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TA ABLE OF CO ONTEN NTS PA AGE 1: “A Second Family” F b Randyy Li by AGE 2: PA CO OLOR RU UN 5K - HOUSTO H ON PA AGE 3: Donn’t know the t Key Club C Pledge? No worrries. Just follow along beloow: m honor, to upholdd I plledge on my the objects of Keey Club Inteernational To build my home, schhool, and commuunity. To serve my nation annd God Andd to comb bat all forcces which tend to undermin ne these innstitutionss

“Ohhana Meaans Family” by Crrystal Traan PA AGE 4: Cluub Leaderrship PA AGE 5: Conntact Infoormation


BY RANDY LI Unity is a universally acknowledged term defined as a sense of mutual cooperation in the essence of oneness. Dating back to the very beginning, people concluded that greater things could be done together. Within many different groups with entirely different goals and approaches, unity is hindered by social hierarchy and individual position in life. Although this framework produces productivity, the chemistry would is highly volatile. Opposing viewpoints, opinions, and criticism immediately incites a detrimental effect among the group. However groups such as youth groups and even expert business policies have proven highly successful in achieving unity regardless of hierarchy. Here at the Cinco Ranch Key Club, group leaders as well as members are an excellent example of an organization that overlooks status and personal recognition to produce the warmth and unity similar to the bond of a family. The leaders hold responsibilities that contribute to the many aspects of the group. The goal of strengthening relationships has ultimately produced a sense of unity that will withstand the inevitable criticism and future internal disputes in the times to come. Most importantly, this unity among the officers and the members has made the Key Club at Cinco Ranch possess the elements that make up a family: care, kindness, and love.

“… this unity among the officers and the members has made the Key Club at Cinco Ranch possess the elements that make up a family: care, kindness, and love.” – Randy Li


OCTOBER 27 : THE COLOR RUN 5k - HOUSTON The Color Run™ 5k – Houston

The Color Run™ 5k is on its way back to Houston, Texas! The event will take place on October 27th, 2013 at Minute Maid Park! The Color Run™, also known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness, individuality, and giving back to the community. Stay tuned on our Facebook group page and weebly for upcoming updates!

All proceeds go to the Global Poverty Project, whose mission is to increase the Our Mission is to increase the number and effectiveness of people taking action to end extreme poverty.

‘OHANA’ MEANS FAMILY By CRYSTAL TRAN When I was a little freshman, I joined Key Club through the traditional approach of my older sister making me sign up. It wasn’t till my sophomore year I decided to give it a shot. What I stumbled upon was a treasure indeed, in fellow friendly members, in enjoyable volunteering opportunities, and even in the helpful officers themselves. I was introduced to many new experiences, highlighting my sophomore year in wonderful new opportunities, such as singing Christmas carols horrendously off-key while wearing a cheesy Santa hat at a nursing home, to throwing blue-colored powder at people who willingly run five kilometers to help raise money for cleft palate. I always wanted to help people out, but I didn’t know how or where to start, and Key Club gave me these chances to give back to a community. One of the best experiences of high school so far was District Convention in Dallas, Texas. The four days were chocked full of crazy happenstances, such as but not limited to: playing soccer in the lobby of the forums, running ten blocks to get McDonald’s late at night, and last but not least, the Governor’s Ball. It was a great experience, because everyone you meet there is very amiable, something that the real world doesn’t really offer all the time. Key Club didn’t really let me just be an inactive member when I was a freshman. The meaning Key Club holds to me can’t translate well through paper

and ink, but I can assure you that this organization becomes more than a simple school clubs: it becomes another family and even though people come and go, Key Clubbers never leaves anybody behind, just like family.

CLUB U LEA ADERS SHIP PRESIDENTS S o Veroniica Cho Lilly Fang VICE PRESIDEN NT Kristty Yin TREAS SURER Grace e Jung SECRET TARIES S Yeonso oo Koo Saman ntha Pol NERAL MANAG GERS GEN g Jeremiah Ling Julia Serna ORIAN HISTO Nasa Xu EDITOR Crysta al Tran


• Crystal Tran Cinco Key Club Editor • Tashrima Hossain T-O District Editor

Look us up for updates and more information! Facebook Group: Cinco Ranch Key Club 2013-2014 Club Website:

Cinco Ranch Key Club: September Newsletter  

Hello, fellow Key Clubbers! Despite its frankness, I hope you enjoy a little bit of September in this newsletter.

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