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October 2009

Pink is the new Orange

Swine Flu and how to avoid it! Page 3 Kara Inglis Staff Reporter

Halloween on a budget! Page 5

To ink, or not to ink? That is the question Page 6

don’t know that October is also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The month of October is most commonly known for the This year is the 25th year beginning of fall, pumpkins, of National Breast Cancer and Halloween. Most people Awareness Month. The purpose of dedicating an entire

A History of the “Dead”

Williams Gilbert Entertainment Editor

Terror has been redefined in the film industry over the past 25 years by classic horror director, Sam Raimi. His films are filled with grotesqueries, such as someone cutting their own hand off with a chain saw (‘Evil Dead II’) or when a girl plagued by an old gypsy curse spews gallons of blood from her nose (‘Drag Me To Hell). These savage, but comedic scenes, are what defines the unique style of Sam Raimi.

His first and most famous film is ‘The Evil Dead’. To raise money for the production of this film, Raimi and his childhood friend, Bruce Campbell, wrote the screenplay for a short film named ‘Within the Woods’. Raimi directed the short movie and Campbell acted out the main role. This movie introduce ‘Ash’, the hero to-be in ‘The Evil Dead’.

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month to breast cancer is to increase awareness, raise funds for research, and support those affected by breast cancer. To kick-off Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Lady

Canes and the Noles joined together in their secondannual Volley for the Cure match. In this match both schools traded out their school colors for pink. Junior Varsity was the first to play in the match. The Canes beat the Noles 25-12 in the first game and 25-20 in the second. When it came time for varsity to play, the Noles beat the Canes 25-12, 25-23, and 25-20. This was the first time in 4 years the Noles beat the Canes at the varsity level. Another event supporting the cause this month is Susan G. Komen 3-day walk in Tampa. This event takes place October 31 through November 1. The walk is 60 miles. It starts at Sand Key Park and ends at Spa Beach. All money raised from this event benefits Susan G. Komen and the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund.

B.J. Daniels makes an impact for the Bulls

Ace Sanders Staff Reporter

New USF bulls quarterback B.J. Daniels has made excellent strides for the bulls, leading them to some great wins this season. One being over Syracuse university and the once top 25 ranked Florida State Seminoles, where he rushed for 126 yards on 23 carries and passed for 215 yards and two TD’s. Daniels also led the bulls to there first conference win in the big east against Syracuse University where he passed for

208 yards and two TD’s. Some people believe that he is the future face of the program and I wouldn’t doubt that by the way he’s stepped in and played for the bulls. The coaches and fans seem to have taken a liking to the new quarterback and leader of the offensive side of the ball. The fans love the excitement he brings to the field almost every time he touches the ball. Some compare him to a younger version of Mike Vick or Tyrod Taylor because of

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Girls in shorts, chasing a ball! Page 7 Photo courtesy

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News Club updates Maureen Mida Staff Reporter As school settles in, clubs are just beginning! Meetings, fund raisers, and activities are all things to look forward to when joining a club. A few clubs in particular that have events going on include: Z-club, Key club, foot lighters (drama), HOSA and Spanish club. Z-club, advised by Mrs. Aragon, is currently raising money for the SOLVE maternity home. Throughout the entire year, baby bottles will be around the school to collect loose change for the SOLVE house. The club's goal is to raise $30 in loose change per baby bottle. Z-club will also do clean ups and host movie and game nights. All help and support is needed from all students and staff to help the Z-club reach their goal. Drama club is having their first performance December 3rd and 4th. Don’t miss out on the last chance to see a Manatee High Foot lighters perform before they have to relocate to a new stage! See Ms. Gardiner in room 385 to find out more about the performance and future auditions. HOSA and Z-club will be going to the Hundsaders Farm for their annual pumpkin festival. HOSA will be volunteering for the Buddy Walk, which benefits children with Down’s syndrome. Z-club will be attending to help out with booths and festivals games. For more information, visit Festival dates are October 24th and 25th from 9 a.m. To 5 p.m. Key club is a service club, so its main focus is getting hours for community service. Every Friday they pick up recycling, which includes bottles and papers. Saturday mornings they clean up at the Howkins stadium and help out at the Wildcats field by helping park and working at the concession stands. STAND (Students Taking Action Now Darfur) is a club whose goal is to help raise money for comeback Genocide in Darfur and to be able feed and clothe the refugees. Right now they are working on recruiting new members, preferably juniors and under because the club currently consists of seniors about to graduate. On November 1st they will take part in and host the concert Live ’09. This concert has local artists, including about 10 Manatee High students. If you are interested or want to find out more about it, talk to Mr. Metallo in room 836 or come to the meetings held every other Wednesday after school. Last but certainly not least, Spanish club is off and running this year. There are meetings every other Thursday at a local coffee shop called Lov A Da Coffee on Cortez Avenue. For more information about the club and activities, talk to Mrs. Fishers, room 321 or Mrs. Boone, room 239.

Manatee High Z-Club: Impacting lives of women and children Jerica Ortuno Staff Reporter

giving birth. What the Z-Club does to help these teens and women include: The baby bottle fund raiser, They’re known for impacting the as you will notice Z-Club memlives of women and children. They bers with baby bottles throughout dedicate hours to help those less the school year collecting money fortunate. The Z-Club has been or loose change which helps the changing people’s lives for years. But maternity home financially. the Manatee High School chapter of the Z-Club hasn’t always been steady. Just three years ago, Ms. Aragon volunteered to be the head advisor. When Ms. Aragon took over the Z-Club initially, it was disorganized and unprepared. They had no purpose or mission statement. The Z-Club has gone from zero to a hundred in just a few years thanks to not only Ms. Aragon but to the students involved in making change. One of the biggest activities throughout the year involving the Z-Club includes SOLVE Maternity Homes, helping young pregnant women and teens get back on track and to the right place after

The Z-Club also holds movie nights for the pregnant women. It gives the club members an opportunity to bond and interact with them. For those who feel lonely and abandoned, this also boosts their self esteem. Even though it mainly targets issues of women and children, the

Z-Club also helps those less fortunate in our community. The club will hold food drives for Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen and the Salvation Army of Bradenton, which are in need of donations. Doing this will feed many families who are feeling the hardships of the

Cane Pride never dies, but did it ever start living? Jaina Patel Staff Reporter School spirit is a must when it comes to showing pride for your school. But does Manatee have any at all? During homecoming week students were asked to dress according to different themes such as: “First Mate Monday” or “Tackle Box Tuesday.” But when taking a look around the courtyard, it was obvious that most did not do as suggested. So the question remains, does Manatee have school spirit? “We should be proud of our school,” said Sarai Mijares, a junior. “It’s one week out of the whole school year, just do it!” Cheerleaders, as well

as Student Council members were required to dress up. Basically, unless they were told to, many students chose not to dress up. Others blame the themes for different days.

“It should be fun and exciting,” said Bianca Coleman, a junior, who didn’t dress up because of the “lame” themes. “I think they should be inventive like twin day or

If only cane bride burned as bright as this homecoming bonfire

tacky day.” On Friday, the theme was “Into The Blue” where students had to wear blue in order to get into the pep rally. Just like earlier this year, many kids dressed in the assigned color in order to get into the pep rally. It seems when there’s an incentive to dress up, kids are more than willing to oblige. For the students who dressed up everyday, it’s not a question of whether Cane Pride is alive or not because to them, it always has been alive and will continue to thrive through them, and students like them, for years to come.

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Swine Flu Announcement: Vaccination on the way Zach Evans

News Editor The swine flu has been ravaging countries throughout the world for the past few months. Hope, however, may be on the way in the form of the H1N1 vaccine,

scheduled to be available this month. Health officials are stressing the importance of receiving this vaccine, and despite some heated debate about the safety of this vaccine, they remain adamant in their resolve that everyone receive it. Even though the scheduled release

of the shot is planned for the end of October, the method in which students will be issued the vaccine, or if they will be issued it at all is still under construction. One possibility is that the vaccine will be made available at schools, and students, with a parent consent form, will be

Seven handy dandy Swine flu tips! able to receive the vaccine here from specialized nurses. As of now, the vaccine is planned to be free. School officials are still determining whether this will be available at Manatee. Swine flu contains genes from swine, bird and human flu viruses although the flu spread among pigs differs from the one spread among humans. Swine flu spreads like the regular flu. You can pick it up from airborne droplets from a cough or sneeze or by touching a contaminated object. It is arguable that the effects of swine flu have been blown out of proportion as it is just as lethal as the normal flu. That being said, the normal flu still sucks, so check out our list of swine flu tips to avoid the spread of this evil, disease.

1.Stay home if you are sick 2.Contain your cough 3.Wash your hands frequently 4.Use hand sanitizer frequently 5.Avoid crowds 6.Avoid close contact with sick persons 7.Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes if you have gone awhile without washing your hands

Important upcoming dates -First Day of Second Quarter October 27th -SAT Testing November 7th -Veterans Day, No School November 11th -Mr. Sugarcane Show November 14th -Thanksgiving Break November 15-27th -ACT Testing December 12th

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Manatee’s radest rides

Macohi 20092010 Staff

Brittany Kersey Staff Reporter

Editor in Chief: Alex Henry

The school parking lot has a wide variety of cars, big ones, small ones, trucks, cars, vans, and even one motorcycle. Some are loud and bumpin’, some are jacked-up, and some are small and quiet. Here are some of the fastest, loudest, coolest cars, and trucks at “the” Manatee High School. Chris Arrigo drives a black 2005 mustang coupe. The mustang has an all red interior. It also has great gas mileage with 22 miles to the gallon. Word around school is that Arrigo has taken it up to 135 mile per hour. Katie Johnson drives a white lifted 2003 Kings Ranch F250 4x4. It is what we would like to call a gas hog with a pitiful 9 miles to the gallon. Ms. Johnson said, “95% of the time I drive the Kings Ranch, but when I’m low on cash I drive my Toyota Corolla” Dustin Johnson drives a 1998 dark blue Dodge Ram 1500 4x4.It is jacked up with a big Fox Racing sticker on the rear window, he also only gets 9 miles to the gallon but it’s a price he’s willing to pay for such an awesome truck.

Features Editor: Cody Hughes News Editor: Zach Evans Sports Editor: Courtney Bristow

Entertainment Editor: William Gilbert Staff Reporters: Eleni Blair Vanessa Cruz Alexis Elliot Joshua Freed Jacob Hoss Brittany Kersey Kimberly Mays Shanice Mays Maureen Mida Jerica Ortuno Jaina Patel Ace Sanders Sarah Shook Savanah Bounds Chris Callahan Heather Greene Savanah Hendrickson Kara Inglis Taylor Lidge Marla Masters Kynneth Paulin Ryan Taylor Kelsey Torrick

Halloween Horror Nights vs. Howl-O-Scream Cody Hughes Features Editor Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights and Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream are in constant competition each year over which one can be the scariest. Having been to both this year, I can safely say that Halloween Horror Nights is once again the winner. Universal Studios has two important things that Busch Gardens does not, the massive amounts of money that their movies generate each year (allowing the company to build much grander, more technical haunted houses) and also the rights to the aforementioned movies, allowing them to create horrific real-life imaginings of the most popular series of all time (this year’s Saw, Wolfman, and Child’s Play).

The best house by far was Saw, especially if you’ve seen the movies and understand the basic theme. It draws from each of the five already released films, giving you a glimpse into each one as you pass through the house. The

finale is especially exciting, disorienting you with a strobe light before unleashing six different actors onto you. Another impressive house was Ripped from the Silver Screen, which takes the best parts of sev-

eral films, including Phantom of the Opera, My Bloody Valentine, The Thing, and yes, even the final bar scene in Shaun of the Dead. The downside of Horror Nights is obvious. Due to the popularity of the park, the crowds are usually much bigger than Howl-OScreams, with the most popular house (Saw) taking seventy five minutes to get to. Busch Gardens on the other hand, had almost no waits, although the houses were not as intricate or terrifying. All things considered, Horror Nights is definitely the way to go. The lines are long, but worth it, the houses are much scarier and based on movies we know and love, and the price is only ten dollars more than admission into Busch Gardens. So if you can handle the drive, and little bit of extra money, Horror Nights is definitely the way to go.

October Horoscopes Provided by Compiled by Eleni Blair

Aries: Look Both Ways Four planets in relationship-oriented Libra keep you focused on everyone but you this month. Now is the time to find some much-needed balance as you learn more about successful cooperation and reevaluate your relationship to the world. Taurus:On-the-Job Training The emphasis is on redefining and expanding your professional life this month. Nevertheless, it's all for naught if you don't take a break once in a while -- rejuvenation is an essential factor in maintaining good health and productivity. Gemini: Taking Fun Seriously If you felt pushed to your limits last month, you now have time to catch your breath and integrate the recent changes. You're now free to entertain new ideas and learn fresh ways to interact with others. Cancer:Security Conscious Insecurity and impulsiveness may threaten you this month; still, it's important to push past the status quo and into new territory now. Leo:Endings and Beginnings If money is tight these days, October may prove to be a transition that lightens your worries. Where relationships are concerned, though, it's important to remember that all that glitters is not gold. Virgo: Mining for Gold Money matters steal the spotlight this month, with investments and business partnerships at the forefront. It's time to draw on the undeveloped gifts you have within you to upgrade your sense of self-worth and, in turn, your income. Libra:Before the Harvest Expect challenges this month as you work to complete old business, but remember that pruning back your tree of life now will encourage healthier growth ahead. October should find you blessed with grace and inspiration to push forward. Scorpio:Waiting in the Wings This month you might feel like you're lurking in the shadows and observing carefully before your next move. You probably won't receive all the recognition you deserve, but should find yourself blessed with professional boldness and creativity that will carry you into next year. Sagittarius:The Joy of Life Opportunities for spontaneous creativity and play are everywhere this October. Your fiery personality gets punched up with even more sparkle than usual, letting you take the initiative to bring more love and fun into your life. Capricorn:Get Down to Business Career is the main focus for Capricorn this month, placing you right in your element. Your drive is already intensified and you crave immediate success, but you may face a shortage of time or resources to pull off your ambitious schemes. Aquarius:Intellectual Pursuits Your level of mental activity is heightened this month, giving you plenty of opportunities to share your love of ideas. Hopes for a more rewarding future that have been circulating inside your head will be more easily translated into positive action now. Pisces:Know What You Want While you're not the most materialistic person, money is on your mind this month. Beware spending sprees and panic about resources, and instead focus on fresh ideas to increase your income -- a plan that's been simmering below the surface can be put into action now.

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Low budget Halloween costumes Sara Shook Staff Reporter

Girl Costumes: School Girl: Wear a button

Boy Costumes:

up shirt and a skirt. You can also wear glasses and put you hair in pigtails.

Caesar/Toga man: Wrap

Britney Spears: Make a

a white sheet around you, like a toga.

Slim Jim Guy: Spike your

hair with gel also you could additionally buy a one-dollar can of red hair spray so it can look exact. Wear red or black clothes and carry a Slim Jim can.

An Attacked Surfer: Wear

bathing suit trunks and carry a surfboard. Buy fake blood its about three dollars and put it on the surfboard and one of your legs.

microphone out of foil and paper to carry around. Wear a skirt and a short shirt. If wanted, wear a blonde wig.

Caution Girl: Put caution tape on chest and hip to thighs.

A Boy: Wear soccer shorts

with boxers, an athletic shirt and put your hair in a hat.

Ask Eleni

Dear Eleni, My friend is getting into bad things, and I feel like I’m losing her. What should I do? -Worried friend

Gender Neutral Costumes: A nerd: Wear a plaid shirt and a jumper. Plus wear glasses with tape in the middle of them.

A Monster: Draw multiple eyes on your face with markers. Spike your hair with gel and wear dark clothing.

A Ghost: Cut holes for eyes

Michael Jackson: He’s a little bit of both so this is a good costume for boys and An Obese Person: Stuff girls! Just get a hat and a yourself up with pillows and sparkly glove. Jerry curls are wear big clothing. optional. on a white sheet.

A Hippie: Wear a tie-dye

shirt with jeans and tease your hair. Also, if wanted, you could wear accessories with peace signs on them.

Will the economy effect your decision to dress up for Halloween or not?

No-77 people

A Girl: Wear a dress; let your

Yes-23 people

best girlfriend do your make up. Straighten you hair and wear a wig if wanted. Additionally you could wear clip earrings.

Polling conducted by: Heather Greene

Meet John Allen: Head Custodian Alexis Elliot Staff Reporter

fisherman and a mechanic

Macohi: Where were you born? John Allen: Bradenton

Macohi: What high school did you attend? John Allen: South East

Macohi: What did you want to be when you were younger? John Allen: A commercial

Macohi: What do you like about your job? John Allen: The people I work for and with Macohi: If you could give one piece of advice to students what would it be? John Allen: Be polite and kind to everyone Macohi: What is your biggest pet peeve? John Allen: When students disrespect and trash their school Macohi: If you could work anywhere else, where would it be? John Allen: I would like to work at an elementary school, because I’m getting to that point where I want to slow down

Worried friend, If your friend is getting into bad things and you’re losing her as a friend then you really need to talk to her. If you aren’t the only friend who thinks this then all of you should get together, talk about it and then have an intervention with your friend! You can all hang out with your troubled friend then casually bring it up and talk to her about it. Tell her how she isn’t seeing the big picture and how what she’s doing is changing her and is unacceptable. Try to help her stop what she is doing. Dear Eleni, I am constantly ridiculed and discriminated against because of my race and skin color. Being Indian, I am always confused with Muslims and I’m called a terrorist. People judge me because of my skin color. How should I handle this? -Unhappy Hindu Unhappy Hindu, There are a few ways to handle this problem: 1. You can always tell an administrator; they will put a stop to the name-calling. 2. Just ignore the people saying these things, chances are they will not do this anymore if you don’t respond to it. 3. When people start to say rude things ask them why they say these things, and then try to explain yourself and tell them that it is unfair to generalize because of race the bullying will most likely stop. While doing any of these three things don’t forget that it is your culture/ religion and its what you are. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed; embrace your culture/religion and everything that comes with it. Dear, Eleni I’m struggling with some of my grades. What can I do to improve them? I’m afraid I might not graduate, and I’m so worried about my future. I want to go to college but I don’t know if I can. What can I do? -Afraid to fail Afraid to fail, I’m sorry to hear that you’re struggling. Some things you can do to reassure yourself are, maybe get some extra help from your teachers. If you’re to shy or embarrassed then ask one of your friends or a parent. If you don’t want to do that then get a planner or agenda and write down when tests will be and make sure you take notes, pay attention in class and try not to socialize as much maybe even sit away from friends so you can concentrate on what matters: School. If your still struggling with getting all of your credits I would suggest taking some online courses, it’s flexible for anyone’s schedule. Talk to your guidance counselor about signing up for online classes.

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Manatee Ink: The Debate

Alex Henry Editor-In-Chief

At age 18 we are recognized as legal adults and given several new and exciting rights. The new adult is often tempted to immediately exercise these rights, they buy a lottery ticket, they go to a night club and sometimes they even get tattoos. Unlike a scratch off lottery ticket or a night at the club, a tattoo stays with you forever and it is undeniable that some 18 year olds are not mature enough to make an educated decision. If you need proof of that accusation, look no further than the halls of Manatee High school, where if you look hard enough you are sure to spot quite a few ridiculous tattoos. It is human nature to change one’s mind and this of course conflicts with the permanency of a tattoo. As you grow older you may find that the large marijuana leaf tattooed on your chest is somewhat embarrassing. You may also find it difficult to explain to your grandchildren that the three triangles on your arm from a 1980’s Nintendo game (see picture). Often times teenagers are just to stupid and close minded to realize that the tattoo they’re getting is completely ridiculous, for this reason

I recommend waiting until your 20’s to get a tattoo. Even if you get a sensible tattoo you may find that as we grow older, gravity has a way of taking it’s toll on us. Your nautical star or dragon may look cute now but in all probability in 50 years it will be stretched and sagged beyond all recognition. Also, Imagine how weird it would be if

your grandmother had a tattoo on her lower back or if your grandfather had some weird Chinese symbol on his calf. Tattoos are a legitimate method of self expression but also a permanent one. Whereas some tattoos are reasonable, some are downright stupid and as teenagers we often times don’t know the difference.

Marla Masters Staff Reporter

According to Esquire Magazine, one in every eight Americans has a tattoo. I believe the choice of whether to get a tattoo or not is quite personal, and should not be decided for us. The legal age required to get a tattoo is 18, although some teens receive parental permission before this age. If the law or someone’s

Staff member Kynneth Paullin has an interesting tattoo

parent agrees an individual can have a tattoo, how can the district outlaw it? Everyone has different reasons for getting a tattoo, and to some, these expressions are quite important to their personality. “I think tattoos are an amazing way to express my creativity respectfully and commemorate the loss of a loved one,” said Alyssa Lyeria, a junior here at Manatee High School. The District Code of Conduct states that no tattoo should be visible on any student, at any time. I disagree with this rule because I think students should be able to express themselves, in any way they wish. As long as the tattoo is not gang-related or inappropriate, what’s the harm in a little selfexpression? When I called Cookie’s Tat Shack, Crystal’s Tattoo’s and Piercings, and Baby Blues Tattoos, they all agreed that tattoos are an excellent way to individualize yourself, outwardly express your true inner feelings, and remember a deceased loved one. The Harris Interactive Poll on tattoos from 2003 states that 26 percent of tattooed Americans said that a tattoo makes them feel more attractive. This poll also says that 83 percent of Americans don’t regret getting inked. After reading all of these positive statistics, I wonder why tattoos are viewed so negatively. I think it’s time we all stop judging those who have tattoos, and start accepting them for who they are.

Homecoming themes are getting boring Alex Henry Editor-In-Chief opponent just happened to

Did anybody else find this years’ homecoming, theme, for lack of a better word, lame? The whole nautical theme was a bit tacky and did little to promote, or create cane pride. Allow me to break down and critique this year’s homecoming week and all of its silly themes. First Mate Monday-What do you think of when you hear first mate? I for one thing of pirates, and our homecoming

be the Braden River Pirates. Should we start dressing up like bears before we play Bayshore? Tackle Box Tuesday: How are you even supposed to dress like a fisherman? Wear waders? Half of the school fishes any ways. Wipe Out Wednesday: Flip flops, T-shirts, sunglasses and swim trunks. They might as well called it “dress like a stereotypical Manatee High school student Day” Tacky Tourist Thursday: As native Floridians we are raised to hate tourists, and now were supposed to dress like them? Ridiculous! School Spirit Friday (Wear Blue)-White and black outs are actually kind of intimidating. Blue outs are just kind of weird. Personally, I miss the days

when homecoming was more about fun and less about a stupid theme. It’s pointless to criticize without offering a solution though, so here are my ideas for dress up themes next year: Dress like a homeless person Monday: I’d be good at this one! Dress like your favorite character from the popular 80’s sitcom “The Facts of Life Tuesday:I would go as Tootie! Dress like a member of Congress Wednesday: I recommend buying a zombie mask and coming as Nancy Pelosi! Dress Like your favorite Silent Film Star Thursday: Break out those Charlie Chaplin mustaches! Multi-color Friday: That’s right! We’ll be rainbowing out our opponent! That should strike fear into the hearts of our opponents, right?

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Lady Canes Volleyball

From the front page his athletic ability to get away from pressure and create big

plays with both his legs and his arm. Players also feel positively about the new impact player. On the USF bulls web site defensive end George Selvie was quoted saying that 'He's a great athlete'' and ''I'm glad to have him as my quarterback.'' Coach Jim Leavitt also loves his play, saying his performance has been very impressive. His parents are also very proud of the way he has been playing especially his father. Even injured Quarterback Matt Grothe is

Shanice Mays Kimberly Mays Staff Reporters

ing,” said the volleyball coach Jessica Hinkle. Most of the players are just Striking the ball back and hoping that they’ll win more games than lose. forth over a net screaming, “That’s one of our goals, to “I got it, I got it” – sounds win more games than lose!” like the Manatee Hurricane volleyball team. Last year’s Said Alexis Reback. “I can’t say! We need record was 26 wins and 2 more practices. And since losses. They have started this year it’s a different atmosphere this year, and a new team, with 4 wins and 12 losses. Since they lost nine seniors we have to bond more, and that’s something that can’t be after last season, “the volfixed in practice”, said Taylor leyball team needs rebuild-

Boys Golf Savannah Bounds Staff Reporter

on the team gets along great,” said Nick Oneil. The coach for the boys team is “THE Manatee High School’s boys and girls golf teams had a suc- Coach Sisemore, who has been coaching them for six years. Coach cessful season this year. Johnson’s a first-year coach for the “We are a good team this year girls. with a lot of talent,” said Jon Woods, a sophomore on the boy’s “This is the most dedicated group of girls I have ever worked with,” team. The girls team “had a great start he said. Districts for both teams were on and went on to districts with high October 19th and they both walked hopes,” said Stephanie Webbier. away with amazing scores. Both teams have been practicing The boys attended the annual hard since summertime and were Donald Ross tournament at Sarabay taking on two matches a week. and played very well on the whole Practices are usually three hours long and are “lots of fun, everyone course. Boys and girls teams practice at the Manatee County Golf Course starting at 3 and ending between 4:30 and 6. Girls matches are every Tuesday and Thursday, and boys play Monday and Wednesday. Any girls interested in joining the team next year can see Coach Johnson in room 222. No experience is necessary. Boys’ team tryouts start at in the beginning of next year.

Jones. Jones, a four-year senior veteran on the team, contributes a lot, like a positive attitude and encouraging words for her teammates. As for Reback, a new player on the team, she tries to stay positive by working hard and playing to her fullest potential. Seems like a long way to go, but there are no doubts on this team that they’ll make it.

supporting Daniels, he had been showing major support and has been helping him out a lot since he took over the reigns as the starter. Reporter Gary Shelton of the St.Pete times even quoted Grothe as saying that “there will be no fall off at all from the quarterback position”, and from the looks of things it looks like he kept his promise as he has been lighting teams up. Although Daniels and the Bulls lost a disappointing game to the Cincinnati Bearcats, coaches and fans are still convinced that their new quarterback will lead them to countless, quality wins in the future.

Photo courtesy of

Boys Cross Country Chris Callahan Staff Reporter

Boys’ Cross Country is a sport normally looked over by the student body at Manatee. Most students don’t know that Manatee’s boys’ cross country is number two in our county, just under Sarasota High School, and right above Northport. Nick Algozzine, one of the top runners, said the team generally places second and is always just a few points away from being in first. Algozzine

believes that if the team keeps up the good work, states on November 21st will be an easily obtainable goal, after the county championships October 28th through the 31st. Algozzine says that the coaches have helped him learn all about the dynamics of the sport throughout the season. They’re constantly working on their form and stride. Algazzine is looking forward to the state meet the most.

“We all get to test our skills against the rest of the state,” he said. The whole team loves the school’s support and invites you to a meet anytime you would like to come out. Wear the school colors and root the team on as they run hard around that track, bringing Manatee the wins that they practice so hard to earn.

Athlete of the issue: October Name: Quinton Pompey Sport: Varsity Football Position: Defensive Lineman Number: 90 Grade: 11th Tackles: 44 Sacks: 6 Blocked Field Goals: 1

Entertainment From the front page Originally, ‘The Evil Dead’ was named ‘The Book of the Dead’. This book, the one where the title comes from, is called the Necrinomicon Ex Mortes. This book, once read out loud, open a portal for the dead, particularly the ‘evil dead’, spirits to roam the planet. Many teenagers go to a cabin and find the book and read it out loud. The rest of the movie is a battle their souls. When Raimi first showed ‘The Book of the Dead’, he rented a small theatre for the premiere. The audience reacted to it with amazement and revulsion or all the peculiar gore and terror. Overall, the crowd loved it. A small distributor even made an offer to but it. However, the distributor did not like the title, so Raimi give the film its new name. ‘ After the release of ‘The Evil

October’s top TV shows

Savannah Hendrickson Staff Reporter

From Superman to Doctors, October’s Top Shows Have It All top TV shows as of October 21, 2009: 1. Smallville 2. House 3. Family Guy 4. NCIS 5.desperate Housewifes 1. Smallville Smallville is a show about Superman in the early days, while he was still Clark Kent. Smallville was the name of the town he arrived in from a spaceship. The show basically tells about him struggling to be a normal teenager while hiding his super powers. 2. House House is a show about a doctor who is an insane genius. He suffered from overdosing of Vicodin, yet still manages to discover the correct diagnosis for a patient every time. House MD is on of those doctors only TV can produce. 3. Family Guy Crude humor, and what critics call a sick and twisted show, what’s not to love? Family Guy is a tale of an all American family ( a dad, a mom, 2 brothers, a sister and a dog.) At its rawest. So if you’re in the mood to laugh and be offended at the same time tune into Family Guy. 4. NCIS Looking for a show with crime, sight seeing, and murders? Then NCIS is the right show for you. Join the crew of Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Special Agent Tony Dinozzo, Abby Sciuto, and Dr. Donald “Duck” Mallard they solve crimes involving the Navy and Marines Corps. 5 Desperate Housewives This show takes place on Wisteria Lane. Mary Alice gives us a peek at the life she had given up after committing suicide. She now realizes the perfect suburb she used to live in is much more scandalous than she ever could’ve imagined.

Dead,’ Raimi then wrote and directed its sequel, ‘Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn.’ This had a similar plot to the first one, Bruce Campbell still starred, but this time replaces his hand with

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a chain saw, and is still fighting evil spirits (including his own hand). At the end, ‘Ash’ falls into a black hole. He travels back in time, setting up the last of the Evil Dead Trilogy, called

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‘Army of Darkness’. Also, most of the footage of ‘Within the Woods’ can be found in this sequel when Ash first experiences a demon - shot by Raimi when

and say the Latin phrases which will send him back to his own time. Unfortunately, he cannot remember it. This movie is filled with less gore and more cheesy, but hilarious, one-liners. Raimi claimed he made it funny because he thought Campbell had potential in the comedy genre and that he also wanted to try to make a horror/comedy for the first time. Finally, after several years of rumors on the internet, Raimi has announced a new project: the remake of his first masterpiece, ‘The Evil Dead.’ The screenplay has already been written and he is now on the search for a cast and a new director. Raimi has stated that he wants to give ‘fresh meat’ a chance to envision his cult class horror comedy. Also, his produche taped the camera to a wooden tions, Ghost House Pictures, will post and ran with it. produce the movie. Scheduled to The third film is called ‘Army be released late next year. This of Darkness’. It is set in 1500s remake will both disgust and in medieval Europe. Campbell is draw every true horror fan. trying to find the Necrinomicon

What’s hot and what’s not? South Park Season 13 Even after 12 years, South Park has not lost its luster as it continues to both entertain and offend. Just as I was starting to think that the series was getting a bit stale, Trey Parker and Matt Stone prove me wrong by delivering a series of hilarious and classic episodes.

Wolfmother -Cosmic Egg With all three members, excluding the singer, gone, Wolfmother returns with their second album. The lead singer, Andrew Stockdale, said in an interview that the sound of the album was inspired by Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti and Houses of the Holy. Even though it is said to lack invention and unique style, listener of the album’s only single say it sound completely unique

Capitalism: A Love Story Nobody wants to hear a fat rich guy complain about the system which has made him millions.

Scarlett Johannson and Pete Yorn - Break Up This collaboration of musician and actress has blown all other similar duo’s, like the She & Him (Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward) sound like amateurs. With a partially electronic sound and slow, jazzy harmonies, the duo have created an album of genius and beauty. However, the sound belongs in the 1960s more than today.

Chuck Ragan-Gold Country Gold Country is the second full-length album of former Hot Water Music front man and Bradenton native Chuck Ragan. The songs lack some of the sing along qualities of Ragan’s previous masterpiece “Feast or Famine” but his deep and raspy voice coupled with the relentless, soulful strumming of his acoustic guitar always makes for a great album.

Scariest movies of all time Kelsey Torrick Staff Reporter

Number 1: "The Exorcist"

"Something beyond comprehension is happening to a little girl on this street. In this house a man has been called for as a last resort to try and save her. That man is the exorcist," read the tag line for this 1970's movie about a teenager possessed by Satan himself. The movie and novel both took inspiration from a recorded exorcism in 1949. With haunting images, demon possessions, and terrifying faces of demons, this film terrified and scarred teenagers, adults, and the unfortunate children who watched it.

Number 2: "Halloween"

"Evil has a destiny." The 2007 tag line read for this Rob Zombie movie based on a story about a psychopathic killer known better as Michael Myers. After being committed for 17 years in a mental institution, Myers escapes and immediately returns to his home town, Haddinfield, to search for his little sister, Lourie. Michael Myers is extremely dangerous and anyone who crosses his path is in mortal danger. Michaels face alone is enough to haunt your dreams. This freaky story no doubt ends in blood and leaves you questioning how in the world they made a sequel.

Number 3: "The Texas Chain saw Massacre" Based of the cannibalistic murders of serial killer Ed Geins, this film was made by Tobe Hooper to show the true insanity of certain people in this world. In this plot, a group of friends drops a hitchhiker off at his cannibalistic uncle's house. Unfortunately, they are destined to be the entrée of that night's dinner. The blood curdling screams, grotesque gore, and the sound of a chain saw will forever be engraved in the minds of those who had the stomach to sit through this movie.

Number 4: "It"

The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown The only good thing about this book is that it doesn’t take too much effort to read and creates unique myths out of different conspiracy theories. But, you can find these things in all Dan Brown books. ‘The Lost Symbol’ is not all too exciting because of its familiarity and mediocre dialogue. Also, his attempts to build up characters of a unique demise fail miserably.

Zombieland As an action, comedy and romance movie Zombieland had endless potential. Unfortunately, the movie is fundamentally lazy and failed to up to its expectations. Although there was a chuckle here and there but there were very few laugh out moments, which you expect when you pay eight dollars for a movie. The films single saving grace was a hilarious cameo by comedic mastermind Billy Murray who helped to hold my attention in an otherwise boring movie.

"From the king of terror a chilling new dimension in horror," read the 1990 tag line for every child's nightmare, "It". This horror flick was directed by Tommy Lee Wallace, and based off the epic novel by Stephen King. The plot entails a demonic creature named Pennywise who dresses like a clown and terrorizes a 1960's town in Maine. Being that the bad guy is a creepy clown it naturally ruined the fun of the circus for children everywhere. Originally, this movie was a mini-series for television but released onto video and DVD in movie form, making it four and a half hours long.

Number 5: "The Shining"

"The tide of terror that swept America is here," read the tag line of this 1980's film. The Shining was directed by Stanley Kubrick ('A Clockwork Orange'), and the novel was written by Stephen King. A father becomes possessed by a hotel's evil spirit, making him very violent and even murderous. His son is gifted with a psychic ability and sees horrific forebodings from the past, present, and future. This film not only creeps you out, but it messes with your mind as well.

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