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FALL 2011

DARA MACLEAN Word Records newest artist is No. 1 on the iTunes chart with hit single “Suitcases”

Dr. Mark Rutland President of Oral Roberts University shares his thoughts on music

Daniel D.

Hip-hop & classical violinist protege ready to take over the world 1 CHORDS

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hen I studied in college I had no idea that I would create a magazine that

could change a life, one reader at a time.That I would be continually running it year in and year out. I keep looking to the skies in amazement. God has given me the talent and skill to show the world that there is music that glorifies Him and retains a sense of purity that is lost in the industry today. For that I am thankful. I live for music. I mean... imagine your life without music. It would be a very lonely place. Music fills and inhabits the part of the soul that nothing else can. It brings out the fire-consuming passions of people in an expressed form called music. It is the pulse of emotions and its powers have been spoken of in the Scriptures. Musicians... use that power for the good of people. Here at Chords magazine we choose to present musicians that are influencing for the good. I know you will enjoy this Fall 2011 issue. Our cover story is Dara Maclean, a good friend of mine and recently a No. 1 hit on the Christian music and iTunes charts.

Sara Rozalina

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“Daniel’s violin performances have impressed the likes of Michael Jackson, Oprah and President Obama.”


Music Got Soul

daniel d

By Katie Williams



hen thinking of violins, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? I doubt that it’s a mix of hip-hop, R&B, or jazz. Daniel D., a young independent artist, incorporates many different styles of music and encompasses them to a whole new level through the violin; an instrument that has always been known for classical performance. Impacting people in ways beyond measure Daniel believes that his music, “Makes people stop and take a listen. They are always surprised at how a traditionally classical instrument could perform in such a contemporary way.” This just proves that no matter the stereotype almost anything can be used to reach the masses. Daniel has performed for the general public all the way up to the President of the United States, but his favorite venue would have to be the Internet. “I really enjoy performing my songs on YouTube and laying strings on someone’s creative beats,” Daniel said. “This way, I can express myself more naturally. It’s just me and the music.”


This sort of performance illustrates Daniel’s devotion to his work. Though it’s his livelihood, Daniel D’s music is more than just a money machine; it’s the expression of his soul. Independently producing his latest album Serenade, Daniel notes the difficulties that come with being an artist. Despite his popularity, there have been and still are bumps in the journey. One of Daniel’s greatest challenges is getting publicity. “Be careful to what and who you say yes to.”

His advice for rising independent artists, “Don’t expect it to all be easy. Be thankful for those who reach out to you with their support, by way of articles and interviews.” Also remember to, “Have a supportive team of people around you who are looking out for your best interest,” and, “Be careful to what and who you say yes to.” Recently, Daniel’s been working on finishing up another inspirational album, Praise through Music, including covers and some

“When I perform I am able to tune out the world and its issues.” -Daniel D.


“My music makes people stop and take a listen. They are always surprised at how a traditionally classical instrument could perform in such a contemporary way.” -Daniel D.

original compositions. With this, he hopes to tour many churches and promote the love of God as well as his upcoming album. Along with some secular pieces Daniel continues to express his belief in God through his music. “I really enjoy performing my songs on YouTube and laying strings on someone’s creative beats.”

Having gone on tour right out of high school Daniel never took the chance to further his education until recently. Currently attending a junior college, Daniel plans to CHORDS 10

transfer into a four–year school and get his major in mass communications. His creativity, unlike any other, enables Daniel to reach audiences of all faiths, cultures, and lifestyles. “…When I perform,” says the young musician, “I am able to tune out the world and its issues,” a principle that humanity would do well to learn. Making a profound impression on those who enjoy his music Daniel hopes, “that doors will open to reach an even greater number.” God has instilled an incredible gift in this young man who, since his childhood, has worked to hone, refine, and continually redesign his talents. Certainly his music speaks what words could never hope to say. Daniel D. got soul. ∆


what makes music

Christian or Secular? By Sara Rozalina


hat is considered Christian music and secular music? Is it defined by the message in the lyrics or the actual genre itself? What is appealing to the older generation is outdated and simply old to the new. However, what the young generation finds appealing sounds like chaos to the old… that is until it is accepted. It’s a process. The president of Oral Roberts University, Dr. Mark Rutland believes that Christian and secular instrumentation sound a lot alike. “Religion doesn’t make certain music wrong because it’s different,” Dr. Rutland said. “Every time there has been a major spiritual move in Christianity it was followed by a substantial shift in the music world.” There is a crossover between Christian music and contemporary culture. “Mozart never wrote a note of classical music in his life. It is classical now. It was contemporary then. He was a rock star in his own age,” Dr. Rutland said. “The expression of Gospel and hymns sounded like German beer hall music. It had a contemporary sound and it was reaching people for God. Fanny Crosby wrote Blessed Assurance, which sounded a lot like the Broadway stuff that was going on in her day. Society and music touch each other.” The older and the younger generation are both confined and rigid about their style of music and it’s hard for them to accept other genres. CHORDS 12

“People need to be more open to finding God’s presence in all styles of worship,” Dr. Rutland said. “If you didn’t feel the presence of God in the room, the problem may be in you because God inhabits the praises of His people.” Dr. Rutland sometimes has to face criticism for his open view and acceptance of the different genres in Christian music. “Religion doesn’t make certain music wrong because it’s different.”

“Because I’m surrounded by young people I want chapel to have young music. I’ve got over 3,000 young people in there. The worship is going to be young worship,” Dr. Rutland said. “For some older professors, this is considered controversial because I allow different styles, such as an urban mime team (like Urban Sent) dancing to hip-hop music, a jazz performance of Autumn Leaves or a soprano soloist singing opera.” There is strength in diversity and Christian music now splinters into different genres; identified by the place they’re produced. There is a common relationship in all genres of Christian music – and that is the spreading of the Gospel to mankind. Like Dr. Rutland said, “Religion is always the same it just changes clothes.” ∆

“Mozart never wrote a note of classical music in his life. It is classical now. It was contemporary then. He was a rock star in his own age.� -Dr. Mark Rutland President of Oral Roberts University


Fixing What Is Broken By Elizabeth Bovenzi


magine your house: clean, clear, and completely organized. After a month or so, you’ve grown busy and have not really had time to spruce up the living area. There are clothes thrown on the floor, dirty dishes in the sink, and books and papers stacked on furniture. It’s a little difficult to function, though it’s really more a bother that you indifferently bypass. A year rolls through, yet this small annoyance has become a hindrance to your daily tasks. Mountains of clothing, movies, books, unused exercise equipment, miscellaneous items too


delectable to not bring home. At this point, you can barely move around in your own house! “Life gets in the way and the menial tasks take the back-burner to abrupt circumstances.”

This scenario appears to be the appalling spiral of an unfortunate hoarder who doesn’t know or care anymore how to get

“The simple act of returning something to where it came from is a discipline which many in the world struggle with.”

they present themselves. Hence the arrival of explosive arguments, cluttered homes, overwhelmed individuals and obesity; along with the extra stress that each one of these bring. With more available time, a sensor seems to activate in our brains that says, “I can always start later.” The problem is, life gets in the way and the menial tasks take the back-burner to abrupt circumstances. Or, they are forgotten in the midst of a strict schedule. Pain and sadness along with other “negatives” are not emotions humans most readily enjoy. In fact, numbing them with pills and cold apathy has crept into the loose definition of health and sanity. The reality is, unless these feelings are processed regularly, they will come out with a vengeance. Rudimentary function will develop into a seemingly most dreadful chore. The solution is as easy as READing yourself: Recognize, Emote, Assess, and Discard. 1. RECOGNIZE which emotion you’re experiencing

2. EMOTE - feel the anger, sadness, guilt, loneliness, etc. Ride it out all at once

out. Though it isn’t you, of course. Not even possible... right?
Through my experience, it has come to my attention that this behavior not only manifests in the physical realm, but in the mental existence as well. The simple act of returning something to where it came from is a discipline which many in the world struggle with. During childhood, our parents and caregivers try their hardest to instill it in our hearts. However, it has become a dispensable habit. 
 What causes this phenomena? I believe that the lack of imminent threat encourage us humans to not deal with things as

3. ASSESS what happened that made you react in this way, what your part in the situation is, and what could have been done differently 4. DISCARD this emotion. Put it back where it belongs- out of your life

Do note, sorting through accumulated mess does take time, but in the end it will be worth having a clean house again. Take one issue at a time, to not consume yourself in the apparent vastness. You don’t have to go through it alone; God is always willing to be at his beloved’s aid. ∆


Dara Maclean unpacks her suitcases By Sara Rozalina


“Recently signed Dara Maclean climbs to No. 1 spot on the Christian Albums iTunes charts.”


“I have a huge heart for specific parts of Africa and the Asian culture is one that I’ve always been in love with since I was a little girl.” -Dara Maclean



he Texan beauty with blonde hair that falls perfectly in place in lustrous waves walks into the room with grace. Her piercing blue eyes look about with a purpose and vision of a person walking out her calling. Dara Maclean, recently signed to Word Records credits her parents in helping music become an integral part of her life. “Thanks to my parents, I grew up around music and ministry. When my mom was my age she was like a blonde Cher front man for an eight-piece show group in the 70s,” Dara said. “Fast forward years later, we still sit around as a family… and talk about how it can be used to reach people with the truth.” Growing up in a music-loving family Dara knew that music would be her expression of her love for people. “I grew up singing, dancing, acting and basically doing all things that pertained to performance. At 13 a friend gave me a guitar, but I consider my voice my main instrument,” Dara said. “I have taken voice lessons… however my biggest training ground was as a youth leader doing worship.” This is how Dara makes sure that music does not take precedence over her first and foremost love; her faith in Jesus Christ. “I am a lover of love, music, ministry and most of all, people. I come from a family that isn’t perfect, but couldn’t love or support me more,” Dara said. “I have parents that taught me about having a relationship with God and not religion.” Dara wanted to spread the truth of God through her music and getting signed to a major record label would help her spread the message to the masses. Dara finally got her dream to be a part of a major label. “I was 18 and wanted so badly to be signed. What I heard in my heart was ‘worship,’” Dara

said. “So I discovered how to be a worshiper. Little did I know that God was strategically setting up my future and it happened how I dreamed it would.” This past summer the release of Dara’s debut major-label album, You Got My Attention, was so successful that it hit No. 1 on the iTunes Christian Albums chart. The recording experience was an unforgettable one. “The process was an amazing one especially when you have a bigger pool of resources and an incredible producer like Ian,” Dara said. “Together we were able to create music and a sound that I had heard in my heart, but never in record form. I learned so much and I love being involved in every part of the studio process.” “Music is a powerful tool and we should never take our responsibility lightly.”

With her debut single Suitcases being a hit on the radio, Dara shares how she stays grounded amid the success. “It’s easier to stay grounded when you have friends and family around you,” Dara said. “I’m honored to be a singer and have the amazing opportunity to share the truth that has changed and impacted my life. I pray that it equally impacts those around me. They are the focus, not me.” Besides having people as an inspiration Dara uses her own experiences to help her in songwriting. “I was in a relationship that I had to walk away from and it left me broken. After going through it for a while, one day, I went into 19CHORDS

“I’m honored to be a singer and have the amazing opportunity to share the truth that has changed and impacted my life. -Dara Maclean


my room with my guitar and Bible and just said ‘Help God, free me from myself and this hurt.’ As I played, the line that came out was ‘Hurting heart and broken wings, cannot stop Your love from always finding me.’ That was the start of the song Free,” Dara said. “At the end of that song, my eyes were opened to the revelation of redemption and the fact that I’m not trying to be free. Through Christ and His sacrifice ‘I’ve been made free.’” Dara wants to spread this message of freedom to the world and one day plans to be more involved in missions. “I was 18 and wanted so badly to be signed. But what I heard in my heart was ‘worship.’” “I have a huge heart for specific parts of Africa and the Asian culture is one that I’ve always been in love with since I was a little girl,” said Dara. “I can’t wait to travel the world and get to see those beautiful faces. I’ve dreamed about that.” In the meantime, Dara is filling up her schedule performing across the country promoting her new album. Dara realizes the power of music and wants everybody to use this properly. “Music is such a powerful tool and we should never take our responsibility lightly. We are to use every opportunity to glorify God through the gifts He has given us,” Dara said. “Worship must be the very core of what we do, not as a genre, but as a lifestyle. Coming from that place, creativity will be tapped into, ultimate truth will be discovered and as it affects us, it will affect the world around us.” ∆ 21CHORDS

Grounded in Fame By Kristina Sue


n a vast fame-craving society people are showcased as perfect, beautiful, intelligent and downright angelic. As North Americans we love our celebrities to the fullest, engulfing our interests in their personal lives and intruding in their drama. To be famous means to be adored by millions and to have the overindulging pressure of being watched. How does one continuously stay grounded in fame? To become famous means to become a specimen who is adored and honored. The most important aspect of fame – knowing one’s self. As said by Angelina Jolie, “I’d go from film to film and almost detach from one world and jump in another. I was living as these people and not having a self. I didn’t know who I was. And things just get really dark.” Occasionally, even the greatest of people go through hardships and have to learn how to cope. Persevering to accomplish a goal is something to be admired. One way of determining a direction in fame is by choosing a CHORDS 22

side of morality or stance on life. When a person finds their direction, it makes it so much easier for others to follow their path. I mean how many people like to get directions from a person who has no idea what they are talking about? Not me. How many people crave fame? To many it is their sole desire to be loved by the masses. So how does one become famous? Ashton Kutcher a well-grounded actor says, “I don’t believe that old cliché that good things come to those who wait. I think good things come to those who want something so bad they can’t sit still.” This translates into action. A celebrity is someone who has poured their whole heart into a dream. It takes a lot to be a celebrity; but all great artists were put into that position because of one word: perseverance. A dream is very powerful, but a person’s dreams can only take them as high as they are willing to work. When someone chooses a direction and finds who they are, they can never be failures. To stay grounded in fame, one must be someone worthy to be famous. ∆

Guests include:

podcast with Caleb Perkins

Marvin Sapp Kierra Sheard Da’ T.R.U.T.H. Kari Jobe


Know your

next step


By David Krstevski


ave you ever been lost and in need of guidance for a crucial decision? Have you been looking for the next step to your life? Well it’s time to stop worrying because in 2 Timothy 3:16-17 we read that Paul stated, “Everything in the Scriptures is God’s Word. All of it is useful for teaching and helping people and for correcting them and showing them how to live. The Scriptures train God’s servants to do all kinds of good deeds.” The Bible is God’s word to us here on earth. He lays out His commission for us and there are many practical instructions that we should follow. A lot of what God has for us is plainly revealed in His Word. The Bible is full of general, but very key principles. We face specific decisions everyday but as long as we are putting forth a conscious effort to apply His principles in our lives, we can always expect Him to help guide us in a delicate decision. In Proverbs 3:5-6 we are told how this will be assured, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, CHORDS 24

and he will direct your paths.” However, God does expect us to use our intelligence. In 1 Chronicles 12:32 we read that the tribe of Issachar “knew the times” that they lived in and as a result were successful. We need to apply practical knowledge in the situations that we face. Yes, God will protect and guide you, but if you put on a t-shirt in the middle of winter it’s hard to say that you won’t get a cold. God says in Psalms 32:8, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.” But then it goes on to say in verse nine, “Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle.” If we abide in God He will abide in us and God will give us wisdom to know right from wrong. Can you hear your parents calling your name or giving you instructions if you are not near them? It’s the same way with God. We need to keep digging into His Word daily for instruction and guidance. So listen to the Word and do it. ∆

By Rachel Lamb


Speak Now

veryone has an opinion, which means everyone has something to say. Even when we all might see, hear, and do the same things, we each have our own lenses, filters, and motivations. Regardless, the point is no matter what it might be, we all have our own perceptions of how we identify with the world and one another. However, it seems to me that more times than not, the only time we speak our mind is when we are not satisfied. Almost never do we share our opinions when we are content. Is it that we are only propelled to action

when we are stirred by conflicting beliefs? Sometimes I think we speak and act to defend, but at what point are we just being negative? I’ve learned over the years no matter how much you do for people, no matter the level of success you reach, and no matter how genuine you try to be, people are always going to find ways to pick you apart. While the negativity speaks through megaphones, the positive lays dormant, content in the silence of the multitudes. If we could only learn to speak when we were happy with things, how much different of a picture would be painted? ∆

Rachel Lamb, is the daughter of Marcus and Joni Lamb of Daystar Network. Rachel is currently a student at Oral Roberts University.

To follow Rachel’s Blog online visit her website at: 25CHORDS

“T.D. Jakes said, ‘God won’t bless something we won’t do.’ So I just have to get out there start doing it and not just talk about it.” -Brian Nhira


Brian Nhira

worship as a lifestyle By Lexy Washington


lessings, gifts, and talents are flowing rapidly throughout the corridors of Oral Roberts University as today’s generation of passionate young leaders reach far above and beyond the goals and dreams of their parents, and run with them. Brian Nhira, a current ORU student from Tulsa, Oklahoma, knows that in order to fulfill his passion, he has to answer God’s calling of traveling the nations and ministering to the hearts and souls of the lost - via his outstanding vocal abilities. As a sophomore majoring in communications and minoring in worship, Brian already has one single out named Dream On, released in July and is currently working on another. Here is what Brian shared with us when inquired about the past, present, and future of his music career.

of voice lessons, getting involved in musicals, and singing in different places around Tulsa. I got a few opportunities to go to Zimbabwe with my parents’ ministry and was able to sing a lot while I was there. Q: Did you lead worship at your local church or the church you attended growing up? A: Well, my father is a missionary, so we were always on the road and moved around from church to church often. We had a home church, but only went there maybe twice a year. But I would have many opportunities singing specials before my dad got up to speak in services.

Q: If I asked you for one word to describe your view on the music ministry, what would it be? Q: What is the background of your music min- A: Important… would be that word. It’s important because we are really ushering istry? Do you have a family of musicians? people into the presence of God as worship A: Well, my dad is a missionary evangelist. He started when I was around four and that’s leaders. And I really see it as being more than just a worship leader because while we are kind of when they stuck me on stage, and so singing, people are being moved and inspired that’s how I got started out. I really got serious about it when I was a freshman or sopho- by the spirit of God. I want my ministry to be a source of hope, healing, and restoration. T.D. more in high school and started taking a lot 27CHORDS

Jakes said, “God won’t bless something we won’t do.” So I just have to get out there and start doing it; not just talk about it.

Q: Do you have a mentor, someone that you look up to and can confide in for counsel and wisdom? A: Yes, actually, Dexter Sullivan took me under his wing and I learned a lot from him, and still do. We are now like best friends, CHORDS 28

brothers even. He is such a wise man of God and is always sowing into the lives of others.”

Q: What is your view on secular music, both provocative and not provocative? Hip-hop as a whole? A: I personally don’t listen to secular music, because I know that I have been delivered from it. Now I fill myself up with positive

“I really see it as being more than just a worship leader because while we are singing, people are being moved and inspired by the spirit of God. ” -Brian Nhira

A: Well, I kind of just walked into them as a young child being put in front of audiences. However, as I grew older, God started giving me visions of where he wanted me and people started speaking into my life.

Q: Do you have a vision that contains goals you would like to meet. If so, what are a couple of them? A: Yes, definitely. I believe God has given me a voice for our generation, to heal a broken world. That is my major goal in life.

Q: What would you say is the most powerful music ministry that you have heard or seen done? A: I love Kari Jobe so much. I saw her live for the first time this summer and she is so anointed, and she sings with such power. You Are For Me is one of my favorite songs of hers.

Q: Where do you see God taking you in the next ten years of your ministry? Is music the only aspect of it? A: All over the world! I believe that the music is just the vehicle that will get me there but I don’t believe that is all that God will have me do. I am not a preacher, but I can speak whenever I am led by the spirit. If ever, I would be singing and the Holy Spirit interrupts with something to say. Also, I believe that God has put in my heart the gift music that’s talking about the One that I love of prophecy and I am very open to receiving and serve. Overall, I believe Hip-hop has the gift of healing as well as I travel the naevolved into something that I don’t think it tions. was intended to be. However, I do like Hiphop… Christian hip-hop such as Lecrae and Q: When you hear the word leadership, what Da’ T.R.U.T.H.. comes to mind? How does it play out in your life? Q: Did you start out with a vision or did you A: Leadership to me is much more than just just walk into your gift unknowing of what’s position. I think leadership is living and in store for the future? operating at a standard that is higher than


Brian Nhira is an ORU student majoring in communications and minoring in worship.

average and a leader works to bring others up to that standard or higher. I also believe leadership is a mindset. As for leadership in my life, I like to say that I lead as I’m led by Christ.

Q: Are you currently working on any projects such as, another single, or an album? A: I am working on a single that will be released in January called It’s Time. It’s inspired by and dedicated to the youth of Zimbabwe. It will be the theme song for the Q: What is one of the greatest successes and 2012 Hope for All Nations Youth Conferfailures in your life-journey so far? ence next summer. I’m also working on an EP called Hope, however, that project is still A: My greatest failure is forgetting that being prayed on and planned out. ∆ God has given me the gift that I have. My strength would be that I desire the anointing more than anything. Just like Jacob I To learn more about Brian Nhira visit his website or check out wanted that double anointing, that triple anointing even. Brian Nhira Music on Facebook. CHORDS 30

Life seemed perfect... until it was destroyed by addiction. Wings of Freedom: a Christ-centered, sober-living community restores lives broken by drugs and alcohol. It is not too late to take your first step to freedom.



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