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Toddler’s Fun time… Warm welcome to Mum and Dad, we are here again to share our little progress. We animal lovers had great time with our Animal Theme. We had fun with lots of art activities on our animal theme. Now we are able to recognize no. 3 and 4 with their values with concept of big and small. As well as counting of numbers 1-30.We took another step forward towards letter land through letter “c” and “a” with their sound. It was exciting to deal with

pre writing activities. We had a very good time with new and interesting

stories .We enjoyed with our action rhymes like: Baa Baa black Sheep, Old McDonald had a farm, five little ducks and more and more. Now we are looking forward to have great time in our new theme.

In the festival mood we are going to start our new theme which is based on “Transport”. In this we are going to know “what are transports, needs of transport. We are curious to develop our reorganization of no. 5 and 6 with their values with concept of “In and out”,along with counting of numbers 1-40. As we had very good time with letter “c” and “a” , we want to have friendship with more letter land friends through introduction of letter “d”, ”g” and “l” with their sound. In our pre writing activities we are going to learn about Standing & Sleeping lines. We always enjoy new and interesting stories .We are going to learn our new action rhymes on our new theme “Transport”. Few of them arte as: Wheels on the bus, Mere pass ek cycle hai, Down by the station, Traffic light, Row you boat and more and more. In this Diwali time we are going to enjoy a lot with other activities also.

Drama week

Finger painting

Tearing and pasting

pasting on butter flies

Dance performance

Upcoming events 9th November – Diwali and children’s day Celebration 22nd November – Thanks Giving Day 23rd November - English Recitation for PYP

Sponge painting

Upcoming Holidays 10th November to 18th November- Diwali Vacation 25th November - Moharram 28th November - Gurunanak Jayanti

Row Your Boat

Down by the station

Row, row, row your boat, Gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream.

Wheels on the bus

Down by the station, Early in the morning, See the little pufferbellies, All in a row. See the station master, Turn the little handle, Puff, puff, toot, toot, Off we go!

The doors on the bus go open and shut; all through the town. (Push hands back and forth in front of you) The wheels on the bus go round and round,round and round, round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round, all through the town. (Roll hands around each other) The wipers on the bus go Swish, swish, swish; Swish, swish, swish; Swish, swish, swish. The wipers on the bus go Swish, swish, swish, all through the town. ("Swish" hands in front of you like windshield wipers) The horn on the bus goes Beep, beep, beep; Beep, beep, beep; Beep, beep, beep. The horn on the bus goes Beep, beep, beep, all through the town. (Slap palm in front of you like honking a horn) The doors on the bus go open and shut; Open and shut; Open and shut.

The Driver on the bus says "Move on back, move on back, move on back;" The Driver on the bus says "Move on back", all through the town. (Point thumb over your shoulder) The babies on the bus says "Wah, wah, wah; Wah, wah, wah; Wah, wah, wah". The babies on the bus says "Wah, wah, wah", all through the town. (Rub fists in front of eyes) The mommies on the bus says "Shush, shush, shush; Shush, shush, shush; Shush, shush, shush." The mommies on the bus says "Shush, shush, shush" all through the town. (Hold index finger in front of mouth as if saying shhh)

Choithram International Pre-Kindergarten New sletter Issue 3 [Date]

We will get an understanding of the concept of numbers from 0-19. In Hindi, Students will complete recognition of all vowels and picture matching with (A xÉå AÈ). They will learn to read and write a few more Hindi letters. We will be starting our new Theme on “People need family and friends”.

Reminders to Parents     

Students of KG-I have learnt different letters and their sounds. They can identify the first letter and sound of different pictures and words. They enjoyed listening to letter land songs and

Inform class teacher about the absence of your child in school. Give prior information to celebrate birthdays in school. Read stories to your child. Use handbook to communicate. Check your child’s folder and diary Daily.

Upcoming Events:

tracing letters. They learnt to write numbers from 0 to 10 and enjoyed count and write activities. They have learnt a few Hindi vowels

and their sounds. The theme on communication has helped them to learn about different types of communication and how to use them.

 

9th Nov – Diwali and children’s day Celebration 22nd Nov – Thanks Giving Day 23rd Nov- English Recitation for PYP

In the month of November, we will continue to learn more letters with stories and rhymes. We will then move on practicing sequencing of letters with moveable letters.

Holidays in the Month of November:10th November to 18th November - Diwali Vacation

Our focus will also move on to learning patterns in math, months of the year and opposites.

25th November- Moharram 28th November- Gurunanak Jayanti

Communication Unit Camlin Drawing Competition

Sand pasting activity Nature Walk

Video Conferencing

Nest (activity for letter ‘n’)

November newsletter .Dear


A big hello !! We have successfully finished the 1st term and are thankful to you for making the PTM successful.

Important note:-

shshortstories at home

In the month of October children have understood the various subjects related concepts ( oral as well as written ) through the

Motivate kids to read short stories at home.


Senior kg ‘S 1st uoI Children were enthusiastic while feeding the birds & watering the plants. They also did the germination activity independently. The happiness was evident on their faces, when they saw these plants grow.

Events held :

In the drawing competition held on 16th October 2012 students made drawings related to their favourites toys .

Amishi stood first in the Camlin drawing competition & Rudraksh stood second . 

During the drama week ,children enthusiastically acted in the play of “Snow White & seven dwarfs “.please click the link below to watch our kids performing : TAE8/

Parents also participated in Drama Week. Mrs.Kratika Motwani ( m/o Mohak Motwani narrated stories to our tiny tots .

On 23rd October children danced to the tunes of the garba songs , as a part of celebrating Navratri .

Upcoming events :9th November – Diwali and children’s day Celebration 22nd November – Thanks Giving Day 23rd November- English Recitation for PYP

Holidays in the Month of November:10th November to 18th November- Diwali Vacation 25th November- Moharram 28th November- Gurunanak Jayanti

PYP Grade 1-Issue 4 Greetings! to all !!!!!! We the first graders are very excited to share our learnings with you. In the month of October we were busy celebrating festivals like Navratri and Dussehra. Along with these celebrations we were busy enhancing our skills in the class by learning different forms of expressions, how to express our ideas and feelings through arts under the theme How we express ourselves. We enjoyed to be a part of different activities. We were inquirers and Enthusiastic during the Skype conversation we had with EASTERN PUBLIC SCHOOL (Bhopal) students. We are about to finish our theme within few days and after Diwali break we will be focusing on next theme How we Organize Ourselves under that we will be busy in investigating and learning about Transport. In Math, we learnt the concept of place value and how we can expand a number in tens and ones. In November, we will be focusing on vertical and horizontal addition and also short story questions based on the same. DAILY LANGUAGE Every morning begins with Language instructions. Lots of reading and writing activities on spellings are being conducted in groups and individually. Our teachers are coaching us to become confident presenters by giving chance to speak in public during assembly presentations. Thank you for parental support given by you all as we together guide the children to become confident readers and writers. We are incorporating only those stories from Cambridge Express that are being linked with our UOI themes.



10th Nov-18 Nov –Diwali Vacation 25th Nov –Moharam 28th Nov- Gurunanak Jayanti

9th Nov – Diwali and children’s day Celebration 22nd Nov – Thanks Giving Day 23rd Nov- English Recitation for PYP


Flashback…….. Story Time..

Enjoying our Adventure trip at Safari Park

Garba Celebration

Skype Conversation

Please log on to the link: - to view the drama presentation.

Dear Parents, We want to share with you the happenings in Grade 2. October was the month of celebrations, fun and frolic as children had lot of enjoyment at adventure trip . Then drama week enhanced their presentation, communication and confidence levels , Dandiya raas added flavors to it! Coming to academicsďƒ .In UOI students explored the properties of air by doing various live experiments for better understanding and relating the same to real world. They reflected about it by drawing and filling observation sheets. They will be now learning about causes & effect of air pollution and measures to reduce the same. In English students have moved a step ahead and learned alphabetic order for dictionary use. To improve their language skills and vocabulary students are finding and learning new words to connect to real world by framing sentences. Pleasure reading is continued with story reading and sharing their weekend news for enhancing their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. In Math students have mastered in subtraction, with regrouping story sums and now learning to verify the answers by adding back. Further we will be learning multiplication as repeated addition! Upcoming Holidays

Upcoming Events‌.

10th Nov to 18th NovDiwali Vacation

9th Nov- Diwali and childrens day Celebration

25th Nov- Moharram

22nd Nov- National science Olympiad , Thanks Giving Day

28th Nov- Gurunanak Jayanti

23rd Nov- English Recitation - visit website for drama presentation by grade 2………

Choithram International Grade 3 Issue 3

This month we started our new theme - How We Express Ourselves. The tuning-in activity was the visit to a book fair, where children came across a variety of books, by different authors. In the first Line of Inquiry - Tales across the world, children read the folk tales and fairy tales of different places. They were acquainted with stories both fiction and nonfiction. Children were given different types of books to read like - fables, fairy tales, books on - science, general knowledge, astronomy, epics etc. Children were provided an opportunity to narrate their stories in the class and they were also given an exposure to present different characters from their favorite stories during the Drama Week. They also gained confidence by creating stories on their own. As a part of formative assessment, Children were given picture books and they were told to write a story based on that. This task was challenging as well as interesting for them and they came up with nice stories. In the second line of inquiry Different forms and structures of writing, children came across different ways of writing like - message, letter, composition, advertisement, journal, report, email, diary entry etc. Children made advertisements related to navratri and garba celebration in the school. Children wrote a report on drama week and they practiced diary entry during the Dussehra break. They wrote poems and stories on their own. They learnt to use E mail and created their autobiography in the TECH LAB. Children participated in sketching and painting competition wherein they were supposed to present a story through their drawing (VA integration). As a part of adventure trip they visited Safari Park. The trip was interesting as well as thrilling for them.

Grade 3 Issue 4 Upcoming Events

9th Nov Diwali & Children’s Day Celebration 22nd Nov Thanks Giving Day, National Science Olympiad 23rd Nov English Recitation Competition Upcoming Holidays 10th Nov to 18th Nov Diwali Vacation 25th Nov Moharram 28th Nov Gurunanak Jayanti ENGLISHAlong with lessons of Cambridge express children came to know about possessive pronouns and the usage of verbs. They learnt about the regular and irregular forms of verbs with the help of Educomp smartclass. MATH- In math this month we focused completely on multiplication. Children were given practice of tables up to 15. They gained confidence in solving multiplication problems. With the help of pictures they learnt to create word problems on their own.


Photo Gallery

Visit to Book Fair

Adventure Trip to Safari Park

Story Narration by Parents

Presenting famous characters in Drama Week

Budding artist participating in Drawing Competition


Upcoming Events 9th Nov- Diwali and Children’s day Celebration 22nd Nov-National Sciene Olympiad,Thanks giving day 23rd Nov- English Recitation Competition

UPCOMING HOLIDAYS 10th -18th Nov Diwali Holidays 25th Nov – Moharram 28th Nov Gurunanak Jayanti

PA (dance) Teacher briefed the students about the Mughals contribution in the field of dance. They gave many taals and ragas to Kathak and uplifted Kathak dance style.

Dear Parents, We welcome you to the monthly News letter of Grade4. Students have learnt about “Invaders” under the theme “Where we are in place and time”. They got the understanding about the invaders and reflected on their learning through Power point presentations, chart work and class room discussions. Connections were evident as children did research about the different rulers in India and the impact they left on our country. As a result of learning about the invaders the students were enthusiastic to do further research and learnt about invaders all around the world & discussed about it. Now they are ready to explore about “World Wonders” under the theme “How we express ourselves”. Students continued with literature novel „Little women‟, integrating grammar exercises with it .The students were also engaged with strip activity on Adverbs, where they made their own sentences & then verbs & the adverbs were marked & shaded in different colors by their peers . Math summative assessment task using “cubing activity” was designed to assess multiple concepts as well as their computational skills. Our little mathematicians have enjoyed learning factors & Multiples through different activities which has been proved very beneficial as they got a clear understanding of the concept.

PA (Vocal) talked about the different types of instruments Mughals












the reign of Akbar, “Qawwali� was introduced as the earliest form of mughal singing.

Book Week- Story Reading Session by Parents

Curious minds interviewing senior teachers, Librarian and senior student -Learning about invaders

Events held in the month of October

Garba Celebration

Summative Assessment - Chart Presentation

Drawing Competition organized by Camlin

Adventure Trip to Safari Park - More pics on:

Drama Week-Students are dressed in different characters

Summative Assessment - Chart Presentation

Winners of competition

October 2012

Issue 4 Newsletter Grade 5

Issue 4

Grade 5 students had an incredible experience during the adventure trip. This trip to Safari park helped the children to realise their natural leadership skills, improve their ability to take initiative and helped them to learn useful survival skills in a fun filled manner. We also celebrated Drama week with great passion ,where we culminated the drama with NGOS & the community problems .Students were very enthusiastic during the show & demonstrated their social & communication skills .

Students creating citadel

Students now are exploring ancient civilizations as the knowledge of ancient civilization foster an understanding of human intelligence, of which we part, henceforth students are continuing to research on different civilizations i.e. Indus, Chinese, Egyptian, Sumerian, & Greek civilizations. They also made citadels of ancient civilization using wooden blocks for further extending the topic. The students continued with their reading time and practicing their grammar skills .Students also gave a wonderful reflection on literature novel, Charlotte’s Web by doing Bloom’s ball activity which is a great activity for allowing students to practice their cooperative skills & exhibit their creativity. In Math we practiced addition & subtraction of like, unlike, proper & improper fractions. They learnt to multiply & divide the fractions by a whole number and by different fractions .The students solved on the line puzzles and questions based on fractions in the tech lab. Later we started with different operations on decimals like comparing, adding & subtracting decimals.

Upcoming events 9th Nov.-Diwali & Children’s day celebration 22nd Nov.- Thanks giving day, NSO 23rd Nov.-English Recitation

Photo Gallery:

Children performing adventure sports at Safari Park

Reflection through Blooms ball activity

Drama week presentation

Rain dance (Safari Park)

Story telling- Dr Ajay Jain

Upcoming Holidays 10th November to 18th November- Diwali Vacation 25th November- Moharram 28th November- Gurunanak Jayanti

Grade 1 October Newsletter  
Grade 1 October Newsletter  

November Happenings