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Child Rearing Tips for Single Parents Many women and men out there are facing the challenges of being a single parent. Definitely, they did not mean that to happen. Being human, we made mistakes that have a lifetime consequences for us to face. We cannot turn our backs on it but to face those consequences firmly and squarely. That includes raising our kids on our own. Single parents can still raise their kids well with these child rearing tips: * When you're child is starting to ask you why their mom or dad is not living with you, carefully explain the reasons to him. Do not try to get on the gory details instead give him the facts that kids like him can understand. Usually, single parents talk cruelly to their partners, not realizing the effect it has on kids. Do not create hatred or resentment in your kids. The situations are already too much for them. Be a good model for good behavior and proper actions for them. When they grow up they can make their own opinion for both parents. * One of the child rearing tips when you are considering a new marriage, is to make sure your kids love and respect your future spouse. Do not expect them to easily accept the situation. Listen to their opinions with you getting married with someone they barely knew. Make them understand that your new partner will love them too as much as you love them. * Let other people help you. Do not think you can take care of everything alone. Let your parents, if they are still alive, help you raise your kids. Instead of hiring a nanny, a relative, will make your child feel at ease. They can feel secure because they know well who are taking care of them in behalf of you. If you do not have any relatives you can rely on, choose a day care facility in your area that has a good reputation. When you decide to hire a nanny instead, choose someone who has good references. * Show your children that you love them every day. Though, you are the only parent they have, you can give them the love they need. Gestures like hugging them before sleep, complimenting their works, cooking their favorite foods and joining them to watch their favorite TV shows, will make them feel sheltered. * Let your kids participate in your decisions concerning them. In this way, your kids will be more responsible individuals. At an early age you are training them to think of the best for them. As a single parent, share them what is going on and let them suggest what they feel about it. It will also strengthen your bond as a family.

Truly, being a single parent requires a great deal of strength but it is also rewarding. In the end your kids will recognize how wonderful you are as their parent. In their turn to become a parent, they will surely ask for your child rearing tips and apply it on their family. Jane Artisan is a stay at home mom and has been writing articles and building websites on various topics for quite some time. Check out her newest on finding a diaper changing table. She built an information site on them. Article Source: *********************************************************************** For more Child Rearing information, Check this out. ***********************************************************************

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