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| Campaign | gallery 05 |


| gallery 05 | Campaign |

Toyota The new Toyota IQ is a very small 4-seater that competes with the Smart. Headlines: 4 seats, Less CO2, 9 airbags, Rain Sensors, Fog Lamps, Touch Sreen, Shopping! Client: Toyota España, Tiempo BBDO Madrid Studio: m Barcelona Designer/ Illustrator: Marion Dönneweg Copywriter: Alberto Jaén Country: Spain


| Identity | gallery 05 |

City Of Melbourne Melbourne is a dynamic and progressive city, internationally recognised for its diversity, innovation, sustainability and liveability. Our challenge was to create a new identity for the City of Melbourne that would reflect Melbourne’s cool sophistication, capture the passion of the council and the people, and enable a unified and future focus for the City. Centred around a geometric framework, the identity is as iconic and multi-faceted as the city itself. This framework allows for creative interpretation. At its heart, the M provides an iconic surface for endless visual executions to take place, adapting to suit the full range of audiences. Client: City of Melbourne Studio: Landor Associates, Sydney Creative Directors/Art Director: Jason Little Copywriters: Jason Little, James Cockerille Designers: Jefton Sungkar, Jason Little, Sam Pemberton, Ivana Martinovic, Malin Holmstrom Photographers: Joao Peres, Chenying Hao Strategists: James Cockerille, Cable Daniel-Dreyfus, Katie Crosby Country: Australia


| gallery 05 | Identity |


| Identity | gallery 05 |


| gallery 05 | Identity |


| Identity | gallery 05 |

Casa Lolo Since its creation for The Original Cha-Chà, Casa Lolo has not stopped growing. This very successful collection for the home plays with the collective imagination of the old fashioned tapas bar. You can find it in Vinçon on Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona. The idea was to pay a type of homage to typical, unpretentious bars which serve proper draft beer and where you can have a sandwich at lunch time. What began as a game is now an actual bar! You can now have tapas in Casa Lolo! Client: The Original Cha-Chá Barcelona Studio: Alexis Rom Estudio - Taller Vostok Designers: Alexis Rom, Claude Marzotto Country: Spain


| gallery 05 | Identity |


| Identity | gallery 05 |

Republique To build an identity to match the vision of a new theatre in Copenhagen: Republique is a theatre in which a bridge is built between the classical theatre’s powerful stories, and the physical theatre’s innovative formal expression. Republique is for you, and about you. As part of the audience, you will take part in making each performance unforgettable. The creation of a brand universe, which allows the theatre to express its vision in the presentation of every play, so that every story becomes a part of the larger Republique story. The circle is used as an important signal of their holistic approach but also as a reminder that you – the audience – is at the centre of all that Republique does. The use of copper as a unique Republique colour is inspired by the copper roofs of Copenhagen buildings. All in all, an identity which tells the tale of a unique new place that wishes to combine creative new thinking with public appeal. The whole identity aims to give a sense of belonging, a sense of community – as opposed to the elite approach of other theatres. Republique is for the people, by the people. Client: Republique Theatre Studio: Scandinavian DesignLab Creative Director: Per Madsen Designers: Per Madsen, Robert Daniel Nagy Strategic Creative Director: Jesper von Wieding Country: Denmark


| gallery 05 | Identity |


| Identity | gallery 05 |

CITI A house style for a young interior designer (Cindy Tirry). Apart from the small budget, it was important not to tie down the client with this house style, in terms of style as well as flexibility in use. Barlock chose a sheet of different stickers using all means. The basic shape is a little house which can be filled with various motifs. CITI designs interiors in various styles depending on the preferences of the client. This is reflected in the different motifs in the house style. Client: Cindy Tirry Studio: Barlock Country: Belgium


| gallery 05 | Identity |


| Identity | gallery 05 |

Tangram House style for jewellery retailer Tangram in Kortrijk. The outlet is 20 years old and is known for the suspended tree in the shop. Hence the use of different tree barks in the house style. Client: Tangram Studio: Barlock Country: Belgium


| gallery 05 | Identity |


| Packaging | gallery 05 |

Packaging Design Andreas Caminada Andreas Caminada is cooking in a castle. The icons and the texts on the backside invite you to a special world of delicious food in a special atmosphere. Triangle, square and line, also sometimes a small circle: That is the vocabulary for our modular sketching. Client: Andreas Caminada, Switzerland Studio: Remo Caminada Graphic Design Creative Director/ Art Director/ Copywriter: Remo Caminada Designers: Remo Caminada, Donat Caduff, Michael H채ne Photographer: Thomas de Monaco Texters: Remo Arpagaus, Arno Camenisch, Gion Mathias Cavelty, Michel & Anita Decurtins, Marietta Jemmy, Claudio Spescha Country: Switzerland


| gallery 05 | Packaging |


| Publication | gallery 05 |


| gallery 05 | Publication |


| Self-Promotion | gallery 05 |

Return of The Living Red This was a complex fine wine with no listed age; a mysterious and intriguing wine. To compliment this the nature of the product, Mash developed a concept to create a small pack containing missing and/or suppressed crime files implying the existence of the living dead in and around the vineyards. With use of disturbing illustrations and fascinating old photos on a toothy uncoated paper the concept was bought to life. A slip knot with old twine and a deep red wax dipped bottle went with the old crime file folder to create one of our favorite wine packaging pieces. Client: Redheads Wine Studio Studio: Mash, Adelaiade Designers: Pat Mehbrei, Ryan Psaila Art Director: Dom Roberts Country: Australia


| gallery 05 | Self-Promotion |

The Design Business Bottle The 'Design Business Bottle' was made to capture the essence of our business in connection with the client's business, and that’s why we designed a bottle with 2 necks: one for us, and one for the client, after all don’t we all drink from this business? And the story is like this: we thought: 'Let's make a gift for every contract we sign...let's make a good wine bottle', and we did: the bottle has 2 necks covered by 2 glasses: one written 'OUR BUSINESS' and the other: 'YOUR BUSINESS', because, as a client, you put a little of your business in our business, and in the end you will enjoy the sweet wine inside. Client: Ampro Design Consultants Studio: Ampro Design Creative Directors: Irinel Ionescu Art Director: Oliwer Iovanovici Copywriter: Irinel Ionescu Designer: Alin Patru Country: Romania


Choi's Gallery vol. 05  

the world's best graphics

Choi's Gallery vol. 05  

the world's best graphics