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Pure Coal Pure Coal速, a 100% natural bamboo charcoal, is a

quickly, produces less ash, and burns hotter than most

sustainable alternative to traditional charcoal. The

wood charcoals. The barbecue tools are made from

product offers consumers a delicious and playful

recycled aluminium and reclaimed, recycled, and FSC

barbecue experience, while maintaining the Kingsford

woods. Moreover, since Kingsford is committed to

guarantee of quality. Because increasing numbers

inspiring a fundamental shift toward environmental

of people are concerned about becoming more

responsibility in the food industry, the Pure Coal速 line

environmentally aware, Kingsford has introduced a

is packaged with only sustainable materials, mainly

sustainable way to experience the barbecue. Bamboo

corrugated cardboard. For the sauces and seasoning

Charcoal will replace the traditional charcoal, and has

bottles, recycled glass is used and the bottle caps are

significantly fewer toxic emissions than wood charcoal.

made from FSC woods.

It burns almost smoke free. It is odourless, lights up


+ CD/D >> Winnie Yuen + Photographer >> Qi Yuan Li + Country >> USA

Choi's Package vol. 04  

Latest Global Packaging Design

Choi's Package vol. 04  

Latest Global Packaging Design