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AMAN Application 2012/2013 Quek Chooi Lin AIESEC in the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

Highest Performance Talent Management Team of the Year

1. Introduction Led by Quek Chooi Lin as the Vice President of Talent Management for term 2012/2013, Talent Management in AIESEC in UNMC consist of 9 individuals where 4 form the Learning team which is led by Jolyn Khoo while another 4 makes up the Human Resource team led by Lee TingWei.

VP TM Quek Chooi Lin

Director of Learning

Director of HR

Jolyn Khoo

Lee TingWei

JE of Learning

JE of HR

Lum Enzeus

Khoo Nee Zhen

JE of Learning

JE of HR

Chow Wei Chen

Nguyen An Hoa

JE of Learning

JE of HR

Kee Wei Lin

Simon Kwon

2. Programme Management 2.1.

TMP and TLP Experiences

2.1.1. Goals vs. Actual Based on the Talent Planning carried out at the start of the term, the goals and achievement for the number of TMP and TLP can be found in the table below:


Q3 Goal 17 13

Q3 Achieved 17 13

Q4 Goal 17 101

Q4 Achieved 16 102

Q1 Goal 4 13

Q1 Achieved 1 8

Q2 Goal 1 17

Q2 Achieved 0 11

2.1.2. Number of Recruited Members We managed to recruit a total of 84 new members during our Members Recruitment drive in October. They were all allocated into the departments based on their department preference and based on the observation of the assessor during the individual assessment. With the existing 28 senior members in the LC, we had a total of 112 members in AIESEC in UNMC. From the data on the Interest Form Follow Up, we have recently just recruited another member, Amy Kok. Throughout the term, we have received requests from students in UNMC to join AIESEC and we have recruited 3 new members to support the projects namely: 1. Choo Tzer Maan 2. Wong Por Yin 3. Kristine Liaw Shin Wei We carried out another recruitment drive in April with the purpose of ensuring sufficient manpower to run the projects during the summer holidays. We managed to recruit 5 new members who were allocated into PM and NCR which consist of: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Sunnie Lu Ong Kian Chuan Koon Kah Jun Tay Xin Yi Thum Kiat Loong

2.1.3. Member Retention There have been several dropouts from the LC during the Autumn Semester (September – January) since the start of the term which includes: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Grace Lu Shuk Mean Tan Fu Sing Anand Ashak Ramchandani Muhamad Safwan Mohd Yusof

5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

ChongSengKeat Lee Chi Wei Zhami Mustafina Damien Pao Fah Kong Thoo Lin Sherlyn Fung Shum Shum

Among these 9 members, 5 of the members are newly recruits while the other 4 members are Senior Members. The cause of their resignations are all mainly due to their academic commitments. In the Spring Semester (February – May), there has been another 11 dropouts which consist of: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Hoang Bao Cassandra Tam Chiu Ying Sarah Christina A/P David Paulraj Seow Ching Loong Fabia Rahman Nur Aishah binti Azman Kavita Kaur Mohan Megat Amirul Jazly Mohd Khairulanwar Rizalman Chong Yen Yee Timothy Choy

Similar to the first batch of dropouts, the cause of their resignations is mainly due to their academic commitments and misalignment of their personal interest and AIESEC. An exit interview was carried out to identify the number of members who will be staying in the LC for term 2013-2014. This was done using a Google Form which can be found here. A total of 70 members filled up the form and based on the responses obtained, there are 17 members who would not be staying in AIESEC in UNMC. The 17 people consist of: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Wong Wen Xian Chan Tze Keat Mukand Singh Nur Aishah binti Azman Cassandra Tam Chiu Ying Esther Koon Shi Xin Teo Ching Yann Hoang Bao Quek Chooi Lin Eric Liew Chen Yen Leong Ming Hao Denise Tai Timothy Choy

14. 15. 16. 17.

Indhu Sellapan Zoe Pang Yong Sze Khor Sue Yee Kow Ken Weng

Out of these 17, 2 of the members have taken up leadership roles in the MC, 4 people will be graduating, and others had commitment with other societies, would be going on a mobility programme to University of Nottingham in UK or China or would like to focus on their studies in the coming term.

2.1.4. Retention Rate After the Autumn Semester (September – May), the retention rate of the LC is:

After conducting the talent review, the retention rate of the LC is at:

2.1.5. Current Members The breakdown of the race and nationality of the members can be found in the charts below:

2.1.6. Education Background of Member Members from AIESEC in UNMC are mostly studying Engineering, Business, Sciences, Economics and others. The course of study of AIESEC in UNMC members can be seen in this pie chart below.

Majority of the members of AIESEC in UNMC are from an Engineering background. This is due to the fact that Engineering is one of the main courses offered in this university. The year of studies of AIESEC in UNMC members is reflected in the bar chart below.


Integrate Experience Programme There were a total of 13 members who were reintegrated into the LC at the start of the term. These people consist of: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Chong Yen Yee Esther Koon Shi Xin Hor Ri Na Jolene Kan Wen Yi Khor Sue Yee Lim Mei Jin Lim Suang Fu Nur Aishah binti Azman Peter Ang Poh Kong Phua Zhing Chen Teo Ching Yann Wong Shi Ming, Sarah Zoe Pang Yoong Sze

There were 20 members of AIESEC in UNMC who were raised as EPs through our internal raising initiatives. These members include: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Chow Wei Chen Cassandra Tam Chiu Ying Chua Jia En Mak Yin Ying Khoo Nee Zhen Wong Ming Kim Lim Zhi En Lim Yi Phing Lim Ze-Yuin Pan Seng Foo

11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Hariyanto Lum Enzeus Kow Ken Weng Teng Wei Chong Edddie Yew Chin Wei Amelia Teh Ai Wean Yoon Wei Bo Kwon Si Mon Chua Kian Boon Kavita Kaur

There was 1 member who was raised as a GIP EP namely; Wong Wen Xian.

3. Performance Management 3.1.

Talent Planning With the use of an online platform, Google Drive and the cooperation from all EB members, the completion of the LC’s Talent Planning was done successfully! The benefits of the talent planning have been seen through the quality recruits through our major members recruitment drive. Link to the Talent Planning can be found here.


Tracking System Performance of each member was rated by their respective VP or Directors. Performance of VPs was rated by the LCP. Performance of the LCP was rated by the respective VPs. They were required to rate their performance from 1 to 5 with 1 being highly unsatisfactory and 5 being highly satisfactory. Based on the ratings obtained, it can be observed that there are several inactive members in each department and strategies to engage them would be identified. A more specific guideline on performance rating would be prepared to ensure ratings are standardised. A performance review of members on their respective VP or director would be conducted together with the quarterly feedback. Peer review was also obtained from members to enable members to know what their peers think of them in terms of their strengths and weaknesses. Besides, the member’s quarterly feedback was carried out and the report from the feedback obtained can be found here.


Reward and Recognition System We have carried out several team R&R during our AIESEC Gathering; rewarding outstanding individuals who contributed to the LC and teams who performed tremendously contributing to LC’s growth. Funds were also allocated to each department to carry out their own respective departmental R&R on a monthly basis.

The AIESEC Nottingham Awards Night was held in Country Heights Resort, Kajang. There were 62 attendees for the awards night. It was a night to recognise the efforts and contributions of LC members while providing an official closure to the term 1213. The award recipients were: Name of Awards Highest Performing Member of Finance & Administration Highest Performing Member of Talent Management Highest Performing Member of Communication Highest Performing Member of Outgoing Exchange Highest Performing Member of Project Management Highest Performing Member of Non-Corporate Relations Highest Performing Member of Corporate Relations Highest Performing Member of External Relations Highest Performing Member of Youth to Business Junior AIESECer of the Year Senior AIESECer of the Year

Winners Lim Yi-Phing Lee TingWei Ang Kaifen Lim Ze-Yuin Lim Mei Jin Emily Oi Yen Tse Bong Chun Chien Wong Ming Kim Rachel Lim Lum Enzeus Wong Shi Ming


Annual Talent Report Please find the Talent Quarterly Report here.


National member Database For access to the member database of LC UNMC, please click here. You will be able to find the master member database as well as the database for respective departments.


Ratio of TMP/TLP vs. Exchange Number of TMP/TLP = 112 Number of exchange realised = 72

4. Member Education 4.1.

Departmental Training

4.1.1. 20th February 2013: Global Race Program In preparation with the upcoming major GCDP recruitment, the AIESEC Global Experience, a sales training was conducted to educate members on our products and how to effectively sell and promote the product to others by adopting an amazing race theme. There were 4 stations involved in the race where members got to learn about the WHY, HOW and WHAT of GCDP and about the AIESEC experience. Members were given a simulation at the end of the race and they got the opportunity to practice what they have learnt during the race. At the end of the program, members were well equipped with the necessary skills and techniques on how to approach others and sell our products effectively.


General Training

4.2.1. 26th September 2012: AIESEC Gathering for Re-Integration It was the first AIESEC Gathering (AG) for the term 2012/2013 with members and returning EPs joining us for this event. The purpose of this event was to reengage with our existing members who just returned from the long break as well as to reintegrate returning EPs to the LC.

Throughout the AG, we had sharing sessions from the AIESECer themselves as well as the Exchange Participants. In the sharing session, we had Chooi Lin, the LCVP TM to share about her summer experience being a facilitator for several conferences. Then, the Exchange Participants took turn to share about their amazing GCDP experiences in China, Cambodia and several other places. We also had an annual layout of events in AIESEC in UNMC for the members so the members will be aware of the events happening throughout the year and to show them opportunities available in this term.

4.2.2. 23rd October 2012 to 24th October 2012: Induction The induction day was purposed to introduce AIESEC more in-depth to our new members. The two-day intense sessions includes Introduction to AIESEC, LC Simulation and Departmental Introduction. Members got their first taste of what it’s like to be an AIESECer. Through this Induction Day, our new members learn more about AIESEC and AIESEC operation. New members also had the chance to interact with our senior members. We also had a birthday celebration towards the end of the AIESEC Gathering.

4.2.3. 2nd November 2012 to 4th November 2012: Local Leadership Development Seminar (LLDS) AIESEC in UNMC’s first ever LLDS was held in NUBE Training Centre from the 2 nd November 2012 till 4th November 2012. With a total of 80 delegates, the senior track and junior track was catered for the learning needs of both our senior and junior members.

On the first day of the conference, team bonding activities were carried out to create opportunities for the new and old members to know each other. On the second day, the seniors and juniors were split to different tracks. In the senior track, sessions on Leadership Approach and Team Belbin was covered. Through the session, the team gets to learn more about themselves as well as their team mates. The juniors on the other hand have sessions ranging from Belbin tests to Leadership skills. The conference was a great success with members walking away with new discoveries about themselves and unforgettable memories with the rest of the delegates.

4.2.4. 21st November 2012: AIESEC Gathering In this second AIESEC Gathering, learning sessions were implemented in this AG and the first learning session was conducted by Denise Tai, Vice President of Finance and Administration on Myers-Briggs Test Indicator (MBTI). The session was found useful to the new members to find out more about themselves and how they can leverage on their personality.

Besides the learning session, we also had team bonding activities that helped the members to create stronger bond with each other. We also had departmental updates by the VP of each respective department on the progress of each department with the purpose of letting the members know what each department is working on. Towards the end of the AG, we had Reward and Recognition for high performing members to acknowledge their contributions from the past month.

4.2.5. 12 December 2012: AIESEC Gathering In this AIESEC Gathering, learning session was also implemented and the topic covered was about Event Managing by our Vice President of Project Management, Monil Tejani. In the session, the members were educated on the brief role of each position in a team.

It was also the first time for some of our members to meet our Interns. There were some team bonding games to bring our members together as well. In this AIESEC Gathering, our Interns from Australia and New Zealand had the chance to share their experience in Malaysia.

4.2.6. 6th February 2013: Post-MyLDS Team Bonding A team bonding session was conducted at the very start of the second semester with the aim to bridge the gap between the members who attended MyLDS and those who didn’t attend MyLDS. There were team bonding games among members and members who attended MyLDS shared their experiences during the 1 week conference and what they managed to gain in a short span of time. Members were then debriefed about the importance of being proactive in this organisation to reach out and grab all opportunities that came their way.

4.2.7. 26th March 2013: AIESEC Gathering In this AIESEC Gathering, our aim is to boost the internal raising in our LC since our summer holiday is two months away. We invited 4 past EPs including one non-AIESECer to do the sharing with us. After that we had group discussions to solve the major problems of the members who couldn’t participate in GCDP. By the end of the session, we came out with good solutions that can encourage more of our members to go for GCDP.

4.2.8. 20th February 2013: Global Race Program In preparation with the upcoming major GCDP recruitment, the AIESEC Global Experience, a sales training was conducted to educate members on our products and how to effectively sell and promote the product to others by adopting an amazing race theme. There were 4 stations involved in the race where members got to learn about the WHY, HOW and WHAT of GCDP and about the AIESEC experience. Members were given a simulation at the end of the race and they got the opportunity to practice what they have learnt during the race. At the end of the program, members were well equipped with the necessary skills and techniques on how to approach others and sell our products effectively.

4.2.9. 9th April 2013: AIESEC Gathering This is our very last AIESEC Gathering for this term before our final exam starts. At starting, we had a big scale team bonding session which involves both indoor and outdoor. After the fun, two of our interns from German got the chance to do a brief presentation about their country to our members. Finally, we had a sharing session led by our Vice President of Talent Management, Chooi Lin. This is the time where the members and EBs expressing their feelings and thoughts throughout the whole term in AIESEC. We had sugar cubes session afterwards to end this very last AIESEC Gathering.


Local Transition Camp

Local Transition Camp (LTC) was held in Nottingham University Malaysia Campus (UNMC) from 1st of June until 3rd of June 2013. With the presence of Executive Board and Management Team (EBMT) of UNMC term 2012/2013 and 2013/2014, it aspired to further consolidating the understanding among the newly elected Executive Board and Management Team for term 2013/2014 in several aspects. Those aspects are listed down as following for term 2013/2014:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Vision and Mission of AIESEC in UNMC Establishing main focus areas for LC UNMC Consolidation on synergy Expectation and final goal setting Team Cooperation and team spirit

Throughout the Local Transition Camp, every single member had worked collectively in order to realise those 5 aspects listed above by breaking it down into a concrete and precise action plans which encompasses crucial and critical indicators in assessing our success.

In a nutshell, LTC has been a substantial platform in uniting the EBMT of UNMC by having everyone involved to gain a common conception to working towards achieving our ultimate goal, which is to arise as the leading entity in coming future.


External Speakers

4.3.1. &SamHoud &SamHoud was the learning partner for AIESEC in UNMC. Throughout the term, we have had two training sessions with the company. These trainings were catered for the learning and development of Team Leaders of AIESEC in UNMC. The first session, Personal Vison and Goal Setting was done during the transition camp between EBs term 1112 and 1213. All the incoming EBs had an opportunity to reflect on their purpose in life, their values and what they were going to achieve within the next year and the next 5 years. This session managed to get the EBs together to open up about their past experiences, to face them and improve for a better term together. The second session was attended by the MT of AIESEC in UNMC. The topic of the session was on Group MBTI where we identified the personal MBTI of everyone in the team and then collectively came up with the team MBTI. This managed to give us an idea of what

the team dynamics is like and what are the challenges we need to overcome. This managed to help us grow closer to each other and improve on our working relationship.

4.3.2. Financial Youth Intelligence (FYI) On the 27th of March 2013, we get to invite FYI (Financial Youth Intelligence) to held an investment workshop for the students in the university. It was a full house event involving 250 participants. We have four main speakers in this seminar which is Michael Teoh, Benny Lee, Jonathan Quek and Candice Lee.

5. Additional Initiatives 5.1.

Personal Development Talk Personal Development Talk (PDT) is an initiative to support the personal development of AIESEC in UNMC members. Through PDT, we are able to discover the potential in members, align their personal goals to the organisational goals in AIESEC and to guide him/her towards the future possibilities in AIESEC. Through PDT, we have managed to successfully engage members of AIESEC in UNMC; bridging the gaps between senior and junior members, forming one AIESEC in UNMC family. Members feel a sense of belonging in the LC and work together towards one goal while achieving their own personal development. A PDT guideline was created towards the end of the term which can be found here.


Aspiring Team Leaders Day In conjunction with the upcoming elections, the Aspiring Team Leaders Day (ATLD) was carried out to motivate members of the LC to run for these leadership positions. During ATLD, sessions on expectation of an EB, leadership and motivation was carried out. The facilitators for these sessions were the current EBs. Towards the end of ATLD, there were a sharing sessions by the EBs, were members could learn more about the experiences each and every EB member have been through to be where they are today. This event has successfully attracted more applicants for the LCVP applications.

[AMAN 1213] AIESEC in UNMC Highest Performing Talent Management Team of the Year  

Application for the Highest Performing Talent Management Team of the Year