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5 Tips on How to Cure Bad Breath Bad breath is a common problem which affects us at some point in our life. Have you taken a mint spray or breath freshening sweets? Have you talked to someone and they have bad breath? What do you do? It can be hard to tell someone that their breath stinks especially if it's a loved one. There is a cure on how to cure bad breath which is why I am writing this article. Here are some tips on how to cure bad breath: 1. You should thoroughly brush your teeth twice a day and floss. Flossing helps to get the bacteria missed by your brush. If this is missed it will be left and bacteria will build up and bad breath will be imminent. Ideally brush in the morning and then in the evening. 2. Be sure to clean your tongue if a white layer forms; this is a surefire way that bad breath is on its way. You should also not to forget to brush your tongue. 3. Sprays and mints are not the only things to take to cure bad breath. If you mix some parsley and with in 2 or 3 cloves and gargle a couple of times a day this should at least cover the bad breath. 4. Stay away from smelly food! Onions and garlic are the worst for this. It is ok for you still have these foods but you must brush afterwards. 5. Yoghurt! The 'good' bacteria in yoghurt has always been known to fight yeast infection and because it has pathogens it destroys the bad bacteria. Research by International Association For Dental Research has shown eating yoghurt for six weeks can reduce bacteria levels by up to 80%.

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How to Cure Bad Breath!  

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