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Learning Portfolio: ARCH 20 Spring 2014/ Lum Chongmin Li



Table of  Contents   Dog  House  1.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  2  



Ge8ng Started  Dog  House  1:  

Perspec@ve View   1/28/14  


Ge8ng Star@ng:  Dog  House  1  

Exterior Eleva@ons:  Front,  R.  side,  Rear  and  L.  Side   1/28/14  


Doghouse 1 : Reflections • 


•  •  •  •  • 

Getting to know SketchUp is hard, there was a lot of tools that needs to remember, not only that but getting down the ideas of using the software to make something was even harder. Doghouse was the first assignment we did in class, the house took us approximately the whole 3 hour class period. The main purpose of this assignment is for us to be more comfortable using the tools in SketchUp, and learning how to use them. In class, Jerry(my teacher) talked about some of the interesting concepts and principles that we can apply in to our model. Tools used : select, rectangle, measuring box, push or pull, arc, move, copy, scale, tape measure, protractor, orbit, pan, and zoom Inference tools are important to control placement of objects and relate them to others. The 3D Warehouse is where I got the dog, and resized a little so it fit the house. The image was save as an .png file and exported to my computer. Knowing what I need helped me get the right size and picture that I need. Trouble thing I had was getting the stairs all the way around. Knowing that one of my line was not straight, I later add on the the missing part of my stairs to finish the job.



Doghouse 1:  SLO  Progress  Report   SLO  1:  Appropriately  apply  graphic  tools,   techniques,  and  conven;ons  to  create   and  communicate  ideas.   1.a. Effective management of time & resources

SketchUp: 3 hrs. + Portfolio: 3 hrs.

1.b. Draw & Think using analog tools


1.c. Draw & Think using digital tools


1.d. Use Architect’s Scale


1.e. Use Engineer’s Scale


1.f. Use Measurements dialog box


1.h. Apply appropriate Perspective Drawing Technique

Yes, see Perspective on page 3.

1.i. Create Paraline Drawing(s)

Yes, see Isometric View on page 8.

1.j. Create Orthographic Drawing(s)

Yes, see four exterior elevations on page 4.

1.k. Understand and apply Shade & Shadow


1.l. Incorporate entourage to enhance credibility 1/27/14

Yes, from 3D Warehouse 6

Doghouse 1: SLO Progress Report SLO 2: Select and effectively use either manual or digital means to explore, analyze, and document an evolution of design ideas in architecture and interior design 2.a. Relate modes of representation; select and apply best system to explore and communicate design intentions

Used perspective and orthographic views to communicate the idea of doghouse 1

2.b. Produce a set of architectural drawings to document a case study


2.c. Produce a portfolio of work that chronicles student learning throughout the semester


SLO 3: Accurately relate each aspect of the drawn visual language system to three-dimensional reality and human perception

Using different camera views to look at the doghouse and by adding a person to it makes it more realistic. Resizing the dog to fit the house makes it more understandable that this is a doghouse.

SLO 4: Visually and verbally explain the process of idea development using graphic representation

The process of developing the doghouse included a series of following direction and understanding the concept of using SketchUp. Understanding the basic step of using the tools and getting it to the right side help me to develop this model.  



Doghouse 1: SLO Progress Report SLO 5: Develop an awareness of the relationships between graphic representations and fundamental design principles and elements

1/27/14 Â

Isometric View

The doghouse here is and organizes with a gable roof, Dutch entry door, and a square window on the left and the right side of the house. The gap between the house and the stairs are a resting area, and the stair are made out of tiles, and it goes around the house.

8 Â

Doghouse 1 Learning Portfolio.  

From starting of the class till now, this is my understanding of this unique Software!

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