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We produce missions-focused television programs at home and engage in relief work with refugees, widows, and orphaned children in the Western Balkans.



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pring is one of my favorite times. The birds singing, the flowers blooming and the sun shining, is something that comforts my soul. Spring is sowing time in the context of nature. And with sowing, that implies that there will be a reaping season. Once sown, the seed must endure whatever comes its way in order to produce a harvest. God has been speaking to me a lot about endurance despite opposition. The purpose of our “doing good,” is for the reason that God says to do so. If He remains the reason, then we will not allow the opinions of others to weigh us down – even the opinions of those we care about. Galatians 6:9 says, “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” In the process of your season, it is important to remain pure in heart and righteous in action. With that intact, what naysayers think doesn’t really matter. In the beginning of Galatians 1:10 it asks the question, “For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God?” Now mind you, we must not forget to do what it says in Galatians 6:4, “But let each one test his own work.”

In Galatians 5:16, it also says to walk by the Spirit. If with right doing, people still oppose do not be sad. It is their loss. You are not doing good for their approval. In the end, God is the one to be glorified. Take heart, God always works things out. –That’s who He is… God. Love,

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Happiness beyond


By Juliane Lapidus



t’s late. Again. You were supposed to be in bed two hours ago but decided to just have a quick look at your Instagram feed. Before you know it, you are still up; glaring at your phone, swiping and tapping away, completely oblivious of the fact that midnight is long gone. You do not even remember how you got onto this profile of this girl you do not know, living in a city you have never been to, having more followers than you could ever dream of and living the life you have always wanted. Thoughts of comparison start to creep in.

Comparison can be a dangerous trap. Not only is it a thief of joy, it can also lead to feelings of envy, low self-esteem and depression. On the other hand, when we compare ourselves to the less fortunate, it can boost our ego and breed pride. Therefore, we need to take control of our thoughts and renew our minds daily, as Romans 12:2 states: “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.”

Everyone has a purpose and we were all created to fulfill a certain role. God has a specific plan for every single person and we cannot accomplish that plan by looking at others. Certainly, other people’s accomplishments can serve as a source of inspiration and growth, however everyone has to run their own race. No runner has ever won a race by just looking at his co-runners. They might serve as an incentive; yet, a runner has to stay focused on the goal in order to win the prize.

Even though we use social media as a tool to stay connected with friends, to network and to get inspire, we often end up comparing ourselves to people we might not even know. Psychologists talk about the so-called ‘social comparison theory.’ It states that we evaluate our personal worth based on how we stack up against others. As a result, we are constantly making selfevaluations and compare our achievements, our successes, our attractiveness and popularity to others. When you imagine yourself at the end of your life looking back at how you spent it, what When we study the Word of God, we read that would really matter to you? What accomplishcomparison has never led to anything good. ments would be important? What kind of perCain compared himself to Abel and killed him. son would you want to be? Let’s strive to be the Joseph’s brothers envied him to the point of best version of ourselves. conspiring to kill him, but God protected Joseph. Even Jesus’ disciples were thinking which of In the end, other people’s ‘perfect’ life is an ilthem might be the greatest to which Jesus re- lusion. What people present on social media is plied, “if anyone wants to be first, he shall be last often just an edited version of their realities: the of all and servant of all” (Mark 9:35). This is a perfect vacation in the most beautiful spot, the concept that we often seem to forget. Life is not perfect partner that looks like a supermodel, the about popularity, followers or likes. Jesus wants perfect body that seems to be flawless - the list us to get a different perspective on ourselves. goes on and on. However, nobody shares their frustration in their job or an argument they just We need to humble ourselves before the Lord. had with their partner right before taking a picJeremiah reminds us that “He is the potter, and ture of their ‘perfect’ dinner. Social media repwe are the clay.” Therefore, we need to change resents just one fragment of real life. Therefore our perspective by focusing more on Him, and as Steven Furtick says, let us not evaluate our less on ourselves. self-worth by comparing our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel. ∆



By Oksana Slade



avid Dunn, a contemporary Christian artist who takes his musical inspiration from Bono, released his newest album “Yellow Balloons” in February of this year.

His first album was released during his senior year of Texas Tech University where he majored in engineering. After this first album, he appeared on NBC’s The Voice, which gave him more publicity as an independent artist.

“My goal is to tell the truth and do it in a beautiful way. Also, to make sure my music is an extension of my existence; an honest look into my life as I toil to become more like Him,” he stated.

“I find that I pray most often when something is going wrong in my life. I find myself using God as a safety net instead of a constant support beam or a pillar of gratitude,” David shared. “I’m not sure how prayer specifically effects my songwriting, except to say it’s a part of my life and I “I’m passionate about my music because it’s write songs about my life.” my opportunity to make a difference. To create something that can actually change people for David describes his family as his biggest support the better. Creating something, playing it live, system and admits that balancing life with his and then watching it turn a room full of strang- career can be difficult. ers into confidants and friends is astounding. Art is the universal language, and bypasses all kinds “It is hard to have a normal existence when I’m of heart walls and scars to speak to the soul.” back home. You miss out on things because you’re gone. Even at my church, most people are He has been continually growing as a musician there doing life together and I have a hard time and is now signed to BEC Recordings. His mu- engaging and disengaging in that cycle.” sic is honest, upbeat with piano, synth, and pop sounds. His advice to aspiring artists: “You need to be 100 percent committed for good reasons. Many “I am trying to not tell people specific things people want to pursue music just to be famous. with my albums.” He shared. “I don’t want to Find something you care deeply about for good preach at people. I want people to get a glimpse reasons and go after that. If you have a reason into my life and the things I’m learning and slog- for doing music other then peer admiration, deging relate with me on my struggle cide what your thing is. That’s the first step. Are to chose life and recognize death for what it is.” you a singer? Guitar player? Producer? Writer? Pick your thing and then work. Become the best His honesty in his music is a direct reflection of you, you are capable of at your thing. Hone your his honesty in his day-to-day life. craft.”

the warrior By Dani Eason


hen we are unsure of God’s plan for us, discouragement will cloud our thoughts. We feel broken by our By Dani McDavid mistakes and swallowed by uncertainty. Today, culture tells us that we must see to believe. And when we don’t see, we leave. God puts people in our lives to influence and inspire us. To remind us that He is never far out of reach. We don’t have to know God’s plan, to be able to trust His way. Hannah Kerr never ran from culture, she influenced it. Driven by her passionate family and her local church, her leadership in ministry led her to be an inspiring artist seeking to bring people closer to Christ. But who influenced Hannah? Hannah Kerr’s family is her primary support system. As a young girl, she eagerly enjoyed watching them lead worship. Years ago, her parents’ leap of faith jumpstarted her musical journey. During a recent interview with CHORDS, she mentioned, “If my parents had never stepped out in faith and moved halfway across the country, I never would have had the opportunity.” Their move from Buffalo, New York to Nashville, Tennessee began a new chapter in Hannah’s story. Every day, her brothers and her parents influence her career as more than family, but as her best friends. Hannah’s new album, Overflow, inspires young girls to reject negativity. Hannah strives to be “light in a world that tell girls that they’re not good enough.” This world makes women feel inadequate, but Overflow says speak life into yourself. When you feel empty, just let your spirit overflow with God’s love. Hannah’s song Warrior pours out a message to listeners that “when you fall down, you’ll get stronger…” With God, we are equipped with God’s shield of faith to protect us. CHORDS 12

Upon asking what kind of advice would Hannah give to the seeds out there, waiting to sprout, she says one simple phrase, “bloom where you’re planted.”


Upon asking what kind of advice would Hannah give to the seeds out there, waiting to sprout, she says one simple phrase “bloom where you’re planted.” As a young girl, Ms. Kerr served faithfully in her church. She used what she had, to do what she could. Balancing her college and work life was not easy, but Hannah informed us that she truly believes that “the Lord has called her to do both.” When we are faithful with a little, God will bless us with so much more. Hannah Kerr motivates students and others to keep working, keep practicing, and to “continue fostering their craft….and the rest will fall into His plan.” And to also never stop praying. Hannah’s time with God benefits her songwriting deeply. Hannah Kerr reminds us “to be still” and let the Holy Spirit speak to us, as it does to her. There is no doubt that Hannah Kerr’s music will grow and evolve, all the while drawing people closer to God. God grants spiritual gifts to everyone and he uses people to spread his word.

Through Hannah’s music, God will strengthen and encourage others to become who He wants them to be. Because even a whisper is enough to remind us of His love. ∆ CHORDS 14

“If my parents had never stepped out in faith and moved halfway across the country, I never would have had the opportunity.” -Hannah Kerr



SHOULDERS By Andrea Graff



was three years old. Dad said we were going to build a new house in the country, so I begged him to take me to see where it was going to go. As he drove me out to the land, I could see the large oak trees and colorful wildflowers waving in the south Texas wind.

dad’s shoulders. Not only did it prove to me that he loved me and would respond to me whenever I needed him, but it also allowed me to see life from his perspective—a higher perspective.

From then on, at every soccer game, church event, or family game of kick the can (until we fell and I ate grass), Dad would hear a little voice yell, shoulduhs, daddy! And up I would go. (In fact, we still joke that he’ll walk me down the aisle on his shoulders!)

Here’s the truth: God knows way more about us than we know about ourselves. He always has and always will. He knows the change our hearts are truly looking for. If we will cry out to Him, and ask to ride on His shoulders, He will lift us up and carry us.

As I got older I started to realize something. This is who God wanted to be to me, too. He always Come on, Andrea. Let me show you where your loves me enough to respond to my cry for help. Like my dad did, He will always lift me up so that room will be, he said. I can see from His perspective—a higher perHe took my little hand and led me through the spective. tall grass. I tried my hardest to keep up, but finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I stopped, put Deuteronomy 1:31 says that just like a father on my famous pout, lifted my chubby little hands carries his child, so our Father God will carry us—through every part of our journey, no matand said, Shoulduhs, daddy. Shoulduhs. ter how rough. And as He carries us, we will be Dad couldn’t resist, so he propped me up on his able to see things from a higher perspective. shoulders, and we . . . or he . . . continued our trek into the woods. That day, I saw the plans That perspective will help us to see clearly. It’ll for our new house from a perspective I couldn’t guide us so that we aren’t distracted, but we can have seen without him. I could see my bedroom walk straight into the things He has planned for us. all the way from the kitchen!

Looking back, I know that there was something Do you need to be carried today? Call out to Him. special that caused me to love riding on my He always answers. ∆


KARI JOBE Influencing with a cause By Elizabeth Bovenzi



nd for this moment you planned ahead, that I would see your faithfulness in all of the green. ------ Grammy nominee and Dove award-winning artist, Kari Jobe, has invited us to seek out the serenity of God’s presence in her new album, The Garden. In recent weeks, she has taken time to share with CHORDS about this latest venture and her passion in music. Native of Waco, Texas, Kari has been leading worship at Gateway Church for over a decade. What contributes to the well of inspiration throughout the years.

Kari stated, “I pray a lot during the day about everything. I see it as an opportunity to talk to the Lord throughout whatever I’m doing. It’s the same in my songwriting. The songs flow out of my relationship with Him and I write lyrics just as I’d say them in prayer to God.”

This becomes evident when listening to her tracks. It’s difficult to not let the words flow and caress the wounded pieces of one’s spirit. 
“My goal is to write songs that help people say things to [Him] or pray things that they’re needing to pray.” Those struggling with the trials of life may find themselves carrying the world on their shoulders, metaphorically taking it out of the Lord’s hands. Kari hopes that through this album, listeners will take away the following important message: “God will help you through difficult experiences if you’ll let Him. In things that we experience and walk through, it can be really difficult and heartbreaking. But there can be a greater good that comes from it. Our faith can get stronger by allowing ourselves to trust God in all of it and see that He will turn it for our good, because He is good.”
 The title track, “The Garden,” speaks to the insecurity that we


face when reaching out for answers and reprieve from the depths of our souls. The death riddling inside disappears when that ground is made fertile in the midst of God’s presence and grace. As Kari sings, “I had all but given up, desperate for a sign from love... Then I saw the garden. Hope had come to me... I realized you never left, and for this moment you planned ahead. That I would see your faithfulness in all of the green.”

When we let down pride and allow Jesus to take what seeds of faith we may have left, He will demonstrate the power in His grasp to bring new life. “I love that I get to do music that inspires people and brings them hope.” While on tour, balancing work and home life becomes a delicate task. Currently, Kari is on a six-week stretch. To make it easier on the family, they have their own bus. She explained, “I get up and play with my baby and can cook for us. I try to make it feel like a bit of home with my own decor, bedding and pillows. It’s an honor and dream to travel and do music so I try not to complain on hard days, and just do something to get out of the bus and get fresh air.” When in need of a support system, her husband and church family are her greatest allies. Kari Jobe’s new record brings out a quiet fervor in its listeners, to seek God’s face. Soft melodies and soothing vocals transport them to foot of His throne in worship. ∆ CHORDS 20

“I pray a lot during the day about everything. I see it as an opportunity to talk to the Lord throughout whatever I’m doing. It’s the same in my songwriting.” -Kari Jobe


Just take A Nap By Randy Roopchan



f you are anything like me, a busy schedule, long hours and always having more to do is part of your routine. Any person with a type A personality loves the thrill of a schedule, and loves the feeling of accomplishing goals by the end of the day. Working a 50 hour week, reading, writing and praying are my objectives. If this doesn’t get done, then I don’t feel productive and can often go to bed feeling unaccomplished. The negative side to this personality type is that more than often these tasks and goals that are held over our head do not have a finish line; so we end up chasing and chasing only to burn out and fizzle.

We are actually commanded by God to rest! Now maybe when you read this passage you thought rest? Of course I’ll rest, but in light of everything I’ve stated in the aforementioned paragraph; it’s actually pretty easy not to rest. We are often so driven by productivity that we fail to give our body the rest and opportunity to recharge. Without this rest we bankrupt our ability to perform at optimal output. One of our purposes in life, deemed by our Creator is to work (see Gen. 2), but working without resting can have detrimental effects on our family, our physical body, our ability to produce and our relationship with God. Living from a state of unrest and performing from a place of being over-worked and overDifferent studies and statistics have been collect- stressed, lead to a more anxious, angry and selfed to affirm that Americans are actually work- ish version of you. ing longer hours than people in other countries. This can probably be attributed to a number of I understand that we all have things that need different things which may range from financial to be done and schedules that need to be fulneed, finding purpose in their jobs, having this filled and this is why rest is scheduled. God “work to feel accomplished” mentality or even didn’t advise us to rest when we get a chance; greed. Whatever your determinant may be for He commanded a day of rest where no work is striving towards goals, works and accomplish- to be done. The distraction to do, the desire coning tasks may be; the Bible has a command that tribute, construct and cultivate all the time can should redefine the way our schedule is set up. have adverse effects on the overall condition of your life. What are some ways that you bring One of the 10 commandments state (found in restoration to your physical and spiritual conExodus 20), “Remember the Sabbath day, to dition? Remember it can be so easy to overlook keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all this command but, I want to challenge you to your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath identify a day that you can hold your Sabbath; of the Lord your God. In it you shall do no work: let this be a place of peace, a place of restorayou, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your tion, whether that be alone or with your family, male servant, nor your female servant, nor your or even in quiet meditation. cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates. For in six days the Lord made the heav- Connect with God, recharge your battery and ens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, take on your week, at the top-level version of and rested the seventh day. Therefore the Lord you. A wise man once taught me, sometimes the blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it.” most spiritual think you can do is take a nap. ∆


one way conversations with Hollyn By Jennifer D’Agostino


ollyn has come a long way since her rise to stardom on American Idol. For one she released her debut album, One Way Conversations earlier this year, an album that tells her personal story.

While Hollyn did make her debut on the reality stage of American Idol, she started her singing career with guest spots on a couple of TobyMac’s tracks before she released her selftitled debut last year.

Born Holly Marie Miller in Waverly, Ohio, she grew up in the church; she was very involved in the youth group and choir. Music was her calling from a very young age, and she knew it was her duty to share her talent with the world.

“My goal with music is to continue to have fun and write songs that make people feel something. What I’m saying has to come across as genuine and honest,” said Hollyn. “Every day is a new opportunity to grow and take your choices with wide eyes and write about them. Nothing happens by accident, so I try to soak in every experience.”

“One Way Conversations is a project full of real life moments and vulnerability,” said Hollyn. “I hope people hear my heart and are impacted by what I’ve walked through and what I have to say.”

Her latest infectious pop record is Hollyn’s way of staying true to herself and exploring her identity as a Christian and musician.

“Music that lasts is music that strikes a nerve When she’s not touring or in the studio, Holwith people’s hearts and emotions,” said Hol- lyn keeps her self grounded through the peolyn. “Use your gifts to give glory to the Giver.” ple she surrounds herself with. She always puts her faith and loved ones above anything And emotion is what you get on Hollyn’s debut else. She makes it a priority to keep her perfull-length release. With songs like “In Awe,” sonal and music life balanced. and “Can’t Live Without,” there is no doubt that Hollyn is taking control over her career. This spring you’ll find Hollyn touring across Her lyrics are honest and are a testament to the U.S. As for the future, Hollyn plans to keep her personal relationship with her faith, it is following the path God has laid out for her. no wonder One Way Conversations is gaining traction on the Christian-music airwaves. “One thing people might not know about me is that I love to be adventurous and try new One Way Conversation peaked at No. 6 on the things,” said Hollyn. “But music has always Billboard Christian Albums list within weeks been a part of my life. I believe it’s a huge reaof its release. None of this success came with- son of why I exist. It’s embedded in me.” ∆ out hard work for the 20-year-old songstress.


TobyMac protégé, Hollyn has finally released her debut album One-Way Conversations


Waiting By David Krstevski



our season of “waiting”…. I’m sure just like me, you’ve heard about this topic in various phrases and contexts in your Christian walk with God. In instances where we are not sure on what to do, in certain years or moments of our lives, we get reminded by others to be “patient” or enjoy the “stillness” in the season of waiting. I get frustrated hearing this because it is highly abused in the Christian walk and I see to people’s own detriment they are waiting sometimes for 20 years and life goes by. Don’t be one that allows that to happen in your situation. Many verses in Scripture use this word “wait” in the context of waiting on the Lord. A popular one is Isaiah 40:31 where we read, “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk, and not faint.”

that thing we call a “relationship” with God. It also places our understanding in a position that the season of “waiting” and what God has for us are two separate instances, where really they are absolutely connected or even happening at the same moment. In any verse or portions of scripture in the Old and New Testament we see that this word “wait” has in its context words like “vision” or “inherit” or “find hope in” or even “lead” and “teach.” When looking from a simpler modern English perspective these are all “action” words. That shows to us that we are to do something during our time of waiting.

Before I get into the original Hebrew of the word “wait,” I think of our time of waiting as simply as our “thoughts” leading from one thought to another. Have you ever focused so intensely on a subject or assignment? That’s all you are consumed with and eventually the light bulb goes off? But it doesn’t go off right away. One thought Another one to keep in mind is Psalms 130:5 “I leads to the next, which leads to the next, which wait for the LORD, my soul doth wait, and in his leads to the solution. word do I hope.” Just like our thoughts and thinking, our God is Very attractive and very uplifting verses. Point a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. As blank, they encourage us and uplift our spirits. In you walk you get to the next stage in your life. A most cases even I in times past have read verses parked car will not go anywhere. If we do nothlike this throughout the Bible and took it as as- ing but “sit” and “wait” in the modern English surance that God will take care of me, His plan is understanding, we will always be disappointed of good report for me. He’s in control….Although in our walk in life and never reach our ultimate all of this is true viewing these verses in that purpose. perspective alone eliminates our partnership in 27CHORDS

Looking up the original Hebrew for the word “wait” we find the word qavah which is a verb. A verb we understand to be a word used to describe an action or occurrence. When you look into the root of the word “qavah” it means to “bind together.” It’s absolute, it’s connected also to the word “collect.” Which are both actions of strengthening and growing. That’s the key! As you do this in your life, only then will you be preparing with God to be catapulted to the next dimension of your life.

directly connected to the strengths that God has already given you. If you have been developing them through the years or not that’s your prerogative. He has equipped you with everything inside you that you need to fulfill His God dreams for your life.

Assess inwards to see what you have to do outwards. Only then will you know what to “stregthen” and what to “develop.” Take active hope in the Word of God, apply His teachings and live them out in every area of your life. We are tools for Christ in God’s Kingdom, but we must remain sharp in order to be of use. A dull tool is not used, it gets rusty and breaks down. Stay alert and prepared and you will be amazed at what you end up doing to expand God’s Kingdom and to contribute to society at large.

I think very often of kings throughout history. Even in modern times, nations during times of peace will build, will collect, and will gain strength. But that doesn’t happen without doing something. The kings of Israel would build their fortresses, their defenses, would train their armies, and would gather their crops during their seasons of “waiting” or peace. Bottom line as children of God we are called to be ambassadors of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20). The question for each of us to ask in our lives is The setting in which we do it is up to us. It could what are we to be building? As you can see in be on the mission field, at your work, or even in the example of kings they were building in line your own backyard. with their purpose; what they were doing with their lives. They knew what they needed to do For all of you saying that we must enjoy the because they assessed their situation. And upon “stillness” of the season of waiting here’s a nugassessment of their situation, they connected get for you. Even the word “stillness” in the anwhat their purpose was and then knew exactly cient Greek (hesuchia) used in the Bible is used what to do. as a noun which includes an inner tranquility that supports “appropriate action.” In order to know what to strengthen we need to know our purpose. That’s the big question right? As you begin to understand that the season of What is my purpose? The kings knew they were “waiting” is really a very active time in your life kings and knew their purpose, so they knew of strengthening, developing and binding towhat to strengthen. gether. Will you walk in the fullness of God’s victory and purpose for your life? ∆ I can tell you today that your purpose in life is CHORDS 28


By Randy Roopchan



f you are looking for an artist that provides that head-banging music that we all love, then look no further. Steven Malcom has hit CHH status with a recently released self-titled album Steven Malcolm. With a combination of thought-provoking lyrics and some of the most fire beats, Malcom produces music that his fans love.

bum, but when asked what role prayer played in his musical career, his reply was, “Prayer for me is something my mind body and soul need. Every morning I give thanks for waking up and pray the Lord guides my steps. For the music, it’s a way to ask God to speak life into the records; keeping God as much a part of the music as I am.”

Malcolm’s love for God and for music is what When asked about his greatest support system pushes him to create music efficiently and effecSteven said, “The fans. They’re the ones who tively. keep me going, keep the music growing and support what I do the most. I love them like crazy. When asked what makes him tick, his response It’s not easy to create something and give it to was, “The urge to know that the Gospel needs to the world, but the fans make it all worthwhile.” be spread, and that inspiration is needed for this younger generation. Knowing I’m walking in the As he leaves a footprint in the rap game, it seems Lord’s calling, and inspiring the world is what to be his first of many. Malcom states, “This is gets me up in the morning and drives what you my hello to the music world. With this album, I see onstage and on my projects.” want the world to know I’m here, that Jesus gets the glory, and that Christian Hip Hop is what I This passion and drive fueled by a desire to see the gospel extended to a generation that needs look to grow.” it, is all summed up in this statement. Malcolm Although, he has only been releasing music for asserts that his relevancy to the gospel and a few years, Malcolm was included in Rapzil- mainstream music is found in, “Just loving God. la’s Freshman 2016. The artist said that he had The Gospel boils down to two things; love God started doing music in his freshman year of col- and love people. My goal is to be like Jesus and lege and reports that, “Music became my outlet make dope music the world can love and appreciate. The glory of Jesus is my priority, so if that’s to escape life and become creative.” not the outcome I ain’t about it.” Creativity and passion are not lacking in this al31CHORDS


Kari Jobe | Spring 2017 | Chords Magazine  

Kari Jobe | Spring 2017 | Chords Magazine

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