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Big Fish Lake Association

Spring Newsletter SPRING 2010


Healthy Lakes and Rivers Partnership Program (HLRP)

Members of the Association Board recently spent two evenings training how to be good leaders, how to update the Lake Management Plan, and further where to apply for money to achieve success. The training was put on by Central MN Initiative Foundation with donations from various agencies. Part of the HLRP process is to host a visionary session. This was last done

in the fall of 2002. Members have changed, but basically the vision has stayed the same. There is renewed interest in completing projects. To do this and more we will need to hear from all of you. A visionary session will be held on August 14th, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. American Legion - Cold Spring. It seems a lot of members are gone by the beginning of September. More information on this will be forthcoming.

Special points of interest:  June 12th BFLA Meeting  Loon Update  Water Testing Results  Membership Drive  New Website

Save The Dates:  Spring Meeting: Sat., June 12th 10AM, Collegeville Township Hall  Visioning Session: August 14th 2010, 9AM, Cold Spring American Legion  July 4th Boat Parade, 2pm Daniel’s Bay

Our Precious Loons by Jim Sand Shared Ownership. If there is one thing I have learned being on the Board of BFLA is that when a project is supported by all, success follows. The foundation of the loon nesting program goes back to the Kilmore's who

built the loon nests and took care of them in the early years. I have been setting the nests up and bringing them in for the past two years. Our success last year was shared by all; we shared in the joy of watching the young ones survive and grow. This

shared experience needs to continue with reminders to our friends - who boat on the lake - to be aware of the loons and to give them the needed space on the water for their safety. Shared Ownership brings shared pride. The joy of our loons will be the centerpiece of the Annual Meeting June 12th. Pam Perry of the DNR will be our guest speaker and she will be presenting a loon slide show. Our time with her will fly. Just a quick update on our Loons for those who have not had the chance to spend time on the lake yet. All 3 nests are on the water in the same

general location as last year. We have 2 nesting pair of Loons and they each have 1 new chick. We have a lone Loon that is spending most of his time calling for a mate. It would be nice if he finds one and takes over the 3rd nest. Now it is up to nature and for us to enjoy its beauty.

Now the bad news - sort of - the next few weeks are the most critical for the young ones, please do whatever you can to encourage friends who use the lake to give our Loons as much space as possible.

SUCCESSES OF 2009/2010


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President Rena Weber Support your Lake Association! Join your Lake Association!

Lake Association Dues

Your lake association board has held six board meetings during the past twelve months!

At the fall meeting of 2009, association members voted to set the annual dues at $25.00 per year. The dues are payable at the 1st of the year. Right now we have people paying at various times and it‟s difficult to keep track of it. The Board is looking at on-going projects that will cost money. I will address those in the budget.

New projects & activities:

         

Collaborated with local farmers to reduce run-off. 24.2 acres of the Hammond family farm will be in a 10 year set-aside starting Fall of 2010. Working with a number of lake owners on shoreline restoration into native grasses. Initiated fundraising for water quality projects; grants are being actively pursued. Working with DNR for vegetation mapping. Collaborated with DNR on the boat landing upgrade and raingarden installation. Association members trained for and are implementing new water quality testing Successful loon program maintained. Initiative Foundation lake association training for lake management plan; related grants of $10,000 approved. Monitored the Alexander point development plan to keep water quality issues in the forefront. Encouraging township to address lake road parking issues. New website and email newsletters capabilities instituted for interactive communication with members and lake residents. Cost savings as newsletters transition to email.

The Board wants to build on the sense that we really are a community. Look for events such as the fund raiser, possibly a summer picnic, Thursday night rides around the lake, and for sure the 4th of July Parade. I have learned that if you say the parade is always on the 4thand it starts at 2 p.m. - Daniel's Bay eventually people get used to it. Where is Daniel's Bay? Well, that is on the SW side of the lake, around the corner of Alexander's point, and nowhere near the old main beach. This is not organized, and a traveling trophy is the prize coveted by anyone who gets it.

As I‟m sure you‟re all well aware, printing costs can be expensive. Please contribute to a greener, more convenient means to receive the Big Fish

Lake Association Newsletter via email! Sign up on the Big Fish Lake Association website at www.mnwaters.org/ bigfishlake

New Big Fish Lake Association Website Big Fish Lake Association has a new website hosted by the nonprofit MN Waters, an organization dedicated to Minnesota lakes and rivers. You can access it directly or by using the link from the Minnesota

Waters webpage. Our old site will also redirect you to the new page. As we move forward with this ongoing project you may find some pages not up and running; we are working on this and ask for your understanding. BFLA would like to thank Mary Schramel and her students who set up and maintained our old website. Their work over the years is greatly appreciated.

Visit the new site at: www.mnwaters.org/ bigfishlake

Fundraising FUND RAISING: This committee is planning some activities that will include young and old. We are hoping to gather people who live on the lake for a social activity (maybe a pig roast) where we can gather and get to know one another better. Time and place to be announced. We are in the process of getting greeting cards printed that will reflect the loon theme of our lake and logo. These will hopefully be for sale at the spring


represented in the book.

Another activity is creating a cookbook with recipes from Big

T-shirts and sweatshirts with the lake's logo may also be available. There also has been a suggestion to have a huge lake garage sale, with members donating items.

Fish "lakers". This is in progress. Please bring recipes to the spring meeting so that you can be

The committee is looking to increase its membership and will welcome any volunteers who would like to be involved. If you are interested please let one of our board members know.

Wetland Alleyway On October 20th, 2009, a three judge panel filed their decision that the legal attempts to restore the alleyway off of Hidden Cove Road back to a wetland were denied. This ruling is contrary to the BFLA position that the land in question would better

serve the lake and its water monies directly or indirectly quality if it were restored in the effort. back to a wetland and public access at this point was elimi- Jim Sand nated. Throughout the long history of this legal battle the BFLA has always supported restoring this land, however, the BFLA has not spent any

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Our Board 2009/2010 Rena Weber Jim Sand Matt Peters Fr. John Brunner


President Vice President Treasurer Secretary

Byron Bjorklund Bill Schnettler Mark Backes Linda Eich Des Jardins Peter Fandel

10:00 A.M. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Call to order Quorum declaration Approval of minutes Treasurer's Report Secchi Dish Report Guest Speaker - Pam Perry - DNR "Loons" Updates: HLRP Grant A. Curly leaf pond weed mapping B. Working with area farmers C. Shoreland restoration projects 9. Visioning Session reminder 10. Election of Officers 11. By-Law Change 12. Other Business

Board Board Board Board Board

Recent Water Testing Results At last summers Lake Association meeting it was decided to pursue water testing of runoff and the lake water in general. I was put in charge of the project. We compared prices and decided to work with RMB labs out of Detroit Lakes, MN. RMB trained me on sampling technique and storage and transportation. On March 13, 2010 I went out with Allen Schmitz to collect four samples of the major runoff areas to the lake. We collected snow melt and rain runoff at what was close to the

peak flow time. The results as reported by the lab were not anything to be happy about. The Phosphorus coming from Long Lake Inlet was the least concentrated but still about twice the level of what we find in our lake in the summer. RMB told me this could be expected in a Spring run-off event. We will compare this data to other data the DNR has. This one day data collection suggest a concern for what further actions can be taken at the Rearing Pond

since it was the most concentrated with phosphorus and in my estimation was flowing more water than the other three sites combined. We will have more results to share at our June meeting. Bill Schnettler

Here are the results: Inlet from Long Lake: N.W. inlet by Schnettler: East inlet by Peters: N Rearing Pond:

Total Suspended Solids 2 mg/l Total Suspended Solids 5 mg/l Total Suspended Solids 4 mg/l Total Suspended Solids 3 mg/l

Phosphorus 0.054 mg/l Phosphorus 0.356 mg/l Phosphorus 0.247 mg/l Phosphorus 0.433 mg/l

Flow was light Flow was light Flow was light Flow was heavy

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Annual Dues — $25.00 One paid membership covers an individual (1) vote, or Family/Couple/Organization/Business (2 votes) for one calendar year Jan. 1 to Dec. 1. Dues are not tax deductible. Thank you for your support of the BFLA. Comments: ______________________________________________________________________ Involvement in the BFLA assists in assuring this continued enjoyment. Please visit our website at www.mnwaters/org/bigfishlake to see all activities in which the BFLA is involved. Please contact (Volunteer Board Member Names/#s) if you would like more information.

 

All your (adult) family and friends that share our great lake‟s experiences with you. Businesses you frequent for fishing, boat service, beverage, food, lawn care, supplies, etc.

Our lives are already “too busy.” In contrast, the sunrise/sunset boat cruises, roasting marshmallows, tubing fishing, swimming and quiet times with our families and friends enjoy at “Big Fish Lake” are priceless!

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Big Fish Lake Association Newsletter - Spring 2010  

Updates for this spring including letter from President Rena Weber, new Big Fish Lake Association website, E-newsletter signup, Fundraising...

Big Fish Lake Association Newsletter - Spring 2010  

Updates for this spring including letter from President Rena Weber, new Big Fish Lake Association website, E-newsletter signup, Fundraising...

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