of this TV series was amazing,” Yan said. “Never Beyond Repair is our current single and we’re getting a lot of response. We get tons of letters from our listeners saying how the song has given them hope in their broken situations.”


Everfound album releases July 16th

All four of the brothers would say that, “[serving] Jesus Christ is priceless.” Everfound has a desire to see young people live out their faith boldly and courageously. The band has also had the opportunity to have their first major-label recording with their new album releasing this summer, under Word Entertainment. The brothers say that it was a challenging but exciting process. They wrote about 75 songs for the album, and about 12 songs made it. The hardest part was to choose which songs were go-


ing to be on the record and which songs were not. “We had the privilege of working with producers Seth Mosley (Audio Adrenaline, Sanctus Real, Newsboys) and Pete Kipley (Mercy Me, Phil Wickham),” Yan said. “We had a lot of fun working in the studio with these guys and we are proud of the album we recorded.” God has also blessed the brothers by bringing people alongside them to help them out. No longer independent, the brothers now have many people working with them, since they’ve partnered with Word Entertainment.

“Now that we’ve partnered with Word, we have a whole team that works with us,” Yan said. “It takes off a lot of the business work load from us so we can be focused on writing music and perfecting our art.” The brothers admit that they do need a break from the hustle and bustle of a musician’s life, and enjoy spending time with their parents back in Colorado, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. “From the start our parents were a huge support,” Yan said. “We would have never gotten to where we are today without them.” ∆


In the end, we need to remember that God entrusted each one of us with the gifts and abilities we have. -Jonathan DuHamel


God’s Calling or Sony Music?

By Jonathan DuHamel


t the age of sixteen, in my heart I felt the specific call to become a worship leader. However, there was one very big problem. I couldn’t sing. That’s right. I couldn’t sing. When I tried to sing on worship teams they would actually turn down my microphone. I was frustrated. Why did God call me to something I couldn’t do? I prayed, got angry with God, then prayed some more and suddenly I could sing. Don’t ask me how it happened. I really have no idea. But suddenly I was gifted with a decent sounding voice. I’m not saying that it was perfect. I mean who doesn’t deal with singing flat the odd time? I was so thankful and told myself every time I sang, that it was God’s gift to me and it was not my own. I began singing more frequently and at the age of 19, I was offered a recording contract with one of America’s largest record companies, Sony Music. They planned on branding me as America’s next big pop artist. I was

thankful for what was happening and what God had gifted me with. But I quickly realized that if I was going to be able to keep my faith in that industry, I needed a more solid foundation in my relationship with Christ. This brought me to Master’s College and Seminary in Canada. With the busy schedule of schooling, getting into the studio with Sony Music took a few months. That is when God spoke to me something very specific. God told me that He didn’t give me this gift to be a pop artist, but He gave it to me to lead His people into His presence. I realized that if I wasn’t going to exalt God with my gift, and use it the way He instructed me to, I would lose the gift all together. That’s how Samuel lost his strength. I promptly called my agent, dropped out of the music scene, and continued my Bible college education to become a full-time pastor. Since that moment God has kept me humble. Any time I try to do anything in my own power, relying on my

own ability, I quickly realize I can’t. This music ability isn’t my own but God’s. In my senior year of high school, my drama teacher taught us, “every performer is a monster, you must feed them.” What this means is that we, as performers, like people telling us we do a great job. Even if we don’t like to admit it, we also like to give ourselves the credit. Compliments like, “Wow you rocked that song,” or “The band was tight,” make us want to continue and make us feel good inside. Therein lies the problem. I know that everyone is gifted in different ways and probably have experiences completely different from my own. But in the end, we need to remember that God entrusted each one of us with the gifts and abilities we have. Although we get to display them, we always need to give God the credit. It isn’t my voice leading worship, or my piano playing skills, but it is God’s voice and piano skills that He has entrusted me with. ∆


By Jennifer D’Agostino CHORDS 22


ndy Mineo’s second release on Reach Records, Heroes for Sale, is an honest and personal look into the life of the 25-year-old rapper. Andy is a born-again Christian, who has his share of demons. His honest lyrics and personal take on the theme of forgiveness, his struggles in faith, and the diversity of the church. When discussing the title of his debut album, Andy states that he wanted to show the brokenness of heroes that are created by man, in order to show there is only one ultimate hero- God. The brokenness he speaks of can be heard on the majority of tracks, like “Shallow” and “Bitter.” Both of these songs feature a voicemail left by his estranged father. Andy invites the listener into his personal life, making him a more relatable Christian. Not only does he portray the meaning of “Heroes For Sale” through his lyrics, he lives it. Andy has struggled with his faith in the past, throughout high school and some of college; he was not a strong believer. He had started a rap group with some friends, and toured throughout the United States. Gaining a bit of success, he let it start going to his head, until he met, Alex Medina. Medina intro-

There is only one ultimate hero- God.

duced him to an urban ministry, T.R.U.C.E. After hearing the song “Price Tag,” by Da Truth, he rededicated his life to Christ. Eventually, he was signed to Christian rap superstar, Lecrae’s record label, Reach Records in 2011. The same year he released his second mix tape, Formally Known. His debut full-length album, Heroes for Sale is a humble and intimate effort. The sound of the album has jazz, rock and classical influences, apparent in the songs “You Will,” “Cocky,” and “Still Bleeding.” While the range of styles showcases Andy’s versatility, it can be a bit confusing for listeners. Without a cohesive element to each song, it’s hard to tell these songs are on the same album. The lead single off the album, “Ayo!” is an anthem and instant hit, with lyrics

like, “Come and kick it with the team, the party’s over here. Let me show you what I mean. We saying. Say AYO!” With its infectious beat you can’t help but get hooked into the chorus. His collaboration with Lecrae, “Uno Uno Seis,” touches on a Latin vibe, with dance beats and Lecrae rapping in Spanish. His rapping technique is solid, with fluid and clever lyrics. Andy’s drawl in the tracks, “Curious,” and “Wild Things,” is reminiscent of hip-hop superstar, Kanye West. Heroes for Sale debuted at the No. 11 spot on Billboard 200, No. 4 on the Top Rap Albums chart, and No. 1 on the Top Christian Albums chart. If this album is a sign of what’s to come from Andy Mineo, I’ll be glad to listen. 4.5 out of 5 stars ∆


Tick Tock By Jordan Carter


Tick Tock

ick tock, tick tock, tick tock; a sound that we have all become very familiar with. Constantly checking the time. Whether it is the time of day, month, year, or whatever season of life we live in. I have even found myself measuring my life by how much is accomplished in the most efficient amount of time as possible. Many people have and still do endorse such thinking. In most vocations, success necessitates time efficiency. However, I personally through some encounters, have come to see some different perspectives as to how timing really works. So there I am, sitting at my desk frustrated with eagerness. I was eager for the idea and visions in my heart to become a reality. It was like I was at war within my own mind between the things I foresaw, and the things I currently had. It was a tension between reality and ideal. I CHORDS 24

closed my eyes and it was as if I could see, touch, and taste the vision for my future. But then I opened my eyes only to realize the difference in my current reality. It was like I was stuck in a reality that didn’t understand my vision. In my mind I tried to tell myself that I was satisfied, but it was like my vision for what was next wouldn’t allow me to truly feel it. In response to those feelings I began to pray and ask God for the desires of my heart. During my prayer, I began to ask for things to happen quicker and for the timing of my vision to be accelerated. As soon as I asked that, the Lord spoke to me and said, “Who are you racing against, and by what time are you measuring efficiency?” Upon hearing this I realized that the only person I was racing was me; and that the time I was measuring success by was being driven by cultural influence.

We live in a culture that is completely driven by the measurement of time and success. According to the culture, success is when something is achieved excellently within the fastest time rate possible. This system works when it comes to numbers and statistics. However, this is not the way that God works with His creation. If you look at the scriptures, God has a tendency to make people wait between their original calling and their fulfillment of it. Take King David for example. He was called and chosen by God to be the King of Israel when he was only a young man. Between that moment and his actual kingship, he killed a giant, played a harp for king Saul, fought in wars, was chased by king Saul into the wilderness, and dealt with rebellion. He waited almost 20 years for the fulfillment of his purpose and destiny. He did not force himself into kingship

God is asking you to forget the “tick tocks” of life and align yourself with His timing. -Jordan Carter

by his own will, but rather relied upon God’s promise and allowed Him to guide his steps. Sometimes, it is hard for us to see the road on which God wants to lead us into our destiny. At times this road can seem confusing, mysterious, stagnant, or even painful; and this is exactly what God intends. He has made life in such a way that in order to reach the full potential of our destiny, it requires a process. A process in which

we listen for the voice of God and follow that exclusively; a process where we lay completely reliant upon His timing, not our own. There are times that we will hear the voice of the Lord calling from a dark cavernous place. We see it and our natural reaction is to recoil and say, “I cannot.” Yet His voice remains, calling us to follow Him, even if it’s into the terrifying unknown. Just as Jesus called Peter to walk on water, He may be calling

you to step out against the face of logic or what “makes sense.” Perhaps your destiny and greatest reward is sitting, waiting, on the other side of your audacious obedience. God is asking you to forget the “tick tocks” of life and align yourself with His timing that is more perfect than we could ever dream of. Now the only question that remains is: Are you willing to step out into the dark unknown and follow the voice of God into your destiny? ∆





The “New” Artist By Ross Jones



henever you hear someone mention a “new artist,” what exactly are they saying? Does the phrase really mean what it says? A new artist is generally seen as someone who was relatively unknown but has recently been given a certain measure of recognition within the industry. However, mere


recognition of an artist does not make him a “new” artist. Christian Rainville, who would be considered “new” by the standards of the majority of society, has redefined what it means to be a “new artist.” Technically, Christian began his “career” as an artist when he was a toddler, as he was immediately drawn

to the rhythms of whatever song was playing at the moment. His first instrument was the drums, which he has been playing since age nine due to the influence of his grandfather, who was a jazz drummer at the time. Although he played both the drums and the guitar semi-professionally for 15 years, it was in music ministry where he truly found fulfillment. He currently works as worship director alongside worship and arts pastor Aimee Reid-Sych at The Tabernacle in Orchard Park, New York (also known as “The Tab”), and has done so for over 13 years. He wrote three tracks and co-wrote the title track for a live-recorded album produced by One Call, The Tabernacle worship team. It is clear to see from these credentials alone that Christian Rainville is anything but a new artist. As an independent artist, Christian takes advantage of basically every popular social network to promote himself. He was also featured on syndicated Christian television, where his live-recorded songs are still being played today. His music is also being played on Internet radio stations. He has previously released

Let God be a part of your process,” Christian said. “He is the One who gave you your gifts and talents after all. an EP for his first solo album titled Splendor, released this summer. However, just because he only has a few songs out there and is only on his first album, that does not mean he is “new.” He’s been in the game for too long to be called a new artist. Setting the music aside, Christian leads a pretty busy life. His full-time job, surprisingly, is not in music. He has been a high school science teacher for 13 years, and takes this job as a calling from God apart from the music. His many observations and conversations with the students he teaches have served

as inspiration for a few songs in his new album. He is also a family man, with a wife and two little boys. In his spare time, he teaches Karate as a 4th degree black belt, and enjoys cooking. “I pray that He [God] uses me as a role model for those [high school] kids. Many kids are hurting due to a bad home life, wrong crowd, drugs, or alcohol,” Christian said. “If God can use me to help change lives just by being an example of love and compassion, then I am doing my job.” The album Splendor covers several genres, as Christian loves listening to all

types of music. Whether it’s old school R&B/Soul, rock, jazz, gospel, country, and even classical, Christian enjoys all of them. It is apparent that the new album was masterfully crafted for listeners of all ages and musical preferences, giving Christian an even larger audience to impact. Not only does he wish to influence the world with the Gospel, he also desires to influence artists just like himself. He has established his own publishing company, and hopes to start a small music business, such as an indie label with a group of artists. Christian has a heart for


If God can use me to help change lives just by being an example of love and compassion, then I am doing my job. -Christian Rainville

promoting and influencing aspiring artists. Networking and relationships with those already in the industry is key to success as an artist. A book Christian insists to be a “must read” for anyone in the music industry is “The Heart of The Artist, ” by Rory Noland. The ministry of Christian Rainville serves to answer an important question: is CHORDS 30

an artist an artist because he makes music, or does he make music because he is an artist? The answer is obvious: what determines an artist is found in who he is rather than in what he does. Artists make music, not the other way around. It is true that when Christian Rainville gains even more recognition as an artist he will appear to be “new” to

those who have never heard of him. In reality he was an artist long before he even picked up a drumstick or guitar pick. God Himself has created Christian Rainville the artist, and he is just living out what God has already placed inside of him. “Let God be a part of your process,” Christian said. “He is the One who gave you your gifts and talents after all.” ∆



EASY GO By Rachel Lamb


hings unravel, they fall apart, and many times don’t go the way we planned. The truth is, it’s inevitable and no matter how hard we try to get around the bad times, they always come. When they do, our immediate response is to want to fix them. We analyze, diagnose, question and wonder how we can make our wrongs right. We want to talk it out so hopefully we can work it out. I have come to realize though, that when we try so hard at turning around those unpleasant situations they only seem to get worse. So what do we do?

My suggestion isn’t to ignore everything entirely, but maybe just keep it simple. If you’ve done something wrong apologize- no ifs or buts, just “I’m sorry.” If someone has wronged you, forgive them and move on. All the questions of why and how we want answered so

badly become the sacrifice we make, because what do they matter anyway? As the details blur and time passes away, we become okay again. I have found that some of the most complicated things we deal with can become so easy this way. It’s just as simple as that. ∆



Jaci Velasquez | Summer 2013 | Chords Magazine  

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